Picture of the Day for 08-03-2006
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I took ooober cute Toby to the local minor league baseball game, where he had 2 hot dogs, 1 ice cream and a half a cookie. This was all done between the 3rd and 8th innings.
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Bubby Lani I would not mind the 100 degree heat at a baseball game, if you would let me eat all that crap. Aug 3rd 2006 07:56:55 AM
Rob what? no nachos?? Aug 3rd 2006 09:56:03 AM
bubbymarg I guess he loved all that junk food, don't give him too much it is not good for him. Love, Aug 3rd 2006 11:08:35 AM
Admin Hot dogs are not junk food. There is real meat products in them. Ice cream is just two ingredients, Ice and Cream. Aug 3rd 2006 11:56:19 AM
kimberly just a reminder that aaron got a degree in food science from texas a&m. not an endorsement for the school, obviously. Aug 3rd 2006 01:08:58 PM
tahoeeddie dood!!! i found the big 30 pack of hot dogs at the grocery store. they're YUM! Aug 3rd 2006 07:29:44 PM