Picture of the Day for 09-29-2005
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So we gave Toby a half of a hotdog bun to eat for lunch and then he puts it up to his ear and says, "Hello, Bubby!" I thought that was hilarious.
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Bubby Lani I've told everyone I know about this. I didn't know you had a picture. I'm so proud, he's calling me!!! Sep 29th 2005 10:17:16 AM
tahoeeddie ok, uh... how does the "freaks and living wonders" factor in to the equation? Sep 29th 2005 10:36:51 AM
Great Auntie Di I hope he calls me. Your so lucky to get a call. What a sweetie. Sep 29th 2005 11:13:34 AM
kimberly when he holds the real phone, he tries to eat it. Sep 29th 2005 11:32:58 AM
cat So cute, Livvy talks to Paw-Paw on a banana.I know what you mean Kim. I told Livvy if she didn't stop eating the playdoh that I would put veggies in it. Sep 29th 2005 03:21:33 PM
toby's nana wouldn't life be better if toby's bun communication really worked ? Sep 29th 2005 04:29:47 PM
kimberly you would run out of minutes when the bread starts to mold. Sep 29th 2005 06:22:39 PM
bubbymarg That is really funny, but it does have the shape of a cell phone, so he is not wrong. Sep 29th 2005 07:22:47 PM