Picture of the Day for 09-08-2007
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Special bonus weekend picture. They've officially started our new house. Here is day one progress. Looks like this thing will be ready by November.
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mh did you check it all with your level? Sep 8th 2007 06:19:00 AM
Abuelo Patience, the big stuff is first and visually dramatic but the details take the most time. March move in if you are lucky. Sep 8th 2007 07:46:03 AM
Bubby Lani Exciting. Looks like you might have a view of the tower from the back of your house. Sep 8th 2007 09:08:18 AM
Admin That tower is actually the children's hospital. Oh believe me, we have patience. This house was signed for last May. Sep 8th 2007 09:42:59 PM
Gpa Eesh November huh. Want to double our bet? Sep 9th 2007 10:13:20 AM
kimberly the garage is in the foreground, in the back of the house. Sep 9th 2007 07:53:38 PM