Picture of the Day for 09-28-2006
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I came home the day after my official birthday to find that Toby, Griffin and Kimberly had got me a pinata. Here is a picture of me getting ready to swat the pinata.
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Rob It's almost sickening how organized you have your garage. But a positive note, I see that you are enjoying a beer in the garage. Sep 28th 2006 07:15:04 AM
Admin C'mon. She's your sister. What would you expect? You should see the sides of the garage if you want organization. Sep 28th 2006 07:39:13 AM
Bubby Lani Aaron, you look so fit! Rob, why don't you come down and see the garage in person. You could check up on Toby and Griffin while you're here. Nothing like inviting someone else's relative to visit. Sep 28th 2006 08:51:23 AM
kimberly i can find anything i want in 10 seconds. Sep 28th 2006 12:51:38 PM
kimberly rob won't come down, there's no good places to go fishing around here. sure would be nice to see him though... Sep 28th 2006 12:52:48 PM
Rob I'll make a visit soon. Sep 29th 2006 07:14:57 AM
Admin He can take Toby to the catch and release pond. I'll go just to supervise. Sep 29th 2006 01:06:54 PM
bubbymarg Just look at that gleam in his eye. He is bound to get it. Sep 29th 2006 05:35:18 PM