Picture of the Day for 08-31-2006
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I'm going to go a little out of order here. This is not the first time Toby has held Griffin, however, this POD and tomorrow's POD are so cute. Here is smiley Griffin hanging out with big bro.
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Great Grandma Dorothy I didn't get the picture of Toby and Griff together -- just a box with a red x. What happened? Aug 31st 2006 04:53:44 PM
Admin crud. The pictures didn't paste over. I've reposted the picture. It really is a good photo. Please feel free to post date some comments. Aug 31st 2006 08:05:20 PM
2.5 yrs. younger bro Is this how we started, Aaron? Aug 31st 2006 09:24:32 PM
Admin naw, I think I had my fingers in your eye sockets at this point already. Sep 1st 2006 07:57:10 AM