Pictures for the Year 2003
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2003 I hope your old year goes out with a bang. Thanks for checking this years POD. See you next year (which really is tomorrow.) Hugs. The Admin. 4
12-30-2003 You got to love a kid who can move his tooth. Top notch quality. 4
12-29-2003 Here is Steve playing pinball at the baby shower in a crazy, but yet very stylish shirt. 1
12-26-2003 My client has no comment. I said, NO COMMMENT! 1
12-25-2003 Happy off a day of work for religous purposes day! 0
12-24-2003 Happy Let's go to the Movies since there is nothing else to do day. Here is Superdog with a sticker on her head. 1
12-23-2003 We have a special guest photographer today. POD favorite brother, Jeremy, sends in this photo of the hallway right outside his apartment. Everybody is ok, and his apartment only received smoke damage. His computer is ok and he probably smells like he is smoking hot. Just remember when you make that, "I'm not happy with my underwear and socks present." face, that you could be unlucky one day and be overjoyed at getting something so basic to replenish what you have lost. 4
12-22-2003 Jim demonstrates the correct way to hold your mallet and your beer during a rousing croquette session. 2
12-19-2003 You have to wait until next week for some Jeremy fire pictures, but instead, you get ultra cute Nicolas looking confused at the baby shower this past weekend. (and no, Nicolas is not our baby.) 0
12-18-2003 I got to open up presents at the shower, since Toby is still to small to open up packages. Plus, he's still in the belly. He got a bib and some socks. Kimberly got some yellow paper and some huggies. 0
12-17-2003 Jeremy had a fire in his apartment complex, he's ok and nothing was too bad, but a scare none the less. Here is a picture of an ant farm given by the Reinhardts to Toby at the shower in his honor. 3
12-16-2003 Today's picture is of Glenn hitting on mom at the baby shower. Glenn better watch out because Cal will probably take offense. After all, they've been married for 24 years exactly this week. (It's their anniversary) 2
12-15-2003 We had a baby shower at our house this weekend. Good times were had by all who attended. Today's picture is of Kimberly wearing a bow and opening presents. 6
12-12-2003 Today's picture is of Terry. And guess what? He's a bowler. 0
12-11-2003 Beer Moose! 0
12-10-2003 Time: 9:30am Date: Gameday. Apparently, Brett and myself and a couple of foosball players are the only ones who take gameday drinking seriously. 3
12-09-2003 Mom came out to watch us play soccer. She didn't pick a favorite because during the game I heard stuff positive for both of her boys. For fodder for our POD fans up north, the gametime temperature was around 60 degrees. My how we have been acclimated to Texas weather. 0
12-08-2003 POD Fan favorite and POD brother, Jeremy came into town this weekend with his soccer team. They also came to my company party. Here a couple of them with Jeremy eating free food. By the way, the company didn't know they were coming, madcap hilarity. 4
12-05-2003 Here is an awesome picture of Brad with his new awesome mustache. It's so great that he made the Friday photo with it. He's at work right now, but is it really work when you look so cool? 0
12-04-2003 Here is another bowler named Steve. He is either buying another round at the bowling bar or trying to get quarters for the video golf machine. I think every other guy at the bowling alley is named Steve. I didn't realize it was such a popular bowling name. 0
12-03-2003 As requested by our special friends all the way in LaCrosse MN, here is my 1.5 family members. I guess I have only two more kids to go. Two more things to mention. Kimberly painted the picture of Maggie right behind her and did a fantabulous job. Also, for you webcam fans, the webcam portion of my site is back up. However, I'll be away from my desk all afternoon. Enjoy. 2
12-02-2003 Seems to be a bowling bar theme happening this week. I guess I better take part. 2
12-01-2003 The bowling bar becomes a great equalizer for all. I think for leagues the handicap should be how many beers you are forced to drink. 0
11-28-2003 Today is the big game. I'm optimistic today, but a little bit realistic. I'm still going to wear maroon and yell all 4 quarters, hopefully I won't be the only one (aka 10/31/2003). Today's picture is me looking somewhere at an undisclosed bowling bar. 6
11-27-2003 Here is the great Thanksgiving deer in the bowling bar. I bet you didn't know that Thanksgiving origianlly started as a way to honor the bowling bar deer. I eat turkeys in your honor. 0
11-26-2003 I started off the game with 6 strikes in a row, but then got a missed 10 pin and two splits, so I ended up with a 209. How disappointing. The guy bowling right now knows how I feel. He's trying to hit a split of his own. 1
11-25-2003 Here is Jason and Brenda and my salad (in foreground) at the On-Site company thanksgiving lunch. Nobody really used their place sittings. 0
11-24-2003 So I was washing the dogs this weekend and I had the dog shampoo on the BBQ grill while holding a dog in one hand and scrubbing with the other and I turned to reach for the dog shampoo and smashed my head on the BBQ grill and almost knocked myself out. I have a cool forehead boo-boo to show for it. 3
11-21-2003 I love it when I download the files off of my digital camera and see superfulous photos of monarch butterflies sucking neckar on my fence. 6
11-20-2003 Today you get the tree picture. It's a nice tree with people under it. I don't know any of the people, but it's still a nice tree. 1
11-19-2003 The baby toys are starting to appear in my house. We went to our first birthing class last night. I did ok. I didn't take the frog and the duck although maybe next time. 1
11-18-2003 I found this beer in the cooler that had some standing water in it. I pulled them out to dry. They look like my little minions. 3
11-17-2003 Can you see the lizard in this photo? 1
11-16-2003 I started the game with 6 strikes in a row and then I got a missed ten pin and a couple of splits and ended up with only a 209. The guy bowling right now feels my pain as he attempts a 4,7 - 10 split. 1
11-14-2003 Believe it or not, but the inside of this oven is very clean. 3
11-13-2003 Cal smushed a deer with his car one night. Here is the damage. 1
11-12-2003 Today we honor a man at the POD who is not afraid to take a photo or have a birthday. That's one good looking 68 year old!!!!! Happy birthday Cal. 3
11-11-2003 This is for all of you nachos lovers out there. Darren digs into some delicious drippy nachos loaded with the pickled jalapenos. As an extra bonus, you get Alton guzzling some soda water. Enjoy. 3
11-10-2003 Ok, this picture is probably not my best photo, but I think it's cool how Maggie looks creepy. It's like the demon dogs have taken over her brain. 2
11-07-2003 I'm being hugged so hard that my tongue is sticking out. Sometimes you need a good hug. So in that mode of thinking, today is international hug someone really hard day. Don't break ribs, but be firm and loving. 6
11-06-2003 Myself, Kennedy, and Kory are patiently waiting for some of Rachel's birthday cake. 0
11-05-2003 Every time I go to Dave and Buster's with Kory, he cons me out of my game card and races boats with it. But he's so funny so it's ok. Here he is at Rachel's birthday party doing some sort of vulcan thing for some reason. 1
11-04-2003 I have no idea why they sell these things on a stick. There should be a law against that. 2
11-03-2003 Here is a picture of the swamp dogs. I took this photo of them at the swamp near my house. I think the one on the left is rabid. 1
10-31-2003 This is one of the best photos of myself ever taken. This embodies the true spirit of football hardcore Aaron. 7
10-30-2003 It's time for another whiskey Traweek photo. Section 102 is represented well. 5
10-29-2003 Darren is soooooo busted on this photo. I think he's actually trying to pick out the color of the underwear of that girl about 30 feet away. 4
10-28-2003 A lot of people ask, 'How do I get to be on picture of the day'. Sean, a POD first timer at that, here shows how it's done. Just do something really funny or make a good face with a bag of dorritos(r). 1
10-27-2003 My website had a good moment this past Saturday. I went to another Aggie game this weekend and you get to know some of the people who get season tickets around you. Well, the people in front of me mentioned my picture of the day. I forget their name as I'm usually drunk by kickoff, but I'm sure they'll forgive me. Today's picture is dedicated to the people who check the POD daily. Here are the season ticket holders in front of us and many thanks for putting up with us. 7
10-24-2003 We got to do another sonogram to check out on how the little tyke was doing. He's cooking perfectly, weighing in at 2 pounds 9 ounces. Here is a profile of him. 0
10-23-2003 I'm in this photo in a yellow shirt patiently waiting for the soccer ball. The tension in this photo is mounting. 1
10-22-2003 I bought my first set of diapers yesterday. I call it, a huggies moment. Also, Monday, Kimberly and I went to a breast feeding class and she confiscated my camera and forbid me to use the word boob for 3 hours. Toughest class I had to ever sit in. 3
10-21-2003 It's pork rinds and lottery scratch off time for Rebecca and John. Doug sits in the back contemplating his lottery loss. 0
10-20-2003 It's time for another Marsha eating casserole picture. 3
10-17-2003 Everyone likes bratwursts. Even me. 0
10-16-2003 Here is a nose shot of Avari, pronounced as Avery. 2
10-15-2003 DSL went down this morning so today's picture is late. You get the snout photo because of my DSL being down. 0
10-14-2003 Here I am at the last tailgate. I still had that supercool mustache. Speaking of last tailgates, This was Brett's (pictured behind me) last tailgate without a kid. Congradulations to Brett and family. 4
10-13-2003 It's 10:30 am and it's time to start tailgating for Pittsburgh game. Darren starts off the festivities. 0
10-10-2003 Here is one of the sonogram pictures of our boy's face. Awwww, he's got my hairline. 5
10-09-2003 It's my supercool wildlife photo. There were about 20+ deer hanging around, eating petunas or something. On a side note, we find out today what kind of baby we are having. We even get to see it in a sonogram. I hope the youngster waves at me. 1
10-08-2003 Here is a picture of me driving with my supercool mustache in my new car into sunlight. This is one of those autobiographical shots. 1
10-07-2003 The fans went crazy when Kimberly teed off at the 15th hole. Also, a special POD happy birthday goes out to a future grandfather in Iowa. I don't know which part of that last sentence makes him feel older? 2
10-06-2003 Kimberly made this painting for the junior's room. We still don't know what kind of junior we are having. I'll know more details this Thursday. Anyhow, These are animals of the alphabet. Apparantly, there are no animals that start with X. I told her to put a can of raid on there with a dead bug, but then I'm not the artist. 7
10-03-2003 We tailgated for the Pittsburgh game pretty early. Here it is about 4 hours before kick-off and the bratwursts are already on the grill and the beer is already opened. The tailgate was successful, but the game was not. Still had a great time though. 2
10-02-2003 I was asked to be a celebrity guest judge at the casserole cookoff at my former company. While I was there, they hit me up for a small programming project. I'm expensive as a contractor. 6
10-01-2003 I'm not the only one growing a belly lately. Check out little Muttley (boy)/ Gwenella (girl). The little tyke moves all the time now. Kimberly totally agrees with my name choices. However, if you have a better one, we are open to suggestions. 7
09-30-2003 John had a bday recently. I called him 3 weeks before and wished him a happy bday, however, I couldn't make it to his party. He came down to my bday to give me an eclare and wear his shirt. Today is international Richardson day. 3
09-29-2003 I went golfing Friday night with Kimberly. Here I am about ready to tee off at the 13th hole. 8
09-26-2003 Here are some random Iowans at the pork chop on a stick booth. I love it when people don't know that their photo is being taken. It makes them look so real and life-like. 1
09-25-2003 Excitement is brewing at the pig judging arena. You can just feel the pulsating vibe. 0
09-24-2003 I am hesitant to post this picture due to the fact that it might not be the picture I'm most proud of, but what the hell.... It's sausage on a stick time!!!!! 12
09-23-2003 These blow up mascots really freak me out. It's just so unnatural for a mascot. I hope they don't catch on. Bring me a furry mascot any time. 2
09-22-2003 Here is a plate of meatloaf. I have had some okay meatloaf on my birthday and just wanted to show what good meatloaf looks like. 2
09-19-2003 I took this photo of Kimberly and myself. I'm the one who hasn't shaved in a few days. Kimberly is the blond one. 5
09-18-2003 Shish-Ka-Bob shot. Some of this went into my stomach and now is roaming around my cells. 0
09-17-2003 Much to the delight of the table behind me, I get a shake poured onto the glass on my head from the waiter standing above me. 2
09-16-2003 This is the buffet cabinet that now resides in my breakfast nook. I found out that it holds dishes that are used for fancy guests. If you come over and see us using the fancy dishes, you know what we think of you. 0
09-15-2003 It's vertical picture week here at the POD. Today's photo is me in front of the cash guess and win machine. All this crumpled up money getting blown about. I didn't win. 0
09-12-2003 Tomorrow is my birthday. Well, actually, if I was in Australia right now, today is my birthday. However, I have to wait for the world to catch up so tomorrow is my birthday. Give me presents. 9
09-11-2003 No Vegas for a dollar this year (see last year's POD). Today's photo is me haggling over price with Chuck, the sales manager at Isuzu/Suzuki dealership. I think I'm winning. 3
09-10-2003 This is Lisa. She helped sell me my car. She was really busy sometimes with all the customers calling her and asking questions. 1
09-09-2003 This is my new used car. It's a 2002 Subaru Impreza Wagon. I like it. I had it three days before some college student rear ended me. Just bumper damage, but still, THREE DAYS???? 5
09-08-2003 Took this photo using one of those little kalediscope things. I guess this kalediscope has fortune telling powers. 1
09-05-2003 Today we introduce a new member to the POD. Lil' Traweek and myself see something interesting off to the side. I got some baby holding training with Lil' Traweek which is code name for Olivia. Welcome Olivia. 5
09-04-2003 Some days, you are just walking around a state fair and you see a cow and a motorcycle made out of butter. I need a hobby like that. I'm going to make things out of butter. 2
09-03-2003 It's cow judging time. I'm no expert in heffers, but I believe 88 has a really good chance at taking this thing. 1
09-02-2003 C'mon orchid, no whammies, big money, c'mon orchid. 2
08-29-2003 I call this the great carnie balloon squirting race of 2003. Jerry, Diane, myself, and others compete head to head for the right to pick out a lovely stuffed critter. The fans went wild. 3
08-28-2003 Sorry, I can't resist. This picture is udderly delightful. 8
08-27-2003 Pretty important day today for your protagonist. I start the new job today. Also, Kimberly is coming home from Iowa with her future Grandfather. Here is a picture of them in front of the Pork Chop on a stick stand. 8
08-26-2003 I look at the blue ribbon pig and think how much bacon it would supply to a breakfast buffet. 5
08-25-2003 I call this picture, "Corn dog Kim". Here she is feeding the baby at the Iowa state fair. The corn dogs were pretty darn good. 0
08-22-2003 I went to the Iowa State fair last week. Here is the blue ribbon watermelon. It looks scrumptous. In the background you can see the blue ribbon pumpkin that weighed over 500 lbs. A new state record!!!! 1
08-21-2003 Sorry about yesterday's no show on the picture. I can't FTP from my current job. New job starts Monday. In the meantime, the Fink came over last night and requested to be in a POD. Here is the Fink's official POD Premiere. 6
08-19-2003 Just a goofy picture of me. 0
08-18-2003 The winds were so fierce that leaves where embedded into our garage door. Here is a picture of them. Reminants from the great storm of ought-three. 0
08-15-2003 Here is our little friend the next day. He still look exhausted. I bet he was trying to fly against the 60mph winds. Anyhow, after a day of shelter in our garage, he was able to fly away and poop on someone's car. 2
08-14-2003 When we found this little bird, it was half dead and couldn't even lift his head up off the ground. Here he is an two hours later and safe in our garage. He can stand now! 1
08-13-2003 Neighbors Andy and Sabrina are in 'shock' as they see the absolute destruction the storm caused. Trees fallen over everywhere, a bad economy, etc... 0
08-12-2003 We had a 15-20 minute storm rip through our neighborhood last night. Hail and winds up to 60mph came with torrential rain. Trees littered our neighborhood. We lost the top of one of our trees. We came out lucky. 0
08-11-2003 Here is a picture of Luke trying to figure out how a camera works so he can take a picture. 0
08-08-2003 This picture came out a little funny. It's evil Aaron, conjuring some evil plan with my henchman on the phone in a rather clean Aaronland while evil Aaron's devil dogs roam. 0
08-07-2003 For Cameron's going away party, Eric and Tara set up their backyard as a movie theatre. I think it's funny how subcontiously, Tabitha touched her hair the same time as Mitch in the movie did. 3
08-06-2003 I told Kimberly I wouldn't put this picture up on the POD, but it's such a nice photo of her that I'm sure she will understand. She is watching me clean up Aaronland and is temporarily a hat rack. 2
08-05-2003 It's been too darn long on the POD without a picture of Bryan. Today, I offer up a portrait picture that would look really good on a special t-shirt. 3
08-04-2003 It is great to paint a room when you know you are getting new carpet in a couple of weeks. I accidently put so much paint on the floor that I decided to sign my masterpiece. 7
08-01-2003 It's a sad day today at Fan favorite Cameron is moving to Amsterdam this weekend. Here is his going away party that was a Dazed and Confused theme at the Top Notch. Good Luck Cameron. 4
07-31-2003 Here is Geoff. He is taking a picture. I wonder what he is taking a picture of? Stay tuned for tomorrow. Geoff, by the way, is responsible for my big break into show biz. I opened up for him for one of his shows. 0
07-30-2003 I'm covered in dust taking the old planter bricks out to the curb. The next day some brick theives came by and swiped the whole lot of them. I guess one person's trash is another person's treasure. 10
07-29-2003 I did a little demolition project this past weekend. The planter in the hallway is no more. Here is a picture showing the work in progress. Notice all the dust in the air that eventually settled everywhere. 4
07-28-2003 I needed a battery for my camera so I went to Batteries plus. This is the sales guy who sold me the camera battery. He doesn't look thrilled with my battery purchase. 10
07-25-2003 It's very important to read the warning labels on fireworks. In this example, you can see the protagonist and his buddy learn valuable lessons in firework safety. 1
07-24-2003 I coerced the pitboss at the Tunica Fitzgeralds for complementary buffets for the bowling team. Here is my first plate. Biscuts 'n Gravy, Bacon and some sort of breakfast burrito thing. 2
07-23-2003 Here is a self photo at some alley rib joint in memphis with my brother Stuart, Betsy and step mother, Vickie. Ribs are good. I think there was a theme to this bowling road trip and it rhymes with 'ibs'. 0
07-22-2003 Jim and Steve also got rained on. They are going to order ribs too. I don't think the wet look is fashion statement that they want. 0
07-21-2003 Here I am being unloaded at the Knoxville convention center for the bowling nationals. I'm in full bowling gear and the 1964 Knoxville world trade fair golden ball is behind me. 2
07-18-2003 Jim is on the phone and pumping gas on our way to nationals. The focal point of this photo should actually be the handicap button for gas that is on an island with a big step so handicap people can not get to the handicap button. 3
07-17-2003 Another farm house picture of where I used to spend my summers as a youth. To the lower right, if you look hard enough, you might see Jeremy's baby front tooth. He lost it there. 4
07-16-2003 Jim, who is cheap by the way, is taking a nap on our road trip to the bowling nationals. Instead of buying a neck pillow, he made his own out of a old rolled up towel and a rubberband. 3
07-15-2003 Here's my sister Betsy and her pet prairie dog. I don't know if the prairie dog does any tricks. But I do know it likes to be petted. 2
07-14-2003 Here is Betsy's pet prairie dog looking at me like I was part of the clan. Her prairie dogs are well behaved. 10
07-11-2003 Seriously, those bottle rockets are dangerous. You get a lot of powder burns on your hands if you hold the bottle. However, if you are lazy, there is no other way to light them. 6
07-10-2003 I call this picture "bottle rocket in mid-flight". Sorry about yesterday's picture being late. My server host had issues and had my website down. It was just a cucumber anyway. 3
07-09-2003 Well, the website was down. I finally got the picture of the cucumber from Kimberly's garden up. Check out the online store for the second shirt I have sold on Get yours today. 5
07-08-2003 This is what a winning lottery ticket looks like. Yep, I hit the power ball and two numbers. I then spent my $5 winnigs on 5 more losing lottery tickets. Gotta love gambling. 2
07-07-2003 Ryan and myself make sure that the bottle rocket is safely away from us as we launch it. I have a half full beer in case the bottle rocket explodes and I need to douse it. 3
07-03-2003 Another bowling ball tester at the National tournament. Yesterday was my first day at my new job. The department went to see Terminator 3. I had a good first day. 1
07-02-2003 Okay, time to get back to the mad cap hilarity known as Today's picture is of the first T-shirt sold at my online store. The buyer did request a pre-mailing shirt wearing. Get yours today! 4
07-01-2003 Here is my desk as I leave it. I'm leaving the couch for others since I can't take it home. It will live in Invesmart forever. I hid quite a few business cards throughout the building. They'll be finding them for years. 7
06-30-2003 Here it is. My last day of Invesmart. Over 4 years of my time was here. Another chapter closed. Here is the farm house I used to spend my summers as a youth. I saw it for the first time in 20 years last week. That was another chapter long ago. 3
06-27-2003 I got rained on. I'm also patiently waiting for my ribs. 2
06-26-2003 This guy was in charge of making sure bowling balls were not illegal for the Nationals tournament. He showed us a ball that somebody tried to cheat with, but got caught. My ball was completely legal. 5
06-25-2003 I finally got my camera cord to download my bowling trip. Here is the scoreboard at the team event. This is the game I bowled a 230. The final score picture came out blurry, but I can dispell the non-believers. 4
06-24-2003 This is a picture of Kimberly looking over the Dallas skyline from Beth's wedding. This is weird in the fact that I'm going up to Dallas today for an interview. Maybe she is contemplating a move up there? 5
06-23-2003 I'm back from Nationals. I left my camera cord in Memphis so you have to wait for new pics until it gets mailed to me. Here is an old pic of Reg, Luke and beer. Everyone is happy. 0
06-20-2003 Special Scanned Week: Ahhh, the college years.... 0
06-19-2003 Special Scanned Week: Here is a picture of myself getting kicked out of a Red Wings hockey game for throwing an octopus on the ice. We later outran the usher to get back into the game. 2
06-18-2003 Special Scanned Week: Here is Chad and myself at Hoover dam with a tourist. I like tourists. Notice the very nice Las Vegas sideburns. 1
06-17-2003 Special Scanned Week: Just before one of our parties, can you believe that we all dressed the same way. 2
06-16-2003 Special Scanned Week: Don't you hate it when you are having a party and a cop wants to give you a ticket for just looking o so good? 0
06-15-2003 Special bonus picture. This week I'm going to the bowling nationals. So for the week, I am displaying old scanned photos. Today is when Glenn and I went to a party and decided to make foil hats for everyone. 2
06-13-2003 Here is Ray drinking a beer from Beth's wedding. When Ray took off his tuxedo jacket he looked like a black jack dealer. The more I said, "Hit me." the funnier it got. 1
06-12-2003 Steve is now engaged to Jeanie. In his honor, here is a picture of him at his 40th birthday. Penny is helping him put on his hat and medal for making it to this age. 1
06-11-2003 This is a photo of Jay and Cynthia at Beth's wedding. I caught Jay in mid bite. 4
06-10-2003 Garden update. Got a green bean out of it the other day. 1
06-09-2003 With the baby on the way and the other car not so reliable, it's time to sell my convertable. I glossed it up this weekend. If you want it, talk to me. It was a very fun car. 15
06-06-2003 Chad and I are riding the free sphinx ride in front of some building where Beth got married at. Sometimes you just got to make your own fun. 5
06-05-2003 We almost lost the tranny on Kim's car in Dallas. The shifter came off a pin in the engine. We had to park it overnight in a lot and this sticker was put on it. You can see our note on the dash explaining the situation. Bad Security Guard, Bad. 0
06-04-2003 Here is the first photographic evidence of our little baby, at this time named Aaron/Erin Jr. I know it kind of looks like the Loch Ness Monster photo or the Zebruder(sp?) film, but take my word after hearing the heart beat, that baby is there. 10
06-03-2003 This pregnancy is making Kimberly feel unphotogenic. I'm sure the baby is telepathically telling me to take her picture, but she just hides under a pillow. 4
06-02-2003 It's deviled egg time. Here is a nice big plate of delicious deviled eggs. 1
05-30-2003 Today is co-worker Rob's last day with us in Austin. He's moving to Seattle to work for our company in what's turning into the biggest work decision blunder I have ever seen. Here is Rob in happier days playing a video game. 1
05-29-2003 My new dental insurance took me to a new dentist. Still no cavities after 31 years. Dr. Dan thought I was a little odd taking a picture while having my mouth full of instruments. Cool guy though. 2
05-28-2003 We went to Gumbo's for Steve's 40th birthday. I got some sort of 3-D dish of pork tenderloin and fried yam something or others. The waiter said it was the best thing there. It was allright. I could do better. 3
05-27-2003 Here is an artistic photo of Kimberly shying away from attention while I was getting some gas. That's my reflection in the window. 0
05-23-2003 I caught Jim setting up for the rolloffs. He about to put his balls onto the ball return. Let the sexual inuendos begin. 0
05-22-2003 Last night was the roll offs for bowling. Our team took second place. Here are most of the team paying out for the practice. We're the ones in the blue shirts. 1
05-21-2003 Okay, both mothers have been notified so the breaking news is official. Kimberly and I are going to be parents and this is when mom finds out she is going to be a bubby. 13
05-20-2003 Nathan and Ryan look interested in what I have to say in a very important meeting. Unfortuneately, it was decided right afterwards that what we were discussing was irrelavent and we didn't have to meet anymore. See what a waste big business is? 0
05-19-2003 Here I am in a meeting with Nathan. I must be really telling him something important. I was wearing my glasses because I am still sick. I'm going back to the doctor today. 2
05-16-2003 Some financial news is a brewing. I don't want to jinx it so I'll give you a photo of Kimberly planting a tomato plant in her garden. 1
05-15-2003 Here is a picture of my right spinner and the union jack hole on my pinball machine. This is what the ball would see. 2
05-14-2003 It's position week in bowling tonight. Here is Jim eating free food because he's a cheap dude. Tonight we should be in the top two positions so we'll be bowling on the carpet lanes. 0
05-13-2003 Here is from right to left, myself, Mark, Alan, Chad, someone's brother, Tori, Steve and some guy in a blue shirt. We are waiting for the crowds to die down before we start to head out of the soccer game. Good time for a picture 4
05-12-2003 I went to see USA play Mexico in a friendly in Houston. What a great game in a great stadium. Those guys are so fast in person. I officially take my name off the tryout sheet for the national team. 3
05-09-2003 Ryan had this mouse. We made it look like it was interested in where the back up tapes were kept in the server room. I think I will call his mouse, Harvey, because Harvey is a good name for a mouse. 4
05-08-2003 The circus thing was at the old airport. It was creepy being back at the old airport. The terminal was leveled, but the tower was still there. Here is that bulldozer defiant tower. I think it's haunted. 4
05-07-2003 The parents and us went to see the Cirque De Soleil last night at the old airport. They had this really neat tent. Although you are only allowed pictures on the outside of the tent. Really good show though. You'll have to take my word. 3
05-06-2003 This is what my lungs feel like right now. Green and lumpy. This is really the punch from my work wedding shower, but it just seemed appropiate right now. 2
05-05-2003 I carried a 102 degree fever until last night. I'm still ill, but might try to make it to work today. Here is a picture of Julie M. from Halloween really explaining how I feel right now. 0
05-02-2003 I'm a little sick this weekend, so Kimberly has to be nice to me. Therefore I can post this beautiful picture of her and myself. I'm the one in the blue shirt. 3
05-01-2003 These girls are totally not playing fair. This is not how you play jump off the cooler. You take your turn and then let the next person go. Neighbor Andy appears to be on their side. 4
04-30-2003 We had a front yard BBQ with the neighbors. Clark and Kelly's twins were there. They are about 2 and decided to play "let's jump off the cooler". Here is either Julia or Camille jumping off. I'm patiently waiting for my turn. 4
04-29-2003 My wife decided to put a tarp over her chicken wired garden and then proceded to get inside and plant tomatoes. Here is proof that she did that. 13
04-28-2003 Ok, so we partied this weekend like we did a few years back. Here is an impromptu band practice with our fans watching us over. That's Kimberly, a star struck Traweek and Reg from Calgery watching the golden bass player. 2
04-25-2003 Another picture of Carina and me hanging out at the Gingerman. I think next week, I'm going to go through recent old photos and pick ones that I had missed. 2
04-24-2003 Okay, I got a little grief yesterday about something about posting a bad looking photo and something about seeing up some nostrils, so here is a good picture of my friend Beth laughing with my friend Kat. 2
04-23-2003 This is my friend Beth. I think she is in mid-sentence. She's probably yelling at Glenn or maybe is just embarassed by something he's doing. 1
04-22-2003 I got laid off yesterday. It's not effective until 6/30. Here is a picture of the company calendar for March. Notice the event on the 25th. 4
04-21-2003 Here is a nice picture of Kimberly, myself, Stein, and Carina as we digest BBQ from a dinner at Mom's house. 0
04-18-2003 In this picture, Steve explains the reason why we lost this game. It had to be his shoes. Apparently, they didn't give him extra boost. David ignores the excuses and blames bad luck for the loss. 0
04-17-2003 I saw this fish hat for sale and I thought about buying it, but then I thought, I only need it for one picture and then I'd have memories of it so that's what I did. This is a cool hat for one picture. 2
04-16-2003 I've got some unconfirmed knowledge that something really bad is going to happen to me at work. So I'm going to put this really big pancake and honeybear up as the POD. Make your own symbolism up. 0
04-15-2003 Carina had issues waking up one morning so Stein and I serenaded her with me on the French Horn and Stein playing pots. 3
04-14-2003 It was such a nice weekend that I want to put up another outside in the bluebonnets picture. Here are the dogs and most of my wife. 0
04-11-2003 Jeremy is caught on film making the moves on Rachel. I put this one in the one in a billion range. 1
04-10-2003 Here is our first dance. As you can tell, we're not dancers, but we appeased the crowd. Luckily others soon followed suit. 1
04-09-2003 Grandpa Hansen is giving us a really nice toast in this photo. Earlier that week he said that getting old was not for wussies. I like that man. 3
04-08-2003 Here is what Kimberly had to eat at the wedding. Notice her plate of food is just half of what I had. I can totally out-eat Kimberly. 0
04-07-2003 Best thing about weddings is the lavish food you get. Even at my own, I had time to stuff my face. However, I didn't get to the ice cream. Bummer. 1
04-04-2003 I turned the peephole on Traweek's hotel room inside out. Jay later came by and took a picture thru the backward peephole. Here is Traweek watching TV thru a peephole. 4
04-03-2003 I decided to do a wedding photo today. Here is my brother giving a speech at the reception. It was hilarious. 1
04-02-2003 I look like a pirate this close up. I'm writing some mean code today and have a pirate mentality so this seems appropriate today. Arrrrrrrrghhh. 0
04-01-2003 This is my friend and ex-co-worker Jason. Yesterday was his last day. He's another casualty of a business decision. Here he is playing a video game at a group lunch. Good luck Jason. 0
03-31-2003 We went this weekend to a bluebonnet batch to take some photos of the family. Superdog and Maggie were being a little bit crazy. Here is one of the shots that isn't going to make the mantle. 0
03-28-2003 Here is Auntee Cindy cutting into a cake at the rehearsal dinner. The cake was really good. I think she feels bad about being the first one to cut into it, but then somebody had to do it. 0
03-27-2003 Jeremy took this shot of himself and the judge. I tried to make the background, but was too slow in getting set, thus I am blurry. 0
03-26-2003 Quick wedding reprieve. On the company local calendar, I was able to get in International Aaron day. I didn't think it would work, but it did so yesterday I walked around in a chicken hat and passed out jerky. Here is Nora, happy to get jerky. 1
03-25-2003 Here is myself, Jeremy and Stien enjoying a nice day in the back of the Gingerman. Stein is showing off his smokes that have a warning that says "Smoking will kill you." 0
03-24-2003 Here is Uncle Albert, Cal and myself at the Friday rehearsal dinner thingy. This is right after I told Cal I changed my middle name to Abbott. 0
03-21-2003 The bar for the rehearsal dinner was in Cal's garage. Here is Jeremy serving me a drink. You can see the two Z's in the background. 1
03-20-2003 When you've got guests in from out of town, where would you take them? I took Jeremy and Stein to the taxidermy store. Madcap hilarity soon ensued. 0
03-19-2003 I guess I'll go back to the run of events for the wedding. Here is a picture of Carina just after she had an omelette from the Omelettry. They give you a lolly pop if you did a good job eating. 0
03-18-2003 Here is Jeremy trying to tie my bow tie as Cal looks on. It really didn't work so we had to borrow a clip on tie from a nearby tuxedo place. 0
03-17-2003 I got married this weekend. What did you do? 0
03-14-2003 I love having the week off. It's so nice to be able to go to the gingerman and hang out at 2pm with my friends in perfect 70 degree weather. 0
03-13-2003 Here is a good picture of Stein showing off some sort of crazy tasting Danish alcohol. I recommend trying everything once. This is one of those shots that I will only try once. 0
03-12-2003 The guests start to come in. Carina and Stein are the first ones in. Here Kimberly greets Carina at the airport. Let the fun begin. 0
03-11-2003 I took the day off to run some errands before the wedding. One of them was to take a nap, but these girls selling magazines came by. I got Discover and renewed my Popular Science. I also put my foot in the photo. 0
03-10-2003 Sorry this is late. I'm off work and in vacation mode this morning. Here is a nice picture of Rachel and me. If you see Rachel, give her a hug. I always do. 0
03-07-2003 The lesson to be learned here is demonstrated by Angela from the mailroom departement while she oversees my work wedding shower is to never stick out your toungue when your photo is being taken as it most surely will end up as a POD. 0
03-06-2003 Sorry I'm late with the POD, I'm on meds right now. Here is a guest photo by Ryan who's birthday it is today. It me and Rob ordering food. 0
03-05-2003 A man I never met answered my ad on a newsgroup for wanting to buy blinders for my Tommy pinball game. Not only did he offer them at a reasonable price, he sent the whole assembly and added the ball topper for free. Be nice to somebody today. 0
03-04-2003 Here I am talking to Glenn right at the start of the bachelor's party. The other guys are trying to figure out how to get 9 people into one car. 0
03-03-2003 Kimberly's birthday was on Saturday. I didn't take a birthday picture of her, but here is a cake she made a couple of weeks ago on the new cake plate that we got. As soon as the photo was snapped, I got to eat cake. 0
02-28-2003 I had one of those bachelor party type things last Saturday. Unfortuneately, I don't have a lot of pictures because you can't take a camera in some of the places we went, but here is the gang coming out of an elevator. 0
02-27-2003 Here is a picture of me and my hat during my ice walk in the great Ice Storm of Ought-3. Not a bad photo I took, considering I had mittens on and was holding two dogs with the other hand. 0
02-26-2003 Yippee. Yesterday, Austin had a snow day. Well, it was an ice day, but me and the dogs got the day off to walk on the wintery conditions to the park. I had sled dogs. 0
02-25-2003 Just yesterday it was sunny and 78 degrees. Today, it is sleeting in my backyard. I'm cold. 0
02-24-2003 Today, I honor my brother's birthday with a picture of a lemon seed I once found in my water glass. He was once a seed too. 0
02-21-2003 I am holding up a glowing orb in this photo of my lunch group from work at D&B. I am all magical and powerful. Give me lots of presents and I'll keep the glowing orb away from you. 0
02-20-2003 Here is the server room. I think in 50 years, it will be funny to see what this looked like. In fact, let's have a party on Feb 20., 2053 to honor the server room photo. See you then. 0
02-19-2003 Here is a picture from the wedding shower that I wasn't invited to. Stefanie, Kelly, and Sabrina do the customary 'Shower picture all girl lean in'. You know what I mean, watch a group of girls take a photo and they all lean in. 0
02-18-2003 Here is a picture of Momma Hansen. It's a close up right before the wedding shower. If you see her today, give her a hug. 0
02-17-2003 This is my co-worker/friend Brian. He's actually not my co-worker anymore as he left for L.A. to go to film school and chase the dream. Good luck Brian and write that script you promised we could read three months ago. 0
02-14-2003 Here is this great photo of Bubby playing pinball. She's a pinball wizard... C'mon everyone sing! 0
02-13-2003 I got a lot of bubble wrap from Kimberly's shower so I decided to make Phuong's workplace a safe environment. You know how I feel - SAFETY FIRST! 0
02-12-2003 I found out what happened to my old Dragon BBQ Smoker. Ryan had it in his backyard and I saw it on New Years Eve. This thing was specially made by our old neighbor Lloyd when I lived with Doug. Smoke would fume from the dragon head. Cool. 0
02-11-2003 Somebody needs to tell Doug that a watched pot never boils. The crawfish will be ready when they want to be. 0
02-10-2003 Don't you wish you could get this excited about going to a meeting? Rachel gets my first "Going to a meeting spirit award". 0
02-07-2003 One of these guys is the CEO of Invesmart, the company I work for. The other guy is a hard working future CEO from sector 7-G. 0
02-06-2003 We're gaining more people in our posse as we stride to the open forum meeting with the CEO. Rachel and Jason are joining Rob and myself. 0
02-05-2003 Yesterday, our CEO showed up and gave us an open question forum. I dressed appropriate being the captain of industry that I am. However, Rob didn't, as you can see here. Rob didn't sit next to me, but I still think of him as my friend. 0
02-04-2003 Don't you just look at this picture of Doug in a teeny tiny hat and want to go with extreme enthusiasm, "Hey everyone, It's the Doogily Doug Show!!!!" 0
02-03-2003 Ryan is a prime example of showing that you need to know where the cameras are at all times. 0
01-31-2003 Yeah, that's Trevor savoring the crawfish he cooked at the superbowl party. 0
01-30-2003 I cheering on the refs for the superbowl again because the Lions are not in it. Then the refs blow a couple of calls and I am depressed. In the background are Cyclinmon and The King of Six Street. 0
01-29-2003 This picture is hilarious. Luke came into town for the Superbowl and I took this picture of Kimberly and Luke before they were ready to pose. I'm going to catch hell for posting this one. Oh well. 1
01-28-2003 Self portait of myself in referee gear with Doug and Doug's tonsils in the background. I cheered on the refs in this superbowl as the Lions were not in it. 0
01-27-2003 It certainly was a bad day to be a crawfish yesterday at a Superbowl party I went to. Final Score: Aaron 21, Crawfish 0. 0
01-24-2003 This is what 16 thousand firecrackers look like. No, I didn't purchase them. Sorry economy.... 0
01-23-2003 As per request, here is a picture of Anne sticking her toungue out. 0
01-22-2003 It's been a while since I've done a food picture. I call this one. 'Lobster and Sauce on black plate'. I'll sell this photo for hundreds with a title like that. 0
01-21-2003 This is Superdog and Maggie's first time to see ice that is not found in a fridge. Apparently there is no question about Superdog's weight as she gracefully glides along the frozen creek. Maggie is snuffing out critters. 0
01-20-2003 Superdog has some passengers riding on her. Why it is none other than C3-PO and Luke Skywalker. Sometimes I think of Superdog as a loveable AT-AT. 0
01-17-2003 It's cold here today so, today's picture of the day is one of me being cold at the tree farm in Iowa. Enjoy. 0
01-16-2003 Here is a picture of my new Auntie Diane. I'm going to love this new family. I fit right in. 0
01-15-2003 This is Steve. He's on my bowling team. We go bowling on Wednesdays. Today is Wednesday. Steve will be there. I am scared. 0
01-14-2003 Here is Future Mother-in-Law Momma Hansen passing a plate of food to future Brother-in-Law Rob. What a delicious meal we had. 0
01-13-2003 Ok, I'm falling behind on my pictures. It's just that I have so many to pick from right now. here I am getting my secret santa gift. It's an electronic dart board. 0
01-10-2003 In this picture, Momma Hansen and I are preparing for a lobster feast. Proper ediqutte rules state that we must protect our clothes from the fierce lobster juices. 0
01-09-2003 Richard got called up to duty and leaves us today to fight in George W's war. Although I don't agree with the pre-emptive strike on Iraq, I think it's very admirable of what Richard is doing. You can say hey to him at 0
01-08-2003 Today, Amanda leaves us in Austin to the greener pastures of the Seattle area. It's as if one of my own children is leaving the nest. Good Luck Amanda. 0
01-07-2003 Our secret santa gift exchange this year at work was really exciting. Everyone was completely on the edge of their seat wondering what they from whom. 0
01-06-2003 Let's play, "Find the bald eagle in the picture because those things won't sit still when you try to take their photo in the Hansen's backyard in Iowa" game. 0
01-03-2003 We're back from vacation and here is a picture of how well behaved the dogs were on the trip. Maggie slept and checked things out from time to time. Superdog, just slept the whole time. 0
01-02-2003 Ok, back to the party. Here is my co-worker Nathan and his lovely fiance. I like when people don't pose for pictures. This is such a nice natural photograph. 0
01-01-2003 Happy New Year. This picture is me with our first wedding gift. It is an executive martini set. Although I'm making a bloody mary in it. Just keep the gifts coming in. I've got a whole house to fill. 0