Picture of the Day for 09-21-2006
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As an amateur photographer, I realize that I need more light on the subject, but he does looking a haunting in this photo. The he being Griffin.
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Rob Griffin must still have his hours turned about. This is the most awake he's looked yet, and it appears to be late night... Sep 21st 2006 02:27:56 PM
kimberly he's getting better. now it is just about every other night that he doesn't sleep well. last night he was super gassy. now i call him toots mcgee. Sep 21st 2006 02:32:27 PM
Bubby Lani What a close up - love his new nickname. Sep 21st 2006 03:42:21 PM
Carina Hey Guys! Congratulations (a bit late I know)! If it was in 1970 I could blame the mailman... oh well you can blame me :-) Lots of love from Denmark!! Sep 22nd 2006 03:50:35 PM