Picture of the Day for 09-01-2007
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I'm going to do some secret weekend photos this weekend as I have a lot to show and so little time to do it. File this in the know your audience folder. Here is the Pork Producers of Iowa ad at the Iowa state fair. Out of all the hot girls they could of posterboarded, they chose this guy. I bet he knows his pork!
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j + d = luv so here we were, lying in bed, and i said, "weekends make me sad, because you see this site in your menu, and think, oh i haven't gone there yet today, and then you go there and and it's the weekend and it's sad... " but i ate my words, ate 'em like a nice fat pork loin. thank you, sir, for a pleasant surprise. Sep 1st 2007 07:32:19 PM