Pictures for the Year 2011
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12-31-2011 When Toby was a baby, he was called ooooober cute on the POD, and depending on the cuteness, the number of 'o's were doled out. I suppose when you boy get product for his hair, you have to stop calling him oooober cute. Thanks for a great 2011 everyone, looking forward to a great 2012. 0
12-30-2011 I ended up taking more movies this christmas than pictures and am too lazy to figure out how to get stills from them, so the POD pickings are bit slow. Here is one of the first presents opened by the boys. 0
12-29-2011 Hell Yeah! Santa came and conquered our tree. Let the festivities begin!!!! 0
12-28-2011 Grandpa Cal got fart shoes for chanukah. There were hand made fart shoes because no stores carry fart shoes. 0
12-27-2011 For some reason, mom uses her best dishes to display oranges. I believe these oranges are too pampered. 0
12-26-2011 Here's my favorite part of chanukah! You can just taste the sizzle. 0
12-25-2011 The candles are lit in this well framed POD. Even the non-jews were amazed. 0
12-24-2011 When chanukah falls on christmas week, you end up getting chanukah PODs on christmas eve. 0
12-23-2011 There might a few foundation issues here Griff. At least your gingerbread house comes with its own beverage. 0
12-22-2011 Blurry fuzzy cheeks. 0
12-21-2011 There are days when family life is just too easy. I believe this picture is proof of that. 0
12-20-2011 Someday the Griff will be older and scruffy and not so cute. This is not the time for that as he's all checks and cuddly. 0
12-19-2011 The Griff likes to decorate the tree. Does anyone not like to? 0
12-18-2011 I believe Toby is trying to figure out where to have space for the presents. 0
12-17-2011 It really helps to have a cape when you put on the ornaments. In fact, I'm inclined to think its helpful to always wear a cape when you do anything. Mow the lawn, cook some eggs, ride the bus.... 0
12-16-2011 I believe the step stool did not have a warning saying you couldn't put two kids on there at once, so if bad stuff happens they are going to be responsible and not us. 0
12-15-2011 Toby doesn't need no stinkin' ladder for setting up the tree. Kimberly apparently agrees with him and is cheering him on. 0
12-14-2011 Christmas is just around the corner so its time to break out the artificial tree and get this thing looking good. 0
12-13-2011 Bubs' eyes got huge when the dessert got close to her mouth. This is photographic proof! 0
12-12-2011 Don't people always look awesome when they have a feeding utensil in their mouth? 0
12-11-2011 The problem with camera stills is that you don't know if the object is coming or going. Is Cousin Corey eating or spitting out the dessert? We will never know on the POD. 0
12-10-2011 Nana and grandma Dorothy also enjoy the Thanksgiving desserts. I forgot to take a picture of my potato fortress and gravy moat. 0
12-09-2011 Kimberly's trying to figure out which pie is going to be eaten by her. 0
12-08-2011 The thanksgiving pumpkin pie is mine. All mine. My precious pumpkin pie.... 0
12-07-2011 Super crazy fun action nerf football action kick. 0
12-06-2011 The Griff has a nerf football. You know what that means.... 0
12-05-2011 Toby drew his papa with a mohawk for a school project. Am I awesome at parenting or what!!!! 0
12-04-2011 the Griff and I found a monarch caterpillar and put it in an aquarium until the dang aluminum foil lid blew away with the cocoon. I'm sure this butterfly is sitting in Mexico with a nectar beverage telling the flock about his harrowing escape. 0
12-03-2011 Okay, I gotta admit, the blue hair was pretty cool. 0
12-02-2011 Darth "Griffin" Vader kept his mask on for at least five houses and made it this year two whole blocks before heading back and helping hand out candy. Lego Universe guy hit the neighborhood pretty hard. 0
12-01-2011 Apparently, this is what his lego universe character looks like. 0
11-30-2011 Ok, we're now just getting into the Halloween pics. Toby wanted to be his Lego Universe character for Halloween. You know, Lego Universe, the most awesome game ever made. Duh. 0
11-29-2011 The ball squirts out of the scrum and number 7 on the team (and number 1 in your hearts) is on to it like a fly on a picnic. 0
11-28-2011 Here is a rare action shot of Griff running towards the ball. He kept getting the ball kick high and hard at him and he eventually quit playing the "third" quarter, because that was when kids got hurt. 0
11-27-2011 Griff was on a fall soccer team called the hawks. Here he is warming up. 0
11-26-2011 (*T)when this picture was taken, I was off to my really suck job at the LCRA. I've since moved onto a new company and am way more happier. Like a huge giant bowl of chili rather than just a can of tuna fish. 0
11-25-2011 (T*)I love me some me!!!!!!! (This is what I think he is thinking when he takes this picture) 0
11-24-2011 Lightsabers make eating breakfast that much easier. 0
11-22-2011 (G*)Someone ate some Life cereal and is quite proud of it. 0
11-21-2011 (G*)Someone got himself some Life cereal and is quite proud of it. Picture worthy material right here. 0
11-20-2011 (G*)someone got himself some new shoes and are quite proud of them. 0
11-19-2011 (G*)This art piece is called, "cheap lightsaber on shoe holder". If you want to use this image please pay the website $19,999 0
11-18-2011 (G*)Griff's muse is his mommy right now. 0
11-17-2011 Every now and then on the POD I like to give you viewers a bit of art and today is that day. 0
11-16-2011 Here's one for the ladies in the near future who will be reading tiger beat. 0
11-15-2011 Even closer up, I don't think braces are in this guy's future. 0
11-14-2011 Nope, I don't think I need to be saving up for some braces. Not at all. 0
11-13-2011 Just some dudes watching some football on the weekend. 0
11-12-2011 (G*)In the POD photo industry, this is called a mid-shot. 0
11-11-2011 I give all ones to this picture. She's hot even though her shirt is not cut lower enough. 0
11-10-2011 I have no idea who took this. I've narrowed it down to two kids. 0
11-09-2011 (G*) This is how I look to the Griff. I'm pretty intimidating. 0
11-08-2011 This POD public service announcement for public safety while drinking a keg is brought to you by the comedy stylings of Doug, Jeremy and everyone's favorite POD protagonist. 0
11-07-2011 It ain't a party until the glitter helmets come out. Oh crap, its a party now. 0
11-06-2011 The peanut gallery was a bit thin because in the middle of a 9 month drought, the one night I schedule an outside party, it decides to rain. 0
11-05-2011 Seriously, do people still not know that I'm going to be posting these on the internet where the world will be able to see these forever? Keep your tongues in your mouths, ya'll. 0
11-04-2011 This is a great close up of my 40 year old neckfurter. 0
11-03-2011 More speeches. This time from the very funny Duggan. 0
11-02-2011 This is what the official brother of the POD would look like if he were to be giving me a speech at my 40th birthday party while wearing a gray wig. 0
11-01-2011 The mother of the POD gave a speech and made herself laugh. 0
10-31-2011 Time for the speeches for myself on my 40th birthday party. Just so you know, I'm going to name myself "Big Daddy" when I'm a grandfather. 0
10-30-2011 There are some quality genes to be passed along from these alpha males. Hi-class quality. 0
10-29-2011 Too soon unkee Jeremy, too soon. BTW, love the t-shirt, for those that know the April Wine story. 0
10-28-2011 Yep, 40 years ago this woman thought the world needed my wit, good looks and overall awesomeness and birthed me. She should have a shrine put up for thanks for giving the world the best present it could ever ask for. ME!!! 0
10-27-2011 You should know that in this day and age where everyone has a camera, you should not, I repeat, not ever move your fake mustache to your eyebrow. 0
10-26-2011 Kim finally wore her lions jersey and this year the lions starting winning. Coincidence? I think not. Dr. Jeff is just here for the beer. 0
10-25-2011 A frog even showed up for my 40th birthday party. This is how you know its going to be a great decade. Much better than breaking a leg. 0
10-24-2011 Brian, Christie and Diane showed up in glasses and mustaches in honor of your POD protagonist. If only they had done something with their hair.... 0
10-23-2011 I would suspect that to this day, Abby and Claudia have no idea their on the internet or on the POD. Long live the POD!!! 0
10-22-2011 Here are a few of the early visitors to my birthday party enjoying the conversation and eating the mass volume of food. 0
10-21-2011 Its amazing, but when you turn 40 your head gets gray hair and stops falling out. 0
10-20-2011 This would not be a POD series of my 40th birthday without the mandatory picture of food. I got a six foot sub and some other stuff. 0
10-19-2011 So I come down from taking a shower for my 40th birthday party and low and behold, Unkee Jeremy showed up to partake in the fun. AWESOME!!! 0
10-18-2011 You can't smell this in the POD because I haven't programmed the Smell-o-POD part of this website, but there was a police horse on display just behind us, or upwind enough to make our doritos taste like... well... police horse. 0
10-17-2011 Toby is at this stage where he'll look like a kid in a few snaps and other times he looks a lot older. All he needs is some peach fuzz and to be asking for the car keys. 0
10-16-2011 When your department doesn't have a cool machine to impress the kids at neighbor night out, just have one of your employees dress like a stormtrooper from star wars. 0
10-15-2011 This is the closet the Griff would get to the helicopter. I sense some foreshadowing here when we get to Hawaii in march and try to take a helicopter tour. 0
10-14-2011 And its family time at the SWAT team's drunk tank-mobile at the neighbor night out event. 0
10-13-2011 The neighborhood had a neighbor's night out event and they let us sit in various machines. Toby got in the helicopter. 0
10-12-2011 I look handsome in the 1920's style of soft focus on the movie star shot. 0
10-11-2011 (T*)Again with the hand. I guess someday he'll have man hands and this won't be such a cute picture. 0
10-10-2011 (T*)It looks like Toby has three tongues and some fat cheeks. At least he's carrying on the tradition of the up the nose shot made famous by the POD. 0
10-07-2011 (G*)Its milk. While you see a glass of milk, I see future bone mass so when you see this kid's hand later on in life, you might be looking at this milk in bone form. 0
10-06-2011 Here he is with the yoda and the Mueller Spider. 0
10-05-2011 Toby entered a origami yoda contest where he had to make a yoda and take a picture of it and himself with something familiar in Austin. Here is him with the yoda and the controll tower. 0
10-04-2011 There are always chalk outlines on our sidewalks. It sometimes looks like an OJ Simpson crime spree. 0
10-03-2011 I have no idea what this is going to be. I am certain it knows karate and is very cool. 0
10-02-2011 Sidewalk chalk man with TV head had to make the POD. It would be criminal not to have it. 1
10-01-2011 The boys both were promoted to a higher belt class. Fear should strike any evil person in dark alley when the Wine brothers are cruising. 1
09-30-2011 Tobin has some power kicks to show the judges as well. 0
09-29-2011 The Griff demonstrates some flying leg kicks to the panel of judges. 0
09-28-2011 Kimberly takes a camera photo of the boys limbering up for belt test in karate. 0
09-27-2011 We joined the better part of humanity and decided to be a solar panel household. The sun is now offically powering the picture of the day because I can upload photos based on solar electricity. 0
09-26-2011 I know everyone has done this at least once, but when was the last time you did do this? 0
09-25-2011 Kid on grass on a slight hill means it could be rolling time. 0
09-24-2011 Toby has done something to my camera that does weird stuff. This picture turned out cool though. 0
09-23-2011 I think the Griff got dizzy. 0
09-22-2011 Under 100 weather + soft grass with no fire ants = movement of very fast twirling kids. 0
09-21-2011 This is Toby's end of game right here. We are all done looking at stuff at this time. We don't need to see any more. The pinnacle has been reached. 0
09-20-2011 Grandpa Steve learns about the Cornasaurus. 0
09-19-2011 They were a little bit confused at this zoo and put in a dinosaur exhibit. Silly, iowans... Dinosaurs have been extinct for 5000 years about the time that Noah had no room in the arc for them. 0
09-18-2011 I always hate it when you try to get a very good looking self portrait of your self and some jerk giraffe tries to steal the shot with their best impression of me. 2
09-17-2011 I think Uncle Jerry has a pensive moment at the ostrich exhibit. 0
09-16-2011 I soooo want to cook one of these birds for Thanksgiving! 0
09-15-2011 It strikes me amazing how interesting really slow large turtles are so loved by the masses. 0
09-14-2011 Do you think penguins at zoos ever go, "WTF? Where am I?" 0
09-13-2011 (T*)Today I turn 40. In my wise knowledge that I will pass on to you in internetland, sometimes your are the disemboweled rat and sometimes you are the bald eagle eating rat guts. BTW, how cool was it to stumble on feeding time at the eagle exhibit! I told Toby to mosey up to the front and get me some eagle eating pics! 0
09-12-2011 You would think that hump of fat would give the camel ride a soft cushony ride, but it doesn't look comfortable. 0
09-11-2011 The Griff overcomes his fears and decides to try to ride the camels. He'll be racing them in no time. 0
09-10-2011 I don't think you can properly understand from this picture that camels don't smell too good. 0
09-09-2011 Toby can check off camel ride on his list of things to accomplish before saving the world with his army of robots. 0
09-08-2011 Just one kibble at a time makes the $0.25 worth of kibble last a long time. 0
09-07-2011 Having your own kibble makes you feel very powerful amongst the critters begging for the kibble. 0
09-06-2011 The ducks see that Griff has some kibble. 0
09-05-2011 I hope I never act like these fish who are trying to get a free handout of fish kibble. I like to think of myself as not a follower. If you teach a fish to eat free this is what happens. I would like to teach these fish to get their own damn food. 0
09-04-2011 The Griff tries for a Jules Verne viewpoint at the sea otter exhibit. 0
09-03-2011 This frog was not at the tree farm. It was at the zoo! We took the boys to the Des Moines Zoo. 0
09-02-2011 I think she's bummed because she got the pear tree. 0
09-01-2011 I think Kimberly grabbed the pear tree. 0
08-31-2011 I named my tree "Big Daddy's Special Reserve". 0
08-30-2011 Here I am with my tree. It is a breed called the Wine Sap. Perfect. 1
08-29-2011 I think the tree will be taller than Toby when its all said and done. 0
08-28-2011 Big bright sun will help these apple trees grow. 0
08-27-2011 The Griff picked out a green apple one because he likes green apples. 0
08-26-2011 Uncle Rob planted different kinds of apple trees at the tree farm and let us each pick one to have. Here's Toby's. 0
08-25-2011 The mystery critter was a frog! 0
08-24-2011 Toby caught a critter at the tree farm. 0
08-23-2011 A lighter was found for the smoke bomb. 0
08-22-2011 Smoke bomb needs a lighter. Smoke bomb needs a lighter. 0
08-21-2011 Chalk this picture up to things we couldn't do in Texas this year. Light some sparklers! 0
08-20-2011 Sticks aplenty were found at the storm ravaged tree farm. 0
08-19-2011 I hope we can recreate this photo in ten years. The boys shouldn't be too big by then.... 0
08-18-2011 Do child labor laws include boat power? 0
08-17-2011 A peaceful, relaxing boat ride in very nice weather and Kimberly needs to go all facebook electronica on us. Booo technology!!! 0
08-16-2011 Here is another photo to prove that the Griff was with us and not left ashore. BTW, had there not been children, I would have not had a life jacket on. Ahhh, the things I do to be a good role model.... 0
08-15-2011 As captain of this sea worthy vessel, I proclaim it a good day. 0
08-14-2011 We decided to take the boys to some lake who's name I have trouble remembering for some paddle boating. If only there was some visual cue to where we were at. 0
08-13-2011 (T*)Toby needs to learn how to balance that flash off some gourgious domes. 0
08-12-2011 (T*)Uncle Rob has no comment. 0
08-11-2011 (T*)Plant! 0
08-10-2011 (T*)Here is future Auntie Suzanne. I would like to apologize right now for my behavior at the wedding. 0
08-09-2011 Uncle Rob needs something for his house's big green wall. Because, well, that's a very big green wall with nothing on it. 0
08-08-2011 The Griff likes him some cupcakes. Thank you future Auntie Suzanne! 0
08-07-2011 Random the Griff picture. 0
08-06-2011 The Griff contemplates turning to a life of hoboism and jumping on the train. Luckily calmer heads prevailed when he learned there were going to be cupcakes at our next destination. 0
08-05-2011 My Ben Franklin hair was cut down and is now starting to fill in. 0
08-04-2011 We survived our camping adventure and made it to downtown Des Moines. Here is proof. 0
08-03-2011 While we didn't find any diamonds, the Griff did dig up a cool looking quartz. 0
08-02-2011 We did have a blast digging for diamonds at the camp grounds. 0
08-01-2011 The tent was not a four person tent. It was barely a three and a half person tent. The Griff found a nice pool of sweat just off the blow up bed. 0
07-31-2011 Because Grandpa Cal's camping stove was missing a part, I had to cook breakfast over some coals. And it was delicious! 0
07-30-2011 I believe Kimberly is thrilled to be camping with us rather than hanging out at some spa. 1
07-29-2011 Playing Uno at the campsite. No, it wasn't hot or humid that day at all. 0
07-28-2011 Here is the final look of my toes. They were a lovely sparkle green. 0
07-27-2011 Cynthia should get paid double for working on man feet. 0
07-26-2011 I've invaded Kimberly's private relax arena of pedicures and cucumber waters. 0
07-25-2011 At night, because of the burn ban, the fireworks had to be shown on DVD on the movie screen at the block party. 1
07-24-2011 Toby had a great view of the Mueller lawn chair drill team. 0
07-23-2011 There were more people in the parade than bystandings watching the parade. We're a go get em neighborhood. 0
07-22-2011 Here is a close up of my shaved crome dome as Ben Franklin. I hope it grows back. 0
07-21-2011 (G*) Here is the view from the wagon at the July 4th parade. 1
07-20-2011 Toby and Eli were checking out the lego space ports. 0
07-19-2011 This possibly single man was explaining to Griff and random kid about all the legos he used to build this space station. 1
07-18-2011 I got to say, Lego trains are pretty freaking cool. 1
07-17-2011 The Lego Users group had a convention here in town and of course you knew we were going. 0
07-16-2011 Had to capture this brother shower picture since Griff insisted on bringing a fanoodle into the shower and Toby wanted his water bottle. 1
07-15-2011 More awesome hair shots. 0
07-14-2011 My hair is entering awesome stage. Too bad we live in Texas with hot summers because this hair should be like this forever. 0
07-13-2011 That is not my slober on Kimberly's shoulder. 0
07-12-2011 I had some extra DVRs laying around so I let the boys practice their screw driver skills and take them apart. 1
07-11-2011 (T*)The Griff even in 2D is oooober cute. 2
07-10-2011 (T*)Toby found this feature on the camera that takes pictures like drawings. Here is what I look like in 2-D. 3
07-09-2011 Toby shows the camera how the knob can speed up or slow down the LEDs. 0
07-08-2011 Time for some more robot building with the boys. Here, the Griff lines up some LED lights. 0
07-07-2011 The Griff and Maggie on the picnic table eating pizza. 0
07-06-2011 I don't know who took this photo since it seems to be a bit high for Griff, but they caught Toby and myself completely cooled down from a hot summer day. 0
07-05-2011 Photographic proof that I can take a picture and fire back. 1
07-04-2011 Happy July 4th you soakers! 0
07-03-2011 Everyone in our family loves Mrs. Katie who was our first influential teacher that each of the boys had. Too bad we can't bottle her up and take her with us to the new school. I'll just do the next best thing and post a picture of her on the POD with a rather dapper young man. 1
07-02-2011 Griff makes sure his tassel is in the correct position. 0
07-01-2011 He sure looks smart. 0
06-30-2011 The kids were checking the fine print on their certificates to make sure all was legal and that they had graduated. 1
06-29-2011 At this graduation party, you could just stand up for no reason when ever you wanted. 1
06-28-2011 I'm a pretty lucky guy. In fact, I think the gods smile on me more than most. 0
06-27-2011 In alphabetical order, the Griff was second to last. 0
06-26-2011 That's right. In our age of smart phones, it takes a special Dad to capture your kid with both a smart phone and a flip camera at the same time. It takes an even specialer dad to capture your kid and all the technology surrounding the event. 1
06-25-2011 Big organ - check. Bubby and Grandpa - Check. It must be Griff's pre-K graduation. 0
06-24-2011 I grew my hair out from October and then shaved the front part to complete this awesome look as Ben Franklin for the July 4th Parade. Since I am back dating my photos this morning from Facebook, its almost an eerie look into the future. 3
06-23-2011 The Griff hangs on for dear life on the slide ride. 1
06-22-2011 I didn't know how to size this photo. Do I do a landscape or portrait? And where did the snowball go? 0
06-21-2011 The boys offer a snowball to the fans of the POD. 0
06-20-2011 I have the power to stop snowballs in mid-flight. This is why you don't mess with big Daddy. 1
06-19-2011 The Griff thinks I'm an easy snowball target. How wrong he is! 0
06-18-2011 Griff's first snowball ever! 1
06-17-2011 Action shot of Kimberly getting a good dose of punishment. I love how you can see the vapor trail from my fastball. 1
06-16-2011 It snowed about six months ago and here is the first family of the POD in their snowy gear. 0
06-15-2011 My neighbor took this really sexy picutre of myself. I am sure that the interweb will now start slowing because of all the downloads this picture is going to cause. 0
06-14-2011 So with the invention of Facebook, there are several photos that I want to post here on the POD that others have taken. The first is this one a while back of some neighbor kids with the frog that they found. 1
06-13-2011 (T*)Every now and then I check my camera for pictures and I find some random ones I never knew were taken. 1
06-12-2011 Here's our first LED light turned on by our program in different intervals. 0
06-11-2011 Toby and I started programming LED lights from a breadboard. 1
06-10-2011 Just to prove that he really ate the green bean. 0
06-09-2011 Fresh green beans taste like sparkles from heaven. 1
06-08-2011 The Griff anticipates a bounty of veggies. However, it is a task to get him to eat the bounty. 1
06-07-2011 Its a fruit. 0
06-06-2011 That's one big tomato plant. 0
06-05-2011 Looky who had a featured garden in the Mueller garden tour? 0
06-04-2011 Toby is in prime defensive position. 0
06-03-2011 Action shot of the Tobinator blocking a sure goal. 1
06-02-2011 The fans were quite nervous in this nail bitter. 0
06-01-2011 Now lets get some soccer photos going. In the blue socks in that mess of kids is number 2 on the field and number 1 in your hearts. 1
05-31-2011 Its kind of hard to get a team picture when everyone just got their medals. 0
05-30-2011 You can sense the satisfaction of playing sports. 1
05-29-2011 End of season T-Ball medal ceremony. Sure its not ring at half time of a big game, but it sure is rewarding. 0
05-28-2011 It's cool that Griff can run so fast that he doesn't have to pump his arms. Its all in the legs. 0
05-27-2011 I am surprised you can see the bat in this photo because Griff had it going so fast. 0
05-26-2011 I have no idea what he's focusing on to get into the batting mode for T-ball. 0
05-25-2011 Looks like a dribbler up the middle. No prob for Griff. 0
05-24-2011 Check out that stellar defense behind the Griff. I guess his pitching was boring the team. 1
05-23-2011 The Griff just looks like an awesome baseball player. 0
05-22-2011 Like I said, you should never try to bunt for a hit on Griff when he's the pitcher. 0
05-21-2011 I think Griff is trying to pick off the runner, but Maggie is pointing to the right way. 0
05-20-2011 Either he's hiding his finger positioning or he's eating his glove. Never guess the obvious with this one. 1
05-19-2011 Here is Griff shaking off the curve ball. He wants to bring the heat. 0
05-18-2011 Time for some more T-Ball pics. Goooooo Team!!!! 0
05-17-2011 With mom properly asleep and the eggs properly cooled in the freezer from yesterday's scorcher, the boys checked out their loot. 0
05-16-2011 (T*)This is what a drink looks like in a kids cup. 0
05-15-2011 Toby set my camera to speed shoot and the pictures have come out splotchy. However, we do get some action shots. 0
05-14-2011 This is a close up of breakfast for one of the boys. It could very well be still inside the boys repurposed as bones or brains or spleen cells. 0
05-13-2011 The Griff had his pet goose goosed by the other kid. BTW, the bearded dragon was on Griff's lap next and I didn't get a picture of it, but the lizard climbed up to Griff's shirt and it scared him a bit so he shook the mat vigorously until the lizard dropped off. It was hilarious and not PETA friendly. 0
05-12-2011 The Griff was granted a go at a goose. (yea! Aliteration!) 1
05-11-2011 Apparently, the future hasenpfeffer found out Griff's true intentions and made a break from stalag 13. 0
05-10-2011 Griff with a future hasenpfeffer. 0
05-09-2011 Griff fanagled his way to the front of the line for the petting zoo. Here he is with some sort of baby bird that didn't taste like marshmellow. 0
05-08-2011 Toby entered the egg 0
05-07-2011 Griff also did the egg with spoon race. This was surprisingly funny. 0
05-06-2011 I don't think locusts operate this efficeintly. 0
05-05-2011 Can you find Toby in the throng? 0
05-04-2011 The older kids scramble was a bit faster. There is definitely a speed increase with that extra year or two. 0
05-03-2011 Someday Colby will regret having this picture of him with this basket on his head. 0
05-02-2011 Now the older kids got a turn at the scattered eggs. 0
05-01-2011 Me and the Easter bunny have this yearly thing going on. He's furry, but doesn't taste like chocolate. 0
04-30-2011 Somebody did get Griff with a confetti egg. 0
04-29-2011 Griff even looked here and probably found some bird's real eggs. 0
04-28-2011 The 4-5 year olds left not one single egg for some parent to pilfer. They cleaned up. 0
04-27-2011 Can you find the Griff? 0
04-26-2011 Go!!! Grab some eggs Griff. (yea! aliteration!) 0
04-25-2011 Set!! 0
04-24-2011 Ready!!! 0
04-23-2011 The Griff was really excited about the Mueller Egg Scramble. It was painful to see the eggs so cleverly hidden, but yet unreachable until the whistle blew. 0
04-22-2011 This is what happens when you hit the jackpot on the wheel of fortune game at the pinballz arcade. 0
04-21-2011 Again, Kimberly is one lucky lady for hooking up permanently with this muffin of stud. 0
04-20-2011 fingers in the mouth must be genetic in some way. 1
04-19-2011 I am certain that this is how the battle of Midway was originally planned before all hell broke loose. 0
04-18-2011 Griff was rocking on the old school set of battleship. This is why you should never throw things away. 0
04-17-2011 I think grandpa Cal should stay away from sugar. 0
04-16-2011 This wasn't an actual present. More like Toby is suffering from kitten curiosity. 0
04-15-2011 (T*)These are what grandparents look like through the webbing of young fingers. 0
04-14-2011 I am still after all these years, one hell of a good looking dude. Kimberly is one lucky lady to have landed such studship. 0
04-13-2011 Let's just say the Griff likes cupcakes. 0
04-12-2011 These pictures are still out of whack. Its somebodies birthday, but I forgot who's. 1
04-11-2011 It is very hard to catch the Griff in football mode with a camera because, well, let's face it, the dude is just plain speed. 0
04-10-2011 One of the few days on the back of Abbott Manor without bugs. However, I do sense something fast about to appear.... 0
04-09-2011 Oh yes, they call him Mr. Touchdown. Nerf style. 0
04-08-2011 Toby is still missing that front tooth. We don't know about Kimberly in this POD. 0
04-07-2011 (T*)My pictures are a bit out of whack, but here is the Griff with his summer do. 0
04-06-2011 (T*) Time for some random feet in the air picture. 0
04-05-2011 One thing I learned this April is that you never ever ever try to bunt for a hit on Griff. 0
04-04-2011 This is either the correct way to field a ground ball or to silently release some methane. 0
04-03-2011 The Griff eyes stealing home plate from third base. I think he's slipping into super speed mode. 0
04-02-2011 Safe at first much to chagrin of the other team wearing the same reversable jerseys. 0
04-01-2011 The batting helmet got in the way of Griff's speed advantage. 0
03-31-2011 The Griff bats in his Tettleton stance. 0
03-30-2011 I don't know why they had to wear helmets to bat. This one may have been a bit big. 0
03-29-2011 Time for some t-ball PODs. The Griff is all ready to play. Hopefully its t-ball, but he's ready to play something. 0
03-28-2011 We also stumbled on a rubber duck race for charity. We each bought a duck, but the water wasn't big enough so they cancelled the race and had a raffle. The Griff won 3rd place kids event. 0
03-27-2011 Toby demostrates the echo sound laws. 0
03-26-2011 One of the trails we took had this awesome echo chamber, complete with real rocks! 0
03-25-2011 Nature is apparently really funny. 0
03-24-2011 We also went for a little stroll down one of the trails. 0
03-23-2011 There were a lot of great water varmits to look at in the muck. 1
03-22-2011 Here comes the Griff with his net. 0
03-21-2011 I took the boys to the nature park at Mckinney Falls. We lucked into some sort of nature days events and got to seive the river for mud and silt. Can you find Toby? 1
03-20-2011 I totally made awesome home made chicken pot pies for valentine's day. The spaceship is an inter-galactic sign of love. 0
03-19-2011 Holding a bat is pretty natural for the Griff 1
03-18-2011 Damn right it found a stud right here. 0
03-17-2011 Here is an aerial viewpoint of the painters from my perch of installing overhead storage space. 0
03-16-2011 Not quite paint the fence, but a good grip work out none the less. 0
03-15-2011 One of the awesome things about owning your own home is that you can paint what ever you want on the walls without pissing off the owner. 0
03-14-2011 The fans start to gather for the big game on the big screen. 0
03-13-2011 Glenn manned the grill for the party and Griff manned the chips bag. 0
03-12-2011 The girl scouts even came to my super bowl party this year to hawk their wares. 1
03-11-2011 You can see the Griff's artwork on the wall behind him. I think we should keep it up. 0
03-10-2011 Awesome!!! We needed more legos!!! 1
03-09-2011 Now that's how a king rules. Show the rest of the world's imperial leaders what they are doing wrong. 0
03-08-2011 Even Bubs got an invite and a slice of cake. (Cake accessory not shown) 0
03-07-2011 Way too many candles to blow out? Probably not quite just yet. 0
03-06-2011 One thing about the Griff is that he really enjoys parties. 0
03-05-2011 Here is neighbor Maggie enjoying a slice of pie. 0
03-04-2011 The dentist does say that there is a tooth ready to drop down, but it still ain't here yet as you can see in this birthday grin. 1
03-03-2011 the birthday crowd gets some well-deserved empty calories to combat all the loss of enegry just expunged on the jumpy houses. 0
03-02-2011 A close up of the lego style cake, complete with lego white chocolate men standing guard. 0
03-01-2011 Happy birthday my darling Kimberly. May all your photos be as great as this one. 0
02-28-2011 I am the king. 3
02-27-2011 And here is the goofy picture of the kids at the jumpy house birthday party. 0
02-26-2011 Here is the nice picture of the kids at the jumpy birthday party. 0
02-25-2011 They even let sideburned super cool dads on the jumpy slide. 3
02-24-2011 Here is an out of control Griff on a jumpy slide in honor of the POD favorite brother's birthday. 0
02-23-2011 Action shot of the party revelers getting their jump on. 0
02-22-2011 The birthday crowd patiently awaits the rules of the jumpy house. Thou shall not go to at a time down the slide. 0
02-21-2011 Here is Toby's awesome birthday cake. It looked like Legos, but it sure didn't taste like Legos. 1
02-20-2011 Griff built this airplane out of legos. He did most of the work by himself and needed only a bit of instructions help. Not too shabby. 1
02-19-2011 One day in the future, the Griff will be able to grow awesome facial hair. Until then, you fans of the Griff will have to settle with soft skin. 0
02-18-2011 The Griff is never silly. I mean never. 0
02-17-2011 Kimberly grew more vocal at my latest look. So I shaved just a bit more. See, there is a proper way to handle me and a not proper way. 2
02-16-2011 Kimberly grew vocally tired of the awesome beard I had been growing. In response, I just shaved a little bit. 2
02-15-2011 Since I bought the new(used) very luxurious new car, I had to sell the old one and pretty it up to do so. The Griff helped out. 0
02-14-2011 Bubs and Griff like cake. Like a lot!!! 0
02-13-2011 Ladies of the future. I present to you the ooober cute Griff. Beware. 0
02-12-2011 Griff gave the cake a distance blow. Didn't work. 0
02-11-2011 Bubs made it another year and the boys came up with the idea to make a red velvet heart cake. They vetoed my idea to include the aorta. 0
02-10-2011 My darling Kimberly noticed my stash of surplus food at exactly the stroke of midnight and decided to have herself a midnight snack. 0
02-09-2011 One of the best things about our neighborhood is that we don't need to take cabs anywhere. As you can see, a good time was had by all. 0
02-08-2011 This wizard's hat amazes me. 0
02-07-2011 Uncle Mike and I know exactly the correct protocal to drink the brut. 0
02-06-2011 Marge had balloons for the midnight balloon drop. Good times fun. 0
02-05-2011 I did make it home in time for New Year's Eve. The last hour of the 22 hour drive was a bit hard to do, but I made it. Here I celebrate with the misses and neighbors 0
02-04-2011 I'm getting gas somewhere in Missouri. I did bypass the casino to get home by New Years' eve. 0
02-03-2011 I found an elusive Kentucky Fried Chicken buffet somewhere in Illinois. After a couple of hours later while driving, I realized, I wished I hadn't found a Kentucky Fried Chicken buffet. 0
02-02-2011 Here is a random gas station in Illinois. See, I'm helping the economy revive there. It was a bit cold and windy though. 0
02-01-2011 Here's my new used car in Indianapolis at the hotel I stayed at. I even showered here for the first time in a few days to get the travel stink off of me. 0
01-31-2011 I ate at this here Lucky Steer restaurant somewhere between Cleveland and Indianapolis. Do not order the food here. It was not good. I'd stick to water. 0
01-30-2011 Okay, for this next series of PODs you'll see me buy my new car in this POD and all the stops I did in the next day of driving. Here is salesman Ray from Vermillion OH and my new, fully loaded used Ford Flex. Salesmen are great guys when you are buying things from them. 1
01-29-2011 This is the correct distance to take a morning photo of my darling Kimberly. She can't throw things this far. 0
01-28-2011 Amazing how grandkids can make you do the stupidest stuff sometimes... and let you be photographed doing it. 1
01-27-2011 I sense a trend here on the POD with the new way to eat food. 0
01-26-2011 The ablerskebbors are the perfect morning breakfast gag food. 0
01-25-2011 Its not a Christmas at our house unless there are abelskeebers to be had! 1
01-24-2011 Quite the Chirstmas haul this year. The Wine family did their part to revive the economy. 0
01-23-2011 Mommy got a box for Christmas and some stuff in it. 0
01-22-2011 Nana's present definitely had the most bows. 0
01-21-2011 I first read the title of this book as "I wonder why camels hump" 0
01-20-2011 Its just what I wanted! 1
01-19-2011 Christmas shows up finally on the POD. The boys started their Christmas morning with giant tootsie roll presents. 0
01-18-2011 Happy Birthday Tobin! 7 years already and I only have grey hairs from 4 of them. 0
01-17-2011 Just call me "Captain Velvetty"! I look really really 70's sexy here. 3
01-16-2011 The chicks really dig the way Griff eats his cookies. Such passion! 0
01-15-2011 Do you think that they are brothers. 0
01-14-2011 (T*) Toby took this photo of the after party. Actors are just hams. 0
01-13-2011 I got to tell you that there would be a lot more followers if all the shepherds looked like this at the original thingy. That and if they had video of the event. 1
01-12-2011 I thought shepherds were supposed to have beards? No worries, I far for make up this pathetic showing. 0
01-11-2011 How awesome is it that we get four dates this year that is only made up of ones. In this picture can you find the Griff playing the lead shepard in the school manger brainwashing exercise? 0
01-10-2011 My beard is getting downright homeless. I am starting to freak people out when I walk by them in dimly light streets while wearing a hoodie. 1
01-09-2011 Bubs looks fantastic for turning 84 last week. Those preservatives in the food supply really do have amazing benefits. 2
01-08-2011 This is what the Griff would look like when he is old enough to start growing pencil thin mustaches. I think he should roll with it when the time comes. 0
01-07-2011 The Griff loves him some ice cream. 0
01-06-2011 Toby is getting attacked by a mutant manhorn. That is no way to attract potential very smart students. 0
01-05-2011 Me and the boys went with Grandpa Cal to the basketball game a few miles down the road. I think the Griff had a kettle corn over-stimulus. 1
01-04-2011 Here's the team with their lovely bearded coach. BTW, special POD shout out to the best 23 chromosome giver out in the planet! I look gooooood. 2
01-03-2011 Griff earned his medal as the best defender on the team. Great job Griff!!! 0
01-02-2011 Now sing with me..... Weeeeeeee are the champions..... my friend.... 0
01-01-2011 All ones today in date and here's your number 1 soccer player in your hearts. The Griff had a great season. 0