Picture of the Day for 08-08-2005
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Somebody is now sleeping in a big boy bed. And his dreaded morning hair will is now being shown on the internet.
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aunty beth at least he has hair! :-) Aug 8th 2005 05:47:53 PM
bubbymarg What a nice big bed for such a little boy, but he will grow into it, they all do. Aug 15th 2005 06:54:15 PM
Great Auntie Di He will get lost in the big bed. Way to go Toby. Aug 8th 2005 07:25:30 AM
England Kate That's a magnificent case of bed-head!! Aug 8th 2005 09:20:58 AM
Bubby Lani It's all going too fast for me. Aug 8th 2005 10:17:54 AM
bed head's mommy i'm just impressed that he didn't stay up all night reading his books. Aug 8th 2005 11:21:24 AM
Great Auntie Di So your telling us he reads now. I knew he was smart But?? Aug 8th 2005 01:38:19 PM
kimberly ok, he doesn't read. but he knows most of the letters of the alphabet. Aug 8th 2005 02:03:40 PM
uncie Rob If Toby dislikes getting up as much as Kim did when we were young, then I imagine his mood matched his hair. Aug 8th 2005 03:50:20 PM
nana It's going too fast for me too. Admin, could you give us a many pixeled BedHead view of the mobile I've heard so much about ? Please? Aug 8th 2005 05:01:00 PM