Picture of the Day for 09-09-2005
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How many times do you get the chance to wear a chicken on your head while holding a rubber alligator?
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Cousin Marcia Oh Toby, you do not look very happy. Or is that one of your special poses for the camera. Sep 9th 2005 08:44:13 AM
Glenn The nut doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? (I know you all think I am referring to Kim but this photo actually reminds me of Aaron. I don't know why. Something about that vacant stare.) Sep 9th 2005 01:14:08 PM
Great Auntie Di I'm not sure if this is more cruelty to animals or children??? Sep 9th 2005 02:18:10 PM
beth I've seen that look before...it was 1997, it all started when glenn and aaron were drunk... Sep 9th 2005 03:08:38 PM
Admin C'mon Beth, All of our stories start off with, "We were drunk and..." Sep 10th 2005 05:23:12 AM