Pictures for the Year 2007
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2007 We're getting started a little early for the new year's eve party. That Griff really is a lush. (no kids were given beer in this picture) 1
12-30-2007 I took this photo of me driving the fam up to Ft. Worth. The Griff is starting to really get into books. Me? I still like to rock out. 0
12-29-2007 This was not served. I think it was supposed to be rolls of some sort. 1
12-28-2007 Auntie Barb put some extra flavoring on the Christmas salmon. Nothing beats oven mitt flavoring! 0
12-27-2007 The Griff got a super cool new tractor that lights up and makes very loud noises. 2
12-26-2007 Here is a nice picture of cousin Ashley and Toby enjoying a very nice Christmas lunch together at Auntie Barb Uncle Larry's house. It was also Ashley's birthday. 0
12-21-2007 Happy winter solstice! I hope your wintergreen tree is a blaze in lights in lieu of daylight hours. The Tobinator got his own digital camera these holidays. Dare I say you might one day see a son of the POD? 0
12-20-2007 It's Hanukkah present time. The Griff almost understands presents at this point. 1
12-19-2007 Here's the upstairs playroom and the boys room all walled up. Yes, there is insulation in the wall between the boys. 0
12-18-2007 We have nice walls now in our new house. It really brightens up the place. I can't wait to see them painted. 0
12-17-2007 Uncle Rob and Grandpa Steve showed up for some glorious weather in Austin last week. Here is a picture of them trying to impress the Griff. 1
12-14-2007 Behold! Here is the first view of Aaronland. This little refuge will be fully stocked with crap that Kimberly wants out of site and out of mind. I was trying to get a urinal installed but that was quickly kaboshed. 7
12-13-2007 I think when Toby gets his pop album out, that this should be the cover photo for it. 3
12-12-2007 Here's the Griff's new room with a very happy Griff inside. We should be getting walls with in the week. 1
12-11-2007 We found this awesome playground right in front of the garden court houses. I think Toby is on the sandbox/dirtbox and the Griff found an obstacle course in the background. 2
12-10-2007 The Griff likes rainbows. Especially ones that end up at our new house. You can't see the new house here, but it's where the rainbow is stopping at. 1
12-07-2007 What can I say? The Griff really likes to ride ducks. Wouldn't you? 5
12-06-2007 I guarantee you did not expect a picture of Toby and Avari holding a deer head. 3
12-05-2007 Toby got to hang out at a wishing well with his older gal pal, Avari, this past weekend. I wonder what he was wishing for? 2
12-04-2007 We went to Hoover's for dinner the other night and the Griff beefed all my fried okra. He didn't want to eat anything else other than my okra. This one's for you Uncle Jeremy. 5
12-03-2007 I've got too many great and interesting pictures coming up. I'm going to start with a nice shot of the boys being bought matching outfits, because later in life, they'll hate this photo and then they'll love it. 3
12-02-2007 Here I am pressing the flesh with our congressman Lloyd Doggett. 1
12-01-2007 The Mueller people made this supercool model of the whole subdivision. Right underneath this billboard they will one day put up is our house. Bummer we are going to live under a billboard though. 0
11-30-2007 They finally painted the house. Here is our house in color. They've also delivered our shingles. So when should I start forwarding our mail there? 9
11-29-2007 As requested, here is the Griff in his headband and the Pilgrim looking on awaiting their feast of bird and carbs. 1
11-28-2007 Here is Kimberly loading up on the carbs to celebrate dead turkey day. Pilgrim Toby is already feasting. 2
11-27-2007 The bird was bigger than the Griff. I'm still eating leftovers to this day from it. It was delicious, but now, repetitive. 0
11-26-2007 The Thanksgiving pictures are going to have to wait. Here is me celebrating two in a row. Gig'Em! 1
11-25-2007 This guy makes it a bath experience just about after every meal. 0
11-24-2007 So I ordered the cheapest non-Christmas thing on the neighbor school kids' fundraiser catalog and this is what I got. Nutty Pleasures. A whole box of them. I took them to work and offered my nutty pleasures to my co-workers. Some of them didn't even try my nutty pleasures. 0
11-23-2007 I sense a theme with Toby, food and cameras. I'm sure some psychiatrist later on in life will have to make sense of it all. 0
11-22-2007 Of course I bought this syrup strictly on name recognition. 1
11-21-2007 The Griff a go-go checks out his new room at the new house. 0
11-20-2007 Toby invited me to his school to have a feast last week. I'm learning bad manners from his school. 0
11-19-2007 Toby made a fort out of the pillows and then promptly fell asleep in it. 1
11-16-2007 How about another super cute POD photo of the Griff? Okay, you talked me into it. 1
11-15-2007 The Griff really likes to sit in this chair. He just backs up like a utility truck and plops down. 4
11-14-2007 The Tobinator knows how to smash eggs. He gets the yolks already pre-scrambled. It's perfect for the cake we made. 0
11-13-2007 Bubby agrees. You don't need a utensil for ice cream cake. 2
11-12-2007 This guy here turned a big 57, so he needed not one, but two cakes. 4
11-11-2007 Here's our view at night from the back of our house. I think when all the building is complete, we won't have this view, but right now its nice. 0
11-10-2007 Toby's number 5. Here he is lined up for his final game this fall. 0
11-09-2007 Here's an action shot of Toby smashing the ball through the back of the net. 0
11-08-2007 The U4 fighting tadpoles took home some hardware. 5
11-07-2007 We got to go to a meet the neighbors party for our new subdivision. Ryan and Julia wanted to get my reaction on tape for some promotional stuff. Ryan and Julia didn't know I have a POD and now they're on it. 1
11-06-2007 yo yo yo. Here's my posse hangin' out in the alley of our future crib. 2
11-05-2007 T* Here's a belly photo of the Griff and myself looking rather dapper trying to hold his royal squirmatoad. 0
11-03-2007 Secret weekend photo. Toby got a haircut, but I guess he didn't think the hair stylist was finished so he took a chunk out of the top to complete the hair cut. 0
11-02-2007 Super Griff got a ton of candy, however, the parent tax rendered his loot to null and void. 0
11-01-2007 Oh my did this robot grab a bunch of candy for Halloween. I gotta tell you, home made costumes are so much better than store bought. 6
10-31-2007 Happy Halloween. Mama Hansen and the kiddos did some pumpkin gunk scooping for me. 3
10-30-2007 Sorry about the lateness of the POD today. It's just Griff decorating his pumpkin face while others look on. 0
10-29-2007 Everyone gets excited for Freebirds! 6
10-26-2007 I get the feeling from looking at this picture that Griff is going to be very mischievous. 1
10-25-2007 One more pumpkin patch POD of the guys checking out the gourds. 0
10-24-2007 This was the most pumpkins that the Griff had ever seen. He wasn't overwhelmed by them at all. 1
10-23-2007 Here is another shot of a more completed future house of Aaron. 3
10-22-2007 These two rather handsome fellows will one day reside in the building structure in the background. 5
10-19-2007 funny. Ham was not on the menu at this lunch. 2
10-18-2007 Griff likes to kick any ball he sees. He's been this way since before he could walk. I wonder if he'll play soccer like his big bro and his pop. 2
10-17-2007 The whole time I was trying to take this photo, Kimberly was yelling at me to stop it and be careful, however, I took this awesome photo of the boys passed out together in the trolley with Kimberly huffing and puffing behind us. In fact, Kimberly might as well joined them in the trolley to really fulfill the great job she did as a backseat driver on a bike ride. 8
10-16-2007 So the house very next to us has a frame. When this photo was taken, we were next to get framed and as of yesterday, we were getting walls. Yippee! 0
10-15-2007 The Griff was using a spoon this weekend. We got a good picture thru a clear spoon to see the corn nugget that he ate. 1
10-13-2007 (T*) Supercool bonus weekend photo. Somehow, Toby tricked the red eye feature on my camera and took this red photo of the Griff. Cool. 3
10-12-2007 (T*) It's a shadow on my neighbor's slab from my slab. Such an artistic photo. 1
10-11-2007 At my house, we have cupcakes for dinner. These just happen to be turkey meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato icing, but they were very very yummy. BTW, the yummy, I feel, does not get used enough. Your challenge my dear faithful POD readers is to use the word 'Yummy' at some point today. 2
10-10-2007 Here is a nice picture of the slab of a picture that I took. The Griff also started walking full on lately which is hilarious because he teeters a bit, but yet wants to kick any ball around. On a side note, I'm going to start posting Toby's pictures with a (T*) to symbolize a photo that he took since it will be a pain in the butt to write a sentence about which person took the photo. 1
10-09-2007 Toby took this photo of the Griff and myself at the new homestead. 4
10-08-2007 The POD is coming into a new stage. POD protagonist offspring #1 has successfully demonstrated functional use of a digital camera and now selected photos of his will be used for future PODs. The benefit of this is now you will see more pictures of myself which is always a good thing. Here is a picture of The Griff and myself going to school and work. 5
10-05-2007 This picture is kind of funny to me. 1
10-04-2007 Here are the laborers working on my slab. 1
10-03-2007 Here's me and the Griff on the homestead a few weeks ago. They have since poured the slab and I hope to have some pics up soon. 1
10-02-2007 The Griff doesn't like to swing for very long periods. 0
10-01-2007 The Griff started walking last week and he already wants to kick every ball he gets his hands on. Here is a picture of him p-oed because he's stuck in a stroller. 1
09-28-2007 I know you woke up today thinking you wanted to see a paper googley eyed pickle and some toes today. Well today is your lucky day! 1
09-27-2007 After the game, it was time to rest and drink plenty of fluids. 2
09-26-2007 Toby is old enough to play soccer. He's on the Tadpoles with his buddy Jameson. Here is a great picture of Jameson on a great through ball from Toby. I'm telling ya, the talent on the Tadpoles is lethal. 2
09-25-2007 Here is the fam looking around the new garden court. For those not in the know, at our new house, we will be sharing a community front yard with 11 other houses. Our house is right behind Kimberly and the Griff. 0
09-24-2007 Toby took this great photo of myself at the front door of my new house. Well, this is where the front door would be if it was finished. 2
09-21-2007 Booger check on Doug. 1
09-20-2007 The Griff got a cool game cube that makes a lot of noise. Everyone wants to play with it. 2
09-19-2007 Here is Glenn getting interviewed by the paper and having his picture taken from the newspaper article a few weeks ago. 0
09-18-2007 The ball took about 5 minutes to get this far down the lane. 4
09-17-2007 More bath time pics. 4
09-14-2007 Griff's birthday was fun and food for all. 1
09-13-2007 Today is the greatest day in the POD. Yes, it's my birthday. It's time to reflect on all things pro-Aaron. If you see me, give me a hug. If you want, you can leave a nice message. Today's POD is me and my man Griff checking out fire. 10
09-12-2007 Let's give it up to the woman who made tomorrow possible. Thanks for letting me crawl out 36 years ago and thus making the POD a possibility. 4
09-11-2007 Bath Time!!!! 1
09-10-2007 Let's get in one more Iowa picture here. It's a nice picture of Unckee Rob and the Griff. 3
09-09-2007 We met some of our new neighbors the other week at an impromptu gathering. Everyone so far is quite nice. I can't wait to move. 0
09-08-2007 Special bonus weekend picture. They've officially started our new house. Here is day one progress. Looks like this thing will be ready by November. 6
09-07-2007 The Griff learned how to climb up steps in a playground. You can also see Toby in the background jumping off something. Both boys in action in one shot. What a bonus POD. 0
09-06-2007 Kim took Toby to the zoo in Des Moines. They have a feed the giraffe a cookie part. Toby got to feed a giraffe. I've never done that. 2
09-05-2007 I just love physics. Don't you? 5
09-04-2007 So during our stay in Iowa, I took Toby to the science museum and we had a good time. We found this green screen that you could do a sample weather. Toby liked it and it was funny when you could hold up a green cloth and see right through your body. 0
09-03-2007 Toby wanted to ride the dizzy dragons ride really bad. At first I thought he would get very scared and make them stop the ride, but then I thought why not. To my surprise, not only was he not scared, but I couldn't get him off the damn thing and I had to physically grab him off. I guess he liked the ride. 1
09-02-2007 To my surprise at the Iowa State Fair, you get to see nearly everything of a calf getting birthed. Here the vet uses some sort of protection in checking the "ripeness" of a preggo cow. 0
09-01-2007 I'm going to do some secret weekend photos this weekend as I have a lot to show and so little time to do it. File this in the know your audience folder. Here is the Pork Producers of Iowa ad at the Iowa state fair. Out of all the hot girls they could of posterboarded, they chose this guy. I bet he knows his pork! 1
08-31-2007 Toby and I were hot in the midday sun, but he didn't want to go to the water fountains to play, so I took his picture instead. 0
08-30-2007 Low and behold your favorite POD protagonist was on the front page of the Austin American Statesman's business section. You can check out the article at HERE IS THE STORY. Here is the picture that Glenn was taking so you can see both the photographer and the picture today. 4
08-29-2007 Kimberly and Griffin really appreciated the walk up water fountains. 1
08-28-2007 The Griff likes the chicks. 0
08-27-2007 Unkee Rob took me along to his golf tournament. I wasn't very good, but had a great time. This photo is one of the few times that I crushed the ball straight. I'm standing on my drive from the tee box way way way off in the distance. 4
08-24-2007 Grandparents are so silly sometimes. If you agree to let me shake some cake decorations on your tongue and tells you to close your eyes. Make sure you know that I don't have a camera handy. 4
08-23-2007 The Griff goes from zero to one today. He gets a digit. Surprisingly, he still has that new car smell to him. <--Side Note to Griffin--> Griff. Awesome. I can't believe you are already one. You have the perfect demeanor already and I don't think you are going to change. The next 75 years for me are going to be exciting with you around. Thanks. <--End of side note--> 7
08-22-2007 It's almost time for a certain little guy to go from zero to one. Toby helped make a pre-birthday cake. 3
08-21-2007 The Griff's team was losing. He wasn't pleased with that. Great seats though. 4
08-20-2007 So we are finally back from vacation. Because we are such a good looking family, American Airlines decided to bump us up to first class on our first leg of our journey to the great state of Iowa. Here, the Tobinator and I jam out to some tunes in first class. 2
08-17-2007 I was really bummed when I saw this ad from my new neighbor's friend's car. I was so close to having that slogan for the POD. "We're putting the O in Romance." Bummer it's already taken. 1
08-16-2007 Ok, now we are getting serious. If this was a movie, you would see the through the legs reverse jam that the Griff threw down so sickly. Let's get him a scholarship, quick! 0
08-15-2007 The Haglers had this little motion scooter that was made for a kid, but after a few bevies, the adults got into. Kim tries to navigate the challenging plastic cup course. 1
08-14-2007 Here is a genuine POD fan. Josh said he wanted something appropriate posted so I got this picture of him. 2
08-13-2007 We finally all were healthy enough for a night out. Well, almost healthy enough. The Tobinator is allergic to watermelon. But that didn't stop us from going to the Hagler's house for some good clean fun. Here, Kim has adult conversations for the first time in two months. 0
08-12-2007 There is something very exciting going on somewhere, just not straight ahead. 0
08-11-2007 This couch doesn't seem big enough to hold five people comfortably, but after this scientific test, I can certainly vouch for the hypothesis. 0
08-10-2007 The Griff was moving around with one arm in the promotional swag. 0
08-09-2007 Griff Griff is really taking to playing sports. I'm not going to focus one sport for him yet, but I think since he can dunk a basketball at only 11 months, we might try to work on some court skills. 1
08-08-2007 Got to get in a cute pic of the Griff Griff. 3
08-07-2007 The 3-D ocean book was way cool. However, the water in the book wasn't in 3-D and it wasn't wet either. 1
08-06-2007 Here's the shed I've been working on. It's only taken me a day and a half with minor help on the roof. All I have left is the doors and then I can shed away. 2
08-03-2007 Did you know you could glue paper to your finger? I do now. Awesome good fun. 2
08-02-2007 He is so close to being billable. 3
08-01-2007 Coming soon to a calendar near you, I give you Mr. Baby August. 3
07-31-2007 All I have today is pears from our pear tree. I was going to show the skin and hair that I brained myself on the shed I'm building, but my helper flicked it off before I got to my camera. 0
07-30-2007 With mobility comes great responsibility. Use your new power wisely Griff. 2
07-28-2007 Doesn't this look like a prison camp for dogs? Our dogs are sad at the new house. 0
07-27-2007 All we did was cut just a little bit into the corner of the bag and somehow those ladybugs knew how to get out to freedom. Here they are on my hand. 6
07-26-2007 Toby picked out his ladybug eating aphids shirt before we even knew we were going to find the bag of ladybugs. Once they escaped from the bag, they must of thought they were in ladybug heaven with the size of the aphids on Toby's shirt. Unfortunately, the aphids were fakes and the ladybugs were sad. 0
07-25-2007 This is a pretty decent photo of Toby enjoying the tickle feet of the ladybug. That boy also needs a haircut. Toby, not the ladybug. Ladybugs don't have hair. 3
07-24-2007 We decided to gamble on the ladybugs in a race up the tree. I had "lil miss one spot" to show. 1
07-23-2007 This is the second photo that Toby has ever taken with my camera. It's a picture of me holding a bag of ladybugs. We were at a local box retailer hardware store looking for sod and we came across this bag of 1500 ladybugs for 4$. That's less than a penny per bug. How cool!!! 3
07-20-2007 When Kimberly doesn't sleep, she hates most things in life including me. Here's her disgust. I'm going to try to compile a photo list of things that she likes one day when she is sleepy. 1
07-19-2007 I know a lot of you want to see up the nose shots of yours truly, but you'll just have to suffer through more Griff Griff photos instead. My nose is sensitive. 6
07-18-2007 Eddie either did a great job teaching Griffin how to eat or a really bad job. Believe it or not, the Griff had to take a bath after eating one of his favorite foods, spaghetti-o's. 1
07-17-2007 I took Griff to see the master of eating. Eddie decided to start him off on a beginner's program of diet and exercise. Here he is offering stage one; a chicken wing. 2
07-16-2007 We had a break from moving to eat lunch one day and then a chop stick fight broke out between Grandpa Eesh and The Griff. 2
07-13-2007 Even Toby got into the moving act. Here is Grandpa Eesh taking orders from Toby at the storage unit. 0
07-12-2007 Our new place is extremely tight. Here is the biggest room in the house. 9
07-11-2007 I ripped my shorts in a rather peculiar area jumping into the u-haul van. Since we were on a tight time line, I couldn't change my shorts until 7 pm that night. The POD here is early on, the rip got worse and worse as the day dragged on and eventually a butt check was hanging out. 3
07-10-2007 Here I am driving the U-haul. I had to take this picture by myself, but just between you and me, I accidentally hit the curb during this turn. And yes, it was raining the whole time we were moving. 1
07-09-2007 So here's the last picture of the house on Loweswater. We're closing today on it as we officially moved into the rental. Big thanks to Grandpa Eesh who came down to work his butt off to help us move. 4
07-05-2007 I didn't realize that waiting for your luggage makes you want to fold your arms. Either that or the collective is sending out those sonic beams again. 1
07-04-2007 Here is the money that I lost in Reno to help pay for that dealers dental work. 2
07-03-2007 So I messed up the POD yesterday by forgetting to post the picture to my server. You can go back now and check it out. Today, you get me coming down the path at the national bowling tournament. I'm snazzy. 2
07-02-2007 I saw this sign and it needed to be on the POD. But since I don't do signs by themselves, you get me in my finest. 2
06-29-2007 I'm in dire need of a vacation. Can you guess where I'm going to? 3
06-28-2007 I posted this pic on the company bullitin board to sell the megasaucer. It was such a cute Griff photo I decided it was POD worthy. 2
06-27-2007 Just another messy eatin' kid. Something tells me it's genetic. 1
06-26-2007 In honor of the US winning the Gold Cup, we have a Griff picture of him getting ready for the Gold Cup in 2023. 2
06-25-2007 So my driver's license expired and I needed a new one. I came up with this "falling down" look for under $10. Best ten bucks I've spent in a long time. 13
06-22-2007 Here's going to be our house for the next 9 months +. It's small so we should get to know one another by the end of the lease. 3
06-21-2007 Here is photographic proof that Griff Griff likes food. I know there were some rumors floating out in cyberspace that he didn't eat, so this photo should put to bed those rumors. 1
06-20-2007 This guy has future programmer written all over him. 5
06-19-2007 And so begins our long journey. We've got a contract on our current house and we just signed a lease till the end of March 08. Hopefully, by next April we be available to have people come over for some beer on the porch. 2
06-18-2007 I had a pretty awesome father's day, despite my soccer game being cancelled due to rain. I got to sleep in til 6:30am, then I got a nap. I also got underwear, t-shirts, socks and trail mix. Then we went over to Bubby and Grandpa's place where I got to eat huge tenderloin steaks. Griff was pretty intimitaded by the steaks and settled for mushed peaches. 1
06-15-2007 After seeing Cam's post, I had to pull out the introductory photo of Cam's offspring. The POD gives out a warm welcome to Colin, son of Cam and future POD ham. 3
06-14-2007 The Griff told me the other day that since I had this cool mustache, we should dress like pirates. I agreed after calling him a scurvy scallywag. He just responded with an "ARRRRRRRGH! 1
06-13-2007 I'm looking good. Damn good. In a couple of weeks, I'll let you in on what I did. 8
06-12-2007 Let's get one more Jeremy and Mom photo. 3
06-11-2007 awwww. isn't it cute? Griff Griff's first up the nose POD shot. 3
06-08-2007 I'd feed these guys pronto! 1
06-07-2007 We make a very cute couple. 1
06-06-2007 Griff Griff was very very hungry while waiting for the table at Kerby Lane. 2
06-05-2007 Here's Auntie Amy and I getting into a full on gossip session. Did I ever tell you about the time that Jeremy got..... 6
06-04-2007 Kim and I got to go out with Uncle Jeremy and his girl, we'll call her Auntie Amy for now. As you can see, the conversation was really going great. 3
06-01-2007 Griff and I are so cool. 1
05-31-2007 Toby approves of Uncle Jeremy's gift giving girlfriend. 4
05-30-2007 Score one for family Wine. As some of you know, we've been waiting near three years to see if we can get a place in the new subdivision where the old airport in Austin was. We found out yesterday morning that for the six lots for the builder we picked, our lotto number was two. This means one day somewhere on this dirt, we will live one day soon. Yippee! 12
05-29-2007 Uncle Jeremy sent some photos to me from his trip down here. Here's the first one of me trying to lure Amy into the family by showing how tough us Wine's are. 4
05-28-2007 This menu says Kung Poo is on special. I think it came in a brown sauce. If that's not your fancy, you should try the red snapper. It's not too pink. 0
05-27-2007 Walking Stick! 0
05-25-2007 Here's our version of a mother's day present. It's a glow in the dark dinosaur mobile. 2
05-24-2007 This is what I had to compete with to help Toby and Griffin get their mommy a mother's day present. 2
05-23-2007 Someone got their first taste of ice cream and was a little bit peeved that he wasn't getting as much as he wanted. 6
05-22-2007 We went down to the pecan street art fair thingy with the whole fam and we came across this rather pathetic pony ride / petting zoo that completely fouled up the surrounding air with pony poop smell. What's more is that they wanted something like five bucks for a kid to ride in a circle for a couple of minutes. Luckily Bubby saved the day and splurged for a pony ride. I wasn't going to pay nothing until I saw those ponies work cards. 5
05-21-2007 I'm going completely out of order now, but I really wanted to put this picture up today. 3
05-18-2007 Just need to point out that Toby and Griffin will be my lone shot at any sort of linage. I guess you could say, I'm vas indeferens. 5
05-17-2007 Fork, spoon, Amy, Jeremy. 5
05-16-2007 Toby can write just about all of his letters without being shown how to do it. That's pretty darn good for a 3 year old. 2
05-15-2007 The Griff is already checking out older ladies at restaurants. Settle that lion down! 3
05-14-2007 Amy is extremely impressed with POD favorite brother. I think I heard her call him dreamy right after this photo was taken. 1
05-11-2007 I was going to post my first game of my 728 series in bowling Wed. night, but my phone camera lost the picture. Too bad too as I his 11 of 12 strikes in the first game. Instead you get a picture of Toby getting ready for his part in his school's cinco de mayo festival review. 0
05-10-2007 The Griff and I are watching something hilarious. 2
05-09-2007 What's a visit from unkle Jeremy without a picture of some lucky nephew getting cool presents. 1
05-08-2007 Jeremy and Amy were not expecting me at the airport when they showed up this weekend. This is a drive by photo shooting. 3
05-07-2007 Let's get one super cute Griff Griff photo in before some Unkle Jeremy shots. 3
05-04-2007 Griff Griff gets a whole shelf in the pantry. I really should of gotten into the mush food business. 4
05-03-2007 I went out on the town last Friday night. I accidently stayed out till 4:30am. It was just like Old School Aaron until 6 am when the Griff awoke and I was a parent again. Still, it was a blast being out again. Here is Mike and Bryan doing their punk rock duet at punk rock karoke at the Longbranch. 2
05-02-2007 Yep, it was my turn to feed the Griffin. He really likes prunes. Although, I'm not sure how much actually got in his mouth. 5
05-01-2007 Kimberly claims that I never take great pictures of her. If Griff and Toby weren't so darn cute in all the photos, I could leave some of her lesser poses off the POD. 4
04-30-2007 stylin' 3
04-27-2007 Austin has a big bike riding population who think that they should wear spandex like Lance Armstrong. Luckily I had my camera in the car when I saw this pre-diet photo model biking with his crack peeking out. 1
04-26-2007 Theoretically, we could one day live just beyond this new pond. 1
04-25-2007 Here is the old terminal building skeleton at the old Mueller airport. They are trying to keep the structure intact, but years of neglect have made this a big project. As some of you know, we want to move to the new subdivision they are building there. 1
04-24-2007 Okay POD fans, don't you all think it's time for a super cute Griff Griff picture? 4
04-23-2007 In our household, it will be 33 degrees outside and we'll still Bar-b-que. 2
04-20-2007 We totally saw this bird scarf this dead mouse down. Some of you thought yesterday's POD was gross. 0
04-19-2007 Stop the presses. Here is one of the most amazing food ideas ever. It's corn and gravy mixed together and cooked like a pancake. Fantastic! 7
04-18-2007 Toby got nudie at the zoo. And while he was nudie, he found a pill bug. Never mind the huge 100 year old turtles behind you, the pill bug is the cool thing to find. All the while I'm trying to change his clothes, mind you. 3
04-17-2007 okay, so right before this picture was taken, I told Toby to only get his feet wet. I should of shaken on it, cause then it's a deal. 2
04-16-2007 So you turn the corner in the toddler area of the zoo and then you run into this area where the kids are encouraged to take their socks and shoes and go wading in a cool bubbling stream. I didn't even have a chance against this one. 1
04-15-2007 happy happy elephant 1
04-14-2007 random elephant photo. 0
04-13-2007 After watching the monkies, it was a pure case of monkey see, monkey do. Please note, that the Dad figure had smartly brought a change of clothes. More on that next week. 2
04-12-2007 Monkeys are funny. I would laugh just about anything involved with a monkey. If you want to make your movie infinitely better, put a monkey in it. I think I would even laugh at a group of monkeys terriorizing baby pandas. 2
04-11-2007 Toby scored not one, but two ice creams. He pulled the old "let's share" trick. I'm such a sucker. 1
04-10-2007 Toby and I made a new friend. They got this great racket at the petting zoo. You put in a quarter and you get six nibblets of goat chow. That's just under a nickle per kibble. 2
04-09-2007 Toby's school was closed last Friday and so I had to play hooky from work. Since the weather was spectacular and was going to get evil the next day, we went to the zoo. Therefore we now start a series of zoo photos starting with one entitled "Elephant butt". 3
04-06-2007 Here's the dilema when you start to get to be able to move. The crib sometimes gets in your way when you want to sleep perpendicular. I wish Kimberly would let me sleep diagonal. 1
04-05-2007 what's with kids today? I try to teach Toby how write SQL Server queries and efficient databases and all he wants to do is play blue's clues instead. Sheesh! 6
04-04-2007 Griff Griff and I make some awesome music on the piano. We really get down in to it. Rock the casbah! 6
04-03-2007 If you ever tried to push one of these shopping carts, you know what a pain in the butt these things are. They make these racing car carts just to make life even harder for parents to go shopping as the kids see them and then you either have to get it or you have to deal with a tantrum. 4
04-02-2007 Tough day to be the Griff. He got a virus on Wednesday, but his fever didn't break so on Friday, he got a finger prick to draw blood, then he got a lung x-ray and was contained in a plastic iron maiden so they could keep him still, then he got a urine sample taken via a pee-pee catheter, then he got an anti-biotic shot, then he went to the emergency room and got another trip to the plastic iron maiden followed by a 20 minute session with a medicine mask. By Sunday, he was back to his normal ball of smiles. Here's his lungs. 4
03-30-2007 It was extremely nice of Bubby to share her toys with the Griff. 1
03-29-2007 Here is a totally slobbing Griff wishing his Nana a totally slobbering birthday. 5
03-28-2007 Here is modern technology helping out the weary mothers of today. Instead of just shaking the formula, known in this household as "paste water". Kimberly can rest her tired hand by using this small mixer contraption. 4 calories were saved! 4
03-27-2007 I wish I could sleep anywhere at anytime. It would make work go by so much faster. 0
03-26-2007 Happy International Aaron Day!!!! I've coincided International Aaron Day with the anniversary of the POD. Yep, Seven years of POD completed. May the eigth year be equally disturbing. I think in three years, I'm going to throw a boss 10 years of POD party. Would you come? 9
03-24-2007 Ok secret saturday picture today. Yesterday, thanks to our health care system where when you need to get a vasectomy, you must first talk to your primary health care physician who will just say ok, I had to fill out this form. Sorry the form is a bit blurry. I tried to sharpen it up a bit. Anyhoo I'll give you the questions as I think you can see my answers, it says: 1) Reason for visit. 2)When did the symptoms appear? 3)Is this condition getting progressively worse? 4)Mark an X on the picture where the pain is 5)Rate your pain from 1 to 10 6)Type of pain. I checked Tingling, Swelling, and Stiffness. For some reason I didn't check Throbbing. 9)Does it interefere with your: I check Work, Sleep, Daily Routine and Recreation I'm a funny guy.... 7
03-23-2007 I just finished watching the Ags get totally jobbed by the refs, but then I looked at this picture and now I'm okay. Thanks Griff. 6
03-22-2007 The snap dragons are popping up. Time to pick them. 6
03-21-2007 Toby went with me to see what the dentist was all about. He even got to look at my chompers there on the screen light. The technition even looked at his teeth and proclaimed that they were all there. 2
03-20-2007 35 and a half years and still not a single cavity. It's because I use toothpaste instead of chocolate syrup when I brush. 5
03-19-2007 The Griff and Toby are so much fun and so completely cute. However, I can't help but think I'm forgetting about somethings. Hmmmmmm. 5
03-16-2007 Doesn't meat look infinitely smarter with an electric thermometer in it? 4
03-15-2007 Four years ago today, I conned the misses in the middle to say "I do" to the question for better or for worse. Sucker!!!! Happy Anniversary, sweetie! 4
03-14-2007 Griffin is really into food. I mean really into it. His favorite seems to be peaches, pears, and sweet potatoes. Peas kind of get a "what the heck are you giving me?" look. 1
03-13-2007 Random super cute Griff picture alert. I repeat. Random super cute Griff picture alert. This is not a test. 4
03-12-2007 Everyone is so excited for Momma K's birthday cake. I mostly sure that it is because of the honoree and not for the impending cake. 1
03-09-2007 Here is a copy of the shirt that Uncle Jeremy designed. I'm sure the Griff will were this onesy quite often. Especially if a certain Nana were to come and visit. 7
03-08-2007 The people watching at the kite festival was fantastic. Griffin was especially good at that. 2
03-07-2007 Now it was Kimberly's turn at our stinkin kite for the festival. 4
03-06-2007 Here was our other entry in the kite festival this weekend. We didn't get it much higher than what this picture dictates. We did however, have a high amount of fun. 2
03-05-2007 This was our entry in the kite festival this weekend. The flying Griffin! 2
03-03-2007 Here is a close up of my mangled toes from my soccer game last week. I played a very good game at left fullback. I totally shut down my side of the field. I'm so awesome. 0
03-02-2007 I went with Darren and PJ to the Aggie basketball game here in town the other night. Even though we were barely outscored due to some questionable reffing, it was one of the most impressive sporting events I ever witnessed live. Acie Law has ice water for blood. 1
03-01-2007 Griffin would like this moment to say, "happy birthday Mommy. Can I read you this book." 8
02-28-2007 Feeling much better, The Griff decides to try out his third tooth on some cheerios. 0
02-27-2007 This picture came out more painful that it was. Griff did indeed cry pretty good, but a few seconds after the last booster shot he was back to his ol' smiley self. He did get a smothering of hugs though. Sometimes we got to do some pain stuff to be better off. Hard to explain to a six month old though. 7
02-26-2007 Griff likes to drool, eat toys and reach for things. I like to do that too, but only when I've had seven beers. 5
02-24-2007 So I'm starting to get pretty decent at mashing up photos using fireworks. Here is what I think Uncle Jeremy would look like if mom would of hooked up with Barbara Streisand. Happy birthday Unkee JEREMY!!!!! 4
02-23-2007 Dorks wearing the same shirt!!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's secret POD of POD favorite brother. 2
02-22-2007 Toby has been going to soccer skills practice for almost two months now. He's getting good at dribbling the ball and listening to the Coach most of the time. 7
02-21-2007 Photographic proof that the Griff can sit all by himself now. He's still a little wobbly, but who isn't after three bottles. 3
02-20-2007 Toby is an awesome big brother to the Griff. I'm sure they will beat the heck out of each other in a few years, but right now it's awesome. 5
02-19-2007 You can't eat health food every day. 11
02-16-2007 Being in the field, you get to see how wildlife is integrated into modern technology. 1
02-15-2007 Tomorrow is my third year anniversary of being employed by the LCRA. It's a great job. Recently, I got to leave my cubicle for some field work. He's me in the field looking fieldly. I have a yellow hard hat. AWESOME!!! 4
02-14-2007 Happy valentines day. Here is Toby making his valentine's day cards. I think its much better than those store bought cards that everyone else will give out. 4
02-13-2007 Cameron got to change his first diaper a while back. Griffin didn't mind being a guinea pig. 1
02-12-2007 Kim built her dream house out of legos for the three days we were iced in. She even built me a convertable. 3
02-09-2007 Glen from down the street gave us a few minutes of arm rest from the superchunk known as Griffin. He is off the charts in weight and height for a baby. Griffin too. 1
02-08-2007 Here's a picture of neglected Maggie. 2
02-07-2007 It's time for another Griffin with Grandparents photo. I think Grandpa Cal thought the cupcakes were delicious. 2
02-06-2007 The Griff supposely has one fourth genes of the Bubby. I think you definitely can tell he is related to her. Also, good luck Bubby on your new job. 4
02-05-2007 Every girl raves about the guy who can clean up after a party. I'm instilling some great habits into Toby. 5
02-02-2007 Sorry guys, there are no more treats in the pinata. You'll have to wait for the big number pinata on March 1st. 2
02-01-2007 If you post a pounding the pinata shot, then you must post directly after it, the mad scramble for the goodies. This is POD rule #47. 3
01-31-2007 It's Toby vs the pinata 3. Toby won. 1
01-30-2007 Miles and Jameson were great help at present time. And believe it or not, but Toby really likes presents. 1
01-29-2007 It's good to be the center of attention on your birthday party. 2
01-26-2007 Let's start getting into Toby's birthday party pics. Here are the cupcakes that we served in honor of the Tobinator's Third birthday. 2
01-25-2007 It's official. The Griff now eats food. Here is Kimberly feeding the Griff rice substance. 3
01-24-2007 The great ice storm of ougth 7 claimed one old victim. The tree in front of Toby's school collapsed under the weight of tons and tons of ice. Or maybe Toby is so strong that he pushed it over. 3
01-23-2007 It was this cold outside. Next time I'm going to wear a jacket. 2
01-22-2007 First of all, let's all wish Great Grandpa Thorvald a happy 90. He has officially surpased being an octengeniarian and now is a ninetengeniarian. Spell check was not used during this post. Time to get in some shots of the great ice storm of ought 7. Here is Toby checking for icicle damage to the megalovan. I must say, that despite Kimberly being completely unreasonable tonight, she does look really hot in winter gear. 4
01-19-2007 Toby and the Griff are easy to bathe when they take a bath at the same time. I hope certain sections of the bath don't suddenly get warm. 4
01-18-2007 First of all, Happy Birthday Toby! Secondly, This picture is of Toby helping me make Bubby her birthday cake. He's very good on the clean up. Just don't tell Bubby we were in our underwear while we made her cake. Lastly, Awesome job on year number 3, Toby. You are definitely turning out to be quite the little boy and leaving your toddler years behind you. We are having so much fun with you in our lives. Can't wait to see what the next year brings. 8
01-17-2007 We're day three in the great ice storm of ought 7. Some of us are even still bathing during this major central Texas catastrophe (as proclaimed by the local news). 4
01-16-2007 These few icicles were enough to shut down Austin today. Here I am in front of the icicles in a t-shirt. Yea, cold weather and the great ice storm of ought- 7! 3
01-15-2007 I took this photo of me hugging my mom and the super bubby that she is. 1
01-12-2007 Here is a nice photo of Toby checking out the old photos at the Great Grandparents Hansen chateau. I think Kim and Toby were looking for old Nana pictures and Rob with hair pictures. 2
01-11-2007 Me and santa have an agreement. 2
01-10-2007 Have a really comfy blanket? Then you have your Griffin endorsed nap attack. 1
01-09-2007 This rowdy youngster gets a little raucus at hockey games apparently. These were some suite seats. On another note, you may have heard about downtown Austin being closed yesterday for the unexplained death of 60+ birds. Well, sorry about that. You see, I had some left overs and well, it's a stomach issue and I just don't want to hold it in. I heard they smelled it all the way in Manhattan. 2
01-08-2007 Because of the power of the POD. My favorite Iowan clan demanded that I make some latkas. Here's Great Auntie Diane with Granpa Eesh, and unkee Jerry. with a now consumed latka. 2
01-05-2007 Beavers built some dams to build up this babbling brook. 7
01-04-2007 Ok, I got caught without having a picture of my dear madre on her birthday this year. So happy birthday Bubby Lani, here is me and the Griff sending good wishes. 1
01-03-2007 Grandpa Eesh took the time at the tree farm to teach wildlife things to Toby. Here Granpa Eesh imitates a deer. Toby somehow understood. 2
01-02-2007 I've got a week's worth of tree farm pictures from our recent holiday excursion to Iowa. I'll start this one off with the picture of no idea what Toby is doing shot. 3
01-01-2007 Let's start off 2007 the right way. Here's a picture of me and my best friend Toby at a live lobster pool at some restaurant in Iowa. We named some of the lobsters. Pinchy, Snarls, Mookie and Mr. Lobster. 2