Picture of the Day for 09-12-2003
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Tomorrow is my birthday. Well, actually, if I was in Australia right now, today is my birthday. However, I have to wait for the world to catch up so tomorrow is my birthday. Give me presents.
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Admin I just feel sorry for the girl on the other side of my shoulder who didn't get her boobs in the picture. You can tell by the look on her face that she's quite embarrassed by it. Sep 23rd 2003 11:21:38 PM
Nathan We were all to late to get the girl with the nice fun bags, The guy to your right is rushing forwards to get his hands on those puppies Sep 30th 2003 11:41:50 AM
EditEdit. Somebody is ruining the fun of www.aaronwine.com. If fake logins happen again, I'll force a login feature to grab your ISP.Sep 12th 2003 01:22:16 PM
Unknown Comic Is that a Boob on your shoulder or are you glad to see me? Sep 12th 2003 04:55:54 PM
Chad Are we taking bets on how long it takes before Jeremey comments on the girl in the background? Sep 12th 2003 05:00:45 PM
siofaustin Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Sep 13th 2003 11:28:17 AM
FakeJeremy She seems to have an elegant demeanor and a lovely personality. Sep 16th 2003 10:12:36 AM
Glenn Not to mention - some nice melons! (Are those Cantelopes in front of her?) Sep 23rd 2003 12:07:11 PM
Admin Some one did a search on yahoo for 'her cantelopes'. At the time of this post, I was number 17. You can see the results Here Feb 12th 2006 08:39:11 PM