Picture of the Day for 09-24-2003
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I am hesitant to post this picture due to the fact that it might not be the picture I'm most proud of, but what the hell.... It's sausage on a stick time!!!!!
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Beth TOO MANY JOKES......SO LITTLE SPACE.... Sep 24th 2003 12:14:43 PM
The Traweek What's in the camel bag? Sep 24th 2003 12:21:16 PM
JWine Nobody deserves this torture. Not even me. Sep 24th 2003 12:33:16 PM
Carrie Z Where do I begin? I'm with Beth on this one...there's just so many things one can say about this photo! I do remember how much our little Aaron loved corny dogs in college...I thought he was being thrifty, but maybe there's more to it :-) Sep 24th 2003 12:33:50 PM
Jennifer Moffett (Spaghetti) That's some sick (edit)poop(/edit)!!! And he's gonna be a father????? UGGGHHHHHH.....Sep 24th 2003 12:35:14 PM
Glenn aka Chyman Goldburg At least it is a kosher sausage - notice the tip is missing. Sep 24th 2003 02:20:37 PM
Admin I have lots of good photos in the past few weeks and I put one lousy sausage photo up and bam, I get six comments in one afternoon. From now on, the POD will have more photos of me eating sausages. Maybe I'll make up some t-shirts of this photo and put them in the store. Sep 25th 2003 07:23:18 AM
Mamasita I'm even getting sick, and I've put up with a lot! Sep 25th 2003 09:36:29 AM
glenn Everyone is focusing on the sausage. Did you notice the nostrils? I know someone who's getting a nose hair trimmer for his birthday... Sep 26th 2003 01:25:25 PM
sausage boy's wife i'm with you on that one glenn!! Sep 26th 2003 03:28:38 PM
JWine Nose hair is a sign of virility. Sep 29th 2003 12:24:53 PM
Admin I had a vision yesterday about this photo. They have a photo contest every year at the Iowa state fair. I'm going to enter this photo. However, the theme next year is Iowa barns, but this photo is too good to pass up. Oct 21st 2003 07:29:38 AM