Picture of the Day for 09-15-2005
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Since it's my birthday week, if I want to put a picture of Slappy the Nacho eater, I can.
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beth Thanks Aaron...this makes me realize how much I really love(?) him Sep 15th 2005 07:33:43 AM
England Kate And what woman in her right mind does not want a nacho munching cowboy??!! Sep 15th 2005 09:35:27 AM
Slappy I must have been more hammered than I remember. I don't think I could make my eyes do that if I tried. Sep 15th 2005 01:49:47 PM
cjk Are you guys actually eating nachos off an ancient cafeteria tray? Sep 15th 2005 02:09:16 PM
Admin yeah, this place was billing itself as the best nachos in Texas. They were okay. The staff was a bit miffed at us for some drunken reason. Sep 15th 2005 02:53:33 PM
Slappy It was a big tray of nachos made with the finest guvment cheese. Unfortunately, they were out of calf fries this particular evening. Sep 15th 2005 08:07:52 PM
The Traweek Did some one say "chiggers?" Sep 15th 2005 08:25:34 PM
Beer Prophet I knew there was a reason I avoided the San Geronimo area that weekend... Sep 15th 2005 08:40:52 PM
Admin I just noticed in the picture that Slappy has only had half a beer to go along with that sideways stare. Sep 16th 2005 07:49:21 PM