Picture of the Day for 09-10-2004
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Nothing says fun like prepping straight off the farm Iowa corn. Here is Grandpa Steve giving an ear of corn the business.
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The Traweek Is that a PBR in the front row? Now we're talking! Sep 10th 2004 05:28:31 AM
JWine I mourn the lost corn of 2004. Sep 10th 2004 01:55:19 PM
kimberly maybe the tube o'corn was mistaken for a wmd? Sep 10th 2004 02:57:40 PM
gpa steve Help is on the way! Sep 13th 2004 04:21:08 PM
Admin Yeah, the tube of corn turned out to be a bad idea. Hilarious idea, but bad. Kind of like that airplane with three sets of wings and propellers that crashes in half upon takeoff in all of those old timey movies. Sep 13th 2004 04:33:22 PM
JWine It is only with the boldness of complete failures do we advance as a society. Also, the most likely fate of said corn was that it was hijacked and became a staple treat of one of Harlem's many block parties. Sep 14th 2004 11:26:51 AM