Pictures for the Year 2005
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-30-2005 In this last picture of 2005 here is Toby and myself making snow angles at an angle. There will be a new menu item next week and that menu item will be 2006. Don't get to crazy this new years eve. 13
12-29-2005 It was rosy cheek cold out there. 1
12-28-2005 It was sooooo cold out in Iowa that the snow couldn't be made into snowballs or snowmen. Momma Hansen demonstrates the lack of snowballs to Toby, who has by the way, a new parka which will probably be only worn in Iowa. 3
12-27-2005 We're back from vacation. Everything went smooth except for that the only snow falling that I saw in my week of travel to the north was this here blizzard that we drove thru in Kansas City. I drove in it myself until Kimberly from the back seat made me pull over. 4
12-26-2005 Okay, I caught Toby acting extremely natural. This is not a posed picture. I repeat Toby had no idea there was a camera in the room. I said my client has no comment. 1
12-25-2005 I don't fear the extreme right. Happy Holidays you scaliwags!!!! Arrrgh. I SAID ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!! 0
12-24-2005 I'm not the only one in the family that digs the mini-van. On a side note, I can't believe the car people at the show let Toby sit in just about every car and push all the buttons. I only got nervous around the 100K BMW. Someone is going to buy that car and not realize that for a 100K they got a car that some little kid flicked boogers in. 0
12-23-2005 Grandpa Cal took Toby racer and myself to the new auto show. Here is Toby cutting in line to take a better look at the new Lotus speedster. 2
12-22-2005 My co-worker and I were servers for the great chipped meat sandwich fund raiser of ought-five. How could I not resist taking this classic photo of Tom and myself and a big pot of meat product? 1
12-21-2005 First of all, Happy solstice day. Secondly, here is a great photo. Not only do we get to show POD favorite, "Aunty Beth", but we also get to see the wild Unkee Jeremy in action with one of the unsuspecting female denziens of college station. 4
12-20-2005 Here is a beer power broker session at one of my favorite old watering holes from back in the day. Luckily for James, Jeremy, Glenn and myself, there were enough people there to hold a quorum. 3
12-19-2005 I love when they do flyovers at the games. I took about 7 shots of the flyover and if you parse them really fast it looks like they are flying. However, I'm sure I'd bore some of my fans by putting seven pictures in a row of airplanes. If only Grandpa Seymore was around to back me up. Anyhow, this airplane picture is dedicated to him. 4
12-18-2005 To continue the guessing game from yesterday, IT'S THE GOV!!!! This guy can't get away from me at these games. You of course remember the instant classic "Me and the Gov" foto from last year Link here At least the Gov is wearing a different maroon shirt. 3
12-17-2005 So you've decided to check on the POD on a Saturday. We'll here is an extra bonus weekend picture for you. Here is my seat on the last row of the second deck at the A&M game the day after Thanksgiving. Can you guess who is the man in the maroon shirt in the expensive penalty box? 3
12-16-2005 I made left over Turkey casserole the next day after Thanksgiving. In my casseroles, the meat products are just a vehicle to get the excess cheese into your mouth. 3
12-15-2005 Here is the lump that was taken off my uvula. The doctor said that it will be reviewed, but there is basically no chance that this is an evil lump. My throat has hurt liked heck the last few days and for the first time since we've met, Kim's been more talkative than I have. 9
12-14-2005 Dr. Chu had the extreme pleasure of removing some growth on my uvula. I don't know if anyone who is reading this has had some of their uvula taken off, but five days later it still hurts. 1
12-13-2005 I took Jeremy to his first A&M game. He got to see a good game. Here is his reaction to the event. 6
12-12-2005 Toby is learning how to use a coozie. You got to train them early. 8
12-09-2005 Unkee Jeremy came down not just for some food, but for some quality pirate time with the little pirate in training. Can I get an Arrrrgh from the audience? 8
12-08-2005 It's dang cold here. I'm talking were in the low 20's. However, the icy roads did not deter me from picking up my new minivan. Here is my shoe from the back row of my super cool new ride. 13
12-07-2005 I just felt it was completely time to have another food picture. Here is a tasty looking salad. 2
12-06-2005 This picture is of Momma Hansen and the Tobinator painting pictures. The only question I have is why does Toby have a dallop of red paint on his head and why does Momma Hansen have a brush with the exact color match of red? 5
12-05-2005 Even though "Maisy" the mouse is requested almost daily, he is only allowed one episode a week. Here he is following the American dream in his "no TV" shirt. 10
12-02-2005 To get on the POD, all you need is a fork and some morsals of food and an open mouth. POD favorite brother, Unkee Jeremy demonstrates. 3
12-01-2005 Unkee Jeremy came to town to dine on some bird. Here is a Wine brother special dual feeding frenzy. 5
11-30-2005 Momma Hansen came down for Thanksgiving. I personally think she came down for the food, but she claims it was to see Toby. 4
11-29-2005 Here is a self photo of me starting to eat my dinner. 7
11-28-2005 Here is my plate of food from Thanksgiving. I am still full from all the eating that went on. My weight has ballooned to 195. I'm debating right now to just go after the next 5 pounds to clear 200 before I start my annual fall back to the mid 180 range. 9
11-23-2005 Toby discovered that my parents have pad locked their patio furnature. Their house is so secure that I dare anyone in internet land to try to steal their stuff. 4
11-22-2005 Kimberly cut a few holes in this shipping box and made a great puppet theatre. The crowd is always enthrawled with the current smash puppet play, "know your lefts and rights". 6
11-21-2005 I know who four fifths of the main characters are in this photo of people watching someone draw in chalk. 0
11-18-2005 We went to the chalk festival the other weekend with our new neighbors from down the street. Here Toby is helping Glenn draw a balloon. 7
11-17-2005 I think Toby is an extrovert. I'm not too sure, but I have a hunch. 3
11-16-2005 Here's a close up of our cake icing spreading. Toby went a little 3D on the icing part that we had to cover up with more icing. 9
11-15-2005 The next couple of photos in this series are how we made grandpa Cal's birthday cake. Here is Toby and myself icing the cake that Toby picked out. It was banana supreme. I think he picked out the cake because there was yellow on the box. 1
11-14-2005 Grandpa Cal added another year onto his personal odometer. Let's all give grandpa Cal a super electronic hug. Here is the cake that Toby and I made for him. 5
11-11-2005 Know your introvert! 5
11-10-2005 Know your extrovert! 4
11-09-2005 Toby had a total melt down yesterday and I experienced my first tantrum from the so called terrible twos. Although he's not even two yet. This was a power hour session of kicking, screaming and throwing things. Here's a photo from a couple of weeks ago when the tantrum must of started and it probably just festered until yesterday's blowup. 11
11-08-2005 At work, they made me dress up like a pirate and pass out candy to the nearby elementary school kids. Luckily, I already had the gear. 13
11-07-2005 Duck and royality pose. 4
11-04-2005 Here's what our pumpkin looked like on Halloween. It looks like an old man. I'll have to carve the pumpkin later next year or freeze it. 6
11-03-2005 Here come the ducks! Toby and I had a lot of fun being ducks for Halloween. He didn't understand why people kept giving him candy after "pushing the button", but at least he learned valuable lessons on knocking on strangers doors asking for free candy. 8
11-02-2005 Toby's got the spoon. Sorry the picture is late today, my site went down. 1
11-01-2005 These pumpkin shots are too cute so I'm going to do a couple more before the duck halloween photos. Here Toby shows off his spoon ability. 3
10-31-2005 Happy Halloween. Toby and I are still cleaning out the pumpkin in this series and this is when he finds out that inside are a bunch of seeds and gunk we have to remove. It might rain tonight so I guess being ducks is a good idea. I have a few more pumpkin shots before the duck photos 8
10-28-2005 It's pumpkin time here at the Wine family haunted house. Here the ghostly Tobin and the beyond dead Dad carve a victim for display. hahahahahahahahaha 1
10-27-2005 This mommy is getting a spray down. 9
10-26-2005 I believe Toby has fun washing cars. 5
10-25-2005 We washed a car this weekend. Well, we splashed a lot and got soapy water on it. Yesterday, I had to take Toby to get a flu shot and he was okay until they stuck the needle in his leg and the pain hit and he made a what the hell are you doing to me face. That was sad. We got pizza afterwards. 5
10-24-2005 I think I hear the crowd in the back chanting our names. 5
10-21-2005 I actually got one of the spoons for myself, but was coerced out of it. 6
10-20-2005 This was how good our seats were. 2
10-19-2005 Toby got to go to his first Aggie football game last Saturday. We got scalped tickets that were $75 a piece face value, but we haggled our way down for two for $60 for 40 yard line seats 12 rows back on the first deck. Here is a picture of Toby holding up his ticket in victory to allow all those who pass to marvel in his greatness. 8
10-18-2005 I did not teach Toby this new trick. Kimberly?!?!?! 12
10-17-2005 This truck couldn't make a turn with out hitting a light pole. I was sitting there thinking that would be a hilarious photo and then I looked down and saw my camera and I was at a red light and so I snapped a shot. I didn't see the wreck, but I'm sure the driver went oops, or something more colorful. 4
10-14-2005 Don't you just love it when you get to put a picture of big shiney blue butt on the internet whilst playing a good game of horsey? 6
10-13-2005 Toby, Superdog and myself took Maggie to the doggie doctor and while Maggie was getting a sample taken from her we decided to take a photo. Here is that photo. Also, you may start noticing a few of my website pages changing. I'm in the midst of a slow turnover to a website redesign. I hope you like it. 3
10-12-2005 Things are always so exciting at our house. 7
10-11-2005 Here is a photo from my party a month ago. Kaitlyn and Ryan join a jubulant Tobster on the steps for an posed photo. 7
10-10-2005 I almost forgot to post this great picture of me eating some delicious bean dip while Lisa Jo explains football to Kimberly (who is off screen). 15
10-07-2005 Happy birthday Grandpa Eesh! Believe it or not, it was Toby's idea to write this stuff all over our driveway. 3
10-06-2005 One of my co-workers had himself a birthday the other day. Jorge and I started on the same day, but he already has himself a certificate of appreciation. Lucky guy. 4
10-05-2005 Here is a picture of my birthday cobbler. I got it free when I went to my work birthday lunch at Hoover's. I can never turn down cobbler, no matter how full I am. One day after a three hour lunch buffet, I was reminded about cobbler and had to have some. The rest of the afternoon, I was hunched over from over eating. That's the only time I ate so much it hurt. But the cobbler was worth it. 2
10-04-2005 Another guest photo from Cal. It's an old photo but, since it's of me and the boy its all cool. What's hilarious is going back about a year or a year and a half and seeing the difference in Toby already in the photos. I think next year, he'll be shaving. 6
10-03-2005 Grandpa Cal took a page out of my photography style and took this photo of him, the Bubbinator, and ooober cute Toby. I'm thinking that no one ever will do a search on "Bubbinator". Noona Kabob, Yes. (actual search) 6
09-30-2005 Toby has this persausive power. He got a perfectly grown woman to put a bun up to her head and talk into it. Lisa Jo was blinded by his charmingness. 2
09-29-2005 So we gave Toby a half of a hotdog bun to eat for lunch and then he puts it up to his ear and says, "Hello, Bubby!" I thought that was hilarious. 8
09-28-2005 I pass this sign everyday from work. One day I drove buy slowly and took this photo. Do the owners of this store not realize that weeded out college and high school students work at those fast sign places? 2
09-27-2005 I'm probably going to get beaten down later for posting another great photo of my lovely wife, but when she said for better or for worse and she knew she was marrying an extrovert, well what do you expect? She brought this on herself. Here is a nice picture of my wife and Toby. It's almost like she has something to say.... 6
09-26-2005 Okay, I haven't done a ooober cute Toby picture in a while so here is one of him eating his first lime. I think he was faking this laughter. 5
09-23-2005 Ok, knowing where this spatula has been, doesn't it look delicious? These were some of the best burgers and brats I ever made. 0
09-22-2005 I call this photo, "Super serious flare with dominoes." 2
09-21-2005 It takes a lot of skill to hunt like we do. I mean, those trees move really fast sometimes. 6
09-20-2005 So yesterday I was at the Ear, Nose and throat doctor and he said this might feel weird and then he took some ear pliers and removed this hunk of ear wax. All the sudden, I could hear very clearly. What a great day. 7
09-19-2005 I smuggled my camera into the pre-op for my endoposcopy. They think I have tonsilitis. I'll know more this week, but don't you get kind of nervous when they have a cheat sheet on the wall on how to put in an IV? 6
09-16-2005 These future cheeseburgers don't look that delicious right now, but slap some cheese on them and they start to look a little yummy. 1
09-15-2005 Since it's my birthday week, if I want to put a picture of Slappy the Nacho eater, I can. 9
09-14-2005 Here is my impression of roadkill. 7
09-13-2005 One of my legions of fans questioned recently my thirst for the hilariousness. So on my birthday, I give all my fans continued proof, that I am the most hilariuos person I know. Here is a picture from my recent hunting excursion with the only camo clothing I could find on short notice. 16
09-12-2005 Since it's my birthday tomorrow, I get to be the focus this week of picture of the day. Revel in all my glory. 12
09-09-2005 How many times do you get the chance to wear a chicken on your head while holding a rubber alligator? 5
09-08-2005 Toby and I got haircuts one day. His was cut lopsided and they really thinned my hair on the top of my head. That was one expensive supercut. 3
09-07-2005 What happens when nudie boy runs around the house? Sometimes the Mommy has to clean up little puddles. Luckily, this one wasn't on the carpet. 13
09-06-2005 This is me and my co-worker Dan getting paid to pose in front of a big fish tank. Some days, I really like my job. 5
09-02-2005 I think Grandpa Cal is quite photogenic. Toby needs more practice posing for pictures. 1
09-01-2005 Super Toby needs to take some super elixir to ward off evil. 7
08-31-2005 I can't believe August is already over. It didn't seem that hot this summer. I guess we'll have a very cold winter. Until then, enjoy the bubbles. I know Toby did. 1
08-30-2005 Playdoh is lots of fun. 7
08-29-2005 Developing story here on the POD. (It's a POD exclusive). Grandpa Cal grew his hair long and became a pirate over the weekend. 9
08-26-2005 Another bubble bath picture. We put the T on his head so we would know which toy is Toby in the bath tub. It's real embarrassing drying off the fish thinking it's Toby. 0
08-25-2005 Maggie looks very perplexed. I guess it's because I've changed my camera click sound to a dog barking. 1
08-24-2005 One more picture of Toby playing in the sprinkler. Obviously, we don't let Toby drink anything so he has to make do with what he can. Here is also a good shot of the front of our house. 4
08-23-2005 I really like this photo today. In fact, I'm going to print it out and put it on my desk at work. I hope you like it too. Please feel free to print out any photo for free and post it somewhere. If you do, tell people where you get these great free photos. 4
08-22-2005 Today is supreme ulta Bubby's birthday. She is much older than Toby, but younger than Columbus who sailed the seas in 1492. The POD wishes her a very happy birthday. Yippee. Toby wants to type now here he goes: vvvbvbbdffnhcxcxvbjyterjyrtuyeeiiyzxss 8
08-19-2005 Here is Toby eating an ice cream waffle cone sundae at Sea World. Now, when you hear about waffle cone sundae you have images of quality ice cream, sprinkles, caramel or chocolate sauce and maybe a cherry or two. Not at Sea World. This 4 dollar ice cream is the same thing you can get at McDonalds for 39 cents. I suggest smuggling in an ice cream sundae. Since they check your bags at the gate, you'll need to hide in your pocket or underwear. They didn't go there. 5
08-18-2005 Toby calls this a bear. It was really an otter. Although, I've never seen a googlie eyed fuzzy otter before this one. 8
08-17-2005 Some people say that dolphins are one of the smartest animals. I disagree. The dolphins here did not smile for any photos, nor did they even stop swimming so people could take their picture. All they did was swim, looking for fish. 7
08-16-2005 Here is a crazy lizard called a chameleon. It has three toes and independant roving eyes. You didn't know that the POD was such a resource of knowledge. 3
08-15-2005 I think this man's eating ability is pure heredity. I think the blue eyes are heredity too, but that's not from my side. The eating is. 4
08-12-2005 So last night, POD favorite brother made ABC's TV show, "Hooking Up". He played the part of "happy ending" guy for "Amy". Since I don't have any recent photos of Jeremy, here is his nephew posing in the bathtub as Unkee Jeremy would. Toby wanted his own credits and a "X" on his chest so you would know which one he was in this photo. I also think this photo caption has the most quotes of any POD photo. Here is a link of "happy ending" guy back in the swingin' single days. LINK 5
08-11-2005 Here are some random fish. 4
08-10-2005 We took the Tobinator to the dolphin petting area of Sea World. I think he liked it. 1
08-09-2005 We went to Sea World this past weekend. They had this fish in their big aquarium. I can't believe there is a fish named Oriental Sweetlips. 2
08-08-2005 Somebody is now sleeping in a big boy bed. And his dreaded morning hair will is now being shown on the internet. 10
08-05-2005 Here's a big ol face of superdog for your friday. 2
08-04-2005 As requested, here is a picture of the inside of our new house. Here is where Toby entertains. This is his little drum circle. 3
08-03-2005 Here is Emily at the bowling alley. Since today is a bowling day, I will put up a bowling photo. I need the good karma since last week I bowled pretty bad. 3
08-02-2005 Here is Toby playing with his grandma in now is what his play room. Normally, this would probably be a formal living room, but who wants that? 8
08-01-2005 Here is grandpa Cal and Toby pondering on the back stoop of Abbott Manor. 0
07-29-2005 One of the better people is leaving the LCRA. Here is his meat themed send off. Good luck Kevin at the new place. 2
07-28-2005 The new and improved back yard has squirrels in it. Big, lushious squirrels.... 2
07-27-2005 When you work on programs for electrical stuff, you sometimes have to learn some science. Here is our friendly engineer Gary, giving me a lesson on conductivitiy. 4
07-26-2005 With the new camera, I can take really good head shots of myself. Some day, I'm going to look back at this photo and say to myself, "man, what a lot of hair I had". 8
07-25-2005 Today we say goodbye to the offical POD camera of yesteryear. The Olympus D40 was a great friend and will be missed. Let's give this nice a camera a good send off as we will switch to better technology. I'm talking 7 mega pixels baby!!! 3
07-22-2005 Here is a picture of my feet. I wish my office was carpeted. 7
07-21-2005 This is the best way to cool down after a day at the lake. 3
07-20-2005 I got to tell you, lake water is pretty nasty. Especially when you have to ask the environmentalists taking samples if its okay to wade thru it. 7
07-19-2005 Toby tops off the sand castle with a good ol' fashioned twig. 0
07-18-2005 Here is a great shot of the beach baby player on da hunt! 5
07-17-2005 Such scenery. If this lady only knew?.. 1
07-16-2005 Oh yeah, we like ice cream. Say it loud, say it proud. 4
07-15-2005 Beeler and Smitty are the bestest of friends. Nothing like catching an I-cubs game and sauntering off with the Des Moines picturesque downtown. 7
07-14-2005 At the minor league ball game we got to hang out with cubby bear. He even let us take a picture with him. 1
07-13-2005 Rumor has it that Great Auntie Di has a lot of co-workers who lurk on this site. I challenge each and everyone of them to write a warm fuzzy POD comment today. 10
07-12-2005 Toby and I got to drive the motorized cart around the grocery store and nobody told us to get off. This only reinforces this kind of behavior. First motorized shopping carts, then renegade bumper cars, then you end up driving golf carts into the water hazard. You know, motorized shopping carts are a gateway vehicle. 1
07-11-2005 Great Grandpa Thorvald made Toby a really cool hat. I didn't get one when I went over. Maybe next time?.. 1
07-10-2005 The most photographed kid on the planet is caught in a photo crossfire whilst playing with the sprinkler and a bucket. 1
07-09-2005 The Tobinator got to play a bit with a bucket and a sprinkler. I think this photo should be on one of those Successories posters. 1
07-08-2005 Toby really enjoys reading the morning comics while eating breakfast during vacation. Sometimes I wonder if he considers this a vacation of the daily grind of going to daycare. 2
07-07-2005 The science center is kid friendly. The buttons to push are on toddler level. I can't help but sing those 1 2 3 4 5 songs that seasme street came up with at this contraption. 4
07-06-2005 I love a good animal puppet show. Here the beaver and the skunk try to come up with an appropriate pun that is not only funny, but kid friendly, since we are at the children's science museum. 3
07-05-2005 Ha! The evil skunk and his sidekick, the woodpecker make plans whilst the Opossum plays dead. 1
07-04-2005 How many grandpa eeshes are there in this photo? 2
07-03-2005 Icing a cake. 0
07-02-2005 If you stare into the pendulum at the new Iowa Science Museum, you can see some of your favorite POD main characters. 1
07-01-2005 Toby thinks you can blow the pendulum around, when it is really gravity making it move. When will he learn the truth about gravity? 2
06-30-2005 Originally, this was supposed to be a photo of the grand parents taking one of those shots of the grandkid in an elephant diarama, but then I noticed that there are some great people watching stuff going around and randomly got these people who have no idea that they got their stylin' was posted on the internet. Feel free to order shirts with this photo. 0
06-29-2005 Toby got to beat down in a drum circle with his crunchy friends at the Iowa art festival. 3
06-28-2005 Here are an arsenal of ducks for your daily POD eye candy. These ducks are Iowan ducks. For the next couple of weeks you will get pictures of our Iowa trip. This includes weekends. 2
06-27-2005 This is what Toby would look like in magenta glasses with the lenses poked out. 0
06-26-2005 Here is the master bedroom. I painted this blue and was able to write my name in the carpet, but then we got new carpet. 1
06-25-2005 The front room started off with a pool table, became empty, then turned into Aaronland and the birthplace of the whiplash turtles and their recording sessions. A couple of years ago, a part of the room seceeded and became the tiny republic of Tobyland. 0
06-24-2005 Ahhhhh, the living room where my free big screen tv once stood. I also once had my mattress couches there before I got the squishy green ones. 1
06-23-2005 Here are the bedrooms of my roommates at water well. At any given time, the following people lived there: John, Joanna, Eddie, Cameron, Chris, Luke, Toby. No, they didn't live there all at once. 1
06-22-2005 The breakfast nook was rarely eaten at until the Tobinator showed up. One time, we put a workout machine there. I got buff. 5
06-21-2005 Here is the backyard of water well as I leave it. It saw quite a few beer drinking / smoke break sessions. I, of course, don't smoke, but I would hang out with guests that did. 2
06-20-2005 Here we say goodbye to my house on water well. I hope the new owners treat her well. It was very sad turning off all the lights as I last locked up. I went to the closing without a house key because I never owned one. 5
06-19-2005 Amazingly, everything I own fits into these door to door storage pods. Since, I'm homeless for the next two weeks, they will be whisked away to the great storage facility in somewhereland. 4
06-18-2005 Kimberly packed the finger nail clippers a full two weeks in advance. Here are my fingernails now. They need clipping. I'm going to have to bum some from someone. 0
06-17-2005 Here is a happy butterfly getting some necter. 3
06-16-2005 Since the fishtank is up high and the two toddlers wanted to see the at home zoo that we've made, I had to be a mini elevator. Excitement!! 5
06-15-2005 Today is the day I'm closing on my house on water well, so I leave you with this communal bath picture of Olivia and Toby. Don't worry, it was completely supervised. Next week, I'll have a salute to the house on water well. 3
06-14-2005 Too bad the flamingos are fenced off. I'm sure they wouldn't mind being petted. 2
06-13-2005 This is how tired Toby was after the zoo. He actually fell asleep with a drink in his mouth and in the middle of a good book. 2
06-12-2005 I've got a lot of photos to get in. Here are some butterflies "makin' dessert." 0
06-11-2005 Bonus elephant photo for the weekend. 0
06-10-2005 There are FIVE days left in water well land. Here is the back of the new digs. Since there is a hot tub there, please feel free to bring your thong when you come over for a visit. And please, only tasteful thongs. 7
06-09-2005 We are going to have to wait a bit to see what Toby was pointing to in yesterday's pictures. It just hit me this morning that I have SIX days left in my water well adventure. I'm going to miss this place. However, the new place is really cool. Here is a picture of the front of the new place. It's almost sparklerly magical. 6
06-08-2005 I'm pretty sure we're pointing to an animal. But which one? 1
06-07-2005 Olivia came over for a visit this past weekend. Here Toby is showing her how he can lift flaps on a book. She is obviously impressed. 4
06-06-2005 Here is one of Toby's outside baths. 2
06-03-2005 This is the picture where Toby learns how a camera works. He also learned yesterday to say "mine", which totally caught Kim and myself off guard. 4
06-02-2005 For some reason I really like these bubble picture series. I can't think of anyone who hates bubbles. 3
06-01-2005 This is right after yesterday's POD's tantrum. Such a much happier person. 6
05-31-2005 Sorry about missing memorial day yesterday. We are busy packing and stuff. Here is a picture of little mister onary who's not getting his way. See, it's all not fun and games. Darn near close though. 7
05-27-2005 If you had a plastic cup, you would have to litter here. Unless you were sneaky and wrapped it in an oily rag or a plant leaf. 0
05-26-2005 one last Chaos Inc. photo for you. 1
05-25-2005 It's an end to another bowling season and there was causes to celibrate and be sad. We snuck into the rolloffs in the play in game and finished something like 8th overall. Sadly, our nemisis over the last 9 years, Chaos Inc., is moving to another bowling alley in pure fear of having to roll against us. You can see the fear on Steve (far right), Shelia (next to Steve), Robert (seated) and Russell (half a nose). The guy in green, I have no idea who he is, but he drinks beer so he can't be all that bad, unless that's a zima in his hand. 3
05-24-2005 Here is a nice picture of the Tobinator and half of Superdog. Also, on an update on our house for sale saga; the third offer on our house has legs and a price has been agreed to. The inspection is Thursday and the probable close date is June 15th. This may be the final countdown to my life at Water Well lane. Let's all start to think of the fond memories of this place. 10
05-23-2005 Bubbles are fun. However, if you leave the bubble wand exposed, its fair game to be usurped. 3
05-20-2005 Here is a nice picture of me. Sometimes I wonder if Toby knows that when he stays up for 3 hours in the middle of the night throwing a tantrum, that he gets to take a nap in the day and we don't. 5
05-19-2005 The four water pumps can pump something like 50000 gallons of water per minute a piece, but everyone is interested in the alligators in the bay. You can tell biology is more interestng than engineering. 0
05-18-2005 Here is the old pump house in Eagle Lake that was opened in 1927 (and still working) and my friend Cathy. 1
05-17-2005 This is crazy. These guys were fishing in alligator infested waters at Eagle Lake. They were fishing for 90 pound gar fish. I'm sure gar fish, once you get all the bones out, is edible, but I wouldn't brave it. I also like how they wanted to fish just past the sign and how they had beards, old hats and overalls. This was too Mark Twain to describe so I took a picture. 2
05-16-2005 Here is a plate of chicken fried steak and onion rings from my trip to Eagle Lake. 6
05-13-2005 I went on a field trip yesterday. Here is the picture of the person taking the group photo at the end of the trip. Our bus is also in the background. 5
05-12-2005 I've been meaning to get this photo of Toby looking at the snail in the grass for a while now. Since I don't have a photo of the big bite mark on his check courteously of some undisciplined child, I can put it up today. 3
05-11-2005 Here is the view from my hotel patio at my training session in California. The training was horrible, but the view was nice. 2
05-10-2005 A while back Kim asked for an updated Zac photo, so England Kate sent one over. Here is Toby's and mine competition for best father/son combination. 6
05-09-2005 Lunch is more fun with a full head of grey hair. 4
05-06-2005 So there are these books that you can press buttons on and they make noise. They make great weekend alarm clocks for tired parents. Here is a surprise visit from Grandpa Eesh reading the book to a inquisative Tobinator and his equally excited momma. 2
05-05-2005 Yes, that's pizza sauce on his forehead, his mouth, his chin, his belly, his hands, his shoulder, his ears, his elbows and his ARMPITS. I think it's safe to say, he likes pizza. 4
05-04-2005 Ok, new rules. If I have to show a nice photo one day, I'm going to show a soccer injury the next. Here is a prime example of the those scrapes that go deep enough to hit that lymph layer so that it won't scab up for a couple of days and then you have to wear a band aid so that it would bleed through your pants because your company is to old fashioned to let you wear shorts to work so the scab takes forever to form. 4
05-03-2005 Kim will be real happy with this family photo. I finally did a nice photo. Although there should be a city downtown behind us showing, I think this is a real nice photo of the three of us. 8
05-02-2005 Cameron hadn't seen Toby in quite some time. Here he is getting re-aquainted while Eddie takes a picture and Kimberly looks approvingly on. 7
05-01-2005 The Cameron got married last week. He came into Austin from Amsterdam just to do it. I forgot my photo camera at home for the wedding so I'll have to bum some photos from others, but here is a photo from the rehearsal dinner which we were so graciously invited to. Eddie, Matt and Cameron join me in this self group photo. 1
04-29-2005 Toby figures out the double cup koozie method of drinking. 4
04-28-2005 If you try to hide away from pictures the camera will catch you in awkward positions as Amy here found out. Long live the POD. 2
04-27-2005 To prove that there were other kids at the biergarten, Gary and Kaitlynn(sp) were there. Does anyone else notice how many spellings of Caitlynn there are? I mean you could spell Katelynne a numerous way. 2
04-26-2005 Here is where we introduced cabbage to the boy. He shoveled it down. Dare I say, it was gastastic! 2
04-25-2005 The man was a dancing fool at the biergarten. He's got this great poot move that he slides into a double side butt'n. I'm telling you, it's going to be the latest rage. 6
04-22-2005 Those mechanical robots at Chuck E. Cheese freak me out. I think they are going to attack at some point. I bet they were employees at one time. Creepy. 0
04-21-2005 It occured to me this morning that on this date four years ago, Kimberly and I had our first date. One of the results was being able to take this guy to his first biergarten. Here is the Tobinator and I toasting our wife/mother. Also note the really cool hat he has. He can point to it and say 'hat'. 2
04-20-2005 In keeping with the wildlife theme, here is the first time Toby saw a crawfish. Sorry about the poor photo quality here, but my wife really does have a head. 1
04-19-2005 Here is Stampy the snail. Stampy was a squatter on my yard before Toby and I threw him to the street like the gastropod he is. What's funny is someone someday is going to do a school paper on gastropods and come across this website. Feel free to leave a comment and borrow Stampy's image. 3
04-18-2005 Ruby and Toby had a chaperoned date at Chuck E. Cheese. Here is Ruby using a straw with help from Michael. Toby was off probably doing something chivlarous like getting napkins or purchasing some tokens for his date. 5
04-15-2005 Happy tax day. This here greasy piece of pizza represents money and the plate represents the economy and grease represents me and the cheese represents my personality. So basically I am the lubricant and flavor of my little portion of the economy. Long live me in all my glory. 5
04-14-2005 There were over three thousand dogs at this dog walk and Toby was at times a little bit more interested with a balloon. I think we need to take him to a big balloon festival. 4
04-13-2005 This lady has no idea that in an effort to water her dog, she got her butt posted on the internet. Long live the power of the POD. 6
04-12-2005 We went to the great Texas dog walk a couple of weeks ago. Of course, the Tobinator was very excited. Maggie and Superdog didn't care too much for the three mile walk. 7
04-11-2005 Steve and Jeanie are moving to Bentonville to corner the real estate market there. Good luck to them and I'm sure I'll see them again. Here is Steve and myself with a bunch of trees in the background. 5
04-08-2005 So the Subaru is in the shop and when it wasn't done last Tuesday as promised they scrambled to find me a loaner car. Since Subaru sponsers Lance Armstrong the local dealer gives him and his peeps some cars. This is one of those cars. It had an ashtray full of pennies, a garage door opener, a pack of gum and some kid named Peter's artwork. Since my Subaru is still in the shop, I got locked out of the house so I let Toby play with the Onstar and the upscale radio. 2
04-07-2005 Artistic ability must be hereditary. If you get one of this young Picasso's pieces of work, you better hold on to it. 9
04-06-2005 Ain't this an awfully cute picture of a growing oooooober cute Toby. 2
04-05-2005 Andy came into town for the wedding. Here is a picture of him trying to steal the limelight. 7
04-04-2005 This guy is a testament to the power of the POD. I have never met Issac(sp?) before until Kim and Rob's wedding, but yet he is a big fan of the POD and visits it quite often. Now, he's on it. Congrats, it's just that simple. 1
04-01-2005 Here is a useless picture of a half filled water glass with straw. I call it, "Half filled water glass with straw.". It's quite artistic. 8
03-31-2005 I'm totally jealous of all of Toby's super cool toys and riding equipment. I've taken over and am having fun. Toby next wants a convertable grown up car, so anyone else who wants to spoil him needs to get him an adult size version. On another note, Toby's Great Grandma Hansen turns a fabulous 80 years young today. Super POD birthday wishes go out to her. 8
03-30-2005 Here is a photo of Toby calling Grandma to wish her a very happy birthday. Don't you just love it when people call you and then directly hand off their phone to their pensive young kids? Happy birthday Momma Hansen from all your POD favorites. 11
03-29-2005 Here is super coo; Toby on his super cool trike that was given to him from his super cool ulta Bubby. Also notice the super cool threads given to him by the super cool great auntie Di. I'm trying to think of some super cool words to describe the situation.... 7
03-28-2005 This kite flew for a few minutes, I swear it did. 2
03-25-2005 My friends from old Invesmart got married. It was one of those office romances. I guess their hands met over a keyboard and it was game on from there. Here was my view point at their wedding. I didn't have very good seats, but the accoustics were amazing. 3
03-24-2005 The sun was shinning, the temperature was nice and Mommy had a water hose. It was time for the diaper to come off for some soaking fun. It was also time to fill the dog's water bowl up too. 4
03-23-2005 After a day of kite flying and BBQ'in, the little guy was exhausted. Here he is crashed. 3
03-22-2005 I think this photo came straight out of a Williams and Sonoma catalog. And yes the hair has been cut since then. Mine, not Ryan's. 4
03-21-2005 The fam got to go to a cookout at Ryan and Shelly's place for some hot dogs and burgers. Here is Toby entertaining the host with some of his wit and charm. I'm pretty sure that beer is not Toby's, but you never know with kids these days. 2
03-18-2005 It's been a while since the last food picture so here is a shot of Momma Hansen's famous veggie lasagna. Enjoy. I did. 2
03-17-2005 Who likes kites? We do. And so does everyone else. 7
03-16-2005 We had our first sunny weekend in six weeks last weekend. Here is Toby in the sand pit playing with his shovel. He shovels well. 8
03-15-2005 After two years of for better or worse, I've still got that fire. Happy Anniversary, sweetie. (That goes out to just one of my loyal fans, to the rest of you, have a happy day.) 4
03-14-2005 We took the Tobinator to the 77th annual kite festival. The sky was filled with kites of all sizes. Toby was impressed. He was also impressed with how many people and dogs there were. Here he is pointing things out. 4
03-11-2005 I've been wanting to put up this photo of Toby and the creepy duck, so now here it is. 6
03-10-2005 Here are a parade of bowlers at the National Bowling Tournament in Baton Rouge. You can just sense the excitement in the air. 3
03-09-2005 Today's picture is two grown bowlers in bed together watching an English dubbed Italian early 60's movie of Hercules. Since one of these guys is a pilot, this photo just screams, "so Timmy, you ever watch gladiator movies?" 2
03-08-2005 Here is the picture of Jim and I celebrating free steak and dollar beers. 5
03-07-2005 Got to get this great photo in of Toby in the foam pit. Everyone likes the foam pit. 3
03-04-2005 Here is the cake that Toby picked out and I made for Kimberly's birthday. 1
03-03-2005 Happy three three day. Here is another shot from our Wal-mart photo shoot for Mother's birthday. It's our soccer hooliganism photo. 2
03-02-2005 With Toby's recent ear infection, we had the day off yesterday. Since it was Kimberly's birthday we went to Wal-mart to look for presents and cake mix. We found out that the Wal-mart photo studio was offering $5.98 portraits. Here is one of the shots that we didn't buy. 10
03-01-2005 Super Happy birthday to POD favorite wife. Yep, she's flipped another digit on her odometer. Here is a picture of her cleaning the toilet in the closet. 9
02-28-2005 Just got back from bowling nationals. I bowled okay. Here is a picture of me waiting in the back hallway with the other bowlers right before we enter the arena. 4
02-25-2005 Yesterday I wasn't in a good mood, so I'm late on this, but POD favorite brother flipped another digit on his personal odometer. My baby bro is 31. In his honor, here is a plate of garlic chicken and egg roll. Here is a past link of him before he was 30. LINK 2
02-24-2005 In the news this morning:
"The DoD says Lance Cpl. Trevor D. Aston, 32, of Austin, Texas, died Tuesday as a result of non-hostile vehicle incident in Al Anbar Province, Iraq."
He was my friend. Link 1
02-23-2005 We bowled the DeGreasers the other week. They gave us the business even though they only had three members show up as the rest cowered in fear. 2
02-22-2005 Happy two-two day. Here is a picture of Toby's first professional photo shoot. He was quite dashing. However, I think I take better photographs than this photographer. 2
02-21-2005 We redid the master bathroom to make the house look nice for selling. Officially, we are on the market and even had our first showing. I'm upset that they didn't make an offer on the spot. Here is a picture of the glory hole that connects to the toilet. Raise your hand if you knew what the connection to a toilet looks like. 6
02-18-2005 I found my camera. It was in the car seat of my car. Here is Toby playing from the new pictures that were on it. He picked this one out today. 7
02-17-2005 I'm running out of pictures to post. Until I find my camera, you will have to settle for old pictures that I didn't use from back in the day. Here are beer bottles from 2003. 8
02-16-2005 Kimberly has balloon magnetism. 4
02-15-2005 I left my camera at my mom's house (so I think), so I have to find more photos from a few weeks ago. Here is Toby right before his first haircut. 0
02-14-2005 So I got broiled on my beard photo last week and now I've decided to have a guest POD today. For all you metrosexual rodeo fans this valentines day, here is bronco bustin' Glenn. Flame away. 11
02-11-2005 This is the gnarliest beard I ever grew. It took almost an hour to shave it off. Toby petted me once when I had it. 7
02-10-2005 This dude loves to be photographed. 3
02-09-2005 I love it when my fans request food pictures. Here is a really tall salad and myself peeking over it. 2
02-08-2005 Maggie is totally helping Grandpa Cal. Others are still trying to put together some of the toys. 5
02-07-2005 Everyone except myself are helping put Toby's birthday presents together. 2
02-04-2005 Computer went down for a day and I couldn't get this picture up until the weekend so this is the POD retro picture. 0
02-03-2005 My computer is totally crashed so I had to go on Kim's machine to find a picture this morning. I found a picture of a number/insect painting she did for a cousin of hers. If you want a painting, give her a call as she is a good artist. Picasso has nothing on her. 8
02-02-2005 Happy 2 2 day. 2 day, I show a picture from the still ooooober cute Toby's birthday party. He learned how to avoid eating peas. First, distract the Mommy. Second, do something cute like try to feed the Bubby. Lastly, Slip her the peas. However, I caught this on film. Well, actually, digital film. But busted none the less. 0
02-01-2005 Here is a picture of right after Toby's first haircut. Damn he looks sharp. 3
01-31-2005 Someone is quite popular with the graham cracker. 3
01-28-2005 Toby is so nice that he is offering some of his birthday cake to his Bubby. 2
01-27-2005 Here is Toby's B-day cake. Icing is fun to play with. On another note, someone yesterday used the MSN web search for "pictures of men modeling underwear" and came up with this site. I apologize to that person for not getting what you really want. Also, someone everyday, uses yahoo search for "Trisha bathroom picture". Is there a famous Trisha bathroom picture out there? Or is someone so enamored by this site that they accidently found it once, but can't resist the power known as and must visit everyday now. If so, welcome to my world, you are invited. 0
01-26-2005 Toby had an informal birthday party on his birthday. His official weigh-in for his one year of living is 23lbs. 12 oz. Congrats to the winners of any betting pools. Here is a picture of toby looking at me, Bubby and Grandpa singing some sort of dorking song. 3
01-25-2005 This photo makes me laugh. I also came up with a theme song for picture of the day. It goes. "Picture of the day..... HOORAY!!!!!". I hope you liked it. 6
01-24-2005 I feel like showing duck butts to the world today. I think it's humorous that someone in the internet land will do a search one day for ducks and come up with this photo. Or maybe they'll do a search for Paxil and come up this photo since I just typed the word 'Paxil' and it will now be shown in searches. 8
01-21-2005 Toby got to see King Duck up close. These ducks will do almost anything for some stale peice of bread. 4
01-20-2005 This picture just seems funny to me. 2
01-19-2005 Ok, back to the duck pictures. Toby got excited to see wildlife in their natural habitat eat processed bread products. 4
01-18-2005 The person in this picture is having a birthday today. If you see him, give him a present. --Side note-- Toby, I'm sure you'll look at this POD later on in life, probably when you are lippy teenager or one of those post college students who try to move back with their parents, and I just want to let you know that this first year was AMAZING. Everything has been wonderful and even better than your mom or I could ever imagine. Thank you and happy birthday. --End of side note--. 15
01-17-2005 It seems someone is getting quite old. I think it's time to cut the grey locks of this soon to be birthday boy. 1
01-14-2005 Toby figured out that the duck chow was also bread and could be eaten. 3
01-13-2005 Toby got a little bit more interested in the bread than the ducks at one point. 9
01-12-2005 In this scene, Toby thinks he can walk on water. Apparently, he's not a water strider and would sink to the bottom. 1
01-11-2005 It's ducks! This main duck, whom I'll call King Duck, was actually panting rather than quacking. It was almost scary. Five points go out to Grandpa Eesh for his correct guess. I've got another picture of King Duck doing something rather biological to a member of his flock. Madcap hilarity. 2
01-10-2005 We went to the park this weekend and Toby spied on something interesting. Answer will be tomorrow. Five POD merit points to all correct answers. Members of the photo are disqualified. Open to all residents of all countries. 9
01-07-2005 Got some new members in the household. Here are Petey and Goldfish struting their fins. 0
01-06-2005 He is so modest. 4
01-05-2005 Toby learned some new skills lately. Besides walking, dancing, pointing and sticking things in his mouth, he has learned to climb on top of things. Apparently this daredevil thinks the kitchen table is Mount McKinney and needs to be climbed. Here he is practicing on the smaller coffee table course. 3
01-04-2005 Happy birthday to the family matriarch. I think she is swimming with dolphins right now. Unfortuneately, Toby has both an ear infection and pink eye to celebrate. We are staying at home today. Here is a picture of balloons from the cotton bowl halftime spectacular show. I know releasing balloons into the wild is not very environmental, but it sure is pretty. 6
01-03-2005 I know we got beat down in the cotton bowl, but at least the ride on the DART to the game was fun. Here is the Traweek and myself on the way with a Dallas skyscraper behind us. 7