Picture of the Day for 09-29-2003
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I went golfing Friday night with Kimberly. Here I am about ready to tee off at the 13th hole.
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GEE*off that is the sweetest 'stache ever. EVER. Sep 29th 2003 08:43:35 PM
Nathan's wife "I want to break free, I want to break freeeeeeee...." Sep 30th 2003 07:23:32 AM
Nathan That's what they say in the YMCA! Sep 30th 2003 07:54:28 AM
Nathan Or maybe you are Portos, He was the fat musketeer right? Sep 30th 2003 11:37:50 AM
Ryan Actually I think he is closer to "I see a little silhouetto of a man, Scaramouche,scaramouche will you do the Fandango!!!!" Sep 30th 2003 05:39:57 PM
Admin I'm definately Portos. I'm 200 lbs. of pure lovin'. Sep 30th 2003 07:53:09 PM
Nathan Ryan, is bohemian rhapsody the only Queen song you know. I want to Break free was part of a fantastic video where Freddie Mercury was dressed up as a woman, vacuuming the front room with an Aaron Tache! Basically we'd already covered the Queen angle. Perhaps we could look at Magnum PI, the only man to look good with a tache, even better than our good friend Portos. Oct 1st 2003 08:14:32 AM
America Glenn Higgins looked good with a 'stauch too. But I think that, standing on the putt putt course in front of the gingerbread house he looks too much like a pedifile (or a pedafile) to be compared to Tom Selleck. Maybe Burt Reynolds. Oct 3rd 2003 12:34:08 PM