Picture of the Day for 09-05-2007
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I just love physics. Don't you?
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Rob Blast of air through a tube in the table equals huge Toby smile. I failed Physics, but that adds up to me. Sep 5th 2007 07:51:13 AM
Abuelo Air blast? I was thinking that grey cylinder was giant container of Red Bull that Toby guzzled. Sep 5th 2007 09:48:46 AM
Bubby Lani This angle shows a possible receding hairline. Which family is to blame for that? Sep 5th 2007 02:50:55 PM
mama h which family is to blame? I'm thinking at least three out of four qualify for the list ! Sep 5th 2007 03:32:24 PM
Dr Nathan Einstein Anyone with any knowledge of physics would know that that 'grey tube' is negative gravity booster rocket that is leaking so much negative gravity it is causing the subjects hair to stand on end. Oct 24th 2007 03:41:30 PM