Pictures for the Year 2009
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12-31-2009 Goodbye 2009. I give you this neckbeard shot because a year without a furry neck shot is so uncivilized. Next brings on the the exciting 10th year of the POD. I hope to have some great photos. Did this decade just fly by or am I just getting old? 2
12-30-2009 (T*)Toby got a booboo and decided to pose in the camera for it. Don't you feel sorry for him? 0
12-29-2009 (T*)This is awesome. Toby is learning how to ham it up in the camera on his own. 0
12-28-2009 This stocking is much too small. 0
12-26-2009 The tree star was a tad too heavy for the tree so we ended up using a Santa octopus that Toby made years ago. 0
12-25-2009 Hopefully next year, all the ornaments will not be on the bottom foot of the tree. 1
12-24-2009 The Griff was a great help with separating the blue and silver ornaments. 1
12-23-2009 Bubs didn't get a turkey leg as our bird only had two legs. They should genetically modify turkeys to grow four legs. Anyhow, since Bubs couldn't get a leg she had to settle on some other yummy Thanksgiving food. 1
12-22-2009 The Griff wanted in on some turkey leg action. He should try the meatier side next time. 0
12-21-2009 Toby got into a turkey leg and tore into it like a viking acting like a Chewbacca. 0
12-18-2009 The boys were really pumped for some bird and spuds. Look at that lovely mound of spuds. 0
12-17-2009 Let's finally get to Thanksgiving. I cooked this bird with love and time and it came out fantastic. So juicy, so yummy. 1
12-16-2009 The Griff turned the tables on Grandpa and read him a book. 1
12-15-2009 Grandpa really likes to serve some huge pieces of cake. The boys didn't mind though. 0
12-14-2009 We finally get to the whopper birthday cake for, wait for it, I guess a whopper of a birthday. 0
12-13-2009 My scores were so so until a lucky ladybug landed on my left hand. Then it was birdies and holes in one. 0
12-12-2009 Happy 12 12 day. The turtle at the putt putt was fun not only play through, but to ride as well. 0
12-11-2009 We were very daring taking on this scary hole. It reeked of death. 0
12-10-2009 Perfect day for a putt putt experience. 1
12-09-2009 Me and the boys had the day off so we took Nana to the links to hit a few. The Griff had the concentration thing going on. 0
12-08-2009 Here are the pictures of the winners. Torrie won 1st with her Moroccian style meatloaf, Megan took second with a homestyle meatloaf and took a surprising third with my beet root meatloaf. 0
12-07-2009 So I had a great Mueller Meatloff last month and got 9 official entries. Here are the judges trying all the varieties of loafs in dixie cups. 0
12-04-2009 This is what 18 pounds of mashed potatoes looks like. And no, it wasn't for Thanksgiving. I'm still about a month behind in the PODs due to the Italy trip. 1
12-03-2009 Homework is no challenge to Tobin. Standard deviation calculations are just no sweat. 1
12-02-2009 Here is my costume of "roller dude" for Halloween. I spent the whole night towing the Millenium Wagon on roller skates. However, I looked GOOOOD doing it. 3
12-01-2009 Parent tax is going to be quite heavy this year. Look at all the good stuff Tobin got. 2
11-30-2009 The Jedi's finally finished the Halloween mind trick and then decided to count the loot. 1
11-29-2009 Here is a nice shot of everyone's favorite actor/realtor/fantasy football commish. I usually get a nice up the nose shot of Ryan, but this time I've let him off the hook. 0
11-28-2009 I hadn't seen Jason in about 10 years. Maybe even longer. He showed up for Doug's wedding party. It was nice to see him and take this funny photo. 0
11-27-2009 Yoda likes candy. Yes he does. 0
11-26-2009 Halloween is all about pictures. 1
11-25-2009 Neighbor Shane has good candy. Yoda and Tobi-won like it. 1
11-24-2009 Toby got some free face paint when we went to pick out pumpkins. He loves bonus paint. 1
11-23-2009 I'm about a month behind on my PODs. Here is the start of the Halloween series. Right in time for Thanksgiving. The Griff liked to look into the pumpkin, but didn't want to touch the pumpkin guts. 1
11-20-2009 (G*)This picture cracks me up for some reason. You all get to see what I look like at three year old height walking into my house. 1
11-19-2009 bwe vwery vwery quiet, were hunting something or others. 0
11-18-2009 There's probably a better way to either start or stop a camp fire, but I can't think of one. 1
11-17-2009 My man Doug got married in Argentina the other month. Before he gave up, we met up at Opie's for some BBQ. Here is Doug and that BBQ. 0
11-16-2009 My man uses the potty now. I'm almost done with the diapers. Just got to get thru my 80's now. 0
11-13-2009 I said my foot has no comment!!!! 0
11-12-2009 Last one of the family pick your favorite family POD. As a special bonus for turning a very large number on the birthday odometer, Grandpa Cal will get to pick the winner. 3
11-11-2009 This one is my favorite so far out of the family photos. 1
11-10-2009 How about this one? It's a peach. 3
11-09-2009 Okay all you POD fans. Come check out the next few days of PODs and figure out which is your favorite family photo. 1
11-08-2009 Bonus Sunday POD. I'm one good looking flyer. 2
11-07-2009 Toby one day spit a watermelon seed off the front porch into the flower bed. Over the summer, we had a volunteer watermelon plant grow there and produce this offspring, which we ate in a ritualistic watermelon sacrifice. 1
11-06-2009 Look ma, no hands. 1
11-05-2009 The Griff loves his new bike. It's even cooler if you just ride in your underwear. 0
11-04-2009 I'll call him shades. He will be too cool for normal people. 0
11-03-2009 Sometimes they are just too cute to say anything dorky. Ok, I kid, damn my genetics are strong. 2
11-02-2009 Mothers, hide your daughters in about 13 years. 2
11-01-2009 I have no comment for this photo, except Uncle Jeremy will not have a political career after this POD. 1
10-31-2009 What a delicious and spooky ice cream. 0
10-30-2009 Let's get this potty started! 2
10-29-2009 The table cameras at the party were a bad idea when there are three year olds invited. Basically, just 36 pictures of Uncle Jeremy drinking a beer. 2
10-28-2009 (G*) Another view from the Griff angle. A staircase with Auntie Amy, whatsherface, and Cousin Adam. All hold your beer blase. 0
10-27-2009 (G*)This is the ultimate boogshot. Good job by Griff, learning the POD ropes. 1
10-26-2009 Everyone likes ice cream. Griff likes ice cream, therefore everyone likes Griff. 0
10-23-2009 Congratulations to both of these ladies as one is gaining a daughter-in-law and one is gaining a mother-in-law. Apparently, they are already starting to act like one another. I hope they find the "good humor" of this POD. 2
10-22-2009 (G*)Here's a lineup of Unckee Jeremy, myself and Cousin Andy. We must look like giants to the Griff. 2
10-21-2009 (G*)Here is your protagonist from the viewpoint of my man Griff. Also Cousin Michael decided to join in the photo phun. 0
10-20-2009 (UA*) And this is what the Griff looks like from Uncle Albert's POV. 1
10-19-2009 (G*)This is what Uncle Albert looks like from Griff's POV. 0
10-16-2009 (G*)The world from the viewpoint of Griff. Either he likes his Bubby enough to take a nice picture of her or he likes cookies. 2
10-15-2009 It's like the Griff was walking the red carpet or something. 1
10-14-2009 The Griff hates having his picture taken by the paparazzi. Uncle Kenny doesn't seem to mind. 0
10-13-2009 The Griff never has two cups of coffee at home. 3
10-12-2009 It's time for a trip with the Griff. Where are we going? how? 2
10-10-2009 I wonder if Tobin will look back at this photo from his kindergarten days and remember any of his classmates. I remember my first day of kindergarten but I don't remember any of my classmates from it. I remember some from my first grade, but that doesn't count. 3
10-09-2009 Tobin ran into his old good friend Chloe from back in his St. George's days. 0
10-08-2009 Tobin sits down with his class for the first time. There were a lot of camera flashes going off for some reason. 1
10-07-2009 Rebecca wasn't in Tobin's class, but did stop in the hall for a first day of school photo. 0
10-06-2009 I'm soooo back logged on PODs right now. Plus my camera cord went missing, but now its found here is the week of Toby's first day of school. 2
10-05-2009 Welcome home Bubs! 1
10-04-2009 Even in mass candy hysteria, Ethan found a unique way to grab candy. 1
10-03-2009 Getting candy is very important and it doesn't matter whats in your way. 0
10-02-2009 Batting Clean up with a massive swing, The Tobinator!!! 0
10-01-2009 Batting up lead off, our new three year old. The Griff!!! BTW, is it strange to want to beat with a stick the things you like a lot? 0
09-30-2009 It was time to line up and beat the pinata. The Griff was being a vocal leader. 0
09-29-2009 The candles are blown out, lets get this cake cut and serverd. 0
09-28-2009 The Griff was having a great day on his birthday. He was quite pleased and a lot of fun. Of course a really cool penguin cake does make a difference. 1
09-27-2009 Will is the latest person to grace the POD whilst in mid bite. That hot dog didn't have a chance. 1
09-26-2009 I believe the Griff likes the jumpy house he had for his birthday party. 0
09-25-2009 The Griff wanted a pinata and a jumpy house for his birthday. Daddy got him a pinata and a jumpy house. It was a good day to be the Griff. 1
09-24-2009 (G*) I'm going to guess Griff on the picture today. I look mighty fine in plaid. 0
09-23-2009 We used the movie screen skeleton to hoist the pinata. The boys were big helps setting it up. Do you think they knew there was candy in the pinata? 0
09-22-2009 Here is the super cool penguin cake that Kimberly made for some special guy's third birthday. Cause three is a magic number. 2
09-21-2009 we've got balloons. Lots and lots of balloons. 0
09-20-2009 Random camera shot of Colby 0
09-19-2009 Here is the pegboard that Kim made for Toby's room. 1
09-18-2009 Toby's new room painting helps him read in his new bean bag chair. 1
09-17-2009 I can't believe they still have these machines. I think I have a few souvineers from my youth from these. I had to get the boys one each. Toby got an elephant and the Griff got a giraffe. 0
09-16-2009 Crazy animals at the zoo that you can look at. I think this is a Griffaffe. 0
09-15-2009 Here is what a very expensive screen door looks like. I like it though, so it was worth it. 5
09-14-2009 Went to the San Antonio zoo and saw some large butts. This was a large butt aquarium. 0
09-13-2009 Happy birthday to me. Here is a beefcake photo for all you lady fans out there. 4
09-12-2009 Super surprise day before birthday POD photo of my new invention of a drink. It's three parts Miller High Life and one part pineapple juice. I call it a Mueller High Life. 1
09-11-2009 Here is the Griff working the sand grabber. 0
09-10-2009 What can I say? The Grriff is one good looking duck rider. 0
09-09-2009 Happy triple 9 day! Here is the Griff loading up some sand. He's definitely into it. 0
09-08-2009 See. I wasn't the only one freezing in the pool. However, the pool was a lot of fun. They had this really fun slide you could go down. 1
09-07-2009 The boys also liked the little spray fountains. I still think the water was too cold for us Texans. Next time, I'm going to have them heat up some water right before we get in. 1
09-06-2009 Iowa has a really cool pool. Here is Toby enjoying some balmy 60 degree water in a huge mushroom fountain. 1
09-05-2009 Got to get a picture of Great Auntie Diane and the Griff on the boat. Notice who's rod Diane stole... 1
09-04-2009 Does Griff look a lot older than 2 going on three here? He almost looks like he should have a mustache. 0
09-03-2009 Out of all the experienced fishermen (and women) on board, Toby was the only one to catch a fish. Of course, he had a little bit of help from his Dad, but he reeled it in. 1
09-02-2009 My hat is sooooo much better than Uncle Rob's hat. 2
09-01-2009 I think Griff is pondering eating this worm rather than using the nightcrawler for bait. 0
08-31-2009 The Tobinator and I like boat rides. 0
08-30-2009 (G*) This is Grandpa Steve from the Griff's point of view. 2
08-29-2009 They had a place where you could make lego cars and race them. Griff's car had no wheels. He didn't win. 0
08-28-2009 Fluid dynamics are a topic that Griffin and I discuss all the time. 0
08-27-2009 Griffin learned how to shoot rockets at the science museum. 1
08-26-2009 Here is the boys and I's nature walk. We saw some nature. There was supposed to be a frog in this, but he jumped out of the photo. 1
08-25-2009 Let's kick off the yearly summer Iowa photos with a telling photo of Uncle Rob. 2
08-24-2009 I'm quite backlogged up a bit on the PODs. Toby starts Kindergarten tomorrow and thanks to all those great Italy pictures, here is Toby from the 4th of July in a firetruck. Good luck on your first day of school and I hope not to get that many teacher calls through the years. 4
08-23-2009 Three is a magic number. Yes it is. The Griff is now a three year old and his party was one of those days that made being his father amazing. The Griff was so appreciated of everyone celebrating his birthday with him. It's just a good life I have with him in it. Thanks, Griff. 4
08-22-2009 Secret mixed grill of seafood products from the waters off the coast of Italy. 0
08-21-2009 Here's a little beefcake photo for your friday POD viewing. I believe this concludes my Italy series. I'm backlogged very bad right now. Very busy this summer with Italy, Iowa, Detroit, Kindergarten and The Griff's and mine birthday party. Ooooh a preview of whats coming.... 3
08-20-2009 Don't I look like a really sofisticated tourist in this photo? 4
08-19-2009 Another picturesque picture of Burano. 0
08-18-2009 Ahhhh, the lovely town of Burano. So pretty, so colorful. 0
08-17-2009 Somethings fishy about this boat ride. 1
08-16-2009 This was the most awesomest bathroom in the world. It had shoe grooves so you could hold your footing on a boat ride while taking a whiz in a hole while taking a picture of you whizzing in a hole on a boat. 2
08-15-2009 Here is a random tourist eating some random gelato. She has no idea she is a web star. 0
08-14-2009 Here is a Venetian construction vehicle. 2
08-13-2009 What's more feriocious a fierce looking looking lion with eagle wings and a dragon tail? Or a balding, programmer type? 1
08-12-2009 I must say, the pizza in Italy was very good. Its like they invented it or something. Kimberly sure agreed. 1
08-11-2009 This is what little kids in Venice get to play on. Its a cobblestone raceway I guess. 0
08-10-2009 yummy scrumptious clam linguinis. I didn't eat the shells however. 0
08-09-2009 This is some sort of famous clock in Venice. It keeps pretty good time. 0
08-08-2009 Here is another picture of statues on a roof. Your special weekend bonus POD. 1
08-07-2009 This early byzantine collection of statues did not have any likeness of me. Therefore I am not Byzantine. Unless I have some wings under my shirt that I am not aware of. 2
08-06-2009 Venice was quite busy with people getting ready to accept my tourist dollar at very high touristy prices. 0
08-05-2009 I think its these kind of tourists that make Venice the beautiful place it is. 2
08-04-2009 Water Taxi! 1
08-03-2009 I'll open up my Venice portion of my trip to Italy with a picture of a pizza in a plaza. 2
08-01-2009 Special weekend POD. Actual sign posted in Italy on a phone booth. 1
07-31-2009 The train moved so fast that Kimberly's lips had a hard time catching up to her speech. 1
07-30-2009 The food at this place was absolutely crap, but the ambiance was fantastic. 3
07-29-2009 Supposedly, you are not allowed to take photos here so this accidental snap of my nose and the famous sistine chapel was very luckly. I am surprised it turned out so nice. 3
07-28-2009 I think that the painter of this ceiling totally had this digital picture in mind when he painted it. 1
07-27-2009 At this point in the museum I felt like a cattle in a tourist herd of sweat. Fine art makes you get a good workout. 1
07-26-2009 I always think it is a great idea to have young babes play with crocodiles. I wonder if the models for this statue had issues later on growing up. I guess its great to use child labor before there were child labor laws. 2
07-25-2009 bleeeeeh! 0
07-24-2009 I look like I belong amongst the Roman elite. I'm not as pale though. 2
07-23-2009 Crazy hall of just random roman statues. I guess they didn't have digital cameras back then and had to sculpt themselves. 1
07-22-2009 For some reason, they put a dead guy on display with lighting illuminating from his crypt. weird. but yet cool. 0
07-21-2009 I got to say, I am a god damn good looking man. My biceps could be a little bigger, but in reality, I am such a good looking person. I think I should be a reality show celebrity. 2
07-20-2009 I got to say, the church really knows how to set up a fantastic display of paintings and architectural experiences. 1
07-19-2009 I can't tell if this guy is sneezing or blowing. 1
07-18-2009 So much to see. Looks like there were some important statues over there. 0
07-17-2009 Not only does holy water make atheists fat, but the site of one drinking it makes nuns cry. 2
07-16-2009 This is hilarious. At the Vatican, you can get some delicious holy water and try to pick up some nuns. 1
07-15-2009 Luckily, Kimberly left my random meat sandwich alone all for myself. 1
07-14-2009 Not only did Kimberly steal my gelato, but she also made an attempt to usurp my tiramisu. 1
07-13-2009 The roads in Rome were made of these cobblestones which are really cool to look at but a bitch to walk on. 3
07-12-2009 Here is a bigger picture of Trevi fountain. In seriousness, that fountain was massive and really cool. They just need to get rid of all the tourist crap and the tourists to make it a really nice place. 1
07-11-2009 Check it out! A statue in Rome with real nudity! That takes some stones! 1
07-10-2009 Hanging out with the other tourists at the famous Trevi fountain can be hairy situation. You have to watch out for those pick pockets. 2
07-09-2009 Here is an old fountain in front of that old timey church thing from the "Where's Kimberly?" game. 1
07-08-2009 Lets play a game of "Where's Kimberly?". She is in this old timey church thing. 1
07-07-2009 Here is an awesome picture of me, some sort of old thing and some Italian land mark / statue thing. 1
07-06-2009 okay, I finally got the photos from Italy loaded on the puter. Here is the misses and myself in front of a random old building. We're such tourists. 2
07-03-2009 (T*)I had to find another random photo before I post the rest of the Italy PODs. Here is a very cool looking duo hanging on the porch eating some grub. 2
07-02-2009 (T*)Such oober talent. 1
07-01-2009 (T*)Toby is taking some awesome photos lately. Here is a morphing alien out of his new book that Grandma Dorothy made for him. 0
06-30-2009 (T*) Anyone need a napkin? 0
06-29-2009 (T*)Kim took all my Italy photos off my camera, so today you are getting a picture that Toby took at Jamba Juice of a random customer paying for a random smoothie from a random employee at a random time. 1
06-26-2009 I just needed a rest and needed to check my iPhone. I didn't think they would make a statue of me so quick. Forgot the chest hair though. 4
06-25-2009 This thing looked famous so I took a photo. There is also some sort of thing behind me too. 0
06-24-2009 I didn't see my name on the fight card that day, so I didn't even go in. I think I could have taken down at least two or three lions. 1
06-23-2009 Finally going to get some Italy PODs up. Here is Rome's famous gelato thief helping herself to my bowl of deliciousness. 0
06-22-2009 mmmmmmmm burger...... 1
06-19-2009 Due to extreme laziness, you are getting this photo of a shoe on sale. It was 54.99, now it is only 54.88. What a deal! 3
06-18-2009 I have no idea what this building is. It looked really fancy because it had a moat and a big gold dome. I thought I would take a picture of it. I'm crazy like that. 0
06-17-2009 I stumbled onto some sort of landmark when I had my layover in Paris on my way home. I think its the Notre Dame thingy, but I didnt see any flying buttresses. I realy wanted to see some buttresses. 2
06-16-2009 I'm back from my Italy trip. Here is the last picture I took on vacation. 2
06-15-2009 Still coming over the jet lag from my trip to Italy. You POD fans will have to be satisfied with Griff on a pony. Cuteness knows no lag of time. 2
06-14-2009 (T*)Bonus superfluous weekend pancake picture. 2
06-13-2009 Kiddie Acres had loads of really cool rides. This picture shows the Griff knows how to make right turns in a boat too. 0
06-12-2009 mmmmmmm. The cup cake with blue frosting is better if eaten in the proper way. 0
06-11-2009 The Griff got a chance to put up some flying hours on his record. Next time we are going to learn left turns. 0
06-10-2009 I wonder if Batman ever made a mask out of a fruit leather. 1
06-09-2009 The Griff likes getting wet in the pool. It would be weird to get dry in the pool, but that is for a parallel universe. 0
06-08-2009 It was time for all kids and blow up sea lions to come back into the pool. 0
06-07-2009 Ahhhhh, this is the life. The kiddie pool all to myself. Adult swim rocks. 0
06-05-2009 (T*) Here is the Griff up close and personal at the pool. 0
06-04-2009 This is the view when the lifeguard at the pool blows the whistle for adult swim only. All kids must wait ten minutes. 2
06-03-2009 It's off to work and school. 1
06-02-2009 Safety gear is important when you are on the wiggle racer. 1
06-01-2009 Its about time for another beefcake photo for all you POD fans out there in cyberworld. Enjoy the hunkydom. 1
05-29-2009 After all that banker talk, I totally needed to go get some Maudie's and a brewski. 0
05-28-2009 The bankers still loved my charm and charisma. Actually, bankers are quite nice when they take off their bow ties and monicles. 0
05-27-2009 Here I am giving the bankers advice on sustainable growth. 3
05-26-2009 I heard about a neighborhood networking meeting and was ready to meet some bankers after prepping myself to be more business like. Mr. Ice Monkey got a beer to me before I started swapping financial stories with the bankers. 0
05-25-2009 Colby came over for a sleep over so I put up a tent in the Tobinator's room and dished out some flashlights. Good time was had by all. 1
05-22-2009 I think he is actually going to listen intently in kindergarten if this round up photo is any proof. 0
05-21-2009 I got to take Toby to kindergarten roundup a few weeks back. We met in the library and did another tour. I guess you can say we were both excited about kindergarten next August. 4
05-20-2009 Here is the inside of Nana's apartment. 0
05-19-2009 Cool pool view from Nana's new pad. 0
05-18-2009 Toby found a super cool chair in Nana's new apartment complex. 4
05-16-2009 Just to finish the series of the camera laying around. Here's the Tobinator. I guess he's not oooober cute anymore, but more studly manly. 1
05-15-2009 Attack Griff! Watch out! These creatures are vicious. 0
05-14-2009 Sometimes the best pictures are not some events, but just having a cool 10 megapixel shock proof camera lying around. Here is an attacking Griff. 0
05-13-2009 (T*)Toby came home with my camera and said he took a really funny photo of himself. I told him I would put it on the POD today. 2
05-12-2009 (G*)This picture must be a genetic artistic thing. It's one thing to take a beautiful picture of a leaf, but its a POD thing to keep your feet in the photo. Awesome job, Griff! 2
05-11-2009 This picture is for much later when the Griff brings home some lucky lady and she wants to see toddler Griff in the tub photos. 0
05-08-2009 (T*)It's a bicycle viewpoint from the back of the trailer. Great photo, Toby. 3
05-07-2009 The guys like to show off their similar shirts of snakes and lizards. 2
05-06-2009 Here is a picture of our backyard victory garden. This is our complete backyard for those who have never seen it. 4
05-05-2009 The confetti eggs made a huge confetti mess. I wonder if the confetti seeds will sprout random confetti egg plants come next spring? 0
05-04-2009 Confetti Eggs!!!! 1
05-01-2009 (T*)I always hate to have my picture taken. I never look good in my photos. If only they were not put on the interweb. 2
04-30-2009 12 eggs found and not one of them were hard boiled. How hard is it to get something to eat on an Easter egg hunt? 0
04-29-2009 So two days later at the Easter egg hunt in the neighborhood, the temperature dipped a bit. I think the mom from Iowa might have over-reacted a bit with the heavy jackets (as noted by the kid in the short sleeves in the background). 1
04-28-2009 Even though it was a balmy 85 degrees outside, the pool had just opened so we had to get into the water. It doesn't look cold in there at all. 2
04-27-2009 This picture was a mis-snap, I like how it turned out. Very artsy. 1
04-24-2009 What the hell is that damn turkey doing wearing clothes into the pool. This book is weird. 2
04-22-2009 Our neighbors either staged this photo or they really like the home made chicken pot pie. 1
04-21-2009 Neighbor Malita is really excited about the main course, Chicken Pot Pie!!! 0
04-20-2009 Last month we had a progressive year anniversary with our neighbors as we've all lived here a year together in the Garden Court. Here are the boys digging down into the appetizers stage of the party. 0
04-17-2009 (G*)The Griff is still learning how to take his own photos, but you got to admit, this is not bad at all for a two year old. 0
04-16-2009 These guys have fun everyday. Whazzzup! 3
04-15-2009 Action shot of Toby hitting a basket in jumpy house hoops. 1
04-14-2009 Jumpy house basketball is a lot of fun if you know how to do it. 0
04-13-2009 (G*)The Griff is starting to take his own photos. There are a lot with fingers in the viewfinder right now, but this one is excellent. 1
04-10-2009 The Griff likes to fish. I think he'll be fine in the wilderness one day. 2
04-09-2009 Grandpa Steve came down with some fishing poles to show the boys how to either fish or just feed the ducks. 0
04-08-2009 This is such a nice picture even though you can't see their faces. Somehow a duck makes everyone happy. 0
04-07-2009 I think this is out of a Norman Rockwell painting or something. 1
04-06-2009 There is an old saying about teaching a boy to fish. Fortunately, I didn't have to teach him this. 3
04-03-2009 That was some high quality bizzert. 1
04-02-2009 Nana's cake was two thumbs up! 1
04-01-2009 It's Nana's birthday!!! Happy sweet 60th or something. Now blow out those candles and make sure they don't magically relight. 1
03-31-2009 The suspense is killing me. Who could this lovely cake be for? 2
03-30-2009 Another milestone for a POD favorite and another cake decorating excuse. If only there was some clue to who this cake is for. 3
03-27-2009 I'm sure there are better ways to get water out of the fountain, but they didn't make it five year old friendly. 0
03-26-2009 Welcome to international Aaron Day. Today is the anniversary of the first POD now over 9 years old. This tree looks like it's nine years old so that's today's POD. 6
03-25-2009 It just seemed right to put this awesome picture of me eating a stick of food in a styling sweater. 1
03-24-2009 Stay away from the white rabbit boys. That guy will get you in trouble. 1
03-23-2009 I've introduced to the boys the joy and wonder of dried meat. It's beef jerky time! 0
03-20-2009 You just never know when you have a mustache on and a really cool looking sweater that you might be needed in a cherry picker. 2
03-19-2009 The great kabuki diaper king rules over his minions. 1
03-18-2009 Here's all the used candles from the brightest cake ever made. 0
03-17-2009 I think kids like cake and ice cream. Here Toby and Ruby enjoy a candle-less treat. 0
03-16-2009 Six years ago (and a day), this beautiful woman got suckered into a life of dorkdom. 2
03-13-2009 Mr. Ice Monkey totally had my camera in mid-bite sorted out and was able to put in a very nice pose instead of a mid-bite scorn. 0
03-12-2009 I still need parental help when I eat cake and ice cream. 1
03-11-2009 Here is Mrs. Ice Monkey chowing down on some really good BBQ Chicken pizza. 0
03-10-2009 For those not in the know, I threw a surprise progressive birthday party for Kim where everyone had to show up with a pizza. Now for people eating pizza in mid bite. Here is my new neighbor Greg and his offspring. 0
03-09-2009 Finally, the cake was presented. Everyone was happy except the smoke detectors. 1
03-06-2009 Here is the cake all lit up like a volcano erupting and spewing happiness. 1
03-05-2009 (T*)Here is the finished cake. I think we have enough firepower to move a steam train. 3
03-04-2009 It was about this time that I realized that the boys don't know how to count to 40 yet, or if they do, they don't know how many extra candles to put on for good luck. 1
03-03-2009 The Griff started off the decorating with some Lightning McQueens and some Wall-E's. 2
03-02-2009 The supreme matriarch of the Wine household is turned a nice round number 40 this weekend. I wonder what the Wine boys have up their sleeves! Here is Toby starting the cake decorating. 1
02-27-2009 The Griff is such a faker. No way we were going this fast in the tea cup ride. He's just a good actor and should be in movies. 5
02-26-2009 They call him, "Senior Puddingface" 4
02-25-2009 They wouldn't let us just pay for putt-putt, so we had to do the other things as well, like bumper boats. The Griff and I got in one boat. Toby just barely beat the line (shoes help!) to drive his own boat. 1
02-24-2009 I couldn't remember if this was Hooray for Uncle Jeremy's birthday, or Yea! I got a long putt in. 2
02-23-2009 The Griff begins his quest to win the Masters. It starts early folks. 1
02-20-2009 This steak was awesome. I saved up all my per diem money for the end of my trip to buy this steak. Wes was too busy with his own food to deal with my food picture. 3
02-19-2009 Here is Frank's first POD photo. Not too bad for his first. 4
02-18-2009 So the pizza and the games sucked, but you could trade in your tickets to buy a realistic looking gun! Now, children under 18, you must bring your parents to get one. 2
02-17-2009 This was the worst pizza and pasta restaurant, I have ever been to. I did have a blast due to the company I went with. 3
02-16-2009 Today is my fifth year at my company. I'll let you decide metaphorically what this picture means about that. 0
02-13-2009 The boys were rassling around and got their hair all staticy. Griff has since cut his rock n' roll locks. 0
02-12-2009 If this was a movie flyer, I would know that this movie was ACTION PACKED!!!! 2
02-11-2009 I had a pretty good turnout for the super bowl party. I had to have two viewing systems going because the projector wouldn't show during daylight. Here is Dusty and Michael starting the projector for the grand switch. I think Dusty thought that the Rangers were in the game. He was confused. 0
02-10-2009 Toby was impressed with the grill going during my super bowl party. 0
02-09-2009 This is one of the delicious dinners that Kimberly made for me one night. 2
02-06-2009 The Griff unleashes the robotic bugs on lego town! 0
02-05-2009 Toby built this crazy cool car out of legos. 2
02-04-2009 Its a present frenzy. They're like little piranhas. 1
02-03-2009 Kimberly made Toby an awesome Wall-E cake. All the kids thought it was cool and tasted great. I think it was made out of vitamins. 2
02-02-2009 This week is all Toby birthday party photos. Here is the Griff and Bubs decorating a robo-bug. 0
01-30-2009 And here is the last of the cake eating face pictures. I think Nana will approve. 4
01-29-2009 That was some friggin' awesome cake. 0
01-28-2009 That is so damn good cake. 0
01-27-2009 Griff saw all these people eating cake and wanted some for some reason. 1
01-26-2009 The Griff is taking swimming lessons at the Y. That sure is some warm water. 2
01-23-2009 (T*) I think Toby was trying to get my belly button in a shot because, and I may sound biased on this, my belly button is quite the sexy beast. 0
01-22-2009 It's Abelskibbers time!!! These pancake balls were absolutely delish! 2
01-21-2009 Griff got a turn dodging virtual soccer balls, much to everyone's enjoyment. 0
01-20-2009 The word got out that Santa delivered a Wii Fit to our house. In fact, some didn't even change out of their pjs to come over and check it out. Here's super silly Rebecca being cheered on by an excited Toby. 1
01-19-2009 I know its a little late for Christmas gift opening PODs, but here is some of the WII stuff we got from Santa. Santa is pretty cool. 0
01-18-2009 Toby had himself a birthday today. Five. I swear he's eating everything in site. I think he's growing an inch a day right now. It must be the super growth diet we have him on. 0
01-16-2009 I went on a beer run on New Years Eve and stumbled into a fancy schmancy champagne tasting event with $50 bottles of champagne to try. So I did. 1
01-15-2009 I'm one good looking man. 2
01-14-2009 We look good. Darn good. 0
01-13-2009 Here are the boys enjoying their presents on such a nice winter day. 2
01-12-2009 The Griff was excited about the lava cake for Bubby's birthday. It was delicious. 0
01-09-2009 A few days ago, Bubs had a birthday. My only photo of her at the party was less than special so my present to her is to not put it on the internet. Here is a happy photo of her usurping Griff's present. 1
01-08-2009 Here is a photo from my camera that I had been forgetting about from my last dentist visit. It's my whole jaw. 1
01-07-2009 Toby got a really cool hat from Cathy from my work. I swear he's trying for that Monkees' look. 1
01-06-2009 I never got in this photo of free Vespa ride day in the neighborhood. I brought my own helmet. 1
01-05-2009 Let's get a Hannukah present opening shot of some Lincoln Logs. 0
01-02-2009 Griff made an awesome Christmas chicken, but alas, didn't make it to the stage. 2
01-01-2009 Direct from the St. George's Christmas pageant, here are the two best angels in it. 3