Picture of the Day for 09-13-2005
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One of my legions of fans questioned recently my thirst for the hilariousness. So on my birthday, I give all my fans continued proof, that I am the most hilariuos person I know. Here is a picture from my recent hunting excursion with the only camo clothing I could find on short notice.
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Admin naw, the guy on the far right was crazy. We'll just call him Scotch. Sep 20th 2005 08:56:56 PM
lisajo ...and where did you find such lovely gear on short notice. you know what? nevermind. Sep 22nd 2005 07:13:51 AM
love, kimberly happy birthday sweetie!!! you just get better as you age. as for this photo, i'll chalk it up to the influence of your goofy friends. Sep 13th 2005 06:25:43 AM
Peaches That's a good look for you Aaron. Love it. Happy B-Day. Sep 13th 2005 06:33:16 AM
cat Happy birthday Sweet Aaron! So sad to say that my husband was present when this picture was taken. Sep 13th 2005 08:16:41 AM
Bubby Lani I don't even recognize you. you look like a red neck Texas hunter, however your arms look very buff! Happy Birthday. Love Mom Sep 13th 2005 08:29:50 AM
Abuelo Happy Birthday, Aaron. I have heard of blowing birthday candles out but a shotgun is a little extreme, don't you think? I for one, hate picking buckshot from my cake. Sep 13th 2005 08:29:59 AM
Beth IS THAT MINE? Do you have my camo panties on too? Holy crap Aaron...Glenn bought me that at a gun show. Its the only way he'll give me lovin' if I wear camo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sep 13th 2005 08:40:41 AM
beth BTW...my husband is a dead man Sep 13th 2005 08:43:06 AM
tahoeeddie aaron, that nighty matches the motorcycle helmet! Sep 13th 2005 09:25:47 AM
Glenn Happy Birthday Aaron. I like the look but next time I let you wear my wife's lingerie please don't post a photo of it. Just keep it to yourself. Sep 13th 2005 10:05:32 AM
JWine Big game huntin'! A birthday treat. Sep 13th 2005 06:24:19 PM
bubby margaret I hope you have had a wonderful birthday, I am awaiting your written address so I can send your birthday card. Love Sep 13th 2005 08:05:13 PM
chance Your still preety lame you loser. that picture dosen't change anything Sep 14th 2005 08:28:34 PM
beth btw...did aaron mention his membership in the rainbow warriors club?... just checkin' Sep 14th 2005 08:29:24 PM
Nathan (UK) Is that person in the distance on the right the farmer whose land your trespassing on coming over to see why those crazy city slickers are worrying (killing) his livestock? Sep 20th 2005 12:27:08 AM