Pictures for the Year 2010
Date Comment Num of Replies
12-31-2010 Last soccer game of the season and they called a PK in a 4-5 year old game with no goals that are counted. I sent the Griff in to be a goalie and that evil dad coach got pissy that in a game without goalies I was going to put one in on a PK. And yes, he put his best player on the kick and not a kid that hadn't scored yet. Griff did a great job, but couldn't react to the much older kid's strike. 3
12-30-2010 Year three of the Faux Christmas tree. All it needs is a new pine scented air freshener and we good for a while. 0
12-29-2010 Toby is almost tall enough now to reach just high enough to almost get to the top of the Christmas tree. 0
12-28-2010 Grandma Dorothy quite enjoyed the company of the Griffins. Greg and Kate have no idea that the main goal in life is to make it on the POD while shoveling food in your mouth. 1
12-27-2010 How embarrassing! Someone took my picture while I was shoveling delicious Barry Goldberg in my mouth. 0
12-26-2010 Our first Thanksgiving kids table. Toby was rocking the leg bone and the other kids were in awe. 0
12-25-2010 Since I am still very behind on the PODs this year, for the Christmas photo, you get a Bubby slinging yams on Thanksgiving. 0
12-24-2010 Barry came out very delicious. I mean very delicious. 0
12-23-2010 This is Barry Goldberg, the turkey we ate for Thanksgiving. I named him so when I rubbed butter on him, I could say in a throaty voice, Oh Barry, Barry, Barry. 1
12-22-2010 Let's go Eagles! 0
12-21-2010 Back to Griff soccer. His D is getting better. 0
12-19-2010 Yes, I held up Griff the entire game so he could see. My 3 hour work out plan is a fat burner for sure! 0
12-18-2010 Me and the boys went up to Waco to catch the Ags play football. Our seats were so awesome that we were this close to the sideline where Mike Sherman was getting interviewed by the TV halftime eye candy reporter. 0
12-17-2010 Okay, this is just a long rant, but I have to get this in. This coach of another team in Griff's league is rocking the kid's brand cleats, but was a complete jerk, purposely running up the score in a league where goals were not counted. He even placed his kid right next to the net to cherry pick any goals and would only play the older kids on his team. You sir, get the POD official seal of Ass. 0
12-16-2010 There seems to be a theme to Griff's defense. I can't place it. 0
12-15-2010 The Griff in this picture is in action mode, kicking the soccer ball. Great form! 0
12-14-2010 Here are the Eagles lining up for the team photo. I wore a headband. It was allsome! 0
12-13-2010 The Eagles attack in wing commander formation. 1-2-3... Goooooo Eagles!!!! 1
12-12-2010 Zachary found a silly band. In the middle of the game rather than playing soccer. In my league, this would be frowned upon. In Eagles soccer, we laugh at it. 0
12-11-2010 Matteo doesn't care about the game, its just about looking good for the camera. 0
12-10-2010 He doesn't mob with the rest of them. He's looking for an outlet pass to take to the house. 0
12-09-2010 The Griff still plays defense using his cornholio technique. 2
12-08-2010 Since it was Halloween, I showed some very scary 16mm movies from the porch. It was high school science movies! 0
12-06-2010 Mrs. Haggler gave the R2 unit either a candy or a disk containing a secret message for the resistance. 0
12-05-2010 The boys joined up with a man-o-war to canvas the neighborhood, looking for treats. 0
12-04-2010 Its time for the Halloween pictures. And its only December? The Griff was R2-D2 and Toby was some sort of Star Wars clone guy. 2
12-03-2010 All the kids did the cornholio defense on their own. I had to join in. 0
12-02-2010 Here is the next Eagles soccer game where Zachary did something that made him do this. 1
12-01-2010 The train, the train. 0
11-30-2010 After the Griff's soccer game, it was off straight to a birthday party at Kiddie Acres. 1
11-29-2010 And off they go under the parent tunnel. 0
11-28-2010 Here is the after game handshake line up for the Eagles. Its Jessica, Matteo, Zachary, Jake and the Griff. 0
11-27-2010 The Griff has just crazy mad dribbling skills. 0
11-26-2010 How do you penetrate this awesome display of defense? You just can't. 2
11-25-2010 Let's see some PODs of everyone's favorite soccer player on the Eagles. He's number one on the field and number one in our hearts! Its Griff the defender! 0
11-24-2010 Kimberly wanted me to titled this picture "Blah". 1
11-23-2010 (T*)I've perfected the whatchutalking about face. 0
11-22-2010 (T*)You want a pepper? I'll give you a pepper! 0
11-21-2010 (T*)This begins the many looks my kid sees from my face series. 1
11-20-2010 I got this awesome birthday cookie for my 39 years of existence. I bet my 40th celebration will be even bigger. 0
11-19-2010 This chef has no idea who he was serving and how he ended up on the interwebs. 0
11-18-2010 The Griff got food. The Griff got happy. The food, not so much. 0
11-17-2010 Toby was really interested in the dinner show. Until the flames shot out of the onion volcano. 0
11-16-2010 So yeah, I'm a bit backlogged on my PODs this year. Here is my birthday dinner from all the way from September. We went to Benyhana. 0
11-15-2010 Toby and his lego base. So much art! 1
11-14-2010 Here is Toby after a day of airplane travel and thinking about getting back to the daily grind. 0
11-13-2010 Auntie Lynne is somewhat amused with The Griff and his antics. 0
11-12-2010 The POD sends out a very special 60th birthday to POD favorite dad and paternal grandpa. I hope the next 60 years are just as awesome. 3
11-11-2010 Cousin Michael and The Griff liked playing. 1
11-10-2010 The Griff just looks happy and content driving the boat. 1
11-09-2010 That's a real good size fish. I think in a post nuclear world, Toby would survive. 0
11-08-2010 Yep, Fish in the net. We eat tonight! 1
11-06-2010 Yep. Fish On!!!!! 0
11-05-2010 That pole is bent kind of weird for just being in the water. 0
11-04-2010 Yep, there are going to be a lot of boat PODs coming up. 0
11-03-2010 Toby drives the boat. The fish look out. 0
11-02-2010 The Griff says "Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" 0
11-01-2010 Here are the boys driving a boat. Luckily there are no lanes to follow. 0
10-31-2010 Happy Halloween!!! The POD offers the most scary photo for today. OLD MAN CROTCH!!! 1
10-30-2010 Uncle Albert put on the greatest labor day party. The weather cooperated as well and made it just cool enough for a perfect outdoor fire. 0
10-29-2010 Unkee Jeremy is the enzymatic reaction for friendship. 0
10-28-2010 I look damn good golfing. Too bad I am not sponsored. I swing this good looking should be able to sell products. 0
10-27-2010 Cousin Michael shows off his awesome clubbing seal swing to move the ball. 1
10-26-2010 Obviously the gallery was mighty impressed with Adam's drive. 0
10-25-2010 Just wait till cousin Adam has a beer belly in the way for more inertia. 2
10-24-2010 Unkee Jeremy has a golf swing that is based on a limp wrist. Its so awesome in its unpredictability. 0
10-23-2010 Who's honor is it this time? 0
10-22-2010 Off in the distance you can see the uncles putting. It wasn't our fault for being so slow. 0
10-21-2010 Cousin Michael has the best golf swing known to man. 0
10-20-2010 The Griff decided to join in on the fun. 0
10-19-2010 Toby was ooober sweet to Bubby Margaret. He told her lots of tales of adventures. 0
10-18-2010 I would close my eyes too if I was that close to uncle Jeremy. 0
10-17-2010 The boys and myself went to Detroit for some family visiting. They were great because they are old enough to carry their own damn luggage. 0
10-16-2010 Here are the boys rassling on the floor rug. 0
10-15-2010 If I was Toby, I would not use a sock to muffle my voice. 0
10-14-2010 Kimberly got a mobile device that connects her to the world so she now forgets the one she's in. 0
10-13-2010 Sometimes I wonder... Are these really my kids? I'm not sure. 1
10-12-2010 I think this swim cap that I found is cutting off circulation to my head. It makes my cheeks look fat. 2
10-11-2010 The Griff's finally learned not to hold his nose underwater. I told him the camera wants to see his face. I wonder how fathers taught their kids in the past without underwater digital cameras? 2
10-10-2010 Happy 10-10-10 day. We're done with New York photos and onto a swimming series. 1
10-09-2010 This was not taken from a post card. 0
10-08-2010 For some reason, Kimberly is crying about not getting a subway sandwich. Its not that sad. 2
10-07-2010 They are either pensive about the meaning of liberty and freedom or they are thinking about when they are going to get ice cream again. 0
10-06-2010 The statue of liberty was an important thing to see, but my boys would rather ham it up for the camera. I've done a very good job raising them. 3
10-05-2010 We took a ferry around some of Manhattan. We found the shaded area of the boat. Hey, look! Buildings. 0
10-04-2010 I've seen this piano in a movie somewhere. Griff hasn't. 1
10-03-2010 Lego Chewbacca is probably not cool, but then, I'm a parent and I have to be not cool. 0
10-02-2010 A while back in the early days of the POD, I had a picture of me eating ice cream in central park. Now the POD has come full circle and my boys are eating ice cream in central park. There must be some deep symbolism here, but I am too shallow to understand it. Ice cream good. 1
10-01-2010 We got to ride a double decker bus convertable for the day. Great day for some sun screen. 0
09-30-2010 The view from Jeremy's roof is full of buildings. You would think you would see something else other than city, but no. Humanity has taken over. 0
09-29-2010 There is nothing better than walking around New York in your rented tuxedo and a newly found wrestling mask. Here is me, Mackers and some random girl tourist. 0
09-28-2010 I found Jeremy's soccer team. They were at the open bar. After a few rounds and some masks, I joined them. 0
09-27-2010 So they started doing speeches and songs in honor of the wedding couple and Toby decided to sit with them and put his arm around them. I love this picture. I think he approves of the marriage. That's good to have, because if he doesn't approve of something, you'll know. 3
09-26-2010 I think they like each other. I really do. 0
09-25-2010 These wedding parties are taxing on the energy level. 0
09-24-2010 (T*)Artistic piece with Grandpa Cal and a water glass. Is this a watercolor shot? 1
09-23-2010 Uncle Richard knows exactly how to keep the Griff's attention. Bribery. 0
09-22-2010 Bubs looks either elated happy, drunk with happiness, or just beverated. And Asian. 0
09-21-2010 (T*)I had to filter out quite a few headless Auntie Amy pictures. I think Toby enjoyed Amy's dress. 0
09-20-2010 This is what the married couple looks like from 6 year old level. They look happy. 0
09-19-2010 Here are the ring bears and the very lovely flower girl. The flower girl made a very big impression on the ring bears. Hubba hubba. 1
09-18-2010 I really like this picture I took. I zoomed in so the window frame was gone. You can tell that the parents of each side are very proud. Its a good marriage. The dowery was just. 0
09-17-2010 The wedding party was moved outside to take photos away from us on the inside. It was like an aquarium viewing thing. 1
09-16-2010 The groomsmen here are lounging awaiting the wedding and the free drinks afterwards. 0
09-15-2010 Here is the groom and one of his favorite ring bears! Notice I said ring bear, because ring bearers are boring and ring bears are awesome. 0
09-14-2010 Back to the sequence of events. The iPhone makes an awesome sitter when you have to wait for three hours and you need to look nice for the wedding. Good job Apple! 0
09-13-2010 We're going to skip way in advance here now because this is an awesome picture of me and the lady who birthed me on my birthday POD slot. I guess, she's a birther and I'm a birthee. 0
09-12-2010 We now get to the getting ready for the big day photos. Grandpa Cal shows Jeremy exactly where to hide his secret married man decoder ring. 0
09-11-2010 This. Picture. Is. Just. POD. Awesome. This girl has no idea she's on the internet getting her drunk food fix on. 0
09-10-2010 I think this photo was staged. I would never hold a glass of beverage in public. James shouldn't force me to drink or make it look like I was drinking. 0
09-09-2010 The thing about New York bars is that they don't close at a certain time, therefore you can easily lose track of time and stumble home at 5 am. You can lose track of time, many ways, like for me, its taking surplus pictures. I still don't know why Marty is trying to hide. I don't think he's going to run for office. 0
09-08-2010 Cousin Michael doesn't look totally out of place holding a beer. 0
09-07-2010 This is some random girl that lives in New York that knew Andy. I think her career as an actress is over the minute I press submit on this photo and one up coming. 0
09-06-2010 Luckily, I always have Cousin Andy to take a good photo with. I think its a sign of courtesy for the POD to submit your own up the nose shot. 0
09-05-2010 I remember when Cousin Michael was three. Now I'm drinking with him at a bar and its legal. Where does the time go. Someone play a memories song.... 0
09-04-2010 Cousin Jamie tamed her hair for this nice photo of her and Cousin Adam. 0
09-03-2010 (T*)I think Unkee Jeremy likes the speeches. They must have been funny. Since they weren't about me, I didn't pay attention. 0
09-02-2010 (T*) Dang, I always look good. Even when I'm picking at my teeth to get rid of some hors'dorves. 0
09-01-2010 I think Unkee Jeremy is getting roasted and loved on in some rehearsal dinner speeches. 0
08-31-2010 (T*)Watch out for that crazy attack hair from Cousin Jamie. 0
08-30-2010 Its not that hard to get everyone framed with a kid on your back. Cousin Jennifer agrees. 1
08-29-2010 (T*) I wonder if this growth on my back is contagious. It should be removed at some point. 0
08-28-2010 (T*)cousin Fran has some very important advice to the husband to be. Very important! 0
08-27-2010 Add another two to the masses available for marketing at Times Square. 0
08-26-2010 The most awesome surprise in NY was the lego store right next to Rockefeller center. Complete with a lego rendition of Rockefeller Center. 0
08-25-2010 The boys look like tourists. 0
08-24-2010 So Unkee Jeremy decides to get hitched. We all got to go up to NY City to watch the specticle. First up, Rockafeller center. 0
08-23-2010 This is what Griff's going to look like when his facial hair matures. Its not a unibrow, its a mustache gone wrong! 0
08-22-2010 When you ask the waitress to bring you something awesome at an enchilada restaurant, you get this. And the fried egg on top really did make this awesome!!! 1
08-21-2010 Does the Griff look French here? Oui-oui! 0
08-20-2010 Fake mustaches make everyone cooler. In fact, I bet Toby could buy a margarita with one on. 0
08-19-2010 bout time that Doug shows up to his surprise 40th birthday dinner. Ryan agrees that he's late. 0
08-18-2010 Who doesn't like a kid who does the dishes. He even washes the floor at the same time. Bonus!!! 0
08-17-2010 The horse doesn't look so merry. 0
08-16-2010 I think Griff's inventing a new grip for putting. Its going to shake up the pro circuit. 0
08-15-2010 The train ride was just big enough for me to get my "cushioned" butt on. Luckily, Griff didn't mind not getting exactly half the seat. 0
08-14-2010 The Griff's got some airplane moves that would make the Red Barron jealous. 0
08-13-2010 I think Colby agrees with the statement, that airplanes are fun. 0
08-12-2010 Classic dog fight maneuver. Always attack from the sun. 0
08-11-2010 I am really thinking these kids wished the boats would go a little bit faster and not have to always go to the right. Just a hunch. 0
08-10-2010 Just a random birthday party at the boat dock. 0
08-09-2010 (T* for the series)Stop taking extreme close ups of me -- says Kimberly. 0
08-08-2010 What is all over my hands now!?!? - says Kimberly. 0
08-07-2010 Okay, I said, just one! Give me the camera! --- Says Kimberly. 0
08-06-2010 Okay, you can take one picture of me. Says Kimberly.... 0
08-05-2010 (*G)This is what Kimberly looks like at the height of a 3 soon to be 4 year old. 0
08-04-2010 I hoped he flushed. 0
08-03-2010 Okay, first off, sorry about the delay in photos. I've been swamped with the new business. I had all the pictures queued up and ready to go, but never had the time to actually get it done. Here is the camera that serviced the glorious POD for the past couple of years. It died trying to make photos underwater cool. I fly the POD at half mast today. 0
08-02-2010 (T*)Last picture of my Shock proof/ waterproof camera, which was unfortunately not shock proof and waterproof at the same time. I was the MC at the July 4th parade/Pool party. 2
07-30-2010 Here is the Griff in the July 4th Parade. England people just don't get the hub-bub about July 4th. 3
07-29-2010 Here is the Tobinator in the July 4th parade. Can you pick him out? He's in the Red, White, and Blue. 0
07-28-2010 (T*)Rebecca looks absolutely evil in this picture. 0
07-27-2010 (T*)My second commercial job. Its easy to get gigs when you are the financier. 0
07-26-2010 (T*) I'm on craft services. Hopefully I can figure out what percentage union wages are for grips. 0
07-23-2010 Those hands are going to be pretty mysterious when the green screen kicks in. 0
07-22-2010 Griffin shows that when you get measured for a tux, you got to let it all hang out. 0
07-21-2010 Griffin shows that when you get measured for a tux, you got to let it all hang out. 0
07-20-2010 POD favorite uncle is getting married soon to POD favorite future Auntie. The boys are going to be ring "Bears" and need to have a "Bear" costume. Here they are getting measured for them. 1
07-19-2010 Griff went up to play, Griff came down all marked up. I suppose the "X" is where the surgeon should operate. 0
07-17-2010 Look at that gap. Mind the gap. 0
07-16-2010 Yea!!!! It's finally out and now merchandise for the tooth fairy. 0
07-15-2010 Dear lord, just pull the damn thing already. 0
07-14-2010 Karate practice involves patience. 1
07-13-2010 (G*)Attack Daddy!!!! AAHAHHHAHHH!!!!! 0
07-12-2010 (G*)Attack Mommy!!!! AAAAHAHHHHHH!!!!! 0
07-09-2010 Attack Griff!!!! AAAHAHHHHHHH!!!! 0
07-08-2010 These are the last days for that top baby tooth to be in the Tobinator's mouth. 0
07-07-2010 (G*)I'm not sure he knew he was taking a self portrait. 0
07-06-2010 (G*) Fried okra doesn't look that appetizing this close up during the breading process. 0
07-05-2010 Walking goes at a slower pace when its a bear walk. 0
07-03-2010 At least the Griff has some big time check real estate to handle smoothie mess. 1
07-02-2010 Y'all all saw the straw in the smoothie from the other day's POD. How does a straw cause such a messy face? 0
07-01-2010 We have absolutely no fun taking pictures. Even when the Mommy is awaiting walking movement. 0
06-30-2010 What is Kimberly waiting on? We're just taking pictures... 0
06-29-2010 Puppy dog hat: Check. Robot Claw: Check. Yummy Smoothie: Check. Okay, the check list for being oober cute is complete. 0
06-28-2010 (T*)Action shot of me being extremely angry. I bet I was going to some sort of Homer Simpson choke hold. 1
06-25-2010 The Griff hides. 0
06-24-2010 One of Tobinator's famous refrigerator experiments. 0
06-23-2010 (G*)People do look different from three feet. 0
06-22-2010 (G*) This is what two adoring parents look like from Griff's height. 0
06-21-2010 I can't tell if that is a big boog or a bloody schnawze. Griff probably enjoys both though. 0
06-18-2010 I call this photo, Pita Chips and Snackers. 0
06-17-2010 I think this might be some sort of posed picture of the Tobinator. I guess he's not oooober cute anymore, he's more manly handsome. 0
06-16-2010 Soon you will be in the family Auntie Amy. I would rethink this. 0
06-15-2010 After yesterday's POD, I felt I needed to follow this up with a nose shot. 1
06-14-2010 I suppose you would call this a gaggle of moms and daughters. 1
06-11-2010 I love it when people wear hats too small. It just makes the world a better place. 1
06-10-2010 Just some old friends offering Uncle Jeremy some wedding advice. Pretty boring. 0
06-09-2010 The boys had to look nice for Uncle Jeremy's wedding shower. 0
06-08-2010 Uncle Jeremy and Auntie Amy came into town for some pre-nuptual celebrations. I had to shower for this event. 0
06-07-2010 (T*)This is what the result of the recessive gene I passed to Toby looks like. The camera egomania gene will do that to you. 0
06-04-2010 Griff's eyeing Unkee Jeremy's beer. Its too soon to outsmart him, Griff. 1
06-03-2010 Look who came to town! It's Unkee Jeremy!!! I think the Griff was happy. 0
06-02-2010 Another super smily Griff. Doesn't he look very clean? 0
06-01-2010 Sorry about missing a few PODs, Just got really busy. I had them queued up, but needed to get comments in to see. Here is Griff smiling. 1
05-28-2010 Nudie boy alert. 1
05-27-2010 This is my favorite tree that is in the background. I know its hard to see the tree because your eyes are fixated on my beautiful mug, but I swear, the tree is there. 1
05-26-2010 This is one way to fill the water "sprayer". Its definitely not a gun. 1
05-25-2010 I wish these guys would learn to have some fun while doing chores outside. 1
05-24-2010 The Griff figured out the best way to clean a tent is from the underside straight up. There is some residual water spray one might have to encounter, but Griff is brave enough to do so. 1
05-21-2010 Coach Issac has the groups undivided attention. 1
05-20-2010 Toby's turn at Sportball. He gets to run around and kick an orb like object. He's getting some power behind that kick now. 0
05-19-2010 The rolling hula hoop game is one of our favs at Sportball. 0
05-18-2010 This is the future relief pitcher for either some major league baseball team or some old man's softball beer league. 1
05-17-2010 The force is strong with these young ones. I wonder what the toll is to cross? 4
05-15-2010 Bonus weekend photo of some old guy with good skin and a band-aid. 2
05-14-2010 Somehow this works on eye hand coordination. To me, its the beginning of learning how to panhandle for money at a boardwalk. 0
05-13-2010 We must sit on the magic line and get our instructions for the next event at Sportball. 0
05-12-2010 The Griff hasn't quite mastered the fun part of playing catch with a mitt. We're getting there ever so slowly. 0
05-11-2010 At first I thought this was Griff, but then when I saw this picture bigger and not in thumbnail, I realized it was baby Zeke. Sorry baby Zeke, you'll always be baby Zeke to me, even when you older and have facial scruff. 3
05-10-2010 Never, ever, take your eye off the camera when sitting next to a plate of food. Big time lesson here POD fans. 0
05-09-2010 Here's a bonus weekend photo of four different kinds of macaroni and cheese. 0
05-08-2010 Just your random stilt walker sitting down on a traffic blocker. Nothing to see here. 0
05-07-2010 Luke finally made the rounds to the tables to welcome everyone to his wedding. I snuck in this photo. I think I got too close. 1
05-06-2010 Here comes Lukeeeeee all married and stuff. Happy times! 0
05-05-2010 I got invited to a church to witness my last non-kissable(for me) roommate get married. The organ was really awesome. They didn't take requests however. 2
05-04-2010 Flip side from yesterday's POD. 0
05-03-2010 Time for a double shot of ooober cute offspring. Get your save feature on computers rolling. 0
05-01-2010 (G*) I call unfair advantage in this wrestling match. I was totally distracted by the pillow on the floor. 2
04-30-2010 Griff totally digs his new eye. I bet he wishes it worked. 0
04-29-2010 (G*)We come from the land of the slipper people. Please give us your rare Earth metals. 1
04-28-2010 (G*)Everyone must be so impressed that I can still be so nimble at such a middle age. BTW, exactly how do you know when your middle age? 1
04-27-2010 Dear lord! He's growing a third eye! It must be something he had for dinner! 2
04-26-2010 This is one of Kimberly's idea of a dinner. I've taken a picture of it and documented for all of time what happens if you boil a chicken for two days in a crock pot and attempt to serve. 1
04-23-2010 (G*) Why does Kimberly close her eyes for photos? 1
04-22-2010 (G*)This is the world from the Griff's viewpoint. Kimberly was pulling weeds not on our property. I think the HOA should pay her for it. 1
04-21-2010 Doesn't this totally look like Tatooine? I mean, Toby has his Star Wars shirt on and we didn't see one damn Jawa or Sand Person. 1
04-20-2010 Griff is on the Mt. Mueller plateau. The Dell Children's hospital tower is in the background. 0
04-19-2010 The boys and I went on an adventure and found a big dirt mound on the undeveloped area of Mueller. You can see the hanger way back in the background. Toby was off searching for things. I don't know...things... 1
04-16-2010 Last confetti egg picture. I hope you enjoyed the series. 1
04-15-2010 I think the boys were hiding eggs in neighbor Shane's plant. 0
04-14-2010 Run away pajama boy with confetti hair. Run away! 1
04-13-2010 Its confetti egg time. I hear that confetti is great for the scalp and conditions the hair. 1
04-12-2010 Tobinator approves of the haul that the Griff obtained. 1
04-09-2010 And here they are! 0
04-08-2010 The Griff is off and running. There's eggs to be had!!! 0
04-07-2010 (G*) Here I am washing dishes. Its a proven fact that I do house chores with aplomb. 0
04-06-2010 Here is a picture of Griff and Ben helping baby Zeke in his first sportball class. 3
04-05-2010 (G*)Here I am enjoying the flavor of the crawfish I just ate. 0
04-04-2010 The crawfish king was no match for Griff. 0
04-03-2010 Bonus weekend photo of a mound of crawfish yummyness. 1
04-02-2010 The Griff likes him some crawdaddies. 1
04-01-2010 Here is the king of the crawfish. He was spared the pot of boiling water and set free in the creek to rule another day. 0
03-31-2010 The Griff was a huge help in filling up the boiling pot for the crawfish. Something about a water nozzle and a three year old. 0
03-30-2010 The Griff found a big box of mudbugs. We went to Bryan's crawfish boil and had ourselves a great time. 0
03-29-2010 The Griff spies something interesting in this box. Do you know what it is? BTW, special shout out to POD favorite Nana. Happy Birthday!!!! 5
03-26-2010 So ten years ago, I had a silly notion that it would be funny to have a digital camera and post a photo every day on the internet. The first picture was of my calves as I was opening up the box for my camera. This picture is ten years later of myself taking a picture in a chrome globe. I hope you have enjoyed the first ten years and everything in between. Lets see how long I can do this. Happy International Aaron Day everyone, long live the POD. 3
03-25-2010 I absolutely own the dance floor. Absolutely. 1
03-24-2010 So my commercial landed me a gig for the Austin Children's shelter as a party emcee and hanger outer. Here I am talking to a couple of guests and making sure they are having fun. The party was an 80's themed party. I'm hilarious. 1
03-23-2010 (G*)Toby is pretty good on that scooter too. He knows a few tricks like stopping and hanging on. 0
03-22-2010 (G*)I'm so fast on my roller skates (old School!!!) that I blur in the picture. I not only look cool, but get exercise as well. 0
03-21-2010 (G*)I think he forgot to turn the camera the right way. Great shot though. 0
03-19-2010 I was made to rock the microphone. All I need is a mop top. 0
03-18-2010 Rebecca made a fine Ringo, while Toby was one of the singers, I think it was Mick. 0
03-17-2010 It's a Beatles Rock band party!!! 0
03-16-2010 It helps to wear a comfy hat when doing Valentine's cards. 0
03-15-2010 (G*)There's two things with this picture that the Griff took. One, I have to clean my lens on my camera. It's a tad messy. Secondly, the Griff wouldn't have been able to take this photo of Kimberly's dream husband if they didn't tie the knot 7 years ago to this day. Way to go Griff and validate this awesome shot! 1
03-12-2010 I call this artistic photograph "Mom and Child looking cute" 5
03-11-2010 Are they making faces at me or the camera? 1
03-10-2010 The Griff aged really quick. The crazy thing is that he kept his full head of hair. 0
03-09-2010 Okay fans of super cute offspring, here's another one for your desktop. 0
03-08-2010 The Griff has crazy good style for winter time. 0
03-06-2010 Here is the extent of our winter storm the other week. Its actual frosty snow. 1
03-05-2010 Watch out!!! Attack Griff!!! 0
03-04-2010 At last, a tasty sip! Well done! 0
03-03-2010 You have to make sure the bubbles are poured correctly or your nose will twitch while drinking. 2
03-02-2010 Just have to get this mini-series of myself opening a bottle of the bubbly from NYE. 0
03-01-2010 Super happy birthday to POD favorite muse. This picture was taken by one of the boys so she can't get mad at it. Haha, the kid card! 1
02-26-2010 That's me looking all Escher-like. Although I cheated and used a camera. 0
02-25-2010 They showed my commercial on the big screen at the fantasy football Vegas tournament. 1
02-24-2010 This random dude in Vegas wishes POD favorite brother a happy 36th! Damn, he got old. 0
02-23-2010 The ladies in Vegas were glad to see me again. Its amazing what a mustache and a good looking pair of glasses will do for you. 0
02-22-2010 I got to eat about six pounds of corned beef hash at the hash house a go-go in Vegas. I highly recommend it. 0
02-19-2010 After the breakfast it was time to play Star Wars in the yard. Kids were switching back and forth from the good side to the dark side many times. 0
02-18-2010 The present unwrapping became fast and furious. 0
02-17-2010 My favorite part of every party is the present unwrapping ceremony. Ready, set, rip! 0
02-16-2010 Since the boys are now able to both work the camera, I have no idea who took this one of me and the misses slicing up pizza for Toby's b-day party. 2
02-15-2010 I wonder how long you could last on pepperoni pizza and juice boxes. 0
02-12-2010 The start of Star Wars was a big hit at the slumber party. 1
02-11-2010 I have no idea what Griff is doing, but it looks hilarious. Toby is in stitches. 2
02-10-2010 Let's start the great birthday slumber party that Toby had for his sixth birthday. Here is a picture of the Griff and myself laying down the ground rules at the beginning of the party. 0
02-09-2010 This was the start of a head stand. I don't know what's cooler, Toby's head stand or the fact he has two different socks on. 1
02-08-2010 Here's to smooching at midnight on New Year's Eve. 0
02-05-2010 The Griff got clotheslined by a kite string and this was the wound it did. The line went over on the eye lid. He might get a scar from this one, but it will just make him look tough and mean. 2
02-04-2010 Here's one of the teeth from a couple of weeks ago before it fell out. Damn near perpendicular. 1
02-03-2010 We got to interrupt the flow of PODs for this late breaking news. Tob-i-won has lost another tooth and now has a good size hole in the bottom row of chompers. 1
02-02-2010 There was a local bar here with an ugly sweater contest. I got my good friend Tal to enter in the contest with his glorious sweater. He won a shirt. 0
02-01-2010 Grandpa Steve came in last December for a visit. Here is a picture of him attacking the boys. 1
01-29-2010 Here's a gaggle of Mueller kids. I have no idea why they all wouldn't sit still for the photo. 2
01-28-2010 The obstacle jumpy house course was no match for the Griff. 1
01-27-2010 This picture was almost extremely goober cute but Toby had to close his eyes right as I was taking a picture. Why do we have to have eyelids? 2
01-26-2010 Toby was super helpful in making sure the Griff wasn't too scared to go down the super happy fun slide. 0
01-25-2010 Let's do one more Xmas POD before moving on. I think Kimberly is awfully happy getting a present from the boys. 1
01-22-2010 This magnetic solar system was way cool. 0
01-21-2010 I think the Griff was jealous of Toby's Star Wars binoculars even though they were the same thing. 1
01-20-2010 The stockings that were filled by Santa had some pretty good stuff in them. 0
01-19-2010 Saw this ooober cute photo on my phone of the Griff in a hat. Decided to post it before running the X-mas PODs. I'm still running quite late on my PODs. 1
01-18-2010 I'm a little late with the POD for Toby's B-day. We've had quite a fun weekend basically celebrating Toby's birthday about 4 times. Unfortunately, his front bottom tooth didn't make it to 6 years. 1
01-15-2010 (G*)Kim says I have an odd shaped head. Sucks for her as she has to look at it everyday. 3
01-14-2010 (G*)The Griff totally captured my Kung-Fu on camera fake film. I look all powerful with that belly action. 1
01-13-2010 The Griff picks up karate by watching then doing. 1
01-12-2010 I am certain Bruce Lee started out the same way. 0
01-11-2010 It takes forever to get to my present so I took this self portrait of myself awaiting my goodies while the kids opened up their cool stuff. 0
01-08-2010 Still feels weird to type in 2010 in the date box. Grandpa Cal got a head lamp. He liked it. 0
01-07-2010 Its just what you wanted. You love it. Its a toaster! 3
01-06-2010 Check out that new back! It's perfect for handing out presents. 1
01-05-2010 Let's get onto the real meaning of Hanukkah!!! Presents!!! 0
01-04-2010 Happy birthday to the official POD birther who is celebrating another birthday. Here is a picture of her lighting the Chanukah candles with her favorite grandsons and other family members. Who knew Chanukah would be so ominous. 1
01-01-2010 Let's start this decade's first binary date of 1-1-10 with a barley soda salute! 0