Picture of the Day for 09-13-2006
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Today celebrates the most important day in www.aaronwine.com history. It's my birthday. I'm 35 today and for the first time I meet all the requirements for being president of the United States. Without this day, you wouldn't get great photos of me and Griffin, who posesses exactly half of my genetic material. Those are some strong genes, Griffin. Use them well.
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Joe Public HAHAHA!!! Griffin is so hip. He's doing his best Moshzilla impression. Classic!....Happy B-day BTW Aaron! Sep 13th 2006 05:58:11 AM
momma h Happy Birthday Aaron ! sorry for quibbling on your birthday, but it's 'half his genetic material came from you' We do agree it's good stuff ! Sep 13th 2006 06:12:42 AM
Peaches Wine Power! Congrats to you both. And Happy BDay Aaron. Sep 13th 2006 06:48:18 AM
beth Happy Birthday AARON!! Sep 13th 2006 07:32:48 AM
Bubby Lani Happy birthday! 35 years, oy, I can remember that day very well. I had more fun at Griffin's first day than yours. Love, Mom Sep 13th 2006 08:24:31 AM
Brother Jeremy Happy birthday, bro. May all of your wildest dreams come true. Sep 13th 2006 08:49:03 AM
Abuelo The democrats, republicans or independents would be thrilled to have your genes in their pool. Let's sing along with Marilyn, "Happy Birthday Mr. President, Happy Brthday to you" Sep 13th 2006 09:01:13 AM
Cousin Michael Cousin Aaron- Happy Birthday! I hope all is well and I cannot wait to meet my new cousin Griffin. Maybe I'll come out to Austin so we can hang out. Happy birthday again. Sep 13th 2006 09:53:24 AM
kimberly one good thing about aaron as president would be a full week of vacation every year for everyone to celebrate his bday. shoot, even washington and lincoln only share a day. Sep 13th 2006 11:49:27 AM
Admin Oh great, All I ask for is a week in September, and a day in March (26th is international Aaron day) and all I get is grief. I've spent the better part of the morning opening doors and running in going surprise looking for my surprise party. Thanks to all for the b-day wishes. Sep 13th 2006 12:34:19 PM
Subu Happy Birthday Aaron.....that little dude is halfway there in making the metal horns.....m/ Sep 13th 2006 01:18:56 PM
bubby margaret Happy birthday Aaron, Hope you,Griffin, Toby, and Kim all have a wonderful day, and may you have many more Happy Healthy birthdays. Love Sep 13th 2006 02:43:22 PM
Granpa Joel Congratulations on your birthday.Sep 13th 2006 03:30:50 PM