Picture of the Day for 09-05-2003
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Today we introduce a new member to the POD. Lil' Traweek and myself see something interesting off to the side. I got some baby holding training with Lil' Traweek which is code name for Olivia. Welcome Olivia.
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ct Looks like the best looking member you've ever admitted to the elite group! Sep 5th 2003 10:41:40 AM
Nathan S You should be putting up the image of Batmans sidekick - THE HULK! Sep 5th 2003 11:21:23 AM
Admin The minute you present THE HULK, (and you must always capitalize your baby's new name) I will put his/her's picture on the POD. I think Batman and THE HULK need a theme song or a secret handshake or something. Lil' Traweek can join their justice league. Sep 5th 2003 07:07:28 PM
mh Olivia is one nice looking baby, but Admin, you're not looking at the same place she is. Could your stare = Highway Hypnosis? Sep 5th 2003 08:30:54 PM
kimberly no, he looks like that alot of the time. especially when hanging out with traweek sr. oliva looks to be the smart one in the photo. Sep 6th 2003 05:58:22 PM