Picture of the Day for 09-14-2004
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Since this is international Aaron week, here is another photo of myself. Also, two things to note. One, Toby is very popular at school (day care). Yesterday an older woman (about a year old) was playing with Toby. She will only play with Toby and hits every other baby. Toby already has a way with the women. Secondly, I found this link yesterday. I now declare that www.aaronwine.com is an official nine month pregnancy expert. Scroll to about the middle. Link HERE
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aunty beth Toby is so cute.. Sep 14th 2004 08:25:56 AM
Auntie Di ok so is Aaron. Sep 14th 2004 10:29:32 AM
Auntie Di Don't get to close Toby, you'll get whisker burn. Sep 14th 2004 10:40:37 AM
JWine How the heck did you get linked as a 9-month pregnancy expert? Sep 14th 2004 11:23:54 AM
Admin Thanks Auntie Di.J- Actually (and Ironically) it was your comment that put that POD picture into pregnancy lore. In your comment on that picture you used the quote "nine-month pregnancy". A web spider from that company picked up that comment and thought that this page must be a reference page about nine month pregnancies for which it was looking for. Unfortunately for them, human hands never reviewed the link. And presto, me getting my teeth cleaned by a dental hygenist is now an expert on nine month pregnancies. Momma Hansen one day found I was an expert for kitchen blenders, but that link is dead now. Sep 14th 2004 12:11:12 PM
Aunt Nancy Thanks Aaron. Now I have a perfect example to show my students when we talk about why you can't trust every 'expert'you find on the Internet. Sep 14th 2004 07:57:03 PM
Admin Auntie Nancy, Surely you don't mean to say that the POD isn't all knowing and an expert on everything from artistic food pictures and nine month pregnancies. Sep 14th 2004 09:37:42 PM
Bubby Lani Didn't realize Toby was already doing his internship. Nice scrubs. Sep 15th 2004 06:09:07 PM
bubbymarg What a great picture of Ddaddy & son! Sep 21st 2004 06:18:25 PM