Picture of the Day for 09-20-2006
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Here is Grandpa Cal holding the Griff for the first time. Woo hoo.
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Bubby Lani Grandpa Cal's hands look bigger than Griffin's entire body. Now if we could just get those hands to change a diaper! Sep 20th 2006 08:00:48 AM
kimberly appearantly there is an unwritten rule that grandpas don't do diapers. grandpa steve also refuses. that is fine, they can teach my boys how to be handy and fix things instead. Sep 20th 2006 08:42:03 PM
nana or teach them how to hold babies. Griffin looks as though he's found a very secure place to nap. Sep 21st 2006 06:14:11 AM
Great Auntie Di Makes me want to take a nap Sep 21st 2006 06:58:07 AM
Admin I could still nussle in Cal's lap. Sep 21st 2006 07:44:46 AM