Picture of the Day for 09-14-2005
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Here is my impression of roadkill.
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Abuelo No Comment Sep 14th 2005 08:07:31 AM
kimberly better be sure you don't let toby see that one! he wants to be just like you. come to think of it, don't show him yesterday's either. Sep 14th 2005 08:46:14 AM
Glenn Q: Why did the Aaron cross the road? A: he didn't! Sep 14th 2005 08:50:27 AM
beth I had nothing to do with the activities of the weekend. Sep 14th 2005 09:25:54 AM
Lisa Jo I give that impression a 9. Very nice 'acting'. Sep 14th 2005 09:57:35 AM
bubbymarg That is nuts! Like my mother used to say, are you Meshuga, that means nuts. Love Sep 14th 2005 12:23:39 PM
beth Toby wants to be like AARON???? Not two of them in the same state? Has Aaron told you about the time when he and Glenn were drunk and ... Sep 14th 2005 08:31:30 PM