Picture of the Day for 08-28-2006
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This is an amazing picture. This is just seconds of Griffin's life. He technically isn't even born here when his cord is cut. They do the time of birth a few minutes later officially when he is in the heat lamp. Awesome.
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beth I'm sure that Kim appreciated you taking a picture from behind the stirrups! Aug 28th 2006 08:26:04 AM
Unk J Poor Griffin wasn't afforded the same discreet angle. Aug 28th 2006 09:35:43 AM
Peaches Griff looks healthy. Showing off all 8 lbs. Great pics, keep them coming. Aug 28th 2006 09:43:32 AM
Bubby Lani Wow, I can't believe you got that shot! How cool! Aug 28th 2006 09:50:12 AM
Great Auntie Di Look at the hands and feet. That's a fully grown kid. Thanks for the shots Aug 28th 2006 11:09:52 AM
Smiling in Seattle Congratulations to Mom, Dad, and Big Brother! great picture. Aug 28th 2006 02:03:40 PM
kimberly no stirrups. once again it was a c-section. appearantly my sons put their umbilical cords in places they shouldn't. this pic is a bit graphic, in my opinion. griffin is doing great and toby is a model big brother...so far. Aug 28th 2006 04:05:00 PM