Picture of the Day for 09-19-2005
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I smuggled my camera into the pre-op for my endoposcopy. They think I have tonsilitis. I'll know more this week, but don't you get kind of nervous when they have a cheat sheet on the wall on how to put in an IV?
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B.S. Hey where did you smuggle the camera in with no pockets ? Sep 28th 2005 06:45:35 AM
beth Isnt that a bit extreme for a sore throat? Sep 19th 2005 07:55:27 AM
Admin They were checking out the heartburn. I don't know the results of that. I guess it's pretty stressful posting up PODs for the world to critize. Sep 19th 2005 08:09:20 AM
Admin To update. No tonsilitis, but I do have a cyst on my uvula. That's the little thingy that hangs in the back of your throat. Sep 19th 2005 03:50:08 PM
beth Thanks Dr. Aaron...I thought the uvula was another part of the body... Sep 19th 2005 04:34:22 PM
bubbymarg Aaron, You are a young man, you had better stay well, and keep well. Those are my orders. Anyway, whatever it is get well quickly, and may this be the last for a lonag time. Love Sep 19th 2005 07:16:18 PM