Pictures for the Year 2004
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2004 I leave you this picture for the new year. Toby offers his grooming tips to stay hip and fresh. I'm going to follow suit. 6
12-30-2004 I had to do one more food photo for the year. Here is a plate of corn and some sloppy joe. You can see Toby in the background eating, but he doesn't have enough teeth for sloppy joe. Kimberly doesn't like corn so she got orange vegetable. 3
12-29-2004 The wife and kid came back last night and I was very happy to see them. I missed them alot and Kimberly was impressed with my cleaning abilities. Here is a guest photo from Grandpa Eesh of the Tobinator conquering sledding. 3
12-28-2004 Since my entire family has left me over the holidays, I've decided against using personal hygene products, including, but not limited to, razors, shaving cream, deordorant, and soap. However, I have been using toilet paper. 2
12-27-2004 I tried to capture my temporary return to bachelor pad status. The picture really doesn't do any justice to the overall scene in the whole house. I think I've used every pot and pan and available counter space in the kitchen. Don't worry POD faithful, everything will be spic and span upon Kimberly's return. 6
12-24-2004 Happy I don't have to go to work day. Here is a picture of Toby in a chair sitting in some natural sunlight. 3
12-23-2004 Here is a picture of Toby's first artwork, proudly hanging on the fridge. On another topic, I bowled for the first time last night in over a month and bowled a 605 series. Steve won $775 in break the bank so we all had a good time. 1
12-22-2004 The young man is gaining mobility as seen here with one of his gifts from the holidays. The big yellow chicken is a free loader along for the ride. 3
12-21-2004 So Toby gets a new toy and everyone else is playing with it. 1
12-20-2004 Yea! No more school this year. Here is Mrs. Wine and her very young pupil. This was taken a while back, but I was saving this one for the break. 3
12-17-2004 This picture is funny because Grandpa Cal thought my camera flash was his camera flash so he put down his camera and then it went off so I got this great picture of Toby waiting to play with his new fire engine and Cal got a picture of the floor. 3
12-16-2004 Here is mister ear infection climbling up a slide. By having to stay home with him today, I'm missing free Salt Lick BBQ at work. 9
12-15-2004 Going back to Thanksgiving. Toby got a jump on the eating. Here he is at the table. 2
12-14-2004 Toby got a fire truck and a tiger xylophone. He didn't know which to play with first. 8
12-13-2004 Toby got to open up some presents this weekend due to the festival of lights. He was a tad bit interested in what was going on. And yes, he and I have matching shirts on. 7
12-10-2004 Happy Friday everyone. Here is a picture of Toby in his new stylish hat and winter coat. I'm sure he'll use it a lot when he goes to Iowa later this month. 4
12-09-2004 It's Grandpa Steve showing off his bowl of brats. 6
12-08-2004 You must think that this mom must be so proud of her two sons. 7
12-07-2004 Uncle Jeremy has a thing for stuffed chickens. 6
12-06-2004 Here's a nice picture of Toby when Momma Hansen came into town and before he became the baby that protruded all sorts of body fluid due to a virus. Way gross. 3
12-03-2004 Uncle Jeremy came into town for the holiday. Here he is playing with the Tobinator. Kimberly watches on to chaperone. 11
12-02-2004 Here's my plate of food on Thanksgiving before I ate it. 4
12-01-2004 Toby, Thanksgiving is about grubbing. Here's a picture moments after everyone sat down to the table. 5
11-30-2004 Okay, let's just get with it as you all know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Here is a shot of me giving my contribution to the pot luck lunch at work last Wednesday. Virgina is holding my salad offering as I was told to bring in salad. 2
11-29-2004 Sorry about not having pictures last Thursday and Friday. I figure it was a holiday. I had a request for a Toby picture so here is one of him playing happily with his kitchen toys. Now if we could just do something about this 4 am wake up calls.... 3
11-24-2004 Toby is gearing up for his first Thanksgiving. Grandpa Steve came into town. Here is a picture of Grandpa Steve incognito and a confused Toby. By the way, I picked out Toby's very handsome outfit. 4
11-23-2004 Here is my leg, metal free for the first time in over 3 years. Next to it is the titanium rod that somehow found it's way back to me. 5
11-22-2004 This is the last picture of my leg with it being bionic. Yep, today I'm going to have the titanium rod in my shin and the screw in my knee taken out. I'm going to try to go heads up with the anethesologist as I ate gaseous food yesterday. Too bad they aren't going to pay per view my surgery. 3
11-19-2004 Had to do a Toby picture today as yesterday he took his first step. It was hilarious. Here is a picture of me showing Toby what a voter registration card is. 8
11-18-2004 Keeping in the theme this week of pictures of old co-workers, here's Rachel disliking her lunch from the other day. I miss working with Rachel. 1
11-17-2004 I went to the last home game of the year for my beloved Ags. We won which was good. Got to see some pretty good games this year and I puked for the first time at Kyle field although it was from a stomach virus. Here is a picture of Darren, Ray and myself at Kyle field. I found a really nice maroon knit hat and once you removed the peanut shells, it was a keeper. 4
11-16-2004 Ain't it great when you are dancing at a football game during a tv timeout and someone recognizes you about ten rows back from your days working at an old job? Patti has some moxy admiting to section 102 that she knows me. 0
11-15-2004 Went to the last home game on Saturday. Here is a picture of the viewpoint from my seat for the hail mary right before overtime. We won so there was many rejoicing. 1
11-12-2004 This guy has a birthday today. He is officially huggable for today, so if you see him, you can give him a hug. Toby is going to. You should too. 4
11-11-2004 Action shot of Toby drinking the formula. I think they put superchargers in the formula mix. That and paste flavor. But he likes it anyways. 5
11-10-2004 Here is a good picture of me eating a hotdog at one of our tailgates. 5
11-09-2004 Got to sneak another communal bath picture with Liv in. Here she is checking out the legacy. 10
11-08-2004 Toby got to hang out with Liv (for those not in the know, this is the Traweek's offspring). They had a bath together and this is a picture from the splash fest. This was a chaperoned communal bath. 8
11-05-2004 A couple of weeks ago I took Toby to his first liquor store. Here is a picture of that momentious occasion. 6
11-04-2004 Guest picture day. This one comes in all the way from England. Here is THE HULK (also known as Zac). When this little guy talks, he'll sound different from Toby even though they will still be speaking roughly the same language. I hope they still like us in England. 14
11-03-2004 Here is Grandpa Cal's all out costume and set up for Halloween. He was sitting off to the side of the door so that when trick or treaters would come up, he would say, "over here". One little princess told her sibling that he wasn't scary because he had candy. I tend to agree. 5
11-02-2004 Well, here it is, election day. Tomorrow, we'll know who's lawyers will be on the defensive and who's will be on the offensive and in a couple of months after the several supreme court decisions, we'll know our president. As for this republican, I'm going to break party ranks and vote for Kerry. The current president has let me down as an American and for the first time in my life, I feel less safe, more embarassed and less financially secure. Too many questions have arisen from the conduct of this administration and I remember a time when the only thing we had to worry about the executive branch was what the president was doing with cigars. One other important part to my decision is the fact that my peacefully sleeping child will have to carry the burden of debt that this president managed to swindle to his CEO lobbist friends. I find this administration irresponsible in letting government spending go out of control while cutting taxes. It doens't take a rocket scientist to realize that in order to stay financially okay you match your intake with your outake. Folks, stop listening to the spin machines and check the facts. Rock the vote. 6
11-01-2004 Batman had his first Halloween. As backup against evil doers, Superman went along. 5
10-29-2004 I almost went a whole week of just Aaron photos. However, here is the Tobinator with one of his chicks. Ruby was born a couple of days before Toby, but she was concieved a couple of days later than Toby, so who is older? 2
10-28-2004 Yesterday was the costume contest at our office. I lost to Okra helmet head as most creative and green hairspray girl as most scariest. What were these judges thinking? I think it was collusion. I demand a recount. 6
10-27-2004 Keeping up with the political theme, here's me with Travis county sheriff wanna-be, Dan McNeill. I'm going to vote for this guy because he let me take a picture with him. That got me thinking to all the people I vote for who I have no idea who they are. Once I voted for a judge because she had the same name as my bubby. What are your methods of voting? 7
10-26-2004 Here is where the governor was telling me why he kept calling special sessions for what this republican thinks was illegal redistricting, but I'm not buying any of it. 10
10-25-2004 I call this photo, "Me and the Gov". Yep, I'm hanging out with the movers and the shakers. Here's me palsing around with Texas Governor Rick Perry. He told me to keep up the good work and to look forward to my new position on his cabinet. 10
10-22-2004 I give you this picture of an intested duo checking out a crazy toy truck. 4
10-21-2004 Sad day on the POD today. POD favorite buffet eater Eddie is off to work for some ultra secret company in D.C. I had lunch with him yesterday to see him off. Usually, I'm happy when someone moves away from Austin, because traffic has one less person on the road, but this was one commuter I'm really going to miss. Good luck Eddie and may the buffet be with you. 3
10-20-2004 Anyone know why all the sudden Maggie really likes Toby? 3
10-19-2004 Toby turned nine months old yesterday. He can feed himself now. That's pretty cool. 6
10-18-2004 For customer service week, I got a free chicken scallipine. Here is a picture of me eating my free food. Bless those customers. 2
10-15-2004 Kimberly took the day off to take Toby to his nine month checkup. How perfect that she picked a really nice day to take off. This is what I came home to from work. 7
10-14-2004 Here is a picture of Maggie, Toby and Kimberly. I think they all have the same facial expressions going on. 2
10-13-2004 This is my friend Alan. He moved to Minnesota. Good for him, sucks for us. 0
10-12-2004 I think it's great that the only thing keeping Toby from being a total camera hog is food. This boy has his priorities straight. 4
10-11-2004 Bennie was the only person from my office to show up at my birthday party. He is now officially the POD favorite co-worker. Here he is with his lovely fiance, Trisha. I was also able to get my nose in the shot. 1
10-08-2004 I think Toby is saying here, "buy me more toys, grandparents." 12
10-07-2004 This is the "I think the kid has pink eye" face. 5
10-06-2004 Here's a cute one of Toby for the legions of Toby fans out there. 7
10-05-2004 Maggie is finally understanding that Toby is a source of food and sometimes smells a little off. 0
10-04-2004 Some really good things happened to me this weekend. First I scored a goal in soccer. That's always fun. Secondly, they put me on the jumbotron at the A&M game (which we won). I got to use about 5 seconds of my 15 minutes. So in a totally unrelated photo, here is Toby sticking a bowl on his head. 4
10-01-2004 Give Superdog some love. Included is Toby for the Toby fans out there. They're visicious in their need for Toby pictures. 4
09-30-2004 The POD is getting hard to come up with something witty everytime I put an oooober cute Toby picture up. It's like an assembly line or something. Here's another. 3
09-29-2004 This is not a posed picture, we always look this natural. 3
09-28-2004 If you ever see Uncle Rob, you can rub his head for good luck. 2
09-27-2004 Okay, I'm going to finish off the vacation pictures this week. I believe Katie is making her POD debut here with the Tobinator who is definitely not making his POD debut. Also got a half of Pat, but he can't call this his POD debut since there is only half of him here. 5
09-24-2004 Here is a happy Toby with a self-grooming Bill in the background. 1
09-23-2004 Lisa is getting chummy with the camera. I wish all people would pose for photos in this way. 2
09-22-2004 This is one of those Iowan attack killer squirrels. I caught this one about to pounce on some poor unsuspecting picnic table. 2
09-21-2004 The Iowans are amazed by the Tobinator. 2
09-20-2004 Ok, we're back to the Iowa trip. Does this guy know how to party in Iowa? Beer and a babe. 2
09-17-2004 Here's a great photo of the Tobinator showing off his formula drink holding abilities while trying to ham it up for the camera. 3
09-16-2004 Toby has eating issues. 4
09-15-2004 It's still International Aaron Week and here is a picture of Toby swinging and myself trying hog some camera attention. Enjoy. 4
09-14-2004 Since this is international Aaron week, here is another photo of myself. Also, two things to note. One, Toby is very popular at school (day care). Yesterday an older woman (about a year old) was playing with Toby. She will only play with Toby and hits every other baby. Toby already has a way with the women. Secondly, I found this link yesterday. I now declare that is an official nine month pregnancy expert. Scroll to about the middle. Link HERE 9
09-13-2004 It's time for another birthday so today's POD is me and my new best friend checking something out on the ceiling. I've had a rough weekend as I caught some nasty stomach virus so there will be no more birthday partying, but today is still a good day because it is my birthday. 13
09-10-2004 Nothing says fun like prepping straight off the farm Iowa corn. Here is Grandpa Steve giving an ear of corn the business. 6
09-09-2004 It's been a while since the last food picture on the POD. So here his a yummy pork tenderloin sandwich for all you POD food fans out there. I bet the youngin can't wait to get some more teeth so he can eat one of these. 1
09-08-2004 It's hammock time. 2
09-07-2004 Here is the Tobinator meeting Great Auntie Diane. We call her great because she makes us delicious food and is a great person, not becuase she is a generation gap from Toby. 6
09-03-2004 Somebody else really likes the rental mini-van and probably finds it very relaxing. 8
09-02-2004 Here is the POD favorite Kung Fu Action Mom with her spring loaded offspring. Laurel, here's your chance for some free publicity for your school. 1
09-01-2004 Ok, apologies to my legions of fans for missing yesterdays POD. I have no good excuse so I'll talk about today's POD. Here is a picture of myself looking rather cool with my new friend from Iowa named Jocelyn. She's cool too. In the background are a couple of POD regulars. 2
08-30-2004 Enjoy this photo my ardent POD fans. This is none other than POD favorite spouse Kimberly driving a MINI-VAN!!!!!!! See the joy she shines as she proudly drives the rental van in Iowa. Dodge and Thrifty, you've made one lucky lady a very happy driver. 9
08-27-2004 Ok, we've made it to the Iowa photos of our trip. Some people call her Momma Hansen, some people call her Grandma, but here she is laughing at the ooooooober cute Toby. 6
08-26-2004 This is what happens when you try to take a posed photo with babies. It looks like Sherri and my Mom have everything under control. 1
08-25-2004 This is a picture of Uncle Albert cooking up some meat products. They were quite delicious. 3
08-24-2004 Yea! More new people to hold his ooober cuteness. Here are cousins Jamie and Jennifer holding a napkin attacking Toby. 2
08-23-2004 Quick vacation photo repreive for a Toby update. He has learned to sit and has two more teeth. However, he also has learned how to get up several times in the night and make lots of noise. Here he is in a happier mood. 9
08-20-2004 I'm showing these young whippersnappers how to rock old school. I think these guys listen to too much Britany Spears. 5
08-19-2004 So they busted out the old photo albums when we went up north. Here is a photo of Uncle Daks and Aunt Lynne's wedding. I believe from looking at the styles of the outfits that this might of been before Toby was born. Not too sure. 2
08-18-2004 Here is Adam showing off his corn munching abilities as his chick, we'll call her , "Mary", is intrigued. 4
08-17-2004 Kimberly says that yesterday's photo was awful and that this one is great. I personally liked yesterday's photo. I guess my faithful audience will get to decide. 3
08-16-2004 Michael is helping me with some parenting tips. He's telling me that beer is not for 6 month old. I agreed with him. This is a lesson that all new dads can learn. Beer is not for the very young. 2
08-13-2004 POD forum poll: Who do you think is cuter? Uncle Dak? or Oooober Toby? Right now, I think it's a toss-up. 5
08-12-2004 Here is Andy contemplating whether to eat those cherries or read some newspaper advertisements. 4
08-11-2004 This house one day may be seen on ebay for auction as the house that Aaron Wine once lived in. Although it looked completely different back in the day. 2
08-10-2004 This is how all the cool people in the world wear sunglasses now. 2
08-09-2004 Double Bubby picture day today. Here is the Tobinator taking on two Bubbies at once with his oober cuteness. 0
08-06-2004 Here is a view from our seats at Comerica Park in Detroit. The good thing was that we were the first row the overhang from the roof that blocked out the drizzle. Also got a pretty good veiw of the fireworks and the cityscape. 2
08-05-2004 I think in this picture, Auntie Lynne is telling the rest of the relatives how disturbing it is to sit next to me during a feeding at a baseball game. 0
08-04-2004 Here is a picture of myself emulating Michael from yesterday's POD. Auntie Lynne is probably thinking it was funny the first time but she probably wants to sit next to some more normal relatives. 1
08-03-2004 Here is an action shot of Michael eating a hotdog at Comerica park. His mom is so proud of him as you can see. 2
08-02-2004 This week in the picture of the day (POD), we are going to have a I went to Comerica park in Detroit with the relatives week. Today's picture is my parents and Uncle Albert and Aunt Cindy checking out which gate to enter the park in. Also, you can see Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez taking a quick smoke break before the games starts. 1
07-30-2004 Here is the Tobinator serenading us on the piano. Quite the musical genius. 5
07-29-2004 Here is a picture of me copying my dear mother in a lecture on how to use a camera. 2
07-28-2004 Toby was great on the flights. Every time there would be an announcement, he would try to out talk the voice on the PA. Here is a picture of him doing just that. 3
07-27-2004 Ok, we're back from vacation. I didn't want to alert the robbers that we were going to be gone for 10 days. Everything went well. Here is a picture of the jet setting duo of myself and Toby as we catch one of our many flights. 3
07-26-2004 I am so proud of my boy here in this picture. In fact, I'm going to use his fine example of how to eat sweet potatoes. Next time we have sweet potatoes, this is how I will look too. 1
07-23-2004 I think that Kimberly and the pyscho staff where trying to make Toby believe that the whole mind meld was just a dream... a dream with bubbles... 1
07-22-2004 I took this photo with my left hand. I can tell you truthfully that I don't think Toby got his eye color from my side. 2
07-21-2004 Toby shows the Bubby that he has a package. I think he's telling her to set the gibblies free. 2
07-20-2004 Toby is getting more mobile daily. He also has the uncanny knack of getting adults onto the floor with him. Here, Toby shows off for Grandpa Cal. 4
07-19-2004 It's snake wrestling time. It appears the snake is winning, but I've read the script and Superfly Toby does a powderkeg TNT off the top rope into a flying scissorlock and pins the evil snake. 2
07-16-2004 I think Toby remembers the story how Ming the Merciless garnered Zarkov's brain thoughts. I think he's trying to reverse the flow protrons on the J27 ocilator. 1
07-15-2004 Here is Toby with the flux capacitor on his head. It's suppose to measure smartness. I think he's a little freaked out by how the dials are at max readings 4
07-14-2004 Toby took part in a study for mind melds by infants. Right before the study this picture was taken and you can see his first tooth. I call this tooth, the Cletus tooth as it makes him look like his name should be Cletus. I SAID LOOK AT THE TOOTH!!!!! 9
07-13-2004 Maggie is a little concerned about a mobile Toby. Until he has food and is willing to share, I think Maggie is going to keep a safe distance. 2
07-12-2004 It is very hard to take a photo of one tooth in a baby. This is the best one of the whole lot and you can barely see the tooth. The angle is bad because the tooth is about a third to halfway up. Still razor sharp. 4
07-09-2004 I thought I had used this good picture of Cameron, Myself, Blue Bear, The turtle thing, and Eddie, but I guess I haven't yet. So here it is. I think we were posing for this shot. 3
07-08-2004 Here is the man wearing his swimming suit specially designed not to let floaters into the pool. He's also about to wear his frog robe. 1
07-07-2004 Time for a Toby picture. Here he is eating a book about a caterpiller eating a book. 4
07-06-2004 Smoke bombs are way cool. They don't smell too good however. 1
07-05-2004 We had quite an arsenal for the fourth. Here are just some of the items as presented by Darren. 4
07-02-2004 It's swimming time with the mommy. Summer is here and nothing says fun like a jump in the pool. Have a good 4th of July this weekend. 4
07-01-2004 Here is a picture of a couple of my new co-workers. I think I caught them off-guard with the camera. I guess they'll learn. Jorge usually wears plaid, but this is the one day he didn't. Benny got the plaid on. I think it's a required uniform for the distribution guys. 2
06-30-2004 Here is the team getting final instructions right before the team event. Bowlers are such studs. 3
06-29-2004 This is what the middle of eighty lanes looks like as Jim and I speculate the conditions before our pivotal team event. 3
06-28-2004 I made it back from the national bowling tournament in Reno. Here is a picture of me walking down at the start of the bowling. Sorry it's a little fuzzy, but my guest photographer is quite new to technology. Still a nice photo. 5
06-25-2004 My mother told me on Tuesday that Kimberly takes better pictures of Toby than me. Now which one is cuter? Toby today or Toby on Tuesday? 3
06-24-2004 Superdog has discovered that Toby is much more than the new member of the household, he's also a food source. 3
06-23-2004 It's bath time with Toby. One day, I'm sure we'll be showing this picture to a prospective date so I had to cover up the privates so he won't be embarrassed later on. I'm a thoughtful father. 4
06-22-2004 Here's a nice picture of Toby and Grandpa Cal enjoying the tail end of the summer solstice. 11
06-21-2004 Yesterday was my first Father's day where I got to get gifts. I got some really cool shirts. I also made up a rule that since it was father's day, I could wear what ever I wanted to, so I wore a crown, a cape and some goggles. Here I am changing the Tobinator wearing my new father's day look. I also have on one of my new shirts. 5
06-18-2004 This just doesn't seem right. How is this man only 32 and look so old? Nonetheless, POD happy birthday shout to the Glennanator. 8
06-17-2004 I took another perfect game to the tenth frame last night. I chopped the head pin again and finished with a 276. My score was X X X X X X X X X 6/X I'm so close to getting my first 300. Today, your POD picture is me enjoying a free steak and eggs breakfast at the casino restaurant from my Vegas training trip. 2
06-16-2004 I went to training last week in Vegas and stayed at a really nice hotel about 10 miles off the strip. The room had one of those jaccuzzi tubs and free bubble bath. Here is me relaxing after enjoying a full day of computer geek training. 7
06-15-2004 Here is a good picture of ooober Toby getting held for the first time by Great Grandpa Hansen. Also there is a random hand in there, which I think belongs to Kimberly, but will refer to the hand now as 'it'. 'it' seems to be a camera hog. 5
06-14-2004 The Great Hansens came to Ft. Worth last weekend so we went to visit with them. Here is Great Grandma Hansen hanging out with myself, ooooober Toby and the squeaky stuffed dog. 2
06-11-2004 Here's Toby crashed in his car seat. We've already had to upgrade our car seats as he has outgrown them all. 4
06-10-2004 This picture is hilarious. Toby and I were playing catch in Aaron/Tobyland. Notice how fast my hair is falling out now. I hope I get a little tuft of hair that stays alive in the front. I apologize to Toby in advance for the hair genes that I passed down to him. Hopefully my winning personality is genetic. 5
06-09-2004 Here he is eating a stuffed seahorse. 4
06-08-2004 Toby is at that age where EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. If he can pick it up, in it goes. Here he is eating a yellow plastic ball. 1
06-07-2004 This week I'm in Vegas getting some training. The theme this week is Toby pictures. Since Kimberly and Toby are home, I bet they miss me lots already. This is what Toby probably looks right now. Awwwwwww. 4
06-04-2004 Here are the transmission lines that connect to the power plant. The lake water is also coming out of the power plant is about 20-30 warmer than the air out side. My co-workers however are looking the other way at something interesting. 4
06-03-2004 My site is acting buggy lately and I am almost done with it. Please enjoy this picture of James dancing. I'll have it working tonight. 0
06-02-2004 Self shot picture of me, snakeskin, mirage of me, and a snake. 1
06-01-2004 Today, Todd leaves us and goes back to San Francisco. Here he is at his last party in Austin, mixing it up for the folks there. 2
05-31-2004 Happy Memorial day. In keeping with Friday's reptile theme. Here is a lizard on my window. Go forth and eat all those annoying insects my little cold blooded friend. 1
05-28-2004 I got paid to take this photo of a turtle at Mckinney Roughs. The LCRA owns this nature preserve and we went there on our field trip. I think the turtle likes me. 3
05-27-2004 Here is the fireball at the plant. It's where the gas is fired up and heats the condensed water that turns into steam so that the turbine will rotate and generate power. You use power for things like hair dryers, computer usage and mechanical frisbee monsters that eat insects. 2
05-26-2004 I got to go on a field trip yesterday at work. I got a really cool hard hat and some safety glasses. Here I am at a gas power plant on the turbine floor. These turbines are generating Megawatts. Kind of like my personality. I generate megawatts. 6
05-25-2004 I brushed Superdog the other day because it's time for her springtime shedding and I got about 5 pounds of hair off of her. Too bad I didn't get any depth perception on this shot as it was as tall as it was wide. Today she goes to the vet to get weighed. She's so slim now. 5
05-24-2004 Here is Toby's first taste of something other than boob milk and medicine. I think he was indifferent. 8
05-21-2004 When you are on your back most of your life, you get a bald spot on the back of your head. I don't know what Unkee Jeremy is doing then. 4
05-20-2004 So yesterday I was finishing up this project, when I didn't see that these two check boxes were checked when I imported the last queries I needed to my nearly finished project. The two check boxes overwrote all the tables I had been working on for the past day and a half. I'm still in a good mood as I bowled good last night and I have this to come home to. (although last night he had some stomach issues.) 5
05-19-2004 Today is my bowling league's roll off. This is where 12 teams that qualified from the year long league roll 3 games for prize money. So in honor of that, here is my bowling team at the bowling alley. It's a dark shot because you are not allowed to use flashes during league. 3
05-18-2004 You see what I mean about that smily face from the megasaucer? It possessed still oober cute Toby. 5
05-17-2004 Here is Toby in his megasaucer. The items around him do different things and make different noises. He really likes it and you can see the wheels turning in his head when he's in there. The one crazy thing about the megasaucer is the smily face. When one hits it, it plays a tune, but it's eyes flash red like it is possessed or something. Really creepy. 3
05-14-2004 Getting a little tummy time now. 8
05-13-2004 I'm sure the owners of Lego have Glenn and myself in mind when they invented them and design them. 8
05-12-2004 Doesn't it seem like the Tobinator always has a bib on? 3
05-11-2004 The great news is that my camera is found. I'm also not sick anymore. Plus, I have this great picture of a gaggle of bubbies playing maj and oogling over oober cute Toby. 8
05-10-2004 Here is a lovely tray of vegetables. It certainly looks scrumptious. 8
05-07-2004 Well today is full of not so good news. I'm sick. That sucks. Plus, I can't find my camera. I think it's lost. I'll give it another week before I have to find a replacement. Until then, you will have to do with photos I've already downloaded but haven't put up yet. Sorry. 8
05-06-2004 Jacob's lego creation is cooler than what I'm working on. 7
05-05-2004 I'm going to stop posting oober cute Toby pictures if I get more goose-egg days like yesterday's photo. 8
05-04-2004 I don't think Toby thinks that the dolphin is real. 1
05-03-2004 The Tobinator stares intently on the wall of moving things. 5
04-30-2004 As several people have requested, here is the Bubby holding the Tobinator. This is a fabulous picture. The Bubby is totally safe guarding from getting the dreaded red eye photo. 3
04-29-2004 One of the cool things about being friendly is that you'll never know when you walk into someone's cubical and they have an infrared camera. 8
04-28-2004 Ok, I think I know how to appease all the ooooober cute Toby fans out there and well as the legions of fans out there. Today's picture is my toe and ooober cute Toby. It's the best of both worlds. 12
04-27-2004 Warning: This photo is a bit gross. I scored a goal this weekend while playing with a mashed big toe. This is the toe, not the goal. 12
04-26-2004 Cameron and Tabitha came to town all the way from Amsterdam to visit Toby. For coming to visit Cameron gets to have his mug on the POD and can brag that he has held ooober cute Toby. I think Tabitha is having visions of what kind of father Cam the man is going to be. Did I ever tell you about the time we tried to sell Cameron on ebay? 1
04-23-2004 There is some symetry going on at our house. 5
04-22-2004 I call this photo, "Swamp Duck and Chick". 2
04-21-2004 I took Toby to the swamp and he totally slept right thru it. He really missed out on a great time. 2
04-20-2004 This may be the last time this guy mowing his yard has his fingers. I just missed this shot, but when I was walking in the park, this guy had the mower on while he was grabbing grass out of the back of it. As I turned the corner, he had lifted up the back end with the mower still on and was inspecting the blades really close. That's when I thought, I have to get this on film, but as soon as the camera snapped, he put down the mower. Still a lovely picture of the park though. 2
04-19-2004 ahhhhh, the joys of being the center of attention. 3
04-16-2004 I think this photo ruins ooober Cute Toby's political career. I mean, once you start galavanting with bears, snakes and chickens, you are committing polictical suicide. 11
04-15-2004 Toby offers up some Zen philosophy. Don't let the snake attack you. Grab it by it's tail and bite it back. 8
04-14-2004 Awwww, here is me and Superdog. 3
04-13-2004 Andy and Amanda came into town this past weekend on one of their wedding pilgramiges. Here is a picture of Andy holding a red-eyed oooooober cute Toby. 3
04-12-2004 I went to our bathroom over the weekend and I found Kimberly doing this to the walls. 6
04-09-2004 Toby can't wait for the BBQ to be processed by the amazing Mommy machine. 3
04-08-2004 I took this photo of Maggie smelling my face. I must of had spagettio breath. 1
04-07-2004 Bummer this one came out a little blurry. This would of made a great photo. 1
04-06-2004 Kimberly blazingly shows off the lego image on her shirt while "The Bubby" looks on. 3
04-05-2004 Sunshine is good for all creatures. 3
04-02-2004 This is one of those you guess the captions. Winner gets an autographed limited edition I met ooooober cute Toby picture. 18
04-01-2004 It's like Toby's Bubby and Grandma are eating outside, but in reality they were eating BBQ inside. 2
03-31-2004 Today we are ducks. I'm the one in the middle. Ducks usually put their hands to their mouths, err, I mean, bills. Special POD happy birthday wishes to Momma Hansen (monday) and Grandma Hansen (today). That should do it. 2
03-30-2004 I've got two rib bones for some very good dogs, but I don't know whom to give them to. Anyone have any suggestions? Sorry about skipping the POD yesterday but I was held up fending off a vicious attack from some angry sea mantanees. 1
03-26-2004 Well, well, well, guess who came into town. None other than GRANDPA STEVE!!!!! Here he is seeing and holding oooober cute Toby for the first time. I think Toby is saying, "Let the power of my oooober cuteness make you buy me toys....." 5
03-25-2004 Here is smooth Toby checking out Mina for the first time. Mina is an older lady. Makes no difference to Toby, he'll chat up girls both older and younger than him. I bet he makes Colt 45 commercials with Billy Dee later on in life. 3
03-24-2004 Carrie Z came into town. She got to hold the Tobinator. Ray was mightly jealous. 6
03-23-2004 Cory came into town to SXSW to check out bands and start signing them to his music business. Link While he was visiting, he had a chance to hold ooooober cute Toby and see what a real vocalist Toby can be. 1
03-22-2004 This week's theme is pictures of people holding Toby for the first time. Today we have Beth looking content as Toby sleeps away the experience. 7
03-19-2004 I've got a lot of great to so-so great photos I haven't put up because soooo much has been going on. In fact here are the people that played in a friendly soccer game between my soccer team and Jeremy's soccer team from way back in December. 4
03-18-2004 Here is a picture of a member of my favorite FundsExpress bowling team. Dawn is seen here deliberating several topics including, Is a two party political system working, the space-time consortium, America's facination with low carb products when it's obvious it is a marketing scam and the JFK assasination theories. And you thought only fart jokes and beer consumption happened in the bowling alley bar. 2
03-17-2004 Tonight is bowling night. Here is Steve enjoying a cigar in honor of ooooober cute Toby. I'll give you details of my scores tomorrow. 1
03-16-2004 So many ooooober cute Toby pictures lately that a lot of good photos have gone past by. I'm going to randomly select some photos from New Year's on intermittenly. Today is Trevor smoking a cigar in Toby's honor at a Superbowl party. 1
03-15-2004 Happy anniversary to me and my lovely wife. Today's picture is of Luann's rabbit trying to eat a nacho chip. Isn't the first anniversary the rabbit one or is it paper? I forget. 10
03-12-2004 Look at this toothless grin. Happiness is just the next shape in the mobile away. 2
03-11-2004 Now in the POD literary corner comes this tasteful tidbit. There is a new book that came out in honor of Superdog. The book named Superdog (Link) is a story about a brown dog who is a Superdog. The best thing is, is that it had a dog cape that came with it. Kudos to Kimberly and Toby for finding this. Here is Superdog with her new cape. Maggie the sidekick is still looking for a cow cape or a cowel. 2
03-10-2004 Yesterday was primary voting day here in Texas and as I was walking up to the voting precinct, I had an epiphany. I figure to be rich and get preferable treatment, I had to be republican. So yesterday I voted in the republican primary. Here am I voting republican, although for president I voted "noncommitted". 6
03-09-2004 A few people were disturbed by yesterdays photo so I am going to balance out the ying and the yang with today's picture. Here is the dynamic ooooober cute duo of myself and Toby singing songs with a cast of stuffed animals. In no particular order are Mustache Dog, Mr. Chicken, Toby, Mr. Duck, Me, and Blue Bear. 8
03-08-2004 I got peed on THREE times this past week. So today's picture is to show Toby how to actually pee without hitting a person. 6
03-05-2004 This picture is hilarious to me. Do you think for a moment that oooober cute Toby has a chance of not being spoiled? Here is four generations of my kin as Bubby came into to town to join the spoiling fray. 3
03-04-2004 I promised a begging Steve "Barn" Barnick last night at the bowling alley that his mug would grace the pages of and therefore splashed accross the internet. Here he is having a cigar in honor of the birth of ooooooober cute Toby. 5
03-03-2004 Today is bowling day. Last week we qualified for the end of year roll off in our league by placing 2nd for the trimester. Here is Walter, who is a very good bowler, heaping praise at the bowling alley bar. At least, I think it's Walter. He's got a brother named Donnie whom I always get him confused with. BTW, for you Toby fans out there, Toby crashed thru the night for the first time giving mom some much needed sleep. 2
03-02-2004 Great Googly-Moogly, my boy is already starting to pose for the POD. Like a chip off the ol block. 6
03-01-2004 Why does Kimberly have that sparkle in her eyes today? I think it is because it's her birthday today. Here she is smiling, with her offspring snoring logs. 7
02-26-2004 I bowled a 663 series last night. I think I'm starting to get good at bowling my scores were a 268, 171, 224. Here is a happy turtle face from Toby's activity center. I think those are Toby's legs in the background. 1
02-25-2004 Now I'm really playing up to the crowd with this picture of the Reinhardts new puppy, which I have named "Beegaly" 3
02-24-2004 Killing two birds with one stone here. First, I'm satisfying the we want more pictures of Toby crowd with another ooooober cute picture of Toby. Secondly, one of these guys is turning 30 today and a hint is that he is the bald one. If you see Unkee Jeremy today, give him a hug and wish him well in his old age. 5
02-23-2004 I had to go back to New Years Eve to find a good picture of just myself. I actually have a lot of photos I need to post that are really good, but there seems to be too much action going on. Last Wednesday I bowled a 655 average(214, 219, 222) and yesterday I set up a goal with a clever back heal to my striker and followed up later in the game with a vicisious left footed volley after a great run that mystified their defense. Long live me. 3
02-20-2004 Don't worry about Superdog not getting any attention becuase Toby is so oooober cute. 1
02-19-2004 I can't remember who I was talking to, but I know I said that I was taking a picture of Toby and myself while talking to them. 0
02-18-2004 Ok, here is another oooober cute picture of Toby for those POD fans who need their Toby fix. I must say, I look rather fatherlike in this photo. I still haven't heard from Gerber yet, but when they do call and try to use his likeness, it ain't going to be cheap. 6
02-17-2004 Sorry for making you all wait for more ooooober cute Toby pictures, but since it's the Traweek's birthday today, he gets the spotlight on the POD. Here is the Traweek coming back from yet another fruitless deer hunt. Happy birthday the Traweek. 6
02-16-2004 Since it happens so rare here in Texas, any time it snows or ices over you get the customary picture of snow and ice. Stay tuned to the POD for more pictures of an ever growing Toby. 3
02-13-2004 Our washload got bigger recently. Here are some of the drip dry products we now have to clean. 9
02-12-2004 You just never know when the camera is going to take a photo. It could even be right when three people get their tasty Tex-Mex dishes.... 2
02-11-2004 Today is going to be an interesting day. It's my last day at On-site computer and it will be both sad and satisfying. It's going to be sad because there are going to be a few people I'm really going to miss working with. It's going to be satisfying because I'm off to a much better job and a chance to make new friends. This is a good cheese move. So for today, it's a picture about me and all my glory. Enjoy. 5
02-10-2004 This is Unkee Jeremy's first time hold a baby. He was a little bit nervous. Escpeciallly since I told Toby I would give him $5 to take a crap on Unkee Jeremy's lap. 'Amy', Jeremy's 'Friend', looks on with 'jealousy'. 6
02-09-2004 Guess who came into town this weekend to hang with the Tobster? Unk-ee Jeremy!!!!! He also had a new friend to show off. We'll call her 'Amy'. Here is a picture of Unkee Jeremy, 'Amy', and the protangonist at Chuy's for dinner. (Sidebar: Do you think 'Amy' knows what she's gotten herself into?) 7
02-06-2004 Here is our baby doctor. He wasn't on call the night Toby was born so one of his partners cut Toby out. We really like Dr. Bushart and will take all 7 of our future pregnancies to him. 6
02-05-2004 Here is one of the first diaper changes of Toby. It's quite a process. I'm going to make Jeremy change a diaper when he shows up here this weekend. 1
02-04-2004 Maggie knows that Toby is not a house decoration. 1
02-03-2004 I really like Superdog. You should too. 0
02-02-2004 Let's guess what Bubby Lani is saying to Toby. The winner will get an autographed copy of this photo. 6
01-30-2004 I'll bet you are all tired of pictures of ooooober-cute Toby, so today we are going back to the roots of the POD. Here is what happens if you make patients wait for their release from the hospital. 4
01-29-2004 I'm all over the place/time with the POD lately. I have so many photos to choose from. You really got to like digital cameras with huge storage spaces. Today's picture is when Kimberly was wheeled out of the hospital with the youngin'. 0
01-28-2004 Momma Hansen leaves us today after spending a week as our maid/nuturer/cook/relief diaper changer/ and chaperone. And I think she was happy to do it too. The POD honors her as today is international Momma Hansen day with a picture of her holding Toby as Bubby Lani looks on. 2
01-27-2004 Here is Toby's first bath as administered by Momma Wine. Notice how proud Momma Hansen is as she has not one, but two cameras. I'm beginning to think that Toby is the most photographed baby ever. 4
01-26-2004 A weekend has passed and another 100 photos of Toby were taken. Here's another oooooober-cute picture of Toby taken with Grandpa Cal. 7
01-23-2004 I didn't want to inundate you with pictures of oober-cute Toby, so here is a photo of me attempting to eat a fried egg out of the frying pan. 12
01-22-2004 There seems to be a general trend with Toby. He eats, he sleeps and he cries. Not too much crying and it is funny to hear him do it because he is usually tired when he cries so it's a half hearted effort. Here he is in a sleeping faze. 2
01-21-2004 Sorry this picture is late, but they wouldn't let us out of the hospital until about 2:30pm and I wasn't going to go pay an extra ten dollars to come back home just to do the POD. This picture is of me at Toby's birth. 2
01-20-2004 Is it just me or is Toby just oober-cute? I guess I'm biased, but damn, I'll bet Gerber is going to be knocking down our door with label offers. Here is where Kimberly gets to hold Toby for the first time right after he came out of the transition room. 12
01-19-2004 Introducing, Tobin "Toby" Howard Wine. Born at 9:12am at 7 pounds and 10 ounces. Mother and baby are doing fine. I'm tired. 37
01-16-2004 Apparently, those new picture cell phones are extremely heavy. The Traweek should post a link to the photo he took of me taking a photo of him. 5
01-15-2004 Let the glorious triumverate of husband material complete. Here is a picture of my now forming bald spot. The only person who can not laugh at this is my future son as he will be carrying this trait with him as well. I also have two notes of interest today. One, congratulations to TJ and her new baby girl. Secondly, in bowling last night I took a perfect game into the tenth frame for the first time ever. I choked on the next shot but my score looked like this - X X X X X X X X X 7/7 for a total of 275. Next time I get the ring. 13
01-14-2004 Further proof that there is someone for everyone. These eyes must peirce Beth's heart. 12
01-13-2004 I know of exactly one person in the world that kisses these lips on the mouth. And it ain't me!!!!! 10
01-12-2004 As requested last week, a beautiful picture of preggo Kimberly. Also as note, you can see my new family car has a lot of room for tiny tots when they start to appear. 18
01-09-2004 You think celebrity poker is exciting, wait till you get a load of beer swillin' moon! 16
01-08-2004 The Traweek and I went to Glenn's parents' back room to play pool while they were opening their family presents. It's tough to play pool while you have all those eyes on you. 4
01-07-2004 Sad note for today. My Aunt Bea past away. In her honor, are some nice horses looking over a field or something. Something serene. 6
01-06-2004 I've got a lot of pictures to get in. It seems sometimes that this should be a two pictures of the day rather than a picture of the day. Anyhow, it's been a long time since the last food shot, so for you food POD lovers out there, here is a pan of sizzling potato latkas that mom made. Yum, potatoey goodness. 0
01-05-2004 Injury alert. My nose picking finger got popped in yesterday's soccer game. I also can't type too well as that finger is in charge of letters like, r,f,v,t,g,b, and the number 5 and 6. A lot of good words use these letters. 2
01-02-2004 POD Uber favorite, Cameron, came into town all the way from Amsterdam. Here he is eating a chip with the support of Eddie. 3
01-01-2004 Bowling Cal tries his hand at the croquette masters on the front lawn at the Wine estates. The fans are mesmerized by his skill. 1