Picture of the Day for 09-27-2005
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I'm probably going to get beaten down later for posting another great photo of my lovely wife, but when she said for better or for worse and she knew she was marrying an extrovert, well what do you expect? She brought this on herself. Here is a nice picture of my wife and Toby. It's almost like she has something to say....
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tahoeeddie i think she wants to say "i didn't know that it was hawaiian shirt TUESDAY!" Sep 27th 2005 01:13:02 AM
kimberly this one is ok, cuz it is when aaron flew my friend lisa jo to town for the weekend, which included a trip to the spa. one of his better moments, for sure. Sep 27th 2005 05:54:45 AM
beth something to say???Sep 27th 2005 08:21:11 AM
Glenn "Hear yee, hear yee. I declare today to be Hawaiian shirt day!" Sep 27th 2005 10:01:14 AM
beth Did you see that Glenn? SPA!!! SPA and Friends!!!!! Sep 27th 2005 01:46:18 PM
bubbymarg nice picture of the two. keep up the good wrok. Sep 27th 2005 07:59:58 PM