Picture of the Day for 09-03-2004
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Somebody else really likes the rental mini-van and probably finds it very relaxing.
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kimberly i think he found it to be a pain in the neck. ouch, that looks uncomfortable. Sep 3rd 2004 08:01:55 AM
Auntie Di It's funny how flexible kids can be Sep 3rd 2004 10:45:11 AM
Admin Oh no, kids are not flexible. Apparently you get Mom-wrath if you swing your kid by his arms. Sep 3rd 2004 11:03:16 AM
kimberly you have yet to suffer my real wrath. and if you want toby to play football, he'll need to keep his arms in the sockets. Sep 3rd 2004 11:24:29 AM
Abuelo Now, now children, play nice. How can a young man get his rest when you two are debating how to best turn him into an excellent adult. Sep 3rd 2004 02:17:25 PM
JWine Football? That kid is the next Ronaldinho. Sep 3rd 2004 02:56:44 PM
bubbymarg Looks like a very tired little boy. Sep 3rd 2004 07:28:33 PM
Bubbymarg I played so hard at school;, I'm all tired out. Sep 7th 2004 08:45:08 PM