Picture of the Day for 09-27-2004
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Okay, I'm going to finish off the vacation pictures this week. I believe Katie is making her POD debut here with the Tobinator who is definitely not making his POD debut. Also got a half of Pat, but he can't call this his POD debut since there is only half of him here.
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Bubby Lani Don't know who Katie is, but she sure is cute. Sep 27th 2004 07:47:46 PM
kimberly she's my cousin. she is beautiful, smart and athletic and fun. Sep 28th 2004 11:06:39 AM
momma hansen I'm sorry to be so late with this, but you A and M fans should be recruiting Ms. Katie O'Keefe. Don't tell her dad or mom that I told you tho') Sep 29th 2004 05:57:31 PM
Admin You should tell Katie that A&M draws 5K fans a game for their women's soccer games. Sep 29th 2004 08:47:08 PM
bubbymarg Well, we are getting to know the rest of the family by computer. What a wonderful age this is. Oct 1st 2004 07:42:53 PM