Picture of the Day for 09-20-2005
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So yesterday I was at the Ear, Nose and throat doctor and he said this might feel weird and then he took some ear pliers and removed this hunk of ear wax. All the sudden, I could hear very clearly. What a great day.
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Glenn Dang! You could make candles. Sep 20th 2005 10:59:28 AM
Glenn So has this ball of wax been the culprit behind all of your recent health issues? Is it just another ball of wax on your uvula and not a cyst? Sep 20th 2005 11:02:05 AM
tahoeeddie aaron, your brain is supposed to stay INSIDE your head! Sep 20th 2005 11:42:43 AM
beth that is so disgusting....kim...he needs his own house Sep 19th 2005 08:59:31 PM
kimberly beth, is there a support group for women who are married to total dorks? i figured you would be the one to ask. Sep 20th 2005 06:22:56 AM
beth yes...i am the president of that club..we have monthly meetings at a bar!!!! Sep 20th 2005 08:00:22 AM
Impressed That is impressive! What came out of the other ear? Sep 20th 2005 09:22:26 AM