Pictures for the Year 2006
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2006 Looks like this day is going to turn into some kind of party. Go for it Griffin! 4
12-30-2006 I don't know who had more fun, the cat or the Toby? Anyhow, it's a surprise weekend bonus picture because I can't leave 2006 without a couple of more pics. 1
12-29-2006 Let's get a Great Grandpa Thorvald and Griffin shot in right before the new year. 1
12-28-2006 Let's get started with all the holiday pics I took from our vacation to sunny Iowa. Here is a family pic of the mother with her two sons. 6
12-27-2006 This is a guest POD from my buddy Nathan in England. He says, "No strings or photoshop were used in the creation of this image. I would also like to add that no animals were harmed during the creation and execution of this death defying stunt!". If I remember correctly, we were trying to pull off this stunt during our backbacking days in Brisbane. I guess he was able to do it finally, while I got fat and lazy. Anyhow, word has it that his lovely wife was due last Sunday, so a big POD hug goes out to Nathan, Kate and their family. 5
12-26-2006 One last random Griffin picture before I start posting PODs of our holiday trip to Iowa. 1
12-25-2006 Here is photographic evidence that I am an awesome father. I even change diapers. They should clone me and let mothers of the world have a helper like myself. 3
12-24-2006 Here is her finished product of the christmas lights. I got to say, I like it. 5
12-23-2006 Welcome to this secret weekend POD pic. Kim likes ladders and she likes christmas lights. They both scare me. 3
12-22-2006 One of the more amazing tricks that the Griff can do is to make bubbles. Not just any kind of easy soapy bubbles, but genuine paste water formula spit bubbles. Awesome!!!! 1
12-21-2006 When you don't have teeth, fingers in the mouth can totally be chomped on. This is good knowledge when you are a baby or a very old person with bad dental hygene. 2
12-20-2006 In today's POD, Griffin is doing a little multitasking. It's tummy time, and animal learning. 0
12-19-2006 Most times, Toby is being a great help with his baby brother. Here he is pointing out the animals in the painting to the Griff. 1
12-18-2006 Toby scored a great gift from the grand parents. It was a 61 key keyboard. Now we don't have to spend an hour in the keyboard isle at Target. So far the funky organ is his favorite sound. 2
12-17-2006 Grandpa Cal got a cool new jump rope. I asked Toby what hobbies Grandpa has when we were shopping. He said Grandpa likes to hop. So we got him a jump rope. 2
12-16-2006 Toby somehow picked out a great present for his dear ol' Momma. I swear he didn't have any help. Scout's honor. (I was never a scout, however.) 0
12-15-2006 Since we won't be seeing the Bubster and Gramps for the holidays, we got to open up the loot all at once. I know for sure that Bubby Lani can not complain about this picture as I think it is a fantastic picture of her opening up her present from Griffin and Toby. 1
12-14-2006 Toby thought the latkas were fantastic. 5
12-13-2006 It's latka time! You know it takes at least five people to make latkas. Here two people use a food processor from the early 50's. 5
12-12-2006 Happy 12 / 12 day. Here, The Griff is probably learning about something. He's quite the talkative fellow if you ever meet him. 1
12-11-2006 This is a nice pic of Toby and Grandpa Cal. 3
12-08-2006 This slide was very very cool. Toby really had fun this day. First a car show and then a birthday party at the jumping house place. 2
12-07-2006 Spiderman was at the car show signing autographs. It's nice to know that there is such a lack of crime in Austin that superheroes are forced to do public events to kill the time. 3
12-06-2006 We took Toby to the car show last weekend. Here he is checking out a convertable something with Grandpa Cal. 2
12-05-2006 Let's give a quick shout out to the POD favorite baby right now who can now roll on his tummy from his back. Next thing you will know, he'll be trying to borrow the keys to the Megalovan. 2
12-04-2006 So my cleats totally blew up two weeks ago at my soccer game and I had to buy some new ones. Luckily, I waited until I found an online store that had a 40% coupon for six hours on Friday after Thanksgiving. I played in my first game with them yesterday and wow, what a difference. These Adidas Predators Absolutes are fantastic. I've got more speed and power, but an added bonus is I have way more control with the ball. 3
12-01-2006 After a really big thanksgiving meal, sometimes you need to clear some room in the bowels. 0
11-30-2006 Yea!!! Me with food. 4
11-29-2006 Thanksgiving is of course my favorite holiday. It's all about the food and then maybe a football game. Here, Kim describes her favorite running play. 5
11-28-2006 I got to take Toby to work last Wednesday. We made a badge and he wrote his name on the whiteboard. He wrote his name all by himself without any help or outsourcing. Not bad for a two year old. And you can't get me on child labor laws because I didn't pay him. 5
11-27-2006 This is the scoreboard from the A&M game this past Friday. Grandpa Cal got me a great seat to witness an absolute pummeling at the hand of my beloved Aggies. 1
11-24-2006 One last cute Griffin picture and then I'll start with the Holiday photos. Also, happy shopping day. 1
11-23-2006 I needed a good representative photo for Thanksgiving today. All I could think of was this photo. Happy turkey day everyone!!!! 3
11-22-2006 It's been a long time since Uncle Jeremy came to visit. Let's have another POD of his mug. 3
11-21-2006 Fight the power! 9
11-20-2006 I didn't know babies could smile this much at such an early age. Too bad I cropped the photo, this would of been a really good one. 4
11-17-2006 I wonder what this photo looks like from the other camera? I bet it's a picture of two camera hogs. 2
11-16-2006 Sometimes it is great that they don't have teeth yet. 10
11-15-2006 Uncle Jeremy came to town this weekend. We had loads of fun. Today's POD is a guest photographer. The blur is his finger at the bottom of the photo. I'd complain normally, but since the photographer is only two and this is his first picture without anyone's help on the button, I'll cut him some slack. 4
11-14-2006 As by request, the haircut picture is today. Last weekend, Toby and I got supercool haircuts. Kimberly said we were not allowed mohawks, but she didn't say anything about moosing up a perfectly good haircut into a mohawk. Toby looks awesome, don't you agree? 4
11-13-2006 I don't know who is more excited about Grandpa Cal's birthday? 3
11-10-2006 It would be interesting to see how this picture turned out from Grandpa Eesh. 1
11-09-2006 Kim wouldn't let me be Mr. T for Halloween, so I had to use my duck costume for the work costume contest. Here's me in the middle of announcing who I was. I was a duck with a beard. I won a 25 dollar prize. Still bummed about the Mr. T thing though. 6
11-08-2006 Here's one of the boys and mommy right before they went out to go trick or treating. Can you say parent tax on the candy? 3
11-07-2006 We also had zebras running around. 8
11-06-2006 There was this really scary lion running around our neighborhood last Tuesday night. I caught a photo of him. 5
11-03-2006 Time for a random Griffin shot. 6
11-02-2006 Well, since I didn't get many comments from a rather great picture of the misses and the boys, today you get my toes sticking out of my bubble bath. 8
11-01-2006 Here's a nice picture of Toby degutting his pumpkin while the Griff and Kimberly look on. 2
10-31-2006 We went to a pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkings. Toby found one he really liked. 5
10-30-2006 Ok, I was in Vegas last week for a conference on Adobe products and learned some good stuff. Because I was still smarting over the virus I've had for almost a month, I didn't do much there except watch TV, sleep and go to the conference. Well, that and I limited to myself to small amounts of losses that I hit within a half hour of each gambling session. Except for the last night. Here is my slot ticket with two big winners from the nickel slot. I went home over $150 for the week. Awesome. On another note, I totally punched in a goal in my soccer game on Sunday. I grabbed a loose ball, put a mad juke on a defender and ripped a low short side strike past a diving keeper. This has been a really good weekend. 4
10-28-2006 Here's one for the mantle place. It's Bubby and the boys. 5
10-27-2006 I'm going to throw a bonus picture this week tomorrow. Today, It's a nice pic of Bubby and a crying Griff. 2
10-26-2006 Toby also got some face painting in. He wanted a zebra. That's manly. 4
10-25-2006 We went to Toby's school's fall festival and did games for treats. This isn't a game, but spin art is totally fun to do. 4
10-24-2006 Toby sometimes makes a nest out of pillows and stuffed animals for nap time. This is what it looks like. 2
10-23-2006 Got to start the week off with a gorgeous Griffin picture. He's learned to smile. Awwwwwwww. 2
10-20-2006 I wonder how this photo looked on the other camera? 1
10-19-2006 I must confess, I did not take this photo. And I think this is one of the few photos that I actually look decent in even though I'm not making a face, nor can you see my nostrils. Plus, it looks like my good looking genes were successfully passed down to both copies of my spawn. 9
10-18-2006 It's time for a gorgeous griffin shot of him looking at someting truly fascinating. 4
10-17-2006 Some little kids at the petting zoo find brushes and brush the animals. Some little kids find poop nuggets and are amazed. Yes, that's poop in that girl's hand. 4
10-16-2006 We went to the zoo to check out the big animal butts. Here is the rhinocerous. 3
10-13-2006 It's time for a nudie Griffin stroller shot. I just love this face. 2
10-12-2006 Ok back to the petting zoo. Here is a nice picture of Toby and a goat. 2
10-11-2006 The megalovan died yesterday. Some electrical stuff in the engine burned out. Fittingly, the megalovan died with in site of the trash heap that we pass everyday to school/work. Here is that final photo of the megalovan. The last words the megalovan heard were, "Daddy, we are driving on the grass. That's funny." 3
10-10-2006 Here's me and my new platonic friend. I think that's Toby's hand brushing him. 2
10-09-2006 Let's get one more lava pit picture in. 3
10-06-2006 I'm sure I'm not the only Dad in the lava pit. 5
10-05-2006 No matter how hard you throw, you just can't hurt any kids in the lava volcano foam pit. 3
10-04-2006 He defies the law of gravity. 1
10-03-2006 Jameson and Toby are getting ready to jump in the volcano foam pit of death. They look really terrified. 5
10-02-2006 Sometimes, it's not quantity, but quality. Remember that. 7
09-29-2006 Here is Toby and best friend Jameson on their way to go feed the ducks. 4
09-28-2006 I came home the day after my official birthday to find that Toby, Griffin and Kimberly had got me a pinata. Here is a picture of me getting ready to swat the pinata. 8
09-27-2006 This is Toby after only one feeding. Yes that is spinach in his ear. 4
09-26-2006 They had a park and ride bus to and from the alamodome. My advice to you POD faithful is to not sit on the back row on top of the engine, no matter how drunk you are. Those seats get real hot and could singe! 0
09-25-2006 I got a pass to go the A&M game in San Antonio last weekend. I somehow got the guy next to me to think it was cool to put mustard around the rim of your beer. 1
09-22-2006 I won the coolest phone I've seen last week at the conference I went to. It's a cell phone that has a 3.2 megapixel camera. Here is the first POD with this camera. Now I'll never be missing a camera for photo ops. Long live the POD! 2
09-21-2006 As an amateur photographer, I realize that I need more light on the subject, but he does looking a haunting in this photo. The he being Griffin. 4
09-20-2006 Here is Grandpa Cal holding the Griff for the first time. Woo hoo. 5
09-19-2006 Griffin yawn alert. 6
09-18-2006 I have no idea what game Nana and Toby are playing, but it looks like a two person game. 3
09-16-2006 Got to get this picture in from about a month ago when Toby decided it was snowing and wanted to wear his sheep and leather hat to school. It was over 100 that day. Funny stuff. 2
09-15-2006 Let's get a great photo of Uncle Larry and Auntie Barb on here with the Griff man. 2
09-14-2006 Let's start a parade of pictures(excluding the weekend), where different people hold Griffin for the first time. We start with Nana, who came down and was a big help. 2
09-13-2006 Today celebrates the most important day in history. It's my birthday. I'm 35 today and for the first time I meet all the requirements for being president of the United States. Without this day, you wouldn't get great photos of me and Griffin, who posesses exactly half of my genetic material. Those are some strong genes, Griffin. Use them well. 13
09-12-2006 Close up of Griffin. A little blurry, but this would be his vantage point if he was looking the other way. 7
09-11-2006 If you love super cuddly baby photos then today's POD is for you! 1
09-10-2006 I went to check on Toby for an excessively long nap and couldn't find him until I opened the closet door. This is what I found. 1
09-09-2006 So its five years ago today that I busted my leg. And fittingly, I have a picture of me in scrubs for Griffin's birthday. Irony is so ironic some times. 4
09-08-2006 A request came in for a nice family POD. Here is a picture that captures all of us as about as nice as we can get right now. I think we look pretty good. 1
09-07-2006 This picture just screams out... FABULOUS!!!! 4
09-06-2006 Here is the first time Toby got to hold Griffin. I totally captured the event on film. How odd was it that I happen to be carrying my camera around. 1
09-05-2006 Toby picked out these flowers to give his mommy who was in the hospital birthing a brother for him. He's got some good taste. 5
09-04-2006 Bubby is teaching Toby some interesting habits with playdoh. 0
09-03-2006 Bubby came over to play playdoh with Toby and it turned into a game of fake booger sneezes. 3
09-02-2006 Here is a nice POD of Toby consoling his mother at 4am a week before Griffin was born. 3
09-01-2006 Continued from yesterday, here is Toby looking ooober cute feeding Griffin. 8
08-31-2006 I'm going to go a little out of order here. This is not the first time Toby has held Griffin, however, this POD and tomorrow's POD are so cute. Here is smiley Griffin hanging out with big bro. 4
08-30-2006 Griffin is bundled up and ready to go home for the first time. 1
08-29-2006 And here is the official birthweight of the official new member of the family Wine household. He's what we call in the fishing industry, a lunker. 3
08-28-2006 This is an amazing picture. This is just seconds of Griffin's life. He technically isn't even born here when his cord is cut. They do the time of birth a few minutes later officially when he is in the heat lamp. Awesome. 7
08-27-2006 Here is a pic of Toby and his best bud, Jameson, at the park. Those guys were hiliarious, running all over and have races on the dual slides. 2
08-26-2006 I was going to post this picture of Toby and his new hotrod on thursday, but Griffin trumped the slot. I had to go to jury duty on Thursday as well. I was juror number 9 and they took jurors to number 8 for this traffic court case from 2004. I wanted to be picked. 5
08-25-2006 Here's Mr. Smiley smile himself. It only took a few minutes before Griffin issued his first smile. I'm going to bump some PODs that I replaced these past two days for the weekend. Then it will be a get your Griffin overload. 2
08-24-2006 Introducing Griffin "The Griff" Abbott Wine, born August, 23rd, 2006 at 10:21am, weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces. Mother and baby are doing fine. I'm tired. 26
08-23-2006 Everyone likes toddler / puppy pictures. I mean EVERYONE!!!! So you better like it or I'll find you via your IP and give you nuggies till it hurts. 5
08-22-2006 Toby actually hit this ball with the bat without help. I'm going to work on his hitting on both sides on the plate because those guys make more money when drafted. 4
08-21-2006 We got Toby's first homework assignment from his new school. I think I was supposed to fill in his answers, but I thought I'd let him try to spell them out. I put the right responses in after he was done. I'd fail him, except give him an A for effort. 6
08-18-2006 We got a shipment of Iowa corn a couple of weeks ago. Here is Toby enjoying one of the ears. 5
08-17-2006 He's such a bookworm. And a lollygagger. 2
08-16-2006 Toby wants everyone to bowl well. 5
08-15-2006 The score monitor with all the buttons was more fun this time. 3
08-14-2006 Here is Toby trying to open the candy machine with my bowling locker key. Good try, smart kid, no dice on the candy though. 1
08-11-2006 The other bowlers at the alley were mightily impressed with Toby unorthodoxed style of bowling. 5
08-10-2006 Quick bowling reprieve. We had the last sonogram of kid #2. Here is our sonogramster, Angie, and the future prodigy. 3
08-09-2006 I took Toby bowling the other day. I kid you not, his second frame, he picked up the seven/ten split. Of course his ball barely hit the pocket on the first shot to leave a lot of pins on the deck, but he picked up the split. 3
08-08-2006 When Cal and I work on cars/vans, sparks fly! 0
08-07-2006 The Megalovan had some minor dings that needed to be fixed. Cal and I spent Saturday fixing it. Here is the picture from exactly half way thru the project. 3
08-04-2006 I can't wait to see what the peanut gallery is going to come up with this POD. Do you go with the oober cute Toby? Do you razz on the well positioned unicorn in the background? Or do you mention how long it's been since an upnose shot? 3
08-03-2006 I took ooober cute Toby to the local minor league baseball game, where he had 2 hot dogs, 1 ice cream and a half a cookie. This was all done between the 3rd and 8th innings. 6
08-02-2006 Here another picture of Toby swiping my hat and making me wear his. 1
08-01-2006 I think it's great that someone fifty or a hundred years from now will stumble on the POD and possibly stumble upon this photo and think, "that's got to be even weird for then". Travelers from the future; I bid you greetings from the POD. 2
07-31-2006 awww, isn't he cute? He's got both of my knee braces on. 0
07-28-2006 It's starting to become a tradition that when I prepare for my soccer game and put my toe tape on, that Toby needs to have toe tape done as well. 4
07-27-2006 This just seems like an oooober cute picture of the Tobinator and Superdog. I also think Superdog is getting grey whiskers in her old age. I mean she's almost 8 already. 4
07-26-2006 Time for a wildlife photo on the POD. We have four hummingbirds that abuse the free sugar water system on Loweswater Lane. Here is one bogart caught in the action. 2
07-25-2006 Toby and Josh got into a water fight. I think the lesson is, is that when you are two, don't get in a water fight with a ten year old. 2
07-24-2006 A while back, Kimberly and Toby planted a seed. Here is the result of this seed. Ladies and Gentlemen and fans of the POD, I give you, "Colossus the Sunflower", the ninth wonder of the World!!! 2
07-21-2006 Toby and I got haircuts. The only way I could get both of us in the picture was to use the mirror. Darn flash. 0
07-20-2006 Toby is always in such a good mood and always wants his picture taken. Little Brother ("Peanut") is usually in a good mood and wants his picture taken. Since Peanut is still in the belly, Momma K will have to stand in. 3
07-19-2006 Watermelon is hilarious. You should of heard the slurping going on. 6
07-18-2006 So I got a new CD and Toby wanted to listen to it. Here he is rocking out on the headphones. 5
07-17-2006 Toby has mastered the computer. He always wants to play on it now. He has a game that is Dr. Seuss themed and can click, drag, drop matching games and letters, etc. He's not even 2 1/2 yet. I'm going to step up the learning curve and have him into databases by 4. Then, he'll be billable. 3
07-14-2006 Ryan and Shelly once again put on a fantastic July 4th gathering. Toby and I got to share Ryan's umbrella while we witnessed the climatic firework extravaganza. 1
07-13-2006 Toby, Kim and I went to go see the July 4th fireworks that Austin had to show off. It rained, but that didn't stop us. 0
07-12-2006 I know you POD fans really like the cute Toby photos, so here is this week's offering. Toby and I had matching Detroit Tiger hats when we went to the grocery store, but he wanted to wear mine and I had to wear his. He thought this was funny. 6
07-11-2006 I got a new accessory for my van. It's a sheepskin navy blue steering wheel cover. I took this awesome photo of myself leaving the bowling alley. Did I tell you I love my van? 3
07-10-2006 Got to take a break this week and clean up some pictures that have been sitting. Here is my new bowling ball. It is a Morich Shock and Awe. The second week I had this ball, I bowled a 289 game and my first 700+ series. My other old ball, a Brunswick Attitude 3, served me well these past nine years. I call this photo, A changing of the guard. 2
07-07-2006 This one I don't get. He was in the ocean for a good hour, and then only when pulled from the ocean did he then take a leak. Nice boat in the background. 2
07-06-2006 Nudie boy catches some waves. I think at this age, you still have to hold his hand in the ocean. 0
07-05-2006 Nudie boy demanded to get some ocean nudie time. I don't know if Nana put sunscreen on his butt. Living dangerously. 2
07-04-2006 With my apologies to our now friends in England. Happy July 4th everyone. 0
07-03-2006 Toby and Kim were fasinated by the underwater dolphin aquarium viewing area at the Texas Aquarium. I did not know this until we saw this exhibit, but dolphins have belly buttons. Plus guppies are not found in dolphin tanks. 6
06-30-2006 Toby likes the sandbox at school. You should of seen how excited he was to see the beach. Here he is doing his best Godzilla impression. 0
06-29-2006 Here is a nice picture of Momma K with the Tobinator kicking some water. 4
06-28-2006 At some point sun block starts to look like shaving cream. This is one spf protected kid. I really like this photo, alot. 4
06-27-2006 I can't tell if he's having fun in the ocean. I don't know if the uncontrollable fits of laughter is from playing in the ocean or hanging out with me. 1
06-26-2006 Into the ocean we go. 5
06-23-2006 One of the first things Toby did was draw a T in the sand. This was unprompted by the way. He's smart. 7
06-22-2006 Apparently, you have to keep your eye on toddlers near the ocean. Toby wasn't hesitant at all near the water. 4
06-21-2006 We took Nana and Toby to the beach last week. This is the first time Toby has seen the ocean. 2
06-20-2006 Here is me at the time that the US got the goal to tie Italy in the world cup. This was also before the crappy ref screwed us thrice. Still was a lot of fun. Go U.S.! 2
06-19-2006 What a great week I had. Vacation, World Cup Soccer, a visit from Nana, and Father's day. Here is my surprise father's day cake. Toby couldn't keep the surprise a secret very long. I mean it's cake, c'mon. 6
06-16-2006 Oh my goodness! It's the next wave of future programmers. 2
06-15-2006 Nana came into town so I had to do the customary bad picture of one of my guests. I think this photo was fantastic, but I really had to beg for permission to use this one. 1
06-14-2006 It's been a while since Superdog graced these PODs. Here is her lovable self. Think happy Superdog thoughts today. 1
06-13-2006 buckethead 2
06-12-2006 Nana came into town and brought Toby a new pop shade tent. Toby really likes it. Also, I'm going to take a three hour lunch to watch world cup soccer. You should too. 5
06-09-2006 This is pretty much what we do when guests arrive. We plop Toby in the middle and just watch. 3
06-08-2006 Here is Avari, who was lured by the sweet words of the Tobinator to go swimming in his pool. I tell ya, he's one slick dude. 6
06-07-2006 Toby is so slick. He got two chicks to go "swimming" with him while he was Nudie Boy. Even one of the girl's mom had to turn a blind eye to the event. 6
06-06-2006 This picture looks a little bit devious. What's he up to? 3
06-05-2006 Toby and I can make waffles thanks to Mom's new mother's day present, the waffling iron. We got this for her, not so that she would have to make waffles, but as so we could make waffles for her on weekends. Here are two of those aforementioned waffles. 8
06-02-2006 The best part about going to a birthday party for twins is double birthday cake slices. 1
06-01-2006 It's pinata time. 6
05-31-2006 I'm bouncing all around here. This is the boys down the street's birthday party. Toby got to eat some cake from not one, but two. 1
05-30-2006 Uncle Jeremy came into town this weekend so he could read Toby this book. 4
05-29-2006 Here is the last Furr's meal in probably a really long time. It's an all you can eat buffet full of comfort food. Brown gravy goes on everything there. 0
05-26-2006 I call this the fondue burger. Basically, I cover the whole burger in squirt cheese and then cover the onion rings too. The guac and bacon only accentuate. 0
05-25-2006 I almost chose a pizza buffet today, but at the last minute remembered that I needed to eat some wings one more time. Here is a picture of me eating 25 wings at my favorite wing joint. In the future, a few little chickens will retain their wings as I won't be eating these any time soon. Good bye wings. 5
05-24-2006 This is an ultimate cheeseburger from Jack In the Box. These were my 2am staple of choice or my I'm having a day I need a cheap reward crutch. 10
05-23-2006 I've got this new project I'm going to do this week on the POD. I've decided to start eating better. A lot better. Which is going to be very hard for me to do since basically I love food. I love fried food and I love free food. This week, I'm going to say good bye to bad eating habits, by going to a few of my old standards and trying a few new things I have gotten around to eating yet. Today, I'm trying KFC's new mashed potato bowl. Their advertising proclaims it to be new and famous, but then how do you get to be new and famous at the same time? Sounds like a bunch of hokey to me, but I digress. The real reason I'm eating this bowl is because I invented this dish many moons ago. The bowl has mashed potatos and gravy with buttered corn on top of that and chicken nuggets on top of that, followed by some cheese and then more gravy. It was pretty good, but I make a better mix. 6
05-22-2006 We got invited to Aaron and Raymond's fifth birthday witha pirate them party. It was way fun. Here is Aaron (lc) and Raymond doing a fierce pirate yell. Scallywag not included. 1
05-19-2006 The GM of our company came by to have breakfast tacos with some people near my department. I decided to join in and have a taco. I also met the GM. I think he wants to groom me to be his successor. 1
05-18-2006 I found and killed this scorpion whilst removing the wood around my old hot tub with my bare hands. I'm such a man. 10
05-17-2006 Some delicious pretend muffins are ready. 6
05-16-2006 The ooober spoiled Tobinator got yet another present from relatives. He can make some super cool fake muffins in his new pretend kitchen. He pronounces it chichen. 5
05-15-2006 Ruby and Toby got to swim together a couple of weeks ago. It was a splashy good time. 1
05-12-2006 Here's that booty butt covered in chalk. At least we don't have to do laundry. 2
05-11-2006 Guess who learned how to take his clothes off? 5
05-10-2006 I finally got rid of the hot tub. It took this many people to move it out. It was pretty rotten underneath wood wise, but still functioning. Now, if I can just interest anyone in a deck of rotting wood. I'll part with it on the cheap. 7
05-09-2006 I think frogs are very cute despite being slimy, green and warty. This picture of a frog was from a visit not too long ago. I think as a kid I saw more frogs than I do now. It must be because they are hiding out with the trolls and I don't go under bridges anymore. 7
05-08-2006 Toby took some time out of his busy day to play a little pinball. He really does play a mean pinball. 3
05-05-2006 Sorry this photo is a little fuzzy, but it was a great photo idea so I have to include it in my POD collection. I call it two and a half naps. 4
05-04-2006 I call this photo, a box of balls and Toby. 3
05-03-2006 I appreciate everyone patience while was down. The web host CIHost knocked me down for a week and didn't answer their phones. I've backdated the photos I was going to use so you can browse the PODs of yesteryear for them. I've since moved onto a new web host. Viva the POD. 6
05-02-2006 I've got to remember that Toby now knows how to use the hose. On another note, I am a very good looking fellow when wet. 3
05-01-2006 I'm wondering how long Toby will be more than willing to help me do chores. I'm thinking when he's a teenager, washing the car together might not get done without a bribe. 0
04-30-2006 We have a lot of artistic talent that runs thru our family. 0
04-29-2006 I guess you could say Toby was caught blue handed. 0
04-28-2006 Toby at Thelma's birthday party snuck Ruby away to the doghouse for a little private time before they were busted by the papparazzi. 1
04-27-2006 Toby doesn't mind helping himself to some chips at Thelma's birthday party. 0
04-26-2006 There was an easter egg hunt at Thelma's birthday party. Toby got his allotment of eggs with the help of Momma K. 0
04-25-2006 From 4/25/2006 to 5/3/2006, my site hosted on CIHost went down. CIHost did not respond to any phone calls, emails or live chat requests during this whole week. Therefore, I have moved hosts and finally got my site back up and running. They have very poor service. We went to Thelma's birthday a few weeks ago and here is a picture of Toby looking like Godzilla on a trampoline. I wish Godzilla would destroy CIHost. I taught Toby to sing "Oh-no, There goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla!" 1
04-24-2006 We went to an art fair and did some art. Toby was pretty good at it. 1
04-21-2006 As testiment to his supreme volumn of neuron synapses, Toby can probably do more on the computer than most of you reading this. 6
04-20-2006 This is the only photo I have of the mighty Texas dog walk this year. I had two dogs and a stroller to handle so I couldn't get a gaggle of photos. We had super fun though. BTW, a happy birthday to Mr. Bryan Robison III today. 4
04-19-2006 Luke came into town and since I am now lame, he moved down the Wine family tree to hang out with the next generation of super cool dudes. 4
04-18-2006 This is extreme talent. The energy goes from the cup thru the mouth to the leg. 3
04-17-2006 Don't worry everyone. I'm also teaching him how to kick with his left foot as well so he can play right and left positions on the pitch. 6
04-14-2006 The Bubby was actually jumping up and down much to the delight of the audience. What a performance. 2
04-13-2006 It is now offical. Kid number 2 is now known as a male. You may submit your male names now for judgement. The winner will actually get to name this new person. How awesome is that? 15
04-12-2006 Will everyone still be amazed of Toby in a years time? 3
04-11-2006 This man has total faith in the diaper industry. It's horsey time!! 10
04-10-2006 This speak and spell is amazing. If you ask it how it's doing it can say A-OK. It can also speak in several languages. When I asked it if it wanted to be turned off, it said, "ci". 80's fun in the oughts!!! 4
04-07-2006 What you are seeing here is the line-up of the champion team from the Austin over 30 div A post-season tournament. Long live these victorious victors. 8
04-06-2006 Cam and Tabitha had this remote control mouse toy for their cat. I call it entertainment for Toby. Here is photographic proof. 1
04-05-2006 Very consecutive date here today. I give you Toby feeding Cameron some rice with his spork. 3
04-04-2006 Cameron and Tabitha had the Wine family over for dinner one night and served up some tasty fish. Here are the precooked filets as presented by Cameron and Tabitha. 3
04-03-2006 We can never go to Home Depot without thoroughly testing out the tractors. Now only if he could actually mow the yard. 6
04-02-2006 Awesome weekend photo of an old fence. 1
03-31-2006 I think it's safe to say that everyone likes puppies. 4
03-30-2006 Nana and Toby had a picnic on the patio. You can see some of my handiwork on the fence in the background. 5
03-29-2006 Nana came to visit, so the Tobinator and I took her shopping on HEB day. Today is also her birthday. As Toby would say, Happy birthday to you. 6
03-28-2006 I know some of you want only Toby pictures, but I can't do that as I'm sure some of the POD fans want pictures of only food. It's tough pleasing my legion of fans. I have no idea how I get so many dandelions on my yard. 14
03-27-2006 Darren had the family Traweek and us over for brunch. He got to use his waffler. Ask Darren to make waffles for you when you see him. The Traweek obviously likes them. 8
03-26-2006 Six years ago, the POD came to fruition. Finally technology had caught up my genius ability to bring total randomness to the planet. In honor of the POD's birthday, here is a totally useless Sunday photo of the corner of my old fence gate. I apologize for wasting these precious seconds of your life, but it had to be done. 1
03-24-2006 Andy's dog did not drink this beer, but yet, I feel like it really wants some. 3
03-23-2006 I just remember these being free beers for some reason. I wonder what Jennifer's picture looks like. 5
03-22-2006 I told everyone in my new Seattle clic that I could take all of our photos at once. They didn't believe me. I met Gunner and some girl who picks her nose through my old roommate Amanda. I can't for the life of me remember that girl's name, but here she is on the internet picking her nose. 4
03-21-2006 They wanted $12 to ride the elevator up to the top of the space needle. I am way too cheap to do that. Here is my free picture of the space needle. 7
03-20-2006 This is what a bank of crabs in ice looks like. I call this picture, "Lots of crabs in ice" 2
03-19-2006 Here is a professional photo from Chris Orwig, professional photographer. He's the guy from yesterdays photo. Link Here . I hope he doesn't mind me borrowing this photo from his website. 0
03-18-2006 This is a professional photographer in the middle of taking photographs at the conference I was at. 0
03-17-2006 And here is the view from my vending machine and ice machine from the hotel. I got to figure out how a vending machine gets a better view than a paying customer. 4
03-16-2006 Here is the great view from my hotel room in Seattle. 3
03-15-2006 Three years ago exactly today, I became hitched. Because of this hitching I am able to show oooober cute Toby with a puppy. 6
03-14-2006 I got interviewed by some guy named Ben who does podcasts and stuff like that at the conference I went to in Seattle. Here is me taking a picture of myself being interviewed. 5
03-13-2006 m finally onto the Seattle photos. Here is James my favorite waiter in Seattle serving me the biggest crab I have ever seen. Life is really good. BTW, I've set up a bracket tournament pool at the ESPN website. The name of the group is "Friends of Aaron". It's a public group. 2
03-10-2006 That's the Lexington right behind me. It doesn't scare me. 4
03-09-2006 So this lady was working the pre bowling lounge at nationals trying to get teams to take cheesy team photos for $50 a pop. As I walked by, she said, "Do you want to take a photo?". Of course, I said, "hell yeah" and then I whipped out my camera and took her photo. Thus, the tables were turned. Viva the POD!!!!! 2
03-08-2006 I call this picture "here chicky, chicky". 2
03-07-2006 I made to another bowling national tournament. Here I am on the runway being announced to the crowd. I didn't bowl very well this year, but this time it was because I wasn't picking up my spares. I had lots of strikes this year. 3
03-06-2006 I'm back from my trip to Corpus Christi and Seattle. Here I am at the start of my trip in Corpus at the beach. And I have to say, my, what a manly physique I have. 7
03-05-2006 This pile of rocks must be so sad that they were not crushed and used for concrete or cement to build this mighty structure, Buchanan Dam. 0
03-04-2006 They were releasing water at Buchanan dam when we visited it. They have to test the gates every so often. I figured we would watch from on top, but they put us on the side. 2
03-03-2006 Big electrical pieces of equipment are exciting. 4
03-02-2006 Here is our tour guide to one of the substations. Do you know the difference between the yellow and white hard hats? In an emergency, do NOT follow anyone in a yellow hard hat. 4
03-01-2006 Quick dam reprieve today. Today is the birthday of our favorite leading lady. Toby and I can not wait to eat cake in your honor. 8
02-28-2006 The sun can sometimes be very bright and to get this picture for my fans, I will go to extremes. This is a dam fine picture. 3
02-27-2006 I really want to push a button. 3
02-26-2006 Usually, I have to hold out the camera to get myself into shots. Here is my shadow of me taking a picture of some rocks. 0
02-25-2006 This week will be more of the dam tours. Here is free flowing water released by one of our dams. It's dam exciting. Feel free to insert your dam jokes. 0
02-24-2006 Today is the POD's favorite brother's birthday. In his honor here is co-worker Mike pointing out big tools. If you see the POD's favorite brother today, please do indeed, give him a hug. 6
02-23-2006 When I went to change my flat on the Megalovan, I saw this sign on the parking lot. Is it just me or is it really funny that this church was advertising their place for you in front of a cemetary. They need some lessons on ad placement. 4
02-22-2006 The Megalovan got a flat tire the other day and I had to change it in sub 40 degree weather. However, the Megalovan now has road hugging new treads so all is well except the pocketbook. Please buy some t-shirts in the store. 6
02-21-2006 I got to go on a field trip last week. I went to two of our dams and a substation. Here I am at the bottom of Buchanan Dam. This was built in 1937 and right behind me is a concrete arc of 6 feet in thickness. Behind that is alot of water. I mean A LOT of water. 4
02-20-2006 So last Friday we were given a green light that this little flopping zygote is going to be our next member in the Wine family household. This photo makes it an official announcement. You may congradulate when you feel the urge. For names, I'm leaning this time for either Peanut or Phylo. 6
02-17-2006 Here is a delicious chicken fried steak, fries and fried okra. I know, I know, I'm a real health nut. I swear to you that I had Banana creme pie for dessert. Also the okra was real okra and not the frozen kind. It really makes a difference. 2
02-16-2006 This here is homemade pizza. It was pretty tasty even though it wasn't very pretty. You could say it was both definitions of the word terrific. 2
02-15-2006 Here is the day everyone was waiting for the last two months. It's give the new mini-van a nickname POD contest day. The winner of the contest will be given lifetime shotgun rights to the van if they are ever carted around in it. Let's see what your names are. 31
02-14-2006 Since it's valentine's day, I'll glue today's POD with lovely dovey thoughts. My valentine in this photo is the hand. Since my wife hates it when I post pictures of her this one day I'll respect her and only show her hand. I'm in love with that hand. Secondly, the Tobinator is my valentine too. We have way too much fun and here he shows his faboulous eating habits. My third love in this photo is my new healthy eating habits. Here is the worlds first turkey/pickle/broccoli burger. You can get much more healthy than that. 9
02-13-2006 This picture is hilarious to me for some reason. I figure if you keep snapping the photos, once in a while you get madcap hilarity. 1
02-10-2006 I'm learning that being a Dad, you have to film things. Here is an example of Michael filming Ruby's birthday party. The cool thing about today's video cameras is that you can add instant commentary to any event. 4
02-09-2006 Toby did not disappoint when it was his turn to smash the pinata. There were a lot of cameras rolling and that's a lot of pressure. A special POD kudos goes out. 7
02-08-2006 Before you beat the pinata, you must first put yourself in it's shoes or in this case, it's fringe, and figure out the best way to strike it for it's riches. 2
02-07-2006 Trampolines are such awesome fun. I only wish we could find a way for Toby to play on trampolines regularly. It would be a great way for him to visit some sort of elderly relatives... 7
02-06-2006 I now declare that the Picture of the day is the longest running one on the whole wide web. Therefore one day your comments on this picture of the Tobinator getting some serious air time on a trampoline with one of his girlfriends, Ruby, could one day be a historical document as the longest running picture of the day series. Yippee. 2
02-03-2006 Those sugar candies on top of cakes can sometimes make your mouth water. 3
02-02-2006 The little monkey likes to hang out at the monkey bars. Did I mention how fast he got? It's a challenge now just to keep up with him sometimes. 7
02-01-2006 It's great when you have the day off and you can go see-sawing with your best friend. 3
01-31-2006 I forgot to post this last feeding the swan picture. Here is me swiping the bread for myself. Swans be damned. 2
01-30-2006 I got to hang out with the "in" crowd at Abbott New Year's eve party. Here is Larry, Sandy and myself discussing fashion and world hunger and how they inter-relate. 6
01-27-2006 Ya know, these swans can get downright mean when you try to coerce them into getting their picture taken by holding out stale bread as bait to get them to come closer to you. 4
01-26-2006 Here little swan.... 1
01-25-2006 Here's a nice photo of Toby helping some neighborhood swans out with some free stale bread. 7
01-24-2006 I entitle this one; SHRIMP COCKTAIL!!!! It look like this shrimp cocktail got hit pretty hard. 5
01-23-2006 This is why they have leagues. So people like Steve "Barn" doesn't scare people. Look how quick that man is taking that little girl away from him. 5
01-20-2006 Here is how the Tobinator set off the old year and brought in the new year. Unfortunately, his massive firework display was banned in all counties of the state of Texas. 6
01-19-2006 Here is Toby opening up a present from way back in December. I'm so late on my PODs, please bear with me. 4
01-18-2006 Happy birthday little big man. Again, what a incredible year we've had. I can safely say we are best friends as you are picking up all my great habits like loving all kinds of food, wearing fun stuff on your head and making faces, running and skipping while singing, and giving everyone a hug. Keep up the great work and you'll be a great person. Maybe one day you will also have a website that will give joy to the millions who view it. 9
01-17-2006 Here is a great big bowl of Pre-Latka potato mush. Right behind is the potato bath water. Eventually, this stuff will taste phenominal. 3
01-16-2006 Toby got this great chair and stool for Hannukah and already has the look of a 40 year old man in front of the TV. 4
01-13-2006 Maggie has built herself a throne onto which she can survey her kingdom. 5
01-12-2006 I think Uncle Pat hoarked all of Toby's goldfish crackers. 5
01-11-2006 Great Auntie Di here with the Toby in a fit of hilarity. What are they laughing about? I don't know. 2
01-10-2006 I made this supercool lizard cookie. He was delicious. 13
01-09-2006 Are we making cookies, or are we changing diapers? 3
01-06-2006 Green light means go. 1
01-05-2006 Raise your hand if you remember the fisher price village. 3
01-04-2006 Today is a very important day in POD history. It was on this day, many, many moons ago that the mother of the founder of the POD was born. Without her, there would be no me, no POD and no one to post a picture of today. Happy Birthday, oh founder of our POD hero. And Tallulah too! 8
01-03-2006 I got a bloody nose playing scrabble. I guess it was full contact scrabble. 12
01-02-2006 You can check out my recipe entry on Recipe Link I don't know how long they will have the entry up, but here is the copy of it so people in the future can laugh. You'll have to click the beef tab and guess which non-winner entry is mine. (it's one of six and should be quite obvious to those who know my personality.) 3