Pictures for the Year 2012
Date Comment Num of Replies
04-12-2012 Let's get this wedding rolling along now. Uncle Rob ponders a dip in the ocean instead of marrying forever. I told him to go for it. Notice I didn't mention what side to take. 2
04-11-2012 Here is the Griff's commentary on weddings. 0
04-10-2012 This is the only two minutes that the Griff sat still during the wedding. He's a bit squirmy, but at least quiet. Kind of like a fish out of water, but much way cuter because a fish out of water looks slimey and the Griff does not. 0
04-09-2012 Toby thought it would be a great idea to draw footprints for Uncle Rob and newly crowned Auntie Suzanne to stand on. Kind of like movie placements marks. 0
04-08-2012 That was enough straightening out. The boys look great for the wedding. 0
04-07-2012 Kimberly was given the task of keeping the boys clean for the wedding. Here they are trying to straighten each other's outfits out. 0
04-06-2012 Here's what they were photographing. If only they would all do what you ask at the same time. 0
04-05-2012 You never see the other side of the picture. Probably for a reason. 0
04-04-2012 And look how clean and professional I looked and stayed for the wedding as well. My favorite mother in law always likes to volunteer for the POD, but doesn't know what to do when I'm so serious like this. Luckily Grandpa Steve approves of my behavior. 0
04-03-2012 Alright, its wedding time. For some reason, the rain decided to stop the afternoon before the wedding on the beach. The boys even volunteered to take baths to get the sand out of their crawl for the wedding. I say it’s a great omen for the lovely couple. Look how clean the boys stayed for about five minutes! 0
04-02-2012 Everyone should be lucky to have such an awesome family. Just make your own friends, I say. 0
04-01-2012 Chicken!!!!! 0
03-31-2012 This waterfall is usually a trickle, but we were blessed with a deluge of rain during our visit so we could see what a crap load of water looks like. 0
03-30-2012 I'm one mean dude. I'm angry all the time. 0
03-29-2012 G(*) My sweetums and I are rarely in the same photo. Luckily some random person got their butt in the shot. 0
03-28-2012 I have no idea what the boys are doing, but they wanted this picture shot this way. 0
03-27-2012 The problem with scenery shots is that they are usually boring unless you put a cool person in it, but then you can't get the cool person looking at the scenery. They just have to look at the parking lot instead while you take their photo. 0
03-26-2012 Happy International Aaron day!!!!! The POD turns 11 years old today!!!! Thanks to all my followers. Here is me celebrating POD-Hawaii style. 1
03-25-2012 Again, is the Griff the most good looking kindergartener you've ever seen? Where's an agent when you need one? 0
03-24-2012 The good thing about having a bunch of rain is that the waterfalls are fun to look at since they are saturated with water. 0
03-23-2012 Toby got pensive watching the big waves from the storm battered sea crash on the coastline. 0
03-22-2012 I got a convertible in Hawaii for the cheap and now I know why. The boys were very patient (tongue in cheek) in the car. 0
03-21-2012 And now we're sitting on the other side of the room waiting for the rain to stop. 0
03-20-2012 I got me a hug!!! 0
03-19-2012 When the boys split off from the band to do their side projects, I envision this would be what their album cover would look like. 0
03-18-2012 You won't believe this, but when they call Hawaii the rainbow state, its because it actually rains a lot there and not because everyone is happy. 0
03-17-2012 ok, yes, I tried to give the Griff some sand breasts. I thought it was funny and I hope he has a sense of humor when he's a teenager. 0
03-16-2012 I don't know if it was the right thing to do to bury your children in the sand in today's fragile political correctness society, but damn we did have a great time doing so. 0
03-15-2012 9 years ago, a special lady said for better or for worse to me and ended up in Hawaii with awesome kids and a bunch of sand. Great job sweetums!!!!! Thanks for the first nine!!! 0
03-14-2012 We all love action photos. I took this of me breathing underwater. 0
03-13-2012 I named this parrot fish something, but have now forgotten what I named it. He was begging for food and frankly I think he should get a job. 0
03-12-2012 It took the Griff a couple of tries to realize that snorkeling was hard, especially when the mask and snorkel don't have a tight seal. 0
03-11-2012 I know you all check the POD everyday for beefcake photos of your favorite internet picture showing protagonist, so to satisify your thrist of hunky computer programmer, here you go. 0
03-10-2012 The boys tried snorkeling this first time, but the water was really churned up by the heavy storms. 0
03-09-2012 This was the first chance we had to go to the beach due to all the rain we experienced on our first couple of days in Hawaii. I almost called the tourist office and demanded my money back. 0
03-08-2012 The Griff loves him some banana pancakes and some syrup. Well, maybe just syrup. 0
03-07-2012 This is my new relative… well… I forgot his name…. But we're related now. 0
03-06-2012 Toby actually put a huge freaking dent in this breakfast. Its amazing how stretchy kids stomachs are. 0
03-05-2012 I always say that your pancakes should be as big as the plate and covered in sweet things. 0
03-04-2012 Ok, ok, I know we didn't go to Hawaii until the 8th, but I've run out of photos and have had to back date some of them. Besides, you'll probably have about two months worth of Hawaii PODs because Hawaii was expensive and I want to get my money's worth. Here, Tobin is hanging out and mingling with the local talent. 0
03-03-2012 After almost 7 years, we finally took some family phots. Our neighbor Shelley is a photographer and when we saw a gift card from her at a silent auction, we snatched it up and then sat on it for almost a year. Thanks for sitting through our family mugging for the lens session. 0
03-02-2012 The awesome thing about leaving your camera lying around is the random shots of kids you get when you finally look at the digital photos. I wish digital photography was around when I was a kid. All we had were polaroids and chisels. 0
03-01-2012 My darling Kimberly's birthday is today. She will always be older than me, but somehow, I always act more mature than her. The Griff gives another pose in honor of the POD's favorite wife. 0
02-29-2012 Happy leap day my POD followers!!!! The Griff strikes a pose for his up coming beefcake calendar. 0
02-28-2012 I don't think this is a professional yoga pose. 0
02-27-2012 The boys took Nana to see cousin Katie train the OSU women's basketball team when they came to visit. Nana thanked them with popcorn and other treats. 0
02-26-2012 However, we can get the angry driver look from him from time to time. 0
02-25-2012 The Griff is doing his sassy look for most of the pictures of him now. 0
02-24-2012 Happy birthday Uncle Jeremy. This is the closest thing we have to a picture of you right now. Enjoy your 38th year. 0
02-23-2012 The Griff is going to be a lady killer in the looks department. He must take after his dad. Golf tees are just a few years away. 0
02-22-2012 This is a picture of my darling wife. Now that I have posted my quota of non-funny photos of Kimberly, let's see what the POD has in store for her this year. 0
02-21-2012 As my favorite mother in law on the planet will say. I take an extremely good looking photo of not only myself, but other subject matters. 0
02-20-2012 Here is the foil swan that I molded. I will now make up an army of foil swans and take over the pond by my house with metal army of territorial water fowl. Insert evil laugh here…. 0
02-19-2012 As if eating a bunch of cake and other crap wasn't enough, Tobin finished off his day with a massive pixie stick. I'm actually quite jealous. 0
02-18-2012 Zach and the Griff patiently await their sugar infused fuel. 0
02-17-2012 This lady was not the sharpest tool in the shed. We waited almost 20 minutes to get the cake and then to get the plates and forks. Blazer tag should have a system in place for birthday parties. Its not like young kids want to have their birthday there. 0
02-16-2012 Light those candles!!!!! 0
02-15-2012 It's a mini volcano cake. The first round of shooting lasers has sapped the warriors of their energy and only a sugar infusion will get them ready for the second round. 0
02-14-2012 Tobin really enjoyed his 8th birthday at blazer tag. I wish I could say the same. However, the party wasn't for me as you can see. 0
02-13-2012 It's time to start rolling Toby's (or should I start calling him by his professional name, Tobin) birthday pics. The poor blazer tag employee was in charge of keeping them together for the picture before the game was to start. 0
02-12-2012 This POD just proves that Uncle Rob and my darling Kimberly occupy the same space/time continum. 0
02-11-2012 The most important soccer move I can pass onto my young prodigy is the goal celabration. 0
02-10-2012 The Griff has figured out which side the camera makes a picture…. Or has he? 0
02-09-2012 Uncle Rob disagrees with the use of yesterday's POD. 0
02-08-2012 I have no idea who took this picture, but it seemed POD worthy because my butt is always POD worthy. 0
02-07-2012 I like to see active boys running rather than playing computer games. 0
02-06-2012 Uncle Rob was more of a ref than a participant. At least he didn't show the red card. 0
02-05-2012 The Griff has some mad soccer skillz. That's right. I spelled skillz with a 'z'. When you got madz skillz like the Griff, you have to spell all crazy. 0
02-04-2012 Action shot of Uncle Rob's visit for a gc soccer extravaganza. 0
02-03-2012 This picture is further proof that the world might end this year. Domesticated wild hilariousman 0
02-02-2012 Let's get this POD going with a crazy bio-mega-lego man. Vicious legos. What is this world coming to? 0
02-01-2012 Awwww. It's my sweet Sweetums Honeybuns and I's first kiss of 2012. 0
01-31-2012 Its my neighbor Karin at Marge's New Year's Eve party. 0
01-30-2012 This is a sign on how mature I've gotten. I actually talked Toby out of a full mohawk and into a fauxhawk. Bah, what has become of me. 0
01-29-2012 I believe this is the Griff's first comb-over. Awwwww how cute..... 0
01-28-2012 A man feels good when he's getting a sharp looking haircut. 0
01-27-2012 Yep, that's my guy reading and writing. Let's here it for public schools. 2
01-26-2012 Its just what I wanted!!!!! what is it? 0
01-25-2012 Apparently, the chanukah photos were on the camera phone. Here the boys give nana her first chanukah present. 1
01-24-2012 Everyone's favorite black and white angle fish makes his first appearance on the POD. Sparkles loves eating flakes and posing for the camera. 0
01-23-2012 Random Man or Astroman? band member making a face. Not me, the other guy. 0
01-22-2012 I haven't been to a show in so long that this was my first time to have an actual recording device. Here is Man or Astroman? playing and I took a picture of them. 0
01-21-2012 In a world of awesomeness my old roommate Doug gave me a call up and told me our favorite science fiction surf band toured into town. Here he is with a beer prop. 0
01-20-2012 Toby's turn to smash the pigs. 0
01-19-2012 Ben's mother made this angry birds cake where you launched bird cake balls into the cake. The Griff takes aim. 0
01-18-2012 Standard make a face photo. Just insert 5 year old kid. 0
01-17-2012 Grandpa Cal knows a thing or two about blurry iPhone pics. 0
01-16-2012 I swear to you I did not teach him this. I believe every 7 year old does this at some point. 0
01-15-2012 The next few PODs are going to be a bit random as I got a new phone and have finally uploaded some pics. Here is Toby in full battle gear from Colby's birthday at Blazertag. 0
01-14-2012 I fully believe he is going to build his own house one day. 0
01-13-2012 The Griff's going to enjoy this. Grandpa Steve and some tools are going to be used to put the TV on the wall. 0
01-12-2012 Now Toby enters the world of physical computing. Its a bummer I didn't have this setup when I was a kid. All I had was a stretch armstrong with no USB ports. 0
01-11-2012 There are a couple of things I know for a fact. Never leave the Shire without a wizard and never ask Toby to describe to you the rules of Pokemon. 0
01-10-2012 Okay, maybe the best present of christmas 2011 was the Griff's new lego train with remote control. 0
01-09-2012 It was a big box full of love! The best present of christmas 2011. 0
01-08-2012 What could be in the biggest box of christmas? 0
01-07-2012 As always, dear Kimberly should get the biggest present of all. 0
01-06-2012 Toby likes to give too. I think I'm doing something right with these guys. 1
01-05-2012 I honestly think the Griff likes giving more than getting. I do too. 2
01-04-2012 Quick shout out to my dear mother who birthed me. Happy birthday mom! Look how awesome I turned out. 0
01-03-2012 They ran out of plasma balls at the pinballz place for when you turn in your tickets, but Santa came through! 0
01-02-2012 It was grandpa Steve's turn to experience the joy of giving during his first christmas with us. 0
01-01-2012 Okay, now back to the christmas PODs. The boys gave Kimberly a very fun puzzle and a pin art thing. The boys demonstrate that giving is almost as fun as getting. 0