Picture of the Day for 09-27-2006
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This is Toby after only one feeding. Yes that is spinach in his ear.
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kimberly canned spinach, not the ecoli kind. Sep 27th 2006 07:12:51 AM
Bubby Lani What a mess! Hope he got some of the food in his tummy. Sep 27th 2006 12:46:02 PM
nana Hey, come on now. Let's give Toby some credit. He's standing where he is because he's about to 1. independently wash up after 2. appreciating his meal, and 3. enjoying spinach. Sep 27th 2006 05:00:38 PM
kimberly then he will wipe his messy face on the handtowel and throw it in the sink. just like his daddy would. so grown up! Sep 27th 2006 06:06:50 PM