Picture of the Day for 09-01-2006
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Continued from yesterday, here is Toby looking ooober cute feeding Griffin.
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Peaches Oh I love this picture!!! Toby looks so proud. You guys are making me want to give Natalie a sibling. She turned 2 on 6/28. Sep 1st 2006 06:34:09 AM
Rob cool picture! Glad everyone is doing well! Sep 1st 2006 07:43:40 AM
Su Butler This pic is just precious!!! Sep 1st 2006 07:47:55 AM
beth how cute! blow this one up and hang it on the wall for when they are older and are trying to punch each other! brotherly love! Sep 1st 2006 07:49:10 AM
Admin You ought to get Mr. Peach to deliver so Griffin could get some more friends. I think Toby and Griff will always be this good of friends, just look at me and my bro. Sep 1st 2006 07:59:10 AM
Bubby Lani I'm taking this cute picture to lunch today to show off to a bunch of other Bubbys and Grandmas! Sep 1st 2006 08:23:03 AM
Carol Aww! Toby is so cute and Griffin looks like a healthy happy baby. Congratulations to everyone. Sep 1st 2006 10:47:20 AM
bubbymarg What a beautiful picture and the children as so handsome. Toby looks as if he on top of the world, and I don't blame him. I hope you are doing well. Love Sep 1st 2006 03:39:04 PM