Pictures for the Year 2008
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2008 Here is a picture of Jerry Rice and myself wishing you all a very happy new year. 1
12-30-2008 Here is what really should of happened in Vegas instead of this staged photo. The Fantasy Football championship should of been mine!!!! 4
12-29-2008 Here is me being interviewed by a camera crew while playing fantasy football and watching football. 1
12-26-2008 Here's what a million dollars looks like and this was the closest I got to it. Bummer, but a very good weekend none the less. 3
12-25-2008 Santa got some awesome cookies last night. You'll have to wait a few days for the Xmas shots as I have to finish other series first. 0
12-24-2008 Let's get a quick Christmas break in the POD for a few days. Here are the boys decorating our first Christmas tree. 0
12-23-2008 Here is my eighth place check. I won 9 grand. Two of the grand came on the last blocked field goal and the coin flip and subsequent Chicago field goal. It was a good night. 8
12-22-2008 I'm going to finish in 8th to 11th place in the fantasy football open championship. It's not a million dollars, but it will be enough to pay off my school this year. Here's me at the event. 1
12-19-2008 In posing for this rockin' shot in the tub, Griff actually poured water on me. Great photo though. And Go Peyton Manning!!! 1
12-18-2008 The biscuit brothers rock! If only the rest of the audience would of gotten down like Toby... 0
12-17-2008 Okay, here's my big news. I'm being flown to Vegas this weekend to hang out at a party with Jerry Rice and am one of 15 finalists for a million dollars. On days (and not excluded to) that I announce my 1 in 15 chance at a million bucks, I can put an up the nose shot of myself. 4
12-16-2008 Ahhh Toby, I think there is something behind you. You may want to run. BTW, For those that know about the vegas trip, I'm definitely in. Yea me! 1
12-15-2008 The Griff attacks dinosaurs. 0
12-12-2008 The Griff and me like food. We like Food. 0
12-11-2008 I know all of you must know that the Griff is smiling about 24/7. He is sad about one minute a week. Here is a picture of him sad. 2
12-10-2008 These guys are like, "blow out the damn candles already, we want to eat some cake and ice cream!" 0
12-09-2008 Here is photographic evidence that Unkee Jeremy can read a book. However, I am sure the pictures help. 2
12-08-2008 A special fan showed up to Toby's last soccer game of the season. The fan was quite excited and carried the star player off the field. 1
12-05-2008 These guys must have some super sonic speed going on! 2
12-04-2008 Check out my medal winning favorite soccer team from ought 8! Gooooooo Wasps!!!!! 1
12-03-2008 Okay, I've got a lot of cleaning up to do on the POD before I get into a couple of birthdays and the holidays. Here is my election party from early November. Just in case you haven't heard by now, Obama won. 0
12-02-2008 (T*) Because we hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner, I fulfilled the customary honor of carving the turkey as man of the house. 0
12-01-2008 Bubs was so hungry that she devoured the food in lightning quick time. 1
11-29-2008 And after 5 hours the bird arrived from 325 degrees and into a juicy delicious bundle of joy. 0
11-28-2008 We interrupt the backlog of photos on the POD for this naked bird at Thanksgiving time. 0
11-27-2008 Another day on the living room rug and we had some sort of a show. 0
11-26-2008 I might as well put up the other carpet photo. I didn't know which was best to show. 3
11-25-2008 I just like this picture of me and the boys on the rug. 3
11-24-2008 Pretty much, Toby is allergic to just about everything except dogs, cats and mold. 1
11-21-2008 After a night of trick or treating, I sometimes feel like having a witches' brew. 1
11-20-2008 It's amazing how much loot you can get when the houses are seven feet apart. This was only three blocks worth of candy. Next year, we'll hit 10!!! 2
11-19-2008 We all did some darn good trick or treating. 0
11-18-2008 The Griff, sporting a penguin costume and Toby, in an astronaut outfit were ready to hit the candy trails of Halloween. 1
11-17-2008 At the neighborhood Halloween party, my little helper was, well, helping. 0
11-14-2008 Nope, no brain damage. I'm good to go. 2
11-13-2008 Art car! 3
11-12-2008 Here is the sparkfun tron table. Toby hasn't quite mastered the concept of the cycle game from Tron. After all, he was only negative 24 when it came out. Today Grandpa Cal is 58, so that would put him at 30 when Tron came out. Wow, is Tron old. 2
11-11-2008 Here is the lifesize mousetrap game that we saw. 0
11-10-2008 We went to the nerd festival the other week. Here was a home made robot that greeted us. 0
11-07-2008 Here is a shot of another photo shoot we had to do for the garden court. This was taken in between shots. I was playing man on grill with hamburgers drinking beer. 0
11-06-2008 Our family and house were picked to be photographed professionally for Cottage Living magazine. Here is the boys and Kimberly patiently awaiting the shoot. 1
11-05-2008 At the neighbor night out last month there were free cupcakes on just about every corner. The Griff really liked neighbor night out. 2
11-04-2008 Now that you have looked at our Halloween costumes, go vote. If you remember four years ago, I told you all to vote for Kerry as I figured our country was in poor leadership, now you should listen to me again when I tell you to vote Obama like I did. 1
11-03-2008 I learned how to use a sewing machine this past week to sew the boys' costumes this year for Halloween. I'm not ready for project runway yet, but the costumes were a minor success. 0
10-31-2008 Griff grabbed the guts of the gourd. Yea, Aliteration!!! 0
10-30-2008 Toby has this great method of grabbing the guts of a pumpkin. Here is a picture displaying it. 0
10-29-2008 The Griff and myself made some jack-o-lanterns. He was a great help and even designed his own pumpkin face. 1
10-28-2008 I bet Will had no idea the camera was on. 0
10-27-2008 (T*)Toby figured out how to take a picture of himself. I'm so proud. 1
10-25-2008 One more football photo that should of made it before yesterdays. Here is Toby and I having a tailgate party before the game. 1
10-23-2008 After a full day at the game, it was time to come home and play some legos with the Griff and his Mom. 1
10-22-2008 (T*) Toby took this awesome photo of the girl in the row behind us nearly picking her nose. How awesome! 0
10-21-2008 They let us on the field after the game to hang out and take some photos. 0
10-20-2008 Toby and I went to a football game and ended up on the jumbotron. This is exactly how things should be at football games. In fact, every time I'm on the jumbotron my dear Aggies win. I should be on there more often. Toby too. 2
10-17-2008 Check out those fancy foot skills by the leagues top defender. 1
10-16-2008 (G*) Griff comes in today with his first guest POD photo. Not too bad for a two year old. Now, let's see if can capture the essence of food for his next POD. 0
10-15-2008 I mean seriously, this is got to be the cutest kid on the planet. 1
10-14-2008 During halftime at a recent game, I got game strategy from my two assistant coaches. 0
10-13-2008 Line up your favorite cars! 2
10-10-2008 Let's get one last underwater POD for the year. Don't you wished you could swim like a fish? 0
10-09-2008 Kimberly wanted this photo put up so she could make it her wallpaper at work. Therefore, presto, the POD takes requests now. 1
10-08-2008 It's hard to tell if these guys are best friends or not. 2
10-07-2008 Popsicles on the porch are good. 1
10-02-2008 There must of been something funny or something. 0
10-01-2008 Ain't it cool? I've got another pinball wizard. 0
09-26-2008 Earth lost a good one yesterday. I hope Grandpa Ken looks down on us and smiles. 2
09-25-2008 Here's a good picture of Jameson from Griff's pool party. 0
09-24-2008 These are some cool loooking dudes. 1
09-23-2008 My cake that I made Griff for his birthday was not only delicious, but pretty too. 1
09-22-2008 I can't find my camera cord so you are going to get this photo from Griff's party of Bryan getting some cheese puffs. 0
09-19-2008 It's nearly impossible to get women to line up for a POD photo. Here are Bubs and her two daughter in laws. 0
09-18-2008 You do know that the Griff and I never have any fun. 2
09-17-2008 I think if Auntie Amy and I ever do an album cover together, that these poses should be it, but with explosions and guitars. 2
09-16-2008 It's brother love day! If only Jeremy wouldn't have been so serious this would of been one goofy picture. 1
09-15-2008 The boys got to the beaters before they got washed. Yea, uncooked cake batter! 2
09-13-2008 Me and the boys celebrated my birthday really well. 1
09-12-2008 Toby can get some air in the pool on a cannonball launch. I really like my underwater camera btw. I could have never gotten this great shot of Uncle Jeremy and a ear to ear grinning Toby without one. 1
09-11-2008 Toby needs to tighten that draw string on the swim trunks there. 1
09-10-2008 Here is what Unkee Jeremy looks like under water with his eyes closed. 0
09-09-2008 Toby gets a crack against aging junk ball pitcher, Uncle Jeremy, and murders a ball. 1
09-08-2008 Back at the garden court Unckee Jeremy gives some sage wisdom on how to break a nose playing baseball. 0
09-07-2008 Unkee Jeremy offers his advice on how to pick up this unusual split. Toby takes a lower level view to make sure he gets the best throw going. 0
09-06-2008 Toby got a smooth stroke going. 0
09-05-2008 Griff needed a little help to get his ball rolling enough to make it to the pins. 0
09-04-2008 Griff's got a good ball going and is proud to show it off. 0
09-03-2008 We took the boys bowling. Here Griff is showing Auntie Amy and Unckee Jeremy how to correctly use the air blower on the ball return. 0
09-02-2008 Here is Toby rolling some of the meatballs that we made for Griff's birthday party. They were pretty tasty. 0
09-01-2008 What would you do with a bowl with 10 pounds of hamburger meat? 0
08-29-2008 I took this picture before I even left the parking lot at Seaworld. It seems fun was had by all. 0
08-28-2008 Check out the extreme dude in the second car of the roller coaster. 1
08-27-2008 Those are some delicious Shamu styled ice cream dipped bars. 0
08-26-2008 This dolphin said to me "eeeee-eeack-eek" 1
08-25-2008 So, me and the boys had all of Thursday off. Of course you knew we had to do it. Seaworld!!!! 0
08-23-2008 Happy 2nd Birthday Griffin! Could you be even better than you are? I fully doubt it. You are the happiest kid I have ever met. Even a cold hot dog when you are two hours late for a nap doesn't dampen your spirits. I can't wait to see what year three has in store for me. 1
08-22-2008 Griff can really chow down on some corn. Especially the sweet sweet corn that mysteriously came from Iowa. 1
08-21-2008 Somehow, a smiling grandchild will make a bubby sparkle. 2
08-20-2008 The Griff looks like a huge superhero from this low pool angle. 1
08-19-2008 Check it out! Nose farts! 0
08-18-2008 Me and the Griff like swimming. 0
08-15-2008 The boys got to beat on some electronic drums for an afternoon. 0
08-14-2008 Here's the crowd for the Olympic opening ceremonies displaying on my outside screen. 0
08-13-2008 Here is Griff's turn at launching a water balloon. He got some decent distance on it. 0
08-12-2008 Here is a picture of Toby launching a water balloon in the water balloon competition of our Olympic viewing party. 0
08-11-2008 Here is the back of the movie screen that I built. We can now have movie night. This is the start of the double feature of The Muppet Movie and The Jerk. 0
08-08-2008 Happy 8-8-8 day! Do you think is a few years divided by four that this young swimmer might go for gold? 3
08-07-2008 With those nice big soft pillowy cheeks, it is easy to sleep in the car. 0
08-06-2008 Just to show you that Griff isn't all smiles. He's just 99.993% smiles. 1
08-05-2008 Here are my toes and some sort of walrus or seal. Unfortunately this sea creature doesn't eat fish with the heads still on them. 1
08-04-2008 As commanded by the Griff. Group Hug Everyone!!!! 0
08-01-2008 Griff gave Bubs the chicken hat and all grandparents apparently do whatever their grandchildren ask no matter who around has a camera. 0
07-01-2008 Toby made great use of the free paper cone cups. Much better than using them for non-existant water. 0
06-30-2008 I finally passed the third test in my quest to be a certified DBA. Horay me! 0
06-27-2008 The new pool is a spectacular hit. I bronze almost every other day there now. 0
06-26-2008 After a delicious steak dinner we were ready to hit the town. Well, rather we just hit the hotel lobby. 0
06-25-2008 Here is me enjoying one of the better steaks in life. 1
06-24-2008 One of the great things about training in Dallas was able to see my man Luke for some mad cap hilarity at a steak joint. My cote de bueff was delicious. 0
06-23-2008 Sorry about missing the POD last week. I was in training in Dallas and left my camera cord at home and couldn't get my photos off to the machine. I'll back date the photos later on this week that I was going to publish. Here is a shot of the two tests that I passed for my certification. 3
06-12-2008 T*- Kimberly and Griff are amazed at how great the room is looking with my new TV stand. 2
06-11-2008 T*- Here's me working on my new TV stand in Aaronland. I now have a theater style screen. 0
06-07-2008 more sprinkling. 0
06-06-2008 Who likes to party? 0
06-05-2008 Splash day was a wet success. 1
06-04-2008 The Griff really liked petting the chicks. Bock, Bock. 1
06-03-2008 Free animals to pet. These are a hit. 0
06-02-2008 We went over to Bubby and Grandpa's for some block party fun and lo and behold, there was a pony there to ride. Toby needs more rhinestones. 0
05-30-2008 Here's the Griff with a small sombero on. 3
05-29-2008 my camera battery died right before the housewarming party so all I have to show today is a picture of a cricket that Toby snapped until fellow party goers send me more photos. 1
05-28-2008 Toby and Rebecca can ride the bikes around the GC with out fear of any cars. 2
05-27-2008 These dogs were extremely hot. Luckily my guests got to wait a little bit before biting into one. 0
05-23-2008 T* - I'm so proud of this shot. This was completely done on his own. 1
05-22-2008 The boys took out super silly Rebecca out for a birthday lunch the other day. 2
05-21-2008 Here's our smashed window with gutted gutter. 0
05-20-2008 This bird was genious for building it's nest right under the giant spider belly. Not only will predators stay away from the giant spider because it's scary, but large hail stones will just bounce off the metal on just about all sides. 1
05-19-2008 This hailstone had been melting for about an hour before I put it my freezer. It wasn't the largest one out there but it was close. Yes, it hit my house. 2
05-16-2008 Here is a nice picture of our 30 day roof. I hope the next one is a thirty year roof. 3
05-15-2008 That's my house behind the old control tower way off to the right. 1
05-14-2008 Here is the brand new fire pit overlooking the brand new lake and the brand new playground over by the brand new amplitheatre. Unfortunately, they built the fire pit right under some oaks. 3
05-13-2008 Toby is turning into quite the pinata killer. 0
05-12-2008 Bath time is completely a non-fun event at our house. 4
05-11-2008 Happy Mother's day today. This POD is brought to you by a bench of moms. 1
05-10-2008 Super surprise Saturday POD. 4
05-09-2008 Can you tell that I took this photo lying down in the sun? 0
05-08-2008 The Griff performs a chest trap, while the fans are cheering him on. 1
05-07-2008 Toby is as big as the house. 0
05-06-2008 The people of the garden court are always hanging out having a good time. 2
05-05-2008 This shirt is the dirtiest shirt I have ever seen on a kid. I don't think April freshness is going to take care of this. 4
05-02-2008 T*-Toby caught me off guard with the camera. I had no idea the camera was on me. Still got a good photo off. 1
05-01-2008 And now for some apples on the porch. 0
04-30-2008 Popsicles in the GC is a happy event. 3
04-29-2008 One of these might work. 2
04-28-2008 I come from the planet of the toes and I come for produce. 1
04-25-2008 Mrs. Katie makes her POD debut today. She is the instrumental leader of Toby and Griff's school. My kids are smarter because of her. 0
04-24-2008 Here I am in a full sprint to retrieve a through ball and out run the offense. Damn right I got it safely cleared. 0
04-23-2008 Here is a picture of me marking a striker. I'm pretty stout on defense these days. 2
04-22-2008 The new Mueller spider sits over the hike and bike trail. It's actually pretty cool. 0
04-21-2008 Dear lord its a giant spider coming to attack me! 4
04-18-2008 We have the perfect yard for a game of rollie ball. 0
04-17-2008 All I have is this crib picture. The Griff is in a big boy bed now and we need to sell this crib. 0
04-16-2008 Griff likes to help clean the mirrors. 2
04-14-2008 Gooood-byyyyyyeeee Megalovan. 0
04-11-2008 Moms like to watch from the porch. 2
04-10-2008 Toby has some mad wiffle ball soccer skillz. 5
04-09-2008 The Griff has now mastered the sippy cup/koozie style of drinking. 1
04-08-2008 So my new sink has this attachment that makes it look like you are singing in a microphone that shoots out water. Too bad I got some Thomas the train song stuck in my head because I could really rock out with this contraption. 0
04-07-2008 Aaronland has the sputnik up complete with dimmer. I haven't had the sputnik up in almost 4 years. woo hoo. 3
04-04-2008 It's so nice to eat on the porch every night for dinner. 1
04-03-2008 This is how many people it takes to take the photo of over 20 kids. 1
04-02-2008 Here's my shiny megalovan. Do you want to buy it? 3
04-01-2008 The first Mueller block was a great success. 0
03-31-2008 At the neighborhood block party I looked over to check up on Toby and saw he had everything under control. 4
03-28-2008 Today is the 2000th picture of the day. Raise your hand if you have seen all of them. Thanks to the many viewers out there who have made this possible. Today's photo in this honor is a food picture of what I made with the leftovers in the fridge before we moved. It's crouton pizza! 2
03-27-2008 In the new house, Aaronland is now officially set up. Here is a photo of me enjoying the man cave. 4
03-26-2008 Toby was a great help moving on in. EDIT:I just realized today is international Aaron day! I lost track from the big move. The POD officially starts it's ninth year today! I need to start my 10th year anniversary plans. 2
03-25-2008 The kids were real easy to move. 2
03-24-2008 Here is a self photo of me and the misses putting our scribble to the house contract. I know where most of my money is going to go in the next 30 years. 0
03-23-2008 Most birds like me. There was one grackel that didn't. He showed his displeasure with me by pooping on my shirt. 0
03-22-2008 Taco Time! 0
03-21-2008 Just under three years ago, we started saving for a house. With a little luck and a lot of patience, we finally got to move into our new abode. Here is Cousin Jamie from Chicago enjoying the porch with Toby and Grandpa Cal last week. 0
03-20-2008 Toby refused to get a proper haircut at a salon so here is Kimberly doing her buetician best. 3
03-19-2008 Here's a special hunk photo of the Daddy and the Griff for all you female fans out there. 3
03-18-2008 The Griff and I surprised Bubs at her office for lunch the other day. We really liked the height adjustable office chair. 1
03-17-2008 Here is a nice shot of the Griff overseeing the garden court when it was being landscaped with a concrete pumper truck in the background applying some sauce for a slab. 0
03-16-2008 It's pronounced Ka-BAAAAAAB! 0
03-15-2008 I know at least two guys who are very much glad that Kimberly and myself got married five years ago to this day. It's still funny to me that she said yes. What was she thinking? 4
03-14-2008 I had this convertible rental car in Albuquerque that was not properly utilized until the last five minutes of my stay there. 0
03-13-2008 I love it when you walk down the street and run into a pink dinosaur. 3
03-12-2008 The Griff must of did something that was a real head scratcher. 1
03-11-2008 This years kite festival was a rolling while laughing good time. 0
03-10-2008 Dusty has a great view from the backyard of his house of the pond park. That is, until the next row of houses gets built. 0
03-09-2008 And the left side. 0
03-08-2008 They started putting in the sidewalks for the garden court. Here is the right side of the garden court as viewed from Toby's window upstairs at our house. 1
03-07-2008 I think I know what the Griff is going to look like when he's ninety. 4
03-06-2008 Here were some super secret spies trying to follow us in hot air balloons. 0
03-05-2008 This is a nice picture of me and my shadow. 0
03-04-2008 Here is the inside of our hot air balloon as it was filling up with air. So colorful. wow. 5
03-03-2008 The PODs are coming fast and furious. In the immortal words of Willie Wonka, "I have so much to do in so little time". I must get an extremely cute photo of the boys before I inundate you in Albuquerque, kite and house pictures. 2
03-02-2008 England Zac makes his much anticipated return to the POD. Here he is doing what most POD dwellers do.... eat food. 1
03-01-2008 Happy birthday dear Kimberly. I hope your 39th year on this planet was fantastic. My love for you expands like the hot air in a hot air balloon. 2
02-29-2008 Nathan will be absolutely crazed when he finds out that his first coal fire in his new fire place was the POD on leap year. 2
02-28-2008 The train was extremely bumpy. 4
02-27-2008 People were very friendly over in England. I was given lots of beverages. 3
02-26-2008 Some people at the soccer game got to stand really close to others and eat nothing and some people had lots of elbow room and rack of lamb to gnaw on. Unkee Jeremy was of the latter. 0
02-25-2008 Here is the walk down the street to the big game. Somehow, through all this we kept 13 people together. 3
02-24-2008 Happy birthday Unkee Jeremy! After this last trip, you are the greatest brother known to man. We should clone you and document your genome. 2
02-23-2008 Quick England reprieve here. We made paper keys and put a number on each one to count down the days until we move into our new house. Toby is in charge of pulling the numbers as demonstrated here. 0
02-22-2008 Making her glorious entrance on the POD, I give you England Kate! For those future POD-wannabes, the most sure fired way to make the POD is to cook a scrummy meal as England Kate is showing us in this photo. 5
02-21-2008 Isabelle somehow thinks that I'm eating my chip sandwich wrong. She doesn't know how hard it is to eat and photograph at the same time. 5
02-20-2008 Nathan made sure that I had a proper English breakfast fry up. Apparently, this is the correct English face that you make when you eat this yummy concoction of carbs. Afterwards, you must declare it, "rather scrummy!". 3
02-19-2008 Here is me and my friend Nathan on an old fashioned merry-go-round. Luckily, neither of us was thrown off. 9
02-18-2008 My very dear and favorite brother got the POD protagonist to the derby game in Manchester last weekend. Here is the opening scarf welcome as viewed from our sky box. 1
02-15-2008 The garden court is just one big playground. (with nails and glass) 1
02-14-2008 Here is my valentine walking on her new porch with a newly installed porch light. 1
02-13-2008 Here is my finger and the other bathroom's shower tile. Oh and a kid. 0
02-12-2008 Master bath counter tile. These house pics are getting boring. I'm going to have to do something outrageous in England to embarrass my country. 4
02-11-2008 I don't think that the oven is supposed to go into the garage. I hope that they eventually put it in. 1
02-10-2008 Here is a nice snap of our recycled glass counter tops and the hole where the kitchen sink. I guess you could we've got everything but the kitchen sink. How cheeky. 2
02-09-2008 These couches at IKEA are extremely comfortable. 0
02-08-2008 I was just informed that this is called a loft ladder. I just thought it was a way to get into the attic. Anyhoo, we got one these in our house. 0
02-07-2008 Here is the front of the new homestead. The dumpsters will be removed one day hopefully. 5
02-06-2008 (T*) I'm going to go to England for a week and hang out with my bro and my friend Nathan. The POD during this time will have house update photos. This picture from Toby seems appropriate as it looks like I'm going. 3
02-05-2008 So one day, I hope to have a pick up truck with a place for my boots, flashlight and lunchbox. I hope it comes in puke green too. 1
02-04-2008 Toby and I went to the Detroit Car show and saw all these cool concept cars. Here is the new eco friendly small version of the Hummer. 1
02-03-2008 beep beep 0
02-02-2008 (T*) Toby took this photo of Jennifer, Roz, Auntie Lynne, Bubby Marg and myself. 0
02-01-2008 (T*)Grandpa Cal loves the camera. 2
01-31-2008 I'm surprised my bubby didn't tell me that I had rib sauce on my face before I took this picture of us and Toby. 2
01-30-2008 This picture is a titled, "A bunch of kids, stuck indoors because of snow, getting a lot of cookies and brownies." 3
01-29-2008 For some reason, not one passenger wanted the open seat next to me and my lap child so the Griff got an airplane seat all to himself. 0
01-28-2008 The boys made up some rules for their pool game. 5
01-25-2008 Snowmen are harder to make than you think. Toby and I got this far before our hands froze. 5
01-24-2008 The Griff, Tobinator and myself with very much appreciated help from Bubby and Grandpa made it back from Detroit yesterday. It's amazing what 6 degrees Fahrenheit feels like. On our last day there it rose to a balmy 25 degrees and thus dropped about 3 inches of snow which was perfect for our plan to build a snowman. Here is the start of our snowman. 2
01-23-2008 (T*)I always look like I'm in charge when going over important pieces of paper. 2
01-22-2008 Here is Toby, Ruby Jane and the pony pinata before the pony was smashed and all of his candy stolen. 2
01-21-2008 What can I say? The Griff likes ice cream and the Tobinator likes cake. 1
01-20-2008 Ruby Jane had her birthday party later in the day from Toby's party. She had a pinata. Here, Michael shows the left over remains of said pony pinata. He was sad. 0
01-19-2008 Toby got lost in a sea of lava foam bricks 0
01-18-2008 Toby turns 4 today. He's as smart as a 10 year old and crafty as a teenager. Above all, I'm extremely proud of genetic carrier number 1. I couldn't script him any better. Here's to another exciting year, this time in a new house with a huge yard and a bunch of other kids to play with. Happy birthday Tobinator. 3
01-17-2008 Toby had all the girls in anticipation. 1
01-15-2008 The masses were impressed with the loot that Toby got. Here he is opening up his new remote control truck. This truck is very cool and works great in the garden court despite the piles of construction debris. 0
01-14-2008 Toby had his 4th birthday party this past weekend. He got a volcano-dinosaur scene cake, complete with blue pudding for a lake and a chocolate volcano that once cut, oozed out red pudding lava. It was prehistorically great! 4
01-13-2008 One day, the Tobinator is going to have to learn how to use deodorant, but right now, his armpits smell like kittens. 0
01-12-2008 The Griff likes them dinosaurs. 5
01-11-2008 Here is a nice picture of Bubby eating her very yummy cake, made from scratch. 7
01-10-2008 Toby spotted the fire hazard and tried to put out the fire. We almost finished the song. 1
01-09-2008 Toby helped me make Bubby's great dinosaur cake from one of his ideas. It wasn't too bad either, even though I had used most of the ingredients that the recipe called for. 2
01-08-2008 Here is a nice picture of the offspring playing in the pseudo sandbox in our future garden court. 0
01-07-2008 House picture update. We're still on track for a March move. 1
01-06-2008 Here is the first time we just sat on the porch at the new house and just played. Can you find the robotic flying fish that Toby asked Santa for Christmas? 0
01-05-2008 Here is Kimberly and the boys at a first night concert. 4
01-04-2008 Happy birthday Ma. I guess I can call you middle age now. 5
01-03-2008 Here is a nice picture of story time before Christmas. 0
01-02-2008 Here is a picture of the Griff enjoying his new ball. 1
01-01-2008 Let's start the new year with a clean slate. 3