Picture of the Day for 09-07-2005
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What happens when nudie boy runs around the house? Sometimes the Mommy has to clean up little puddles. Luckily, this one wasn't on the carpet.
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Glenn The only thing that changes is the puddles go away. Jacob is almost 8 and he still LOVES to run around the house naked. (I am 33 and still LOVE to run around the house naked. I will send a photo for Admin to post.) Sep 7th 2005 08:51:52 AM
Glenn You know, Admin, you and Toby already have identical physiques. Sep 7th 2005 08:54:58 AM
beth Oh someone help me...btw...Toby's butt is not a girl butt like aaron's. Sep 7th 2005 12:40:53 PM
kimberly sorry beth. you need to come up and visit! glenn can watch the kids. or maybe that's not a good idea? Sep 7th 2005 02:53:36 PM
Aunt Nancy Great picture to drag out when he brings his first date home. Sep 7th 2005 06:56:14 PM
beth oh I totally want to come to Austin..especially this weekend!!! Have a great spa day! Sep 8th 2005 01:48:53 PM
Admin Almost busted me on that one Beth. She didn't know about spa day until about 2 and a half hours after that post. Damn internet.... Sep 9th 2005 05:35:23 AM
Glenn "tight lips" Reinhardt I told Beth she screwed up on that one. That's my wife - the Mouth of the South. At least that was all she wrote and not something about the brothel you, Steve, the Traweek, and I went to last weekend. That would have been terrible. Or worse yet, imagine if she had written about how you were arrested that same weekend. Kim would have flipped. I will talk to Beth about it. I will also make sure she doesn't let it slip about your other wife in Floresville. Sep 9th 2005 01:19:08 PM
Admin Dammit Glenn, How many times do I have to tell you that once you get married all other (And I mean ALL other) marriages are null and void. Now let it rest before Kim finds out. Sep 9th 2005 01:25:23 PM
Glenn Okay, you can dismiss the other wife but what about the kids? You can't leave those 6 smiling little faces without their "Poppi." Sep 9th 2005 02:54:10 PM
beth I tried to post it late enough that she would read it after her friend got in. Also...I wanted to point out to MY husband that AARON bought HIS wife a SPA day, while Glenn brings me dead birds. Sep 9th 2005 03:06:35 PM
Glenn ...AND... "old lady" flowers... Sep 9th 2005 03:20:39 PM
bubbymarg all part of growing up, mommy and daddy. We all had our fun. Love, Sep 13th 2005 08:08:11 PM