Pictures for the Year 2002
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2002 In honor of New Year's eve here is a picture of Stefanie having an informal chat with a god of porcelin. Or maybe she got seasick. It sure wasn't the food. That stuff was really good. 0
12-30-2002 Yes sir, Mr. Kirkguard. It's getting real late. Time to call a cab and let's all go home. Or at least to another party. 0
12-29-2002 Of course I wore a gold glitter crash helmet. It was for safety. I was in no condition to stand at this point and what if Jason took offense to me having my picture taken with Angie. Notice Nathan in the background drinking for three. 0
12-28-2002 The party at this point is really getting going. I think it was all a whirl and everyone is just having a great time. I think Stefanie is saying, "Moooooorrrreee". 0
12-27-2002 Ok, If this was Dance Fever, who would you send to the spotlight round? Superstiff Rob and Smiling Brandi? or the really groovin' Richard and Rachel? 0
12-26-2002 You gotta admit. Kimberly is pretty darn hot. I'm not a slouch myself, but then just give me a couple of years of married life. C'mon belly! 0
12-25-2002 Merry "There's nothing good on TV day". You know what I say. "A bottle in each hand is worth two in the gullet." 0
12-24-2002 Here I am overseeing the nice blackjack dealer. Her shirt looks like it's brand new. At this point I like to tell everyone that the sweater was a last minute addition to my outfit. 0
12-23-2002 Awwwwww, this is a niced posed picture of some of the nice people of Pod 2 north. Grace looks on as she thinks she's not in the picture and therefore has no chance to have her image splashed on the web. Never underestimate the drunk with a camera. 0
12-22-2002 Here is a picture of me getting a big ole hug from Rachel. Well, actually, she's posing for a picture and I'm thinking of ways to get back into the buffet line. 0
12-21-2002 Kimberly and I are on our way to Iowa today. So today starts the Christmas party series. Here I am toasting to a successful party with my bride to be. 0
12-20-2002 Here is my mom making mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. Cal's in the background checking out what's right under the turkey leg. Kim's putting marshmellows on the yams and I'm taking the photo. 0
12-19-2002 Here is a picture of T.J. making Kimberly's wedding dress. She'll be at the wedding so all that are invited can thank her and tell her what a great job she did. 0
12-18-2002 It's another bowling night tonight so today you get another bowling picture. This is Steve ("barn") from the team Chaos Inc. He doesn't have his bowling shirt on, because this was taken at the bar after bowling was done. 0
12-17-2002 Look! It's my first ringer at horseshoes. I didn't even have to get close like in hand gernades. 1
12-16-2002 Extreme close up of my pores. Please enjoy the artistic qualities of this photo. 0
12-13-2002 A man should be able to play horseshoes and drink beer in nice weather whenever he wants. It should be in the constitution. 0
12-12-2002 I heard a rumor that Andy was back in town on business so I might as well start a horseshoe series. 0
12-11-2002 It's bowling day once again. Last week I shot a 265 in one game. Tonight I go for the 300. Here's a picture of Jim congradulating me. 0
12-10-2002 This is Gizzy the dog. I don't think he matches the drapes, but he sure does love attention. Go over to Stefanie and Jeff's house to pet him. 0
12-09-2002 I worked a lot of hours this weekend. I didn't have any photos of me working so you get a photo of me working it. Here's a recent photo where I am trendsetting and styling in the parking lot to the place I'll be married at. 0
12-06-2002 For those of you who wanted to see a wet dog today, here you go. It's a picture of little Maggie taking a bath. She was clean for all of an hour. 0
12-05-2002 Last night I bowled a 265, a 226 and a 204 for a 695 series. That's my best series to date. Here is a picture of me at a bowling alley a few weeks ago in honor of my bowling prowlness. 0
12-04-2002 Today is a bowling day, so I thought it would be nice to have a picture of Jim in his bowling 'mood'. 0
12-03-2002 This is my friend and kinda former co-worker Andy. My company moved him to Seattle. While it's a great move for the company and professionally for Andy, it sucks for us because he was a great friend. So long, Andy and good luck. 0
12-02-2002 Don't you know about the bird. Well, everyone knows that the bird is the word. 0
11-27-2002 Here is a picture of me at Kyle field with the lights in my background. In two days, A&M will thump our rivals. Gig 'Em. 0
11-26-2002 I just missed this shot of Darren almost burning his hand on just lit, but not caught coals right before a tailgating session. Brett just laughs at him. Almost got the coal in question in mid air. 0
11-25-2002 You got to love people who dress like this and then let you take their photo. Way to go Marsha and Kim B. 0
11-22-2002 Here is Jason in his cow Halloween costume milking himself for the big breakfast that our company throws for Halloween. He also got robbed of his job too. 0
11-21-2002 You will starve to death if you are waiting for Darren to get the charcoal lit. However, the brats just before kick off were wonderful. 0
11-20-2002 Here is a picture of Phuong and me at Halloween. She got canned Monday too. If you need an etremely good worker, email me and I'll get her resume to you. 0
11-19-2002 My friends at work got completely screwed over yesterday. This photo is in honor of them. They will be phased out and taken to the slaughter house one animal at a time. 0
11-18-2002 Extreme closeup of Marsha and her nerd costume. Those are not her real glasses. Just a prop. 0
11-15-2002 Here is new guy Chris as a billy goat for Halloween. Great effort and great mask. I wouldn't mess with him. 0
11-14-2002 We were farm animals for halloween. I was a duck. I won best overall costume. I own my costume so I can wear whenever I like. Maybe I'll do a duck series. 1
11-13-2002 A&M beat out Oklahoma this year. It was a fun game. The guys wanted to take a posed picture on the field. I like posing for pictures so I agreed. 0
11-12-2002 Today is Cal's birthday. In his honor, I will show a half eaten tubular taco from Hula Hut. 0
11-11-2002 I beleive this is a photo from Cameron's birthday party at the hula hut. I'm having a breakfast strawberry margarita. Kimberly looks affectionately on. 0
11-08-2002 What did your mother tell you about running around a swimming pool? Yeah, Jacob didn't listen either. This is a special guest photo for POD. I like his pockets. 0
11-07-2002 Here is a half eaten plate of lasagna. I still think mine was the best. 0
11-06-2002 Here is a picture of Marsha and Carol waiting in line for the lasagna. Carol looks especially hungry. 0
11-05-2002 I don't know.... Just vote today... 0
11-04-2002 We had a lasagna cookoff last month. Here is a picture of Marsha eating lasagna. I didn't win, but made a tasty Lasagna. 0
11-01-2002 So my camera battery is dead and I can't download my halloween pictures from yesterday. In that case you get a picture of my meter from last month. Enjoy! 0
10-31-2002 ooooooooh, scary pumpkin. I made this really scary pumpkin which is now on display in front of my house. I don't think any kids will DARE to show up at my front door, thus allowing me to eat all the candy. Today I'm a duck. 0
10-30-2002 At my birthday dinner, we put on the fake eyeglasses on the revolving pope. I left them there as a reminder of our lovely meal. 0
10-29-2002 Ok, so you go to sleep after a morning of hunting and then wake up to find wings attached to your hunting shoes. Here I am doing my best mercury impersonation. 0
10-28-2002 Yeah, Don't laugh, These are my friends. Traweek, the shirtless wonder, takes aim at a can. Glenn, stands by as his pointer. Luckily the sun is setting. 1
10-25-2002 Here we are in mid-meal at my birthday dinner. I don't think anyone will be proud to be in this photo. Not our best action poses. 0
10-24-2002 Everybody, let the feeding frenzy begin. I love family style servings. This is what I call a birthday dinner. 0
10-23-2002 More pictures from my birthday dinner in the pope room. Here you have the Pope, all of Rebecca, A waving Doug and half a Jeff. 0
10-22-2002 I woke up late today so you just get a quick run down of who's in this picture at my birthday dinner in the pope room: Half of Rebecca, Doug, Jeff, Stefanie, Kimberly and myself. 0
10-21-2002 So we had the pope room for my birthday at this Italian restaurant. It's really not hard to eat with a revolving pontiff as your centerpeice. Just ask Rob. 0
10-18-2002 Yesterday's sausage ball is a good segway to today's Aaron with big Meatball photo. This is what I had in mind when it came to dinner decisions for my birthday last month. 1
10-17-2002 You offer people a picture of the day and then they complain that the pictures are not interesting enough. For that, you get a picture called, 'A plate of sausage balls'. 0
10-16-2002 Here I am in front of Ceaser's Palance in Las Vegas. I'm really bummed that they won't let you take photos while you are gambling. 0
10-15-2002 Here I am walking in the sunlight in a casino in Vegas. The light makes my hair look blonde. I'm not having anymore fun however. 0
10-14-2002 Here is a picture of the ceiling and Kimberly in one of those fancy casinos, where you really shouldn't lay on the ground and take a photo. 0
10-11-2002 My friend Beth says that Picture of the Day is getting Cheesy. Well, Here is about the cheesiest picture I have. It's a lovely photo of Kimberly and a rainbow. Don't you just want to sing, Sunshine and happiness... 0
10-10-2002 Here is a picture of Kimberly enjoying several desserts at the best buffet in the world. 0
10-09-2002 Here I am ripping into a meat kabob at the worlds best buffet. Also, you can see that I'm up five dollars for my trip. Don't worry, 2 hours later it was all gone. Casino 1 - Aaron 0. 0
10-08-2002 Here is plate number 3 of the best buffet I've ever eaten. Actually, I believe this is really plate number 2, but who cares. It was fantastically delicious. 0
10-07-2002 Here is plate number two of my Aladdin buffet feast. A little seafood, a little Chinese, a little Middle eastern... 0
10-04-2002 Here is a picture of my first plate of food at the Aladdin in Las Vegas which is the best buffet I've ever been to. Hi to the special fans in Iowa. 0
10-03-2002 Here is a rather suave picture of me standing in front of some casino. I look goooooooood. 0
10-02-2002 This is a picture of Kimberly and I at Las Vegas with a casino in the background. Notice the twinkle in our eyes. 0
10-01-2002 Sorry about yesterday not having a Picture of the day. I am a bad host. Please enjoy today's picture of the day. It's a picture of my bride to be looking completely sassy in Las Vegas. 0
09-27-2002 Here is a picture of me with a big frog in Las Vegas at 8 in the morning. Why there is a big frog walking around Vegas at 8 in the morning is a mystery to me, but hilarious all the same. 0
09-26-2002 So Kim and I got round trip tickets to Vegas for the day for $1 each. How cool. Here we are sharing a cab ride to the strip from the airport with an old guy from Houston. Rock ON! 0
09-25-2002 Here is the seafood paella before it is all cooked. It was really tasty. I suggest to everyone to eat paella even though saffron is really expensive. 0
09-24-2002 Here I am making that delicious seafood paella. I should be on the food network. Iron Aaron. 0
09-23-2002 Here are all the ingredients for the seafood Paella that I made for Kimberly. I've never cooked with clam juice before. Very Exciting! 0
09-20-2002 As Traweek was telling me the other day. His favorite moment of our Pittsburgh trip was being hugged by the old man blues singer. 1
09-19-2002 Here is a picture of Glenn, Traweek and myself at the Heinz field concourse overlooking the downtown. 0
09-18-2002 Here is John tailgating with a person who's name I can't remember. It's tough to remember peoples names after a binge day. Oh yeah, They're showing off a taco salad. 0
09-17-2002 Here is a picture of Glenn, Paul and myself tailgating at the A&M v. Pitt game. I have a bratwurst. Those things are tasty. 0
09-16-2002 Here is a picture of me and Traweek in our seats at the Pittsburgh game. You can see the downtown and the scoreboard with ketchup bottles. 0
09-13-2002 Today is my birthday. Here I am eating an egg and sardine sandwich at Permani's in Pittsburgh. They actually put cole slaw and french fries on it. It's delicious. 0
09-12-2002 I guess the dogs have to have a say if they want us to get married or not. I think they approve. 0
09-11-2002 Here is a picture of me pondering if I am to get married or not. Time heals, life goes on, and we went to Vegas for the day. (not to get married there, just a trip) 0
09-10-2002 Here is a picture of Kim taking off her blindfold, only to see a bunch of lit lucky candles, me in a superman's outfit on one knee and a ring in my hand. I can't remember what I said though.... 0
09-09-2002 Here is the first picture in the I'm going to Pittsburgh serires. Glenn and myself are on the plane. I'm in my tourist shirt. BTW, for those who want to know, today is my broken leg anniversary. 0
09-06-2002 Here is a picture of me shoveling squash casserole in my mouth. I'm in Pittsburgh today. See me on TV on Saturday on ESPN at the A&M game. 0
09-05-2002 Here is a picture of Cal with his two cars in the coolest garage known to man. 0
09-04-2002 Here is a picture of my good friend Brandi wearing some cool shades at the bowling alley right before she moved to Colorado. 0
09-03-2002 Awwwwwww. Don't we make a cute couple. (I'm the one with the dark hair) 0
08-30-2002 Alright, I went to work and forgot to put up a picture today. So all you get is a legoland picture of Steve and myself hitting on a lego man. 0
08-29-2002 Here is a picture of Kimberly and myself at the bowling alley. 0
08-28-2002 Here is a picture of my mother. She hates to have her photo taken. 0
08-27-2002 Here is POD's first guest photographer. Cal took this really cool picture of a really cool car. 0
08-26-2002 What's with all my friends leaving town. OJ and Brandi are now on their way to Colorado. I'm sad, but at least I have a place to stay there now. 0
08-23-2002 Here is a picture of Luke. Luke could of stayed his last night as my roommate. Luke is off to California, looking for a better life. God speed, Luke Edmondson, God Speed. 0
08-22-2002 Why is it when you are in your pajamas and you are drunk and you fall over in laughter that someone inevitably has a camera? 0
08-21-2002 Here is a picture of my brother and my Mom. Jeremy is the one in the napkin. My family is so photogenic. 0
08-20-2002 Geesh, Can't a guy just take his picture and drink his beer. I swear the ladies are always all over me. Sorry, ladies, I'm a taken man. However, I do have a brother... 0
08-19-2002 I call this photo, flaring nostril Cameron with black background. 0
08-16-2002 For the sake of the parties involved, This dog's name is being withheld. 0
08-15-2002 Here is a picture of me, incognito, with a big o' frothy beer. I like beer. It doesn't like me. Usually, I win. 0
08-14-2002 Is Cal's garage not the coolest? He has all the power tools you would want, plus a car lift so he can store two cars on his side. Here Cal explains to Jeremy what tools are used for. 0
08-13-2002 Here I am in a stare down with an ice-cream cup. I'm still incognito. 0
08-12-2002 I got to play Asteroids this weekend on a completely pristeen machine. I got a high score. 0
08-09-2002 Can you believe that they won't let me into the store? 0
08-08-2002 Is this great advertising or what? I think Victoria Secret should use the Luke and Aaron campaign. 0
08-07-2002 Man, can a guy just eat an ice cream without having fans pester him about autographs? I'm trying to be incognito here. Just let me have some peace. 0
08-06-2002 I really like ice cream. I also like going to ice cream shops incognito. 0
08-05-2002 Jeremy came into town for a reunion and I got him to play soccer with me on my team. This was the first time we played in a game together. 0
08-02-2002 Here is a nice little picture of Kim and myself at Lala's little nugget. Believe it or not, I must of said something funny. 0
08-01-2002 0
07-31-2002 I figure I needed to do another July 4th picture on the last day of July. Here is a picture of me, a sparkler, a beer and a roommate. 0
07-30-2002 Is this guy cool or what? Bryan has my vote for best way to teach kids how to light fireworks. 0
07-29-2002 So I forgot Picture of the day until I got to work. All I could find was an old photo of Superdog attacking Maggie. Sorry. 0
07-26-2002 Here is a picture of Jeremy and the back of Kim with some Euro people in Amsterdam at a cafe. Just pleasant... 0
07-25-2002 Here is a picture of the lego concord. It was making concord noises, so I took a photo. 0
07-24-2002 Here is a picture of some crazy bent up pipes to an air conditioning unit on the roof of my office. I found this picture cleaning off my computer that was taken last year. 0
07-23-2002 Here is a picture of Christina, Me, Noona, Steve and Jeremy at Carina's bar "The Raft" in New Harbor in Copenhagen. It's one of the few posing pictures. You'll see on picoday. 0
07-22-2002 This guy has the audacity to take a picture of me taking a picture of him. I feel outsmarted. 1
07-19-2002 Here is a picture of Steve giving the taxi driver a hotdog. We had hime drop us off at the quickie mart so we could get some late night snack food. 0
07-18-2002 I forgot who this person is, but she makes just the most incredible face for a camera. I totally have to borrow that one. 0
07-17-2002 I really like the party scene and the fact that I can take pictures and have green hair all at the same time. For those not in the know, that's Steve, Kimberly, Jeanie and myself. 0
07-16-2002 Yeah, Denmark won their first world cup game of 2002. Everyone must celebrate. 0
07-15-2002 Somedays you are at a party in Copenhagen and two Geisha girls walk in and Somedays your not. This is one of those days. 0
07-12-2002 Wall to wall humanity at my house when 20 people show up. 0
07-11-2002 Yep, we were getting paid for our French Horn, Trombone, drum trio band. I also heard that the session was recorded. Stay tuned for details on how to get the bootleg. 0
07-10-2002 Here is a close up of me drinking. I like to drink beer some nights. A cool refreshing beer on a summer night in a dive bar is just what I need. 0
07-09-2002 Here's a picture of me probably playing the first french horn, trombone and drum band with my good friends Blaine and Luke at TBAGS(Texas Bar and Grill) last night. I rock. 0
07-08-2002 Here is a great picture of Bryan launching a roman candle at this year's July 3rd party. Rockets red glare and all! 0
07-05-2002 Did you have a lovely 4th of July? 0
07-04-2002 Happy fourth of July, folks. Here is a picture of Luke celebrating July 3rd. The 3rd is an important day because nobody has to work on the 4th. 0
07-03-2002 Here is a picture of Brian at the party in Copenhagen. Along side him is a festive beer that I made because I was drunk. Go figure that. Me, drunk at a party. 0
07-02-2002 Here is a picture of Kim and that Hans Statue made out of lego. I think she looks pretty. 0
07-01-2002 Here is a picture of R2-D2 in lego format. I think this lego R2 can kick movie R2 ass. 0
06-28-2002 Here is a picture of Hans Christian Anderson in Legos, myself and two people who got into the photo and don't realize that they are splashed onto the web. 0
06-27-2002 Here is a self portrait of me in Amsterdam. That's a tram in the background. One of those hit my side mirror on my rental car. Damn thing was swerving all over the place. 0
06-26-2002 Here is a picture of Jeremy getting ready for a night out on the town in Amsterdam. Apparently, anything goes in Amsterdam. 0
06-25-2002 This is probably one of my first views of Amsterdam. It looked cloudy and partied out on Sunday morning. I, of course, was raring to go. 0
06-24-2002 Here is a picture of Kim, Andy and Amanda. Sometimes it's better not to ask. But in this case, you can. 0
06-21-2002 Here is a picture of Cindy and myself. I'm the one in the beard. 0
06-20-2002 Kimberly has issues with the headphones on the plane to Amsterdam. Doesn't she know that the other end goes into the seat and not her mouth? 0
06-19-2002 Here is a funny looking car that I saw in Amsterdam while on a boat tour. How funny would it be to see people taking pictures of your car? 0
06-18-2002 Here is a picture of Jeremy holding an earplug. You don't see it in his face, but here he is totally relaxed because he found us. He had travelled to Amsterdam a day later than us and only had the hotel name as a location of where to find us. 0
06-17-2002 Sometimes you just need to go to a bar and look really cool. Here I am on the phone looking important at Mesa Hills Cafe. 0
06-14-2002 Here is a picture of me on one of those tour boats in Amsterdam. I'm just taking in the sites. 0
06-12-2002 I really like this picture of cheese sticks. You can just tell how delicious they are. 0
06-11-2002 Traweek makes me laugh alot. 1
06-10-2002 Steve had his hair dyed for the trip. However, dark blue on extremely black hair doesn't show very well. 0
06-09-2002 I took over 700 pictures of my vacation to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Here is the first picture of that trip. I guess I'll just sprinkle the photos over the years. 0
06-08-2002 I'm back from vacation so soon will be the 700 vacation pictures I took. I really like this picture of Eddie and Eric. It makes me happy. 0
06-07-2002 This is exactly why I hate having people pose for pictures. Look how natural Rachel looks in mid conversation. She's going to kill me if she finds I put this picture out there. 0
06-06-2002 Here's me. I'm back from vacation today. Although, this picture was taken before I went over. 0
06-05-2002 Further proof that Steve is weird. 0
06-04-2002 Cal and Emily cooking steaks. Nothing says love more than a free steak. 0
06-03-2002 I've just got two words for you......BUTTER STEAK!!!!! 0
06-02-2002 Steve's just weird. I really don't need picture proof of that, but here it is anyways. 0
06-01-2002 This is a picture of my watch and the bowling ball I call "Ty". 0
05-31-2002 Jim's checking something out. Probably my high bowling scores. Cal is in the background getting ready to throw the rock. 0
05-30-2002 Louis and Andy are always gossiping about stuff. I've caught them red handed this time. For shame. 0
05-29-2002 Here is a picture of Phuong. She laughs at all my jokes, so therefore I must be funny ALL the time. 0
05-28-2002 This is a picture of Jim "El Neutrono" Darrah. He is the sargent of palms in our bowling league. Although it's usually our team in trouble. 0
05-27-2002 Here is a picture of Jeanie. She is going to Amsterdam with us. 0
05-25-2002 Here is a picture of my feet. They are current as of today flying to Amsterdam. I hope they like me over there. 0
05-24-2002 Here is a picture of Brandi in the hallway. She doesn't like her picture taken for some reason and splashed on the web so I had to take a faraway picture. 0
05-23-2002 Here is a screen door with a doggie in the door that we put in. Apparently Maggie doesn't want to use the door right now. If she only had opposable thumbs. 0
05-22-2002 Here is a picture of my friend Bryan. He likes plaid shirts. 0
05-21-2002 My old roommate Joanna got married. I had ok seats at the wedding. Here is the only clear view I had of the procession. 0
05-20-2002 Here is a picture of some co-workers and friends as we happy hour at C-Hunts. C-Hunts is now closed so this is a memorial photo 0
05-19-2002 Maggie likes the camera. 0
05-18-2002 Here is a nice picture of me at my desk with my new camera. I'm shy. 0
05-17-2002 This is a picture of meat. I like meat products. 0
05-16-2002 Of course I'm going to show more pictures of food. This is a little dish I created. It's a tuna steak with pineapple glaze and asparagas on the side. Yummy! 0
05-15-2002 This is a picture of Maggie and Superdog. They like to have fun. If you have a freindly dog, then bring it over some time. 0
05-14-2002 Here is a picture of Luke. He is going to Africa and Italy today. Let's all wish him happy travels and good luck without toilet paper. 0
05-13-2002 Welcome back to picture of the day. Here is a picture of myself taking a picture with my new camera. Enjoy. 0