Pictures for the Year 2015
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3-30-2015 I also went to Denver on a biz trip with David. I acquired the Kimpton for the cheap and then told them that David was a huge Bea Arthur fan. They put a big picture on the desk. I told him a few days later I asked for the picture on his behalf. 0
05/28/2015 This is one of my greatest accomplishments as a parent. Totally unbeknownst to the parents, the Griff did this on school picture day. When the photo came back a few weeks later, a little tear of joy welled up in my eye. Totally impressed with his ability 0
05/27/2015 I love an office were you can walk around and see this. 0
05/25/2015 Snack time for the Griffin boys, The Griff and Tobin. Well deserved ice cream for outdoor play that not only watered the grass but washed them as well. 0
05/24/2015 Here is a picture of Tobin overlording the GC with his water ray of doom. The Griff went all turtle with the soap bucket. 0
05/23/2015 You got to them driving at an early age. Otherwise, they crash a lot when they are 16. 0
05/22/2015 I conned the boys into washing the car. They turned it into a 3 hour event. Super clean car though. 0
05/21/2015 Our dinner party had a welcome sign at the front. Amanda wanted her photo with it because she planned the party. However, she didn't realize we had changed the P to an F with one quick swipe of the finger. 0
05/20/2015 I saw myself in this big mirror and thought I needed a photo, so I did. 0
05/19/2015 Poor Anthony. He couldn't make it. And then he did. 0
05/18/2015 Best food in SF this time was this New Orleans place. Sometimes you just have to mix cultures. 0
05/17/2015 Here is the view from my meeting room. I made a lot of good business overlooking the bay area. 0
05/16/2015 Here I am on the deck of my boat rental. Life is good sometimes. 0
05/15/2015 This photo should go with the brisket alliteration one but alas, here it is. 0
05/14/2015 My seats were pretty damn good. Unfortunately, the goals were all on the other side of the game, but at least they were American goals. 2-0 0
05/13/2015 Everyone looks amazing eating corndogs. Even Julie. 0
05/12/2015 The march to the game was hilarious and well attended. I will never see another soccer game without participating in a march from now on. 0
05/11/2015 Dusty got into my self photo and made a good face. That kind of effort will always get you into the POD. 0
05/10/2015 I ran into Nigel tailgating. So I took his picture. 0
05/09/2015 My pictures are a bit jumbled up. Here is more USMNT trip photos. We tailgated with the American Outlaws before the game. What a great time. 0
05/08/2015 I saw this and had to take a picture because everytime I see this, I can't help but think, "Badger,Badger..." 0
05/07/2015 This was my last month's electricity bill. If I ever get those house batteries, I may one day get to be off the grid. BTW, Austin Energy is really bad at customer service. 0
05/06/2015 We rode bikes to the comic book store. One more attempt at nerding out the boys so that they get good jobs one day. 0
05/05/2015 Proof that the Griff can play a guitar. I will say he might need a few more lessons or more practice. 0
05/04/2015 I was asked to the be the easter bunny for our neighborhood egg hunt again. This was the most creepy easter bunny costume yet. No wonder some kids were scared of me. 0
05/03/2015 Even bunnies should wear pants before going outside. 0
05/02/2015 You can see me in the mom mirror on our trip to Houston for work. 0
05/01/2015 Pizza and a shake. Griffin is one happy dude. 0
04/30/2015 I believe I look very interesting. Some would say, most interesting. 0
04/29/2015 This is the first time I've ever seen proper use of the drink holder at the grocery store. 0
04/28/2015 My pictures are all jumbled up. Here is the Griff after helping me wash the car, looking, well, all like the Griff. 0
04/27/2015 I dressed up nicely for the company dinner party for our outstanding customers that joined us at SugarCon. everyone would look amazing if they wore white dinner jackets. 0
04/26/2015 Here is my good friend Todd at his favorite park. He told me the name of it, but I forgot, so enjoy this picture of unnamed park in SF. 0
04/25/2015 2pm in the afternoon and this bar is packed for no reason. There may be a lot of people in SF. 0
04/24/2015 Here is my view from my rental boat in SF. Not bad for $80 a night. 0
04/23/2015 Big bunches of briskets being BBQ'ed. (yay! aliteration!) 0
04/22/2015 Panoramic view of myself saving some seats for my friends at the USMNT game in San Antonio. The game was really a lot of fun. 0
04/21/2015 Chris and Julie had a little too much fun. Or they may have some small kids at home and had some fun. Either way, they are hilarious when they sleep in a crowded car. 0
04/20/2015 A little Micklethwait's for you. I made short work of this food only to stop to pause for this enticing photo. 0
04/19/2015 Believe it or not, on leftover night, only the brussel sprouts were eaten. The bagel pizzas were mocked and left alone. 0
04/18/2015 The Griff has a harmonica. The Griff does not know how to play the harmonica, but that doesn't stop him from trying. And trying. And trying 0
04/17/2015 Ahhhh, Chuy's... You'll always be delicious even though you are a national chain now. 0
04/16/2015 We are going to have a crapton of citrus this year. Scurvy be gone! 0
04-15-2015 After my soccer game in which I made the game winning play within in a few seconds of it being over, I just sat in the nice weather on the porch and just chilled. Then all of the sudden this guy climbed from behind me and made me almost pee my pants. I then took his picture and then he scampered off to hopefully eat a belly full of mosquitos. 0
04-14-2015 I needed a fun picture of me being active for my online profile. This picture just screams fun!!!! 0
04-13-2015 The Griff rocks out to wild thing. He hates the stage though. 0
04-12-2015 SXSW was in town recently and I put bear in front of the window in his underwear with a hashtag. Here is a person falling for my tom foolery. 0
04-11-2015 Here is the minute Tobin found out he got into Kealing Magnet for the next school year. Good job Tobin! Its great to see hard work pay off. 0
04-10-2015 The boys do indeed do chores. Here they are operating the car wash vacuum while I just took photos. 0
04-09-2015 Olivia, the neighbor kid was showing me her sparkily fingers. Too easy to get a laugh here today. 0
04-08-2015 I just wanted to make waffles one day at work so I brought my waffler and made some. Katie really liked both the idea and the waffles. 0
04-07-2015 The Griff wanted his picture taken. If he would ever take care of his hair, he would be a killer for the ladies hearts. 0
04-06-2015 Just a random van fire on the way to lunch. The firefighters had it put out by the time we arrived. 0
04-05-2015 Proof that I am feeding my boys. Also proof that I am feeding them healthy. I told them that eating kale makes them bowl better because its good luck. 0
04-04-2015 Tobin and I rode bikes to the comic book store a few weeks back. We had a great time and got some ninja turtles. 0
04-03-2015 So I took a perfect game into the 10th frame, took a picture of proof and then bombed the next ball. Got a 279 though. Good stuffs. 0
04-02-2015 It was snowing pretty good in Denver. Again, I was ill prepared for the inclement weather. 0
04-01-2015 David scored us some pretty sweet seats at a very crappy Nuggets game. 0
03-31-2015 The Kimpton has some amazing robes. We took this photo to show the office, but I don't think we ever showed it. Anyways, here we are chilling in fuzzy animal prints. 0
03-29-2015 When in Pittsburgh, I am two for two at eating at Permanti's. Here is proof. 0
03-28-2015 Tobin told me to make a snowman in Pittsburgh but it was too cold to pack snow apparently so I made one for a hood ornament for my rental car. 0
03-27-2015 Went to Pittsburgh for a biz trip. I hadn't experienced what 7 degrees felt like since probably I was 7. Although I probably had an awesome jacket then. I didn't have that jacket this time. It was cold. 0
03-26-2015 So its 3/26/2015 and I've been going through some major changes. First of all, the POD started on a 3/26 and in subsequent years, I've named 3/26 as International Aaron Day. Well, a few years ago I stopped doing the POD due to extreme busyness. But now its time for a return. A return to POD greatness. First of all, a few weeks back, Kim and I announced our impending divorce. We are still good friends and this is a mutual agreement. I figured I would start the POD back up to document my next chapter and today is a boss day to do so. Hopefully, I'll do another ten years and see what happens. Thanks for checking this out. Here is a picture of my feet, much like the first one. Only this time I got the exit row seat on a plane. Best seat on the plane. Nice way to kick the POD off again. 0