Picture of the Day for 08-30-2004
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Enjoy this photo my ardent POD fans. This is none other than POD favorite spouse Kimberly driving a MINI-VAN!!!!!!! See the joy she shines as she proudly drives the rental van in Iowa. Dodge and Thrifty, you've made one lucky lady a very happy driver.
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Laurel Do I detect an assumption that mini-vans are not cool? Aug 30th 2004 08:37:28 AM
aunty beth mini vans rock!!! It's like a mini-home on wheels....dvd, cup holders, electric outlets, video games...what else could the modern mom ask for? Aug 30th 2004 10:24:41 AM
kimberly i guess i should just resign myself to the fact i'm headed for soccer-mom-dom. but there will NOT be a dvd player in ANY vehicle we own! toby and any siblings he has will have to punch out their boredom over that invisible dividing line in the back seat just like rob and i did. let me know when the hybrid minivans come out, then i'll think about it. Aug 30th 2004 11:09:52 AM
Auntie Cindy Are you sure that is her happy look? Aug 30th 2004 02:20:04 PM
Snowman Cool as a snow storm in June Aug 30th 2004 03:09:18 PM
momma h kimberly has never been an iowa farmer, but that almost does look like a straw between her teeth. What ? ! Or, does that go with the mini van attitude? Aug 30th 2004 06:32:49 PM
Admin Momma Hansen, I think you need to clean off your monitor. Aug 30th 2004 08:58:46 PM
kimberly hay mom. no, that's just my hair. Aug 30th 2004 09:01:13 PM
nh Hay back to ya. Yes, I had my glasses on. Anyhew (Iowa farmer-speak), side note to Laurel,,,,,you have to ask? @ Aug 31st 2004 06:48:56 AM