Picture of the Day for 09-12-2006
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Close up of Griffin. A little blurry, but this would be his vantage point if he was looking the other way.
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Mr. Limbaugh So young and already throwing gang signs. I blame the liberal media. Sep 12th 2006 11:49:04 AM
kimberly don't you have some prescriptions to fill, rush? Sep 12th 2006 03:17:00 PM
Bubby Lani You are starting the nose shots with Griffin already? Sep 12th 2006 03:19:47 PM
Abuelo At least his nose is hair and buggar free......for now Sep 12th 2006 03:46:28 PM
bubbymarg That is a beautiful picture, with Nana & Toby in the background. Griffin is a gorgeous child. Love Sep 12th 2006 04:01:45 PM
Rob That room looks like a kid's paradise! Sep 12th 2006 08:28:52 PM
nana It is! Side Note: You might think Griffin is looking at something lovely, cheerful, in light blue, yellow and green. In reality, he was probably looking at an ugly red and black thing. Sep 12th 2006 09:30:08 PM