Pictures for the Year 2001
Date Comment Num of Replies
11-30-2001 This is my absolutely favorite picture of Andy. This spawned the name, "Dancin' Andy". 0
11-29-2001 That's my steak cooking. I'm going to eat it. I'm extremely hungry so I made myself some appetizing toast. 0
11-28-2001 Sandra presents her potato. That's a mighty fine dallop of sour cream you have there. 0
11-26-2001 I call this one, "Gerry and Spud". It's a love story between a guy name Gerry and this little fully loaded Potato named Spud. In the end, it gets real violent as Gerry devours Spud. 0
11-21-2001 No time for talking between David and Tom. Just time for eating meat. 0
11-20-2001 Nancy is caught just shoveling it in. I need to get more people in mid bite. They never pose when you get them eating. Makes for some great shots. 0
11-19-2001 I call this artistic photo, "Bingo Balls, Sweet-n-low and Strawberry cheesecake." 0
11-16-2001 I love this action shot at the company appreciation lunch. I got Denise and Sandra in mid bite. John in-between looks interested to the unnamed person being questioned by the astute waitperson. 0
11-15-2001 This just a tub of melted butter. It looks so different in mass quantities. 0
11-14-2001 Here is my sad steak that I cooked at the employee appreciation lunch. It's sad because it's smaller than a half eaten slice of buttered toast. 0
11-13-2001 From r to l: Tom explains his theory of cooking steaks to Mike. Jason L. decides on what flesh to cook. Brian is confused and thinks the steaks cook themselves. Jason B. is leaving. 0
11-12-2001 Chef Andy stands at attention, just waiting for his meat to cook. 0
11-09-2001 I am just the bingo caller. I call out bingo numbers. They are randomized and I don't know what number you need, nor can I pull that number. Don't hate the messanger. 0
11-08-2001 Here is me at work. Gosh, I love casual Fridays even though I have my disgruntled employee hat on. It's offset by my happy Hawaii shirt. 0
11-07-2001 More of the returned package. The pictures were stuck together and the margarita mix barely broke. The beef jerky looked edible. 0
11-06-2001 Here is a picture of the return package that I sent to Nathan in London. It was a bottle of very good tequilla, which the post office confiscated, margarita mix, which broke, some pictures and some beef jerky. 2
11-05-2001 Here is a picture of the immediate family. I'm the cool looking one in the polka dots. 0
11-02-2001 These ladies are probably talking about the merits and rewards about being my friend. Of course they have to be doing that since it was my birthday party. 0
11-01-2001 Here is my co-workers and myself being the cast of Peter Pan for Halloween. I was Capt Hook. I even put wood grain shelf paper around my cast to give me a peg leg. I came up this costume in less than an hour. 0
10-30-2001 I always have to get photos of my mom in mid-sentence as she will not allow me to take her photo sometimes. Cal is hanging on to every word she says, as the good husband that he is. 0
10-29-2001 Eric gets excited at the Alamo drafthouse 30th birthday party. 0
10-26-2001 Jeremy has found the perfect girl for his hit on lines. Or at least he thought. T.J.'s shirt is very misleading for a ladies man such as Jeremy. 1
10-25-2001 John, Ray and Jeremy play some, eat some chips and sing some songs in preperations for my 30th birthday party. 0
10-24-2001 Hot on the stove, a big pan of scrambled eggs, onions, mushrooms and upscale sausages from central market. With just the right amount of pepper, this is truly delicious. 0
10-23-2001 Somedays I wish I was Superdog and could get away with rolling on my back and showing my butt for the photo. Not a care in the world except at dinner time. Please reincarnate me into a dog rather than a mushroom! 0
10-22-2001 Another self portrait. I'll call this one. "Nose shot at low angle into light." 0
10-19-2001 When you move a couch into your cubicle at work, things tend to get a little cramped as seen in this picture. 0
10-18-2001 Close up of a glowing Jacob. 0
10-17-2001 Baby Avari (pronounced Avery) has a duck call and is very cute/loud. All babies should get a duck call. 0
10-16-2001 Chance had a birthday party, Survivor style. I was the guest entertainer. Later on, Glenn and I threw water balloons at the kids from the house. 0
10-15-2001 Here is a blurry picture of a toy turkey riding in a toy corvette in Ralph's office. Just because I can put whatever I want on the web. 0
10-12-2001 This guy is delivering my free HD big screen TV. I bet he doesn't know he's going to be on this internet thing. Big screen TVs are great. 0
10-11-2001 The defenders of truth and justice make sure that the quickee mart wine hasn't expired. 0
10-10-2001 Here is my big screen TV working. This is a much needed change after watching hockey on a 19 inch TV. I can actually see the puck and ice chips now. 0
10-09-2001 This is Traweek at an A&M game. I don't remember who were are playing. In fact, a lot of times I don't remember the score. I just remember the good times had by all. (Except the opposing team.) 1
10-08-2001 Here is the four of us at the stands at A&M. We've had season tickets together for a while now. I'm the latch key kid on crutches. Chad is trying to push me over while Darren and Traweek aren't looking. 3
10-05-2001 Every quarter, Employee Relations Man (ERM) comes out to give out awards. I've always wanted John to see this man and tell me who he thinks he is, but strangly John always turns up missing at an ERM sighting. 1
10-04-2001 These guys don't look excited when they sell Luke a $20 winning lottery scratchy. Of course, we didn't know it was a winner until later also. 0
10-03-2001 Something is amiss at the local quickee mart. The defenders of truth, justice and beer have arrived to make sure everything is A-Ok. 0
10-02-2001 Beef jerky is good. Little crappy cookies are not. They must be punished. 0
10-01-2001 After a day of fighting crime, it is best to have a brewsky with your sidekick. I think we are both sidekicks, but at least we are of legal age and are not driving or flying. 0
09-28-2001 In this episode, the dynamic duo of SuperJeremy and Polar Von Arctic go undercover at the quickee mart. 2
09-27-2001 Here is me in the tub at my lowest point in my physical life. At least I'm clean. 0
09-26-2001 I had a leg accident the day after my party. Sorry about being away for a while. Here is an extreme close up of my stitches. You can also see how swollen my leg is. 0
08-31-2001 SuperJeremy and Polar Von Arctic inspect the time stamping on the tall boy malt liquer singles at the quickee mart. 0
08-24-2001 I don't think Elvis looked this cool, EVER! If only I could have had a really cool pad like Graceland. 0
08-23-2001 Sara is ok to go, but Eric looks like he's exhausted after he has been lei'ed. 0
08-22-2001 I call this, 'Self portait of me drinking a beer and taking a photograph.' I shouldn't look directly at the picture and the centering is a microfraction off. 0
08-21-2001 Kevin looks huge in this photo of him wearing a bathing suit. 0
08-20-2001 I think Luke met his match with Kevin and his packaged swim suit. Have you noticed however, that Kevin lei'ed Luke THREE TIMES!!!! 0
08-17-2001 Guest photo of Nico the dog snarling. Thanks to Joanna for this one. 0
08-16-2001 Superdog likes corn on the cob. Well, mostly she likes attention and just the cob. 0
08-15-2001 Even Maggie enjoys a good corn on the cob. I wonder if cob is healthy. I never really tried it. Maggie seems to think so. 0
08-14-2001 Kimberly really likes her grilled corn too. I think I made her laugh. I didn't realize I was funny. When you are serious as me all the time, you get surprised when somebody laughs at something you say. 0
08-13-2001 My grilled chicken is delicious, but damn, that corn is incredible. Kim's Dad had is sent to us straight off the corn farm. I could eat corn everyday. 0
08-10-2001 Here I am shoveling drippy nachos in my face at a minor league ball game. I really like drippy nachos. I always order extra drip, extra peppers. 0
08-09-2001 A good gardener always puts his tools away. 0
08-08-2001 You move into my house, you have to have a picture of you wearing the chicken hat. Kimberly, my girlfriend, officially moved into my house. I can now charge her rent. 0
08-07-2001 I was going to take a nice photo of myself, but then came the attack of the red headed Reinhardts. I feel like the odd man out. 0
08-06-2001 I call this photo, "Rachel and Onions" We were getting paid by work to take these photos. I love helping out the ERC committee. 0
08-03-2001 This is how you should water your lawn. Beer in hand. Makes for some easy watering. Go lawn, it's your birthday. 0
08-02-2001 For a guy who prides himself on looking deshelved, he sure does take a long time to get that look. It's almost Ironic. I should write a song about that. 0
08-01-2001 She seems to be saying, "I'm going to hold my breath until you bring me some pudding." I love the salt lick. You can bring your own beer there and have fun. 0
07-31-2001 mmmmmmmm, meat product, mmmmmmmmm 0
07-30-2001 Kimberly lets me kiss her in public. I think she likes me. But don't tell her I said that. 0
07-27-2001 Action shot of Rebecca at the Salt Lick. She is so glamorous. I added my beer to the background to lower the picture down to my levels. 0
07-26-2001 This is some spread at Eric's Food Orgy. 0
07-25-2001 I didn't have any pictures that were POD quality so I quickly took one for today's POD. I'm in bad need of a haircut. 0
07-13-2001 I'm a little bit tipsy in this self photo. However, I must say, that even tipsy, I do look so handsome. 0
07-12-2001 Here is the host of Eric's Food Orgy. Why It's Eric. The rules are simple. Everyone brings food, however, no one can bring food utensils. Very Roman. 0
07-11-2001 I call this photo "Marsha and two or three guys with names that start with Ro". Here is Marsha and her husband Ron and right behind is Rob. I don't know the other guy in the stripes, but he looks like a Rod or a Roland. 0
07-09-2001 The storm is a coming. Run for the hills. 0
07-06-2001 I cook the fajitas. I wish they made a colonge called L'Brisket. I would wear it and love myself. 0
07-05-2001 Bowling is as much as watching people as it is throwing strikes. Luke, OJ and Brandi check out what the competition is doing. 0
07-04-2001 Here is me with my head in the lights. If my camera was anything better than 1 megapixel or I knew how to take photos, I'm sure this would of been a good shot. 0
07-03-2001 This is my very blonde girlfriend at the bowling alley. She isn't bowling at this moment, but you can definitely feel the strike coming on at any moment. 0
07-02-2001 A close up of a smiling OJ. 0
06-29-2001 Neil's on the drums and I'm a rock and roller. You got to have a guy named Neil on the drums. It's fun to end your shows with "And Neil on the drums". 0
06-28-2001 David is such a good worker that I have to stand on his desk to get a photo of him at work. He won't even turn around. 0
06-27-2001 'Birthday Luke' gets cheesed up at an Italian restaurant. Apparently something funny was said as the Parmesan girl is laughing quite hard. 0
06-26-2001 Bryan thru the looking glass. I like this photo. Very artistic. 0
06-21-2001 Henry Dees makes waves with his bald head. His wife is really proud of him. He cleans up real nice. 0
06-20-2001 Ray totally married the smartest girl. You can't tell in this photo, but Carrie is really smart. Ray just looks good. He's handsome. 0
06-19-2001 It's nice to see how we all matured from college. A tie will do that for you. It's nice to see we all own or know someone with a tie. 0
06-18-2001 They serve some really strong beer at the minor league baseball games. I swear I only had a couple before I saw this giant dog in a railroad engineers outfit. Crazy. 0
06-15-2001 I love it when I get my boss drunk and he wears a chicken hat. My powers reach to all. 0
06-14-2001 Close up of Kim coming in the door. I'm following with tongs. Fajitas must be coming soon. 0
06-13-2001 This is funny. I now have proof that Cameron has cooked once in his life. He really did saute onions, peppers and mushrooms. Next time we will have him try boiling water. 0
06-12-2001 Here is a lovely photo of some beef fajitas grilling. You can just hear the sizzle. 0
06-11-2001 The sun is shining, the grill is sizzling and I'm just absorbing the atmosphere. What a great day for a BBQ. 0
06-08-2001 Someday I want to get as fat as ED, and take naps on chairs in this position. 0
06-07-2001 I like cheese. I like grated cheese. I like FRESH grated cheese. 0
06-06-2001 It's hilarious when you go to a restaurant with your two friends and secretly tell the waitstaff that it's one of their birthdays. Unfortunately, Luke's birthday is a ways off. But he was still surprised. 0
06-05-2001 The storms are a brewing and so is a nervous David. 0
06-04-2001 When it looks like rain at the company picnic, take cover with your softball glove and drink your beer before it gets saturated with rainwater. 0
06-01-2001 I believe Beth took this picture too close to her face with a flash. It makes Carrie and her look really white. Nice picture of the ice sculpture in the back though. 0
05-31-2001 I was trying to pose for a picture all nice and everything and Glenn comes around and tries to ruin it for everyone. We HAVE to stop him from drinking too much wine at the next party. Might as well have run around with a lamp shade on. 0
05-30-2001 Here is another wedding photo of Carrie and Ray looking all nice. Super great pose by Carrie. I hope she runs for election one day. 0
05-29-2001 Jason had a really cool wedding. It was a lot of fun. Here is the happy couple. 0
05-25-2001 I've got actual proof that we do work at our office. Here, Carol and DeAnn are going over a pending list and an abnormality on it. I'm taking photos and don't care about the pending list. 0
05-24-2001 That's my girl in the pigtails in mid-sentence. Luke and OJ are studying, but I guess the good information is on the television. 0
05-23-2001 I left something in the car as I was getting my hair dyed. When you get your hair dyed, they put this cap on your head and stick out little strands of hair. I like the cap. 0
05-22-2001 We had a huge storm rip thru our quiet little community yesterday. Here are some of the aftermath photos. I had to pick up all those twigs and remove some of the limbs off of my tree. 0
05-21-2001 It's just a nice day to drive a jeep with the top down. I'm sure Luke agrees, but he is concentrating on driving. 0
05-18-2001 Here is a picture of me hugging/falling my new girl Kimberly. She joined the happy hour that turned into more of a happy hours. In fact, I think I spent more at happy hour than at work today. 0
05-17-2001 It started so innocently as a happy hour and then evolved into a group function. Got to get the photography going at that point. At least everyone still looks happy from happy hour. 0
05-10-2001 Here is my new car. The other car was a lemon. This one is just lemon colored. It's still a convertable and lots of fun. I like convertables. 0
05-09-2001 The bowling team finally saved enough for a steak dinner. I've got my star trek look going on. Steve and the lakes are cooking as well. 0
05-08-2001 Hey...That's not Andy's wife?!?! Why, that's co-worker Brandi supporting Andy's arm. What will the office gossipers say after this, dare I say, shocking photo? Somebody get me the Star's phone number. 0
05-04-2001 David Thompson and all his glory. Actually, this is a step up from the normal beer selection he drinks from. Every steps up their class at my get togethers. 0
05-02-2001 It's as if Luke is saying, 'This Bud is for you'. 0
05-01-2001 At my parties, everyone gets to play pin the tail on the donkey. Fun for the whole crowd. And by the looks of it, the donkey is enjoying all the action concerning it's rump. 0
04-30-2001 Here's me reaching into the fridge for some ice to make some whiskeys. I've got the crazy goatee working here as well. Ladies, your stud muffin has arrived. 0
04-27-2001 Oh, that butter steak is real good. I asked for the extra drippy one. 0
04-26-2001 Would you like one of my tasty home style fries? Luke would. He has a butter steak all of his own, but likes to be fed fries by hand. 0
04-25-2001 A close up of my butter steak. I really enjoyed eating this. My heart is begging for help at this point now. The stomach is happy. Unfortunately, the stomach and the brain are best buds. 0
04-24-2001 Classic Luke pose in thought at the Hoffbrau, with a waitress butt in the background 0
04-23-2001 Here is Bryan enjoying his birthday butter steak at the Hoffbrau. 0
04-20-2001 I got a brand new helmet from Ebay. I really like Ebay. I wish they had that in college. I would of been the coolest person there. 0
04-19-2001 This is a first. Luke Ironing. Kind of reminds me about the first time I saw Brad iron something. I'm pretty sure this will be the last time people will see Luke iron something. 0
04-18-2001 I really like this new look for me. I was just needing something to go out in Vegas and this just came together. I had to borrow the tie though. I'll have to use this look again. 0
04-12-2001 Ah yes, the royal Swedish Sheep pasture and Jeremy in this scanned photo. Jeremy is depressed because we walked all this way out there and couldn't find the royal sheep. 2
04-11-2001 We got the private room at club Ketchup in Copenhagen. Here is a picture of the group and our food. Let's eat already. 1
04-10-2001 We got this book on Swedish phrases and Jeremy is trying out the pick up section for lines for this Swedish Masseuer (no lie). He would try stuff like, 'You have nice hair'. I would follow with 'Where is the Post Office'. 0
04-09-2001 Jeremy has his grove going on with Tasha at the flat in Copenhagen. I love pictures in mid dancing. It always looks so erotica. 0
04-04-2001 I forget what these things were called, but they were absolutly delicious. It was a hot dog in some sort of flat bread with mashed potatoes and relish and mustard and white sauce and crunchy onions. I'm getting hungrey again. 0
04-02-2001 Jeremy yawning at the train station in Stockholm. We are on our way to visit my Danish friends in Copenhagen whom I met in Brisbane. C'mon sing with me, "It's a small world after all..." 0
04-01-2001 Neighbor George has come over to play a game of pool. This guy has the coolest school bus ever. I want to be him when I grow up. 0
03-30-2001 There is a story behind this one, but the main plot is that I'm marching with Nathan and the Royal Danish National Guard in my pajamas. They didn't loan us one of their guns with bayonette afixed. 5
03-29-2001 Believe it or not, but Stockholm is very cold in March. Must be why plane tickets are so cheap. This is right outside our hotel room/boat. Way cool. 0
03-28-2001 Ahhh, the power of a frozen shot of alcohol. After a couple of these things, life is good. Carina, Tasha, and myself drink with Jeremy who's holding a picture of drunk chickens. keela, keela! 1
03-27-2001 There was this meeting with the Client Consultants that I was in. I guess I got a different memo than everyone else. When this happens more than once, it really isn't that embarrassing. 0
03-26-2001 I call this photo, "Man, flushed with flash, with top of head cut off in a white tee-shirt that is inside out. - self portrait." 0
03-12-2001 Bryan plays guitar while a movie about frogs is shown. It's like a rock video without the glamour and hype. 0
03-08-2001 Believe it or not, but yours truly did not win the $40 million lottery last night. Darn. I guess I'll have to buy my own way to Sweden. 0
03-07-2001 Ralph is still drinking that wine cooler. I've still got a couple of more if anyone wants one. Do you think this is going to show up in my performance review at work? 0
03-06-2001 You can get Cameron to come over to your house by luring him over with a strand of brisket. 0
03-05-2001 This is a really good picture of Steve from T-3 playing pin the tail on the donkey. Or is he really just doing the initiation of a new cult. I have seen the light.... 0
03-02-2001 hors d'oureves are served. Andy gets the first hit at the tray, grabbing a delectable toothpicked pop tart. 0
03-01-2001 So I have had these wine coolers in my fridge for a couple of years and I finally got to get rid of one. Ralph is just such an easy target. 0
02-28-2001 Brandi's turn to bowl. You can tell that bowling elicits a great deal of concentration and even a photographer cannot penetrate that. 0
02-27-2001 Joy, Lisa and Valerie in the forefront enjoying the free eats from our one year anniversary of being taken over by Invesmart. 0
02-26-2001 Action shot of me pirate bowling. I look good. 0
02-24-2001 Today is my brother's birthday. To celebrate, I'll show a picture of appetizers that I served at my recent party. It's cinnamin poptarts and chocolate covered twinkees. 0
02-23-2001 Tom Charlton tells the best stories. Everyone hangs on to every word like it's friggin' gold. 0
02-22-2001 I call this photo, Happy Marsha and chili dog on plate. 0
02-21-2001 This is a big bowl of chili for the corporate weiner dogs. I really like this "quickee mart" style chili. It doesn't agree with me too well later on though. 0
02-20-2001 Close up of weiners grilling for my company's celebration of being taken over by a corporate conglomeration. Do the weiners represent us employees or the corporate bigwigs? 0
02-19-2001 Here is a picture of Luke with multi-colored hair and using a bad flash. 0
02-18-2001 Bryan receives too much flash on this shot, but it's a nice photo of people in different levels doing different things. Bryan is posing though. 0
02-16-2001 Just to prove out there that there are two people who look good in cheap pirate hats at bowling alleys. 0
02-15-2001 Angle shot of me playing guitar. This must be one of my campy happy songs. 0
02-14-2001 It's valentines day and Bryan is looking sooooo sexy in this avant guarde photo. If I knew anything about photography, I'd say this was done on purpose. I have his phone number for you single ladies out there. 0
02-13-2001 Bryan on the drums. Yeah, he is actually playing them and this is not a staged shot. He's got a good deal. He leaves his drums here with out having to pay for storage. 0
02-12-2001 Close up of the kermit krazy kstraw in a whiskey drink and some backlighting. 0
02-09-2001 Here is trendy Luke on the phone talking to his peeps while sipping a crown and coke. 0
02-08-2001 Little Connor likes the milk. You can tell that in his eyes. mmmmmm....Milk..... 0
02-07-2001 85 years from now, when Traweek dies in a tragic blimp accident, this is how I want to remember him. Racing shirt and offering me a beer. 1
02-06-2001 I have the coolest mustache. I think this baby is thinking, "I sure did pop into a crazy world. I hope my daddy's friends are all similar to this." 0
02-05-2001 How did the papparazzi find me talking to my agent? How embarrassing. 0
02-02-2001 Here is a picture of Superdog getting a bath in the sink. Superdog loves getting baths as you can tell. 0
02-01-2001 This is Conner drinking some bottled milk. The bottle looks as big as him. Cute picture though. Usually babies are pretty ugly. 0
01-31-2001 I ate this. This would of been the shortest comment on the POD, but then I added that fact that this almost was the shortest comment on the POD and now its a quite long comment. 0
01-30-2001 My feet are very lovely with different colored socks on. You can see my webcam taking a picture of me taking a picture of my socks. I love technology! 0
01-29-2001 I'm a pirate. Well, I'm a bowling pirate with a cool mustache and goggles. I'm more of a 21st century pirate. Arghhhhhhh. 0
01-27-2001 I'm visiting Traweek today and have to do the POD from here. Here is Seagram and my feet. Seagram is also known as Poopeater. Don't let this dog lick you. 1
01-26-2001 Sometimes in a conversation, there is a lull and then it's just time to pause, reflect and take a swig of beer. 0
01-25-2001 Brandi fluffs her hair in disgust at leaving the ten pin. Luke just tries to look sexy next to the scoreboard. 0
01-24-2001 You have to visualize your next bowling shot, just like Luke is doing here. Nevermind you are wearing a pirate hat. Just make your throw and get the strike. 0
01-23-2001 Wouldn't you want your blender returned to you by a smiling man in a pirate hat? That's what OJ got from Luke. 0
01-20-2001 This one is great. I inspired 20+ people at work to make meatloaf in a company cook off. I called it the "Meat-off". I didn't place in the top three, but 20 different kinds of meatloaf so I think of myself as a winner. 0
01-19-2001 Crazy, but my friend Nathan from England found my website. I haven't seen or heard from him since Australia. Here is a picture from us hanging with Carina, who he keeps in contact with. Haven't seen her since then either. 2
01-18-2001 Close up of Superdog. It's been a while since we've seen Superdog this close. 0
01-17-2001 Luke is totally asleep on the couch. 0
01-16-2001 This is a blender in a really clean kitchen. The blender doesn't belong to us. We have to give it back. While cleaning the blender, we thought, why not clean the kitchen as well. 0
01-15-2001 Superdog really likes to play with new tennis balls. All together now...Awwwwww... How cute.... 0
01-14-2001 Cal "the Fridge" Lake is trying to get into his bowling zone. Remember, visualize your shot. Visualize. 0
01-13-2001 Random picture of Rob just showing some stuff, laying around his cube. He really does lead an exciting life at work. 0
01-12-2001 It's beverage time. Luke and I each have our favorite beverage with our favorite crazy straw. I believe I used the timer on this shot. Can't see my arm anywhere. 0
01-11-2001 I got a book on the Swedish vernacular, Andy got a survival book and some old company letterhead notepads. It's another successful gift exchange for the holidays. 0
01-10-2001 I call this photo, "My feet at work on a casual Friday." 0
01-09-2001 I am the Zen bowler. I reign over my kingdom. All these lanes are my territory and I rule them. Appease me or I will strike with such force. 0
01-08-2001 I think Stefanie and Jeff like each other. This expose photo was taken at the after party party from the company Christmas party. 0
01-06-2001 Dis guy....lemme tell ya....dis guy. 0
01-05-2001 Here is me taking a picture of myself after the company after party party. You can really see the concussion I got last week over my left eye. Right eye if you are looking at me. 0
01-04-2001 Andy's excuse for double fisting adult beverages is bunk now when Amanda shows up with her drink in hand. Admit it Andy, you do have a problem. 0
01-03-2001 Apparently, Ralph really likes me. I mean, I did shower today and smell all good and I got to say I really look good in my homemade suit. 0
01-02-2001 when Ralph hugs me and starts talking about the olden days, it makes me feel like Popeye. Well, Popeye with out the muscles and the spinach. Mostly just a squinty eye. 0
01-01-2001 This used to be my rotating head picture. I think one day, I'll need to redo the rotating head. 0