Pictures for the Year 2000
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2000 It's new years eve and everyone knows what time that means. Yep, that's right. It's fire works time. Someone once told me I should bring in the new year with a bang. 2
12-30-2000 Here is my friend Andy. Some would say that he has a drinking problem. That's only because he's double fisting the drinks. I believe that Amanda went to the bathroom and he's such a great guy that he's holding her drink for her. 0
12-29-2000 At the after party party, DeAnn, Ron and Marsha share a laugh. 0
12-28-2000 None of the company's big wigs want to take me on as a blackjack dealer. I'd take them for everything that they had. 0
12-27-2000 Dealer shows a King, I've got 16. C'mon 5. I really really really need a 5. This gambling addiction sucks. 0
12-26-2000 Here is a picture of me supervising the bartender. I like to micro-manage. 0
12-24-2000 Even Santa has to go to the bathroom. 0
12-23-2000 I have decided that Rachel is the most huggable person on this planet. If you see her, you just want to give her a hug. Since we are on the topic of hugs, I think everyone should hug more. 0
12-22-2000 You can't go behind the 21 table in Vegas. Luckily this is not Vegas. Otherwise, this dealer would of bashed my head in. 0
12-21-2000 This is the roast beef that I swiped from the Christmas party for later use at my hotel room after party. There is a hilarious story about it being launched off the balcony. Ask me about it sometime. 0
12-20-2000 I'm that guy at the company party who gets surley at the craps table with the boss's girlfriend. Whaddyawant, mistur!!!!!! 0
12-19-2000 Here is a picture of me hitting on the boss's girlfriend, while drinking a beer. Funny, later on, I had a performance review. 0
12-18-2000 Fake fur jacket, a couple of nametags, Blue tuffs of hair, seems all systems are go for Luke to go to a Christmas party. 0
12-15-2000 The menu for the Christmas party included 3 Coconut shrimp for each person. I put mine up on ebay for sale. Stefanie's Jeff wound up winning the shrimp for $1.75. Here is that transaction taking place. 0
12-14-2000 I went at lunch to the mall and bought a balloon. Then at dinner, I saw the rather pretty girl who sold me that balloon hanging out. I had the waiter send this over. See, Goofy sometimes works. Got my foot in the door before she slammed it. 0
12-13-2000 We had an ice storm yesterday. My tree's limbs are touching the ground with the excess weight of the ice. However, my tree is a fighter. My neighbor's tree is not and was lost in the great Ice storm of 2000. 0
12-12-2000 This is an artistic piece entitled, "Coconut shrimp, pens, nametags, and beer." It sells for $500 as a stand alone print or you can download it for free. I would rather you chose the money option. 1
12-11-2000 Guess who was picked to be the check in desk at this year's company Christmas party? None other than myself and Luke in our Christmas getup. 0
12-08-2000 Yes, Ladies, This man is still available. He comes with his own erongenious zone pleasuring technique so you won't have to work at it and you can just enjoy the fruits of his labor. 0
12-07-2000 Here's a rather smart looking photo of myself at the parentals house. You can see the side of Mom's head here too. 0
12-06-2000 We got the duraflame going in the fireplace. Some educational films rolling and Bryan on the guitar. Only in America. 0
12-05-2000 Here is Luke winding up the next educational film for a showing at the house. I believe this one was entitled, "Plants - and how they grow." 0
12-04-2000 Ok, so I knocked myself out cold diving into a goal post in a soccer game. I did make the save, even though we lost 4-1. What a great shiner and concussion I now have. 0
12-01-2000 Rachel has such a lovely smile that the heavens glow when she produces it. Unfortunately, she's hiding it here in the picture. However, you can see from the background that she flashed it. 0
11-29-2000 Aftermath of some serious eating by the Wines and Abbotts. Almost total domination of the family style BBQ. 0
11-28-2000 One way to get Jeremy from talking is to fill his mouth with BBQ. Ladies, he has manners and is still available. 0
11-27-2000 BBQ on the bone and into my mouth. That's what is going on here. Some serious eating. Su is so disgusted she has to look away. 0
11-20-2000 Julie, Judy and Alice all in mid bite enjoying Fuddruckers on my birthday. They all work in three different departments, but yet came together for a common cause, my birthday. 0
11-16-2000 One of these men is old today. Well, they're all old, but one is now 50. Fred, Cal and Phillip will tell you stories about their youth if you give them the time. 0
11-15-2000 More delicious appetizers that we all reach for. 0
11-14-2000 Mom made these little crumpets for Cal's 50th b-day party. Scrumptious, like it said it would be on the box. 0
11-13-2000 Mom gets so excited when we give Cal a birthday card. 0
11-11-2000 We also are going to have an arts and crafts day at our company and of course, I had to do something. I call them "Dead Meece". I took a mouse, cut the cord, added some eyes and wings and spray painted them gold. 0
11-09-2000 Here is my new boss, Ralph enjoying that meatloaf food. I bet he thinks we have cookoffs all the time. He's wrong. This is the first of a hopeful many. 0
11-08-2000 Try to stay with me for the next couple of pictures as I'm going to be all over the map. Here I am enjoying food from the meatloaf cookoff or the "MeatLoff!". Great fun as Vicki in the back will attest. 0
11-07-2000 Allright!!!! It's the day we get to vote!!!! I'm here to rock the vote. 1-2-3, Gooooooo Democracy!!!! 0
11-04-2000 Yea. Corey and Graham came to visit us, so we took them to the county line BBQ. Here is a picture of them with a good Texas sized belly in-between. You can't predict when a big belly is going to walk by and get into the photo sometimes. 0
11-03-2000 Luke's posse started to get a little obnoxious, but that is no reason to miss out on your bowling turn. Just grab a kid in a headlock and finish your game. 0
11-02-2000 These are my feet in a car as seen from the backseat looking towards the front. Enjoy my feet. 0
11-01-2000 Tara had a lot to drink that night. Ok, those aren't all her bottles, but the look in her eyes leads me to believe that she's had more than one. 0
10-31-2000 This is NOT a posed shot. This is Brian S. working on the plan fees during the Halloween day at my work. I left it large as to feel the greatness of pooh. 0
10-27-2000 Here is a shot of Luke hanging out with his new posse. 0
10-26-2000 If you get a strike when your photo is just about to be taken, you too can give this look. 0
10-25-2000 Eric and all his glory. He got himself a spare and now he must rule the land. I would pay taxes to this future leader. 0
10-24-2000 Solarized at the bowling alley. Things really didn't look this way, it's what we call in the business as a "Special Effect". 0
10-23-2000 Giant angle shot of Tara, Eric and Luke. 0
10-21-2000 It's the fog, It's the spotlights, It's...It's.... ROCK AND BOWL!!!! 0
10-20-2000 Do you notice how sometimes everyone just hangs onto every word I say like it's the very nurishment that they need to continue with living? 0
10-19-2000 aahhhhh, back in the bowling bar with some members of the Friday Night Bride league, having a beer. Let the beer and neon, flow. 0
10-18-2000 Albert is a very good bartender. However, He won't pour me a margarita. 5 demerits for him. 0
10-17-2000 Weird looking Cameron photo alert. I repeat. Weird looking Cameron photo. This is not a drill. 0
10-16-2000 Here is a picture of Luke and myself hanging out with the Friday Night Brides bowling league in the bowling bar. 0
10-13-2000 I don't know, just an angle shot of us eating. 0
10-12-2000 Bryan is into this incognito thing. I'm going to have to borrow that idea sometime. 0
10-11-2000 There is high crime at the table tonight as Luke is demonstrating. Assault with a knife. 0
10-10-2000 When I drink a beer at the Macaroni Grill, I drink, Peroni. It's not just for breakfast anymore. 0
10-09-2000 And now ladies and gentlemen, a picture of my refridgerator. 0
10-07-2000 I'm really onto this food theme now. I call this one. Half open sweaty bag of lunch meat. 0
10-06-2000 I call this one, Half eaten basket of Fudd Fries. 2
10-05-2000 The people from work wanted to take me to lunch for my birthday. I wanted to go to Fuddruckers. Here they all are discussing how great I am. 0
10-04-2000 More cubical decorating shots. I can barely see over the top. 0
10-03-2000 These are my cool new blue suede Adidas shoes that I got off of ebay. Ebay is my new shopping store. 0
10-02-2000 My cube at work got decorated by the ladies of Pod 2 North. They are all very nice to me. 0
09-30-2000 If you can't have fun with your meatloaf, what can you have fun with? I'll call him Mr. Meatloaf. He's always smiling, even when being cooked at 350 degrees. 0
09-29-2000 I'm confused. I mean what else goes into meatloaf other than meat? 0
09-28-2000 Here I am mixing the meat for the meatloaf cookoff at work that I am putting together. People are going to eat this. That's hilarious. 0
09-27-2000 Being wise in my old age, Here I am giving advice to a rather youngish Luke. I'm sure he's asorbing the learnin' like a sponge. 0
09-26-2000 Luke looks on. I call this the power angle from the camera. Makes him look bigger than life. 0
09-25-2000 Ok, back to Hooters. Bryan likes beer. Enough said. 0
09-24-2000 I get a smooch from the very lovely Holly. Unfortunately she doesn't like her photo being taken. However, I do. 0
09-22-2000 If you look dorky enough, they'll let you go anywhere with a camera in a restaurant. I believe this is the Macaroni Grill. 0
09-21-2000 Just a little freindly testoserone flowing at the table between Mr. Unknown and Cool Hand Luke. Winner gets the girl. 0
09-20-2000 Bryan is missing the idea of Hooters. The menu is not on the table. The menu comes to the table. 0
09-19-2000 Closeup of me getting the last nibblet of meat off the chicken bone. 0
09-18-2000 Here is a closeup of Bryan as he demonstrates the proper eye protection while eating chicken wings. 0
09-15-2000 Nothing like eating chicken wings with your buddy Luke while wearing ties. 0
09-14-2000 The girls were very nice to temporarily hold off on my birthday song while I accepted a congradulations phone call from my dear friend Cameron who had no idea what was going on. 0
09-13-2000 Today is my 29th birthday. If I want to look at boobies at Hooters, wearing a wig and a clip on tie with my buddy Bryan, then I get to do so. 0
09-12-2000 Tomorrow is my birthday. I would first like to thank the woman who made it all possible. If you think about it, without her, there would be no and what would you be doing at work right now? 0
09-11-2000 Kids. Let this be a lesson for you about excessive drinking. 0
09-09-2000 Chad got a little fiesty for his bachelors party. Nothing wrong with a little ruff and tumble right before beddie bye. 0
09-08-2000 Chad really has some issues with standing right now. I voted to just leave him on the grass. At least that was soft. 0
09-07-2000 Sometimes you just don't know what to do with a man who wants to sleep off his bachelors party in the front lawn. 0
09-05-2000 I'm such a natural with a shotgun. I call this photo peice, "Aaron with Gun" 0
09-01-2000 Here is me whiskey drunk at the gorilla cage in 100 degree heat at the Dallas zoo. Luckily, I fell asleep on the DART ride back because I would of been useless at Chad's wedding. 0
08-31-2000 This picture is so hilarious that I had to show it twice. Ok, not really, I forgot I had already shown this one. It's still hilarious how a person's face can be so weird. 0
08-30-2000 So I'm sitting next to this lady on the plane and we begin to discuss how cool the blue man group is and she says that she got called up on stage for the Twinkee episode and has a polaroid to prove it. She was right. 0
08-29-2000 Here is the new roommate Luke, fitting in while wearing my chicken hat. Somedays you just need to wear a chicken hat. 0
08-28-2000 Here is a very cute picture of Superdog next to the Optiball(r). 0
08-25-2000 Here is a group photo of myself, Tara, Cameron, Eric.... Hey... Wait a minute... There is a blue man in this picture. 0
08-24-2000 Here is a blurry picture of me hanging out with a member of the blue man group. What a humbling experience. 0
08-23-2000 I've had enough of the Salt Lake City airport bar. Get me to Vegas now. 0
08-22-2000 Eric and Tara are probably discussing the values of the beers in the Salt Lake Airport bar compared to regularly priced beer in regular bars. 0
08-21-2000 This is my friend Eric on a shuttle bus going in the airport going to Las Vegas. He looks like he's already on vacation. 0
08-18-2000 Another bowling picture from Chad's party. All the PODs can't be all good. 0
08-17-2000 It's Chad's bachelors party at the bowling alley. Rock and bowl. Amazingly we didn't get kicked out until the very end. Record alcohol sales at this bowling this night. 0
08-14-2000 Brad feels bad for something in this photo from Chad's bachelor's party. Ray just looks like he's modeling underwear for Sears. 0
08-13-2000 Chad is getting ready for his bachelor's party with an undisclosed 40 in his hand. Darren watches on. Notice how angelic the whole scene looks, right before Chad has a bender. 0
08-12-2000 It's Chad's bachelors party. Jay S. looks confused. It's ok to use the little paper bag as a poor man's coozie. Jason looks on waiting for the party to start. 0
08-10-2000 I call this photo, "Traweek and all his glory". 3
08-09-2000 I've got to hand it to Ray. He has taken the coolest picture I've ever seen taken with my camera. Who knew that CPAs were so creative? 0
08-08-2000 very 90210ish before Chad's wedding. Just taking random shots of people. Ray and Carrie listen intently to Amanda. 0
08-07-2000 So we went to the zoo to kill the hours before Chad's wedding. We took a bottle of whiskey and wanted to laugh at the monkeys. Here Traweek needs to take a "rest" stop. 1
08-02-2000 You can get hypnotised watching the lugauge go in circles. Unfortuately the guards will not let you ride on the carosel. 0
08-01-2000 Here is my super cool new license plate. If you say it fast enough it sounds like my name. Aaron was already taken. Too bad the car is a lemon. Do not buy from the John Roberts BMW dealership as they are liars and theives. 0
07-31-2000 Hey there, It's baby Kennadi with a very disturbed Natalie. I think this baby will have a few nightmares now growing up. 0
07-28-2000 Here I am with the President of Plan Data (John) and the two other members of the employees of the quarter. 0
07-27-2000 Do you also think that the lugauge carosel is almost like a popularity contest with the nerd lugauge picked last? 0
07-25-2000 I call this artistic photo, "Man pumping gas." 0
07-24-2000 So one day Cameron calls up Eric and says to pick him up at the airport. We get the idea to dress like body guards and when he gets off the plane, we surround him and act like he's important. He thought that was hilarious. So did I. 0
07-22-2000 Here are some random pilots talking about flying or cheeseburgers or something and a random pretty girl waiting for her ride. 1
07-20-2000 Dang, don't we look like the mod squad or some professional hitmen? I'd stay away from this house. 0
07-19-2000 Here is a young pensive Eric Thronson. I think he's either thinking about how to make the world a better place or an omelette. I'm voting for omelette. 0
07-18-2000 And another one. You can tell this picutre is staged because I don't smoke. 0
07-17-2000 Just another picture of Cameron in our "beaten down alcoholic yuppie" picture series. 0
07-14-2000 If I still had my mullet, this would be my Eddie Money pose. C'mon, you all still like, "She was Shakin'". 0
07-13-2000 That ain't apple juice. and NO COMMENT!!!! 0
07-12-2000 I was part of a mailing marketing study group. The lady on the phone said I had to destroy the video tape after I was done. Here is proof to that lady, that I am destroying the video tape. 0
07-11-2000 Here I am working extremely hard at work. I think in this shot, I'm laying back trying to figure out complex math equations. 0
07-10-2000 I am still proud of my little tomato. I was so proud that I took him to work. Here I am showing him around the office. 0
07-09-2000 I think of this as Cameron's less than zero pose. 0
07-08-2000 Out of the six tomato plants that I planted in the front garden bed of my house, this is the only tomato that grew. It is a cherry tomato. I'm proud of the little bugger. 0
07-07-2000 I bought one of those all inclusive plastic food processors for 6.95$ plus shipping and handling. It sucks. Made my tomatoes come out funny looking. 0
07-06-2000 Here's a picture of me showing off the bowling gear, accented by the bowling shoes that are on fire. Just like my striking ability. 0
07-03-2000 Here is the team photo for the 2000 Texas State Bowling Championships. I'm the dude in the middle. 0
07-01-2000 More in Chad's honor. We were driving back from Las Vegas with all of his stuff in his car, when this cop pulls him over for speeding. Chad couldn't see out the back of his car so the cop had to pull up beside us and wave us over. 0
06-30-2000 In honor of Chad getting married, I dedicate today's photo to him. However, I don't have a digital photo of him so here is an old school scanned photo of Chad looking at crawfish. 0
06-28-2000 This is what Greg, our 6 foot 7 goalie looks like in my z-3. Apparently, Mr. BMW doesn't care about roadsters for our larger fellow human beings. 0
06-27-2000 Now I'm deciding on what happened to my knee. Actually, I have no clue what's going on as I'm not trained in reading MRIs, but I have that look like I do know what's going on, don't I? 0
06-26-2000 Here I am getting ready to go into the MRI tube. I personally like MRIs. I feel as if all my molecules get lined up and adjusted. It's quite peaceful. 0
06-25-2000 Here I am working the controls for the MRI machine. You never know what you are allowed to do. Apparently the word please goes a long way. 0
06-24-2000 Here are my feet at the MRI place. I thought the receptionist liked me but was shot down like a wounded duck. 0
06-23-2000 I got this new cool webcam. Here Chris and I try it out. Stay tuned to a webcam page. 0
06-22-2000 Shopping for groceries is so much fun. Here is what we bought. We had to return a lot of green beans to make the 7 items or less lane. 0
06-21-2000 A few things to note about this rather famous photo of Cameron. 1)This is a future CPA. 2)Plaid underwear is so in style. 3)Someone might one day buy this pot and use it without washing it. 0
06-20-2000 No response from this lady after talking nicely to the meat products. It really should be "Friendly Service". 0
06-19-2000 I'm sure this happens to y'all all the time. It's father's day and you fill your need up with fluid and make your father go drive you to the hospital to get it drained. 0
06-18-2000 I call this photo, "Blurry Aaron in Canned Juice Aisle." very artistic. 0
06-17-2000 Just missed this exchange between this lady and myself: me:"These onions are sad." Lady: "Why?" me: "Because they keep making me cry." Mad cap hilarity. 0
06-16-2000 The proper way to check avocados is to shake them vigorously and listen for moving parts. Most of the time, those avocado makers make them extremely tight. 0
06-15-2000 Oh my gosh!!!! I can't beleive that the world keeps turning. 0
06-14-2000 This masked airplane pilot is putting the wrestling move called the "Da Twister" on another masked web site owner. 0
06-13-2000 These guys so look like bowlers. Steve is off checking out something and Cal is just enjoying the atmosphere. 0
06-08-2000 Here is Marsha and DeAnn enjoying their complementary ballons at the company picnic. They also had free beer there too. 0
06-07-2000 This is Jeb. He's CEO of our company was doing some fluff and stuff for the commoners. I'm posing next to him, thinking yeah, Plaid is so in with chef hats. 1
06-06-2000 This is me when I was in my head tilting photographic stage. 0
06-05-2000 Yeah, Yeah, Cameron will cry if I don't post his picture too of doing the exact same thing I did before. Flattery is so Flattering. 0
06-01-2000 Of course, Eddie wants to be like me and have his picture too doing the same thing I was doing. 0
05-31-2000 So we were helping Maya move and she had this U-Haul and I thought of Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop and thought how hard would it be to recreate that stunt with the cigarette truck. 0
05-30-2000 Here I am bored at work. Sometimes, when I'm bored, I stick golf tees in my nose and take pictures of myself and put myself up on the web. This is one of those times. 3
05-28-2000 I'm growing these peppers. They look really spicey. If you are good, I might give you one. 0
05-27-2000 Ice cream time. The guests for the dinner party enjoy ice cream. 0
05-26-2000 Delicisous beef fajitas. That's what I'm thinking as I chomp on one. Others are disgusted. 0
05-25-2000 Quinn is mighty hungery for fajitas as she tries to open up the bag of tortillas. 0
05-24-2000 When prepping lettuce for fajitas, it's important to use the proper protection. In this case a lettuce helmet as so to insure that the lettuce doesn't recognize you as an enemy and attack you. 0
05-23-2000 This is a block of velvetta as it slowly begins to melt into Queso. It's almost like a caterpiller morphing into a butterfly, whereas Queso is that butterfly. 0
05-22-2000 So I'm driving 70 mph on the highway and all of the sudden my car starts acting funny so I pull over and realize, I have a flat tire. This is that tire. 0
05-21-2000 Here is a picture of me and the New York City Police Department. Nothing Special. 0
05-20-2000 I bought this CD from a guy in a very small record store somewhere in Manhattan. I am pretty sure this guy has no idea he's on the internet. 0
05-19-2000 Here is a picture of me at broadway. Believe it or not, but I'm taking my photo. 0
05-18-2000 Here is me enjoying an ice cream at the park. Ice cream is good. 0
05-17-2000 Ok, back to New York photos. Here is the fam enjoying ice cream in the park. I caught jeremy in mid lick. No, this is not a posed shot. NO. 0
05-16-2000 Solarized special effects of me and my Chupracabre mask. Glenn gave me a title belt so I look even cooler. 0
05-15-2000 Damn, I look good being a cowboy. He put up a fight, but my expert horsemanship knowledge tamed this once wild beast. 0
05-14-2000 In this picture, Glenn figures out which way the camera takes photos. Technology is an amazing thing to Glenn. 0
05-13-2000 I'm very proud of these briskets. Smoked them for almost a day and then put a habenero - marmalade glaze on them to sweeten them up. Came out fantastic. 0
05-12-2000 Eddie is just weird sometimes. He's got the chupricabre mask on, with the goggles over that and the stuffed moose coming out of his pants. I can't think of a title for this picture. 0
05-11-2000 This is a huge picture of Cole Slaw. I left it huge for shock value. How many times do you see cole slaw and think ok, I'll have some, only to very thankful that you did. 0
05-10-2000 Ahhhh, the power of cheese.... Notice how it makes this colorado omelette from IHOP, look soooooo tantalizing. 0
05-09-2000 Good story on this one. I rented a car to drive to Alabama for a wedding. Since it's NASCAR country, I decided to give my car some racing numbers. The tape glue ended up melting to the car. They took it back anyway. Phewww. 0
05-04-2000 This is one of my favorites shots of Jeremy. It's an action peice of him conquering Broadway in the snow. 0
05-03-2000 Jeremy looks miserable here and he lives there. 0
05-02-2000 Living it, loving it. Here's me at the corner enjoying the snow on Broadway. I'm not much of an artsy person, but I like Broadway better now that they got rid of the nudie shops. 0
05-01-2000 So the previous day it was 70 and I was sweating and the very next day, its a blizzard and I don't have a jacket. No problem. I'll wear my long sleave shirt, borrow a hat from Jeremy and buy some goggles and now I'm ready. 0
04-29-2000 Close up of me. Notice all the ladies in the background. I'm telling you, New York is full of ladies who want me. 0
04-28-2000 Here I am enjoying the sun at Central Park. People just can't get enough of me here. 0
04-27-2000 These ain't tourists. They're New Yorkers walking in central park. Ok, they're tourists. 0
04-26-2000 Jeremy is all better from his harrowing pidgeon experience. I'm sure there is a shrink in NY going to be hearing about this one day. 0
04-25-2000 Ok, this one is hilarious. If your a bird in central bark and you have to poo, where do you go? Of course, the bald head with the tourists. Luckily Mom had a kleenex in her purse. The lady in the background just has to think, "Tourists". 0
04-24-2000 mmmmmmm, bread thing product, mmmmmm. 0
04-21-2000 Jeremy offers up some of his kreblichhauk, while mom takes a break from eating her sacofichet, declaring that this is the best sacofichet she's ever eaten. 0
04-20-2000 Here are my feet looking out the hotel window. Can you believe that there are highrises everywhere in New York? It's amazing. 0
04-19-2000 Mom looks for shopping. 0
04-18-2000 Damn these cabs are really roomy. 0
04-17-2000 Here we are all squished in a cab. I like the word squished. So does Jeremy. It's a wonder how Cal puts up with us. 0
04-16-2000 A thoughtful Mom pose. She's happy that she's in town buying Jeremy free food. 0
04-15-2000 A thoughtful Jeremy pose. I think he's happy because the rents are in town buying him free food. 0
04-13-2000 Jeremy is giving us a tour of his fine city. Here is a muffin stand, he points out. Mom is confused. 0
04-12-2000 Action shot of Jeremy and Mom. Jeremy is still the bald one. How did a mother get so lucky to have to camera loving sons. 0
04-11-2000 Yes indeed. That's Jeremy and Mom posing. Jeremy is the bald one. World Trade Center is the building on the right. It's a tall building. 4
04-10-2000 Close up of Mother giving directions in New York. She hates taking photos, but if your the offical mother of, you have to have them done. 0
04-05-2000 Mmmmmmmm, soup in a can. Rachel and Patti, can you see me eating chunky made to eat soup in a can? 0
04-04-2000 This famous photo ended up on ebay a few days later. It was listed under hardware-Amiga. "Cam the man Description - He's all RAM and I'm talking verb not noun." He ended up getting one bid for a quarter and then ebay pulled him off the market. 1
04-03-2000 Team photo of the powerful Makacos. Makacos is portugese for monkey. There is also a Macaque Reese Monkey. Can you find me in the photo? 0
04-02-2000 Extreme close up of Cameron. I predict many good picture of the days from this straight shooting go getter. Big things. 0
03-31-2000 This is the turtle that I bought from Kory to help his school fund raising. My house key used to be in it. The turtle unfortunately ended up getting smashed and gone to fake housekey holding ceramic turtle heaven. 0
03-30-2000 Here is a good picture of roommate Chris doing a common daily ritual. Some would say that ritual is brushing his teeth. I say it's looking swank for the camera. 0
03-29-2000 For you non-believers out there, Here it is. A really clean kitchen. See, I can clean. 0
03-28-2000 Here's a picture of me at a hockey game to see my beloved Red Wings play. In the back are Joanna, Ray, and some girl who was Joanna's friend, whom I never saw again. Funny who makes Picture of the day, isn't it? 0
03-27-2000 This is the picture that introduces Superdog. I had just got her. Look how unnourished she was until I properly fed her. 0
03-26-2000 This is the picture that touched off the picture of the day. I just got my digital camera and took a picture of my feet. Enjoy. 3